Killing a fawn costs 40 Euro


At last, good news. Italy is full of fawns. The last time I saw one was in the film Bambi. But now, however, things are different. Fawns and their mothers are everywhere. There are so many of them that they represent a problem for public order.

And so, even with a sad heart, you canít but approve of the decision of the Regione Piemonte of the pro-TAV person Mercedes Bresso to kill 600 of them in the Province of Alessandria. The hunters have booked, while the Greens of Piemonte have let their disapproving bellows be heard loud and clear.

The hunters will pay 40 euro for a cub and 110 Euro for an adult. When you consider everything, itís quite a moderate amount. To shoot at a fawn. You donít get a chance like that every day. Itís better than a discount.

Governor Loiero has offered to give hospitality to some in Calabria. Sgarbi has publicly opposed this killing. Even the gentle Franco Frattini, vice president of the European Union, has spoken out and is exhorting ďthe environmental associations to rebel against this badly thought out decisionĒ.

But are you asking about Pecoraro Scanio? As far as I know heís not been seen. Heís too busy trying to forget of having voted for the pardon.

I hope that other governors will follow the example of Loiero and adopt the fawns. I hope that this killing will not start.
I still hope. Hope is the last to die. I hope that the Greens will start to do the work of Greens and that they will operate in favour of the environment, of health, of animals. This is the patrimony of all Italians and not just of a few. Pecoraro!!!!!

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Posted by: Leo | January 18, 2007 03:13 AM

Dear Beppe,
I am writing from the English blog as the Italian does not seem to work today... concerning fawns, I must say that even if normally I approve 110% of what you say in your blog, this time I do not agree. Man has altered the natural balance and now fawns population is exploding. If we understand something of nature we must do ourselves the selection. If we do not and are fascinated by Disney cartoons (but this is the real world!) in our decisions, the environment will suffer even more.
How smart Pecoraro Scanio can be guessed from the poor bear story of some weeks ago. The German authorities said they were going to kill the bear on Monday and he declared the day before: "on Monday afternoon I will talk to German authorities". The problem is that they shot the bear on Monday morning. I was very sorry for this, this bear was precious and could be saved if only we had a smart person at the place of Pecoraro. Now he makes a lot of noise on this issue. This does not surprise me, as he is led by sentiments and not by reason. Like children. But believe me, Beppe, even though killing is a horrible thing, we must preserve environment from fawns overpopulation.
Byebye ciao

Posted by: Stefano Bechis | August 11, 2006 03:14 PM

Hi Brandon!
I agree with you.
The question is how much we really want to change, but also: how much are we ready to lose to attain our goals. The second question is more difficult to get an answer.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 7, 2006 12:26 PM

Raffaella & Joselle,
of course I completely agree with you... and sometimes me neither can see the rainbow!!
But I still believe we CAN DO OUR PART.
It's really up to you to decide how much you're wishing to fight indifference and to keep believing in what you dream of!
It is not easy and we all are different folks, our involvement is different and we have different resources and time to spend on this quest, 'cause it really is a quest!
The questions are still the same, and I'm asking myself everyday the same ones: how much do I want this change? what am I willing to do for it? how important is it?
Well, the answers are different sometimes, my will is not always strong and clear, but... let's keep working on it!
Once I've been told: the longest way is the one you never start.
I know it's not easy, but let's do it, it's worth trying at least!

I believe one thing, a child is someone who's got dreams, an adult is someone who's making childhood dreams come true!

Life before everything!

take care,

Posted by: Brandon F. | August 6, 2006 08:43 PM

As you said, Pecoraro is probably hiding in shame... I simply wonder where the real Greens are, what a shame! How atrocious, just like hunting in general, the fox hunt in the UK, the bull shows in Spain, dog fights practically everywhere...

what a sad world.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | August 5, 2006 11:10 PM

Brandon: very good comment!
I heard this horrible history about bears in China, and I agree with you.
I think our world sank very low, the value of life has lost any importance, as the recent events in Middle East are showing. The profit reigns everywhere. People in western countries are always ready to be indignant about murdered children or tortured animals, but nobody does anything to stop the carnage. The only way to stop it is to boycott the countries, like China for example, that don't respect animal and human rights.
Unfortunetly, I'm not very optimist.I'm afraid we'll go on to be outraged about war, vivisection and torture but at the same time nobody of us will be really willing to renounce the own privileges. :-(

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 4, 2006 01:06 PM

dear blog Readers & Beppe,
it is with sad heart that I read these news, again.

You know what's the most aching part of this all? The saddest thing is that there are so many other "bambi" killed everyday for whatsoever reason and we don't know! Well if they were just killed... that would be one "good thing" among all unfair things, the point is there are too many animal brothers and sisters tortured in so many other ways!
Even now when I am typing, even now when you're reading these words!

One of the most useless and known tortures is taking place in China. Let me share with you just one well known example among all: in China they keep bears in cages in order to extract their bile.
These cages prevent any movement, their survival alimentation comes thru "pipes in their mouths".
These bears are ALIVE, they have PIPES that "COME OUT" from their bellies and deliver bile liquid to cans!
Why this torture?!
The Chinese make a liquor out of their bile, mostly cause of their supersticious ideas of traditional Chinese medicine, not for real scientific benefits.
I have seen a movie about that, I could see one of these bears going mad, literal meaning. This male bear was moaning, crying, swinging his head continuously, probably wishing to die instantly instead of this neverending torture!

I'm half Chinese and half Italian (half Cantonese and half Friulano), I've always lived in Italy and have spent just one year China, unfortunately enough to "record" with my own eyes the liquor bottles standing cinically silent on some store shelves in north China!!! I have seen people doing the common "Chinese bargain" for the price! I felt so bad I couldn't understand whether I was about to cry or to destroy the place with my rage! A vice was pressing my chest!

I'm animalist, yet I do not condemn people who make a living out of animal/dairy products, but I think it's really time to move a bit forward, it's annus domini 2006, come on folks let's get rid of TORTURE!!!

"Developing countries" have their own issues, I know, I am not expecting that countries like China or Africa begin their animalist campaigns tomorrow when there are other priorities like the LACK OF HUMAN RIGHTS, but I think the world really has to change a bit faster!!!
We have to share more INFORMATION! Information is POWER! Power is RESPONSIBILITY!
Any "developed country" and its organs should really start thinking of this!!! If only economic interests were not the 1st ruling power on this planetÖ

I dream of a world where ALL livings share "the land" in a reasonable balance at least, there will always be a food chain, there will always be diversity but it's really time to get rid of torture on humans and animals!!!

Sometimes I think maybe the only way to change things on this planet is to teach our children respect for life; I mean if you respect life, almost everything should come next, it should come natural, what do you think? Am I just a dreamer?
No!!! I will keep doing my part!!! Till I have a single breath in my chest!!!

In conclusion: Beppe, I agree with you, we should export human rights to some countries, not just our production facilities.


Posted by: Brandon Fung | August 4, 2006 11:47 AM

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