The new feminism


Women have never been more desired. The male desire gives way to passion that then gives way to rape. It’s an animal thing. But that’s it. Nature takes its course. Abusive couplings happen all over.

In public baths, behind the bushes, in the carriages of trains that are in the station. There’s no longer any intimacy for those who want to have a stroll in peace. Women shouldn’t be surprised. They should cover up.
Religions are male-oriented, governments are male-oriented, companies are male-oriented, advertising is male-oriented. Why shouldn’t the male sex be male-oriented?

Even ladies of a certain age are pummelled in public. To resolve the problem of malign penetration, racial segregation should be introduced. Pink buses, schools, taxis, bars, restaurants. For women and managed by women. The burqa by law and the veil only after the age of 80. Odorous and nauseating for the most attractive. The self-mutilation of breasts is a good remedy. If we want to be sure, there’s the removal of the organ. Actions that must be taken however with the maximum reserve.
Without demonstrations protesting about possible rape to have their rights. Without demonstrations, petitions, collecting signatures. Exactly as the women do now. Perhaps because deep down, they are OK with it.

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Good evening. Time for some big-time farting. Any takers?

Raf? Paola? breathe this

Posted by: Enrico Farter Rossi | September 10, 2006 07:46 PM


I would do the same. Maybe I would try to squeeze those two years a bit... but I know it takes time to arrange such a major move.

And you're right, it also takes guts. But, by gosh, if you look ahead, it probably takes a lot more guts to stay! :)

Oh well.

The 10%+ interest rates were a very clever trick for buying votes and borrowing money from the future. Now the bills are coming due.

Italians are great illusionists. Their problem is that they end up believing their own illusions...

Posted by: Alex | September 10, 2006 09:22 AM

Joselle, because of your kids, try not to indulge in "la dolce vita" too long. If they are of school age it's important that they start learning in the new Country as soon as possible.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 10, 2006 02:50 AM

To be honest with you, most of our savings are out of Italy. I kept most of my earnings where they had been invested and the only thing I have here is a current account for everyday purposes.

I never saw anything concretely substantial investing in Italy. It is hard to find something here where you can invest and, whilst having your capital assured, you could earn anything within the 5%-7% return, or may be I am not adequately informed.

In years gone by, saving was a less complex matter. My parents, at one time, had those famous Bonds with a beautiful 13% return, some even 15%, but that was investment made in the 60s and which paid back good dividends in the 80s.

Of course, as you rightly guessed, once we move out, in the short term [within 2 years or so], we intend investing in our children's future, above all hoping that elsewhere they will have more stability.

Of course, not many can make such a move. I think many find it hard to leave their country and go elsewhere. Do you blame them? I don't. Often it is a matter of gut decision, or hard-headedness, or simply sheer luck-and-fortune...

Immigration in Italy has become a monstrous issue because no structures were created to cater for this type of influx, nor is Italy prepared in any way to cope with its impact. In a way, it is like when we watched helplessly the video of the tsunami crashing everything it found in its way. It seems like the whole system is crumbling away.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 10, 2006 01:51 AM

I forgot what I wanted to say. Sorry. I'll keep surfing the net. I just discovered No good, IMHO.

Posted by: Alessandro Bennetto | September 10, 2006 01:47 AM

I forgot what I wanted to say. Sorry

Posted by: Alessandro Bennetto | September 10, 2006 01:43 AM


Moving out of Italy sounds like a very good idea--both for you guys and even more for your children. In fact, I would not even wait too long--and I would start moving my savings out of the country as soon as possible. Why take chances? It is really difficult to predict what will happen, but nothing good looms at the horizon.


The problem of immigration in Italy is not the immigrants--but the Italians. They mismanage immigration just like they mismanage everything else!

Posted by: Alex | September 10, 2006 12:12 AM

I thank you for your explicit answer.
While living and working for the Arab Bank in London for quite a few years I had the opportunity to work and make good friends with many people,same as those you teach.
What I was refering to, was mostly what Enrico said : This 3rd world Exodus which was expected and no one did anything about it and now we have come to a dead end...
France,Germany,Italy,Greece,Spain are facing the same problems....

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 9, 2006 07:05 PM

Paola, I said I lived and worked in London. I don't anymore. I lived first as a University student and then as lecturer at the University and, in order to avoid the long time travelling every day from Canterbury right through to London, I had rented a studio flat, then a larger apartment in London at Battersea.

You find that London, much like Paris, has its immigrant districts. You won't see much of immigrants on West side though East London, parts of the South East and the North East tend to be full of them. You will also have to agree with me that, years ago, persons coming from colonized English countries had an English Passport and could live and work in Britain. Most of them took that opportunity and what you see now is a result of that direct immigration. Which explains why there are so many Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Burmese, Sri Lankan and Jamaican sons/daughters of immigrants who, for all intents and purposes, are considered English.

Paola, I can assure you that many of these 5th generation immigrants or whatever you choose to call them are honest and hard-working. Go to Sheffield, for example. You find them doing all sorts of jobs, even very rewarding jobs. When I lecture at the University of London, over 50% of the students are not British. Apart from those who come from abroad to study, the cross-culture of these students is amazing.

You see, England does not have the same problem as Italy with illegal immigration even though some tried getting into the country via the Euro Tunnel from Paris, packed like sardines in a cargo van. The English situation is much the same in France with many ex-colony immigrants who are considered "French" because they were entitled to a French passport and identity. Even in France you find that these persons strive hard to work, to earn a living, to study, to integrate.

Most illegal immigrants, if you notice, refuse to integrate which is, in my opinion, one of the major drawbacks. Instead many expect that Italy and Italians should adapt themselves to immigrants and not vice-versa.

Do you remember the whole hoolabaloo in Paris about Muslim girls going to school wearing a veil? Do you remember how in the 9th district in Paris, police closed all shops that had only Arabic signs and notices? [Mind you, when you go to Antony, you'd think you're in Marrakesh or some town south of Giza...] I do not think this is acceptable behaviour, unlike the sons/daughters of immigrants who have a different culture to that of their parents.

At the moment I am living in Italy because my husband is Italian and our two children were born here. However, I think we will move out of here, at least that is what my ole'man continues to say and I can only agree that there is a bleak future here for our children, and, perhaps, a move up north is awaiting us again.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 9, 2006 06:34 PM

Paola, this exodus from third world Countries had been predicted many decades ago, but no European Country prepared for it. The EU must quickly devise an immigration policy to solve this thorny problem. Effective working models are available and only the political will seems to be lacking.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 9, 2006 05:59 PM

Obviously we are exchanging valuable information here and every one of us has an opinion of his own.
Now most of us here are "immigrants" or have an experience with immigration difficulties, the people we are talking about are immigrants and they chose to live in Italy for a better life, what do we tell them???
Go somewhere else?
Get proper qualifications and come back?
Go back to your country and try to change it?
Stay and we will fight your battle for you because you are very convenient with non existent demands?

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 9, 2006 05:39 PM

Immigration policies:

if Italy allows the illegals to remain and then even grants them citizenship, chances are Italy will be kicked out of Shengen altogether.

Enrico, I hard the argument ("...but, if everybody left... we should stay here and change the country...")--right! What a pipe dream that is. You made a great choice!

Posted by: Alex | September 9, 2006 12:08 PM

Joselle: nothing could be more true! I remember me as my ex german boyfriend was living in Italy, and I can uphold each word you said about the "nice" treatment of EU citizens by the italian police!
I can imagine what they do with the other immigrants!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 9, 2006 11:01 AM

Thank you Raffa for the links..:o)
I will study them on the weekend,that's a lot of work my friend...:o)))

Now you have me wondering...Apart from the economic situation which is very bad in Italy ,many English cities (like London-which you've mentioned-Bristol,Manchester,Liverpool etc)are full of 1st-5th generation immigrants,why is it that you find it more confortable to live there than in Italy??

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 9, 2006 09:16 AM

Here I come and butt in finally, LOL! I was reading what you were saying and I have to tell you that yes, according to the Bossi-Fini law, anyone intending to employ an extra-EU individual must send a letter of intent [that is a letter whereby it is stated that you require the services of that person]. This will give the individual the right to have his/her passport stamped; that way he/she obtains a work visa and enters Italy legally.

For extra-EU individuals, this is the ONLY legal way, making exception for political asylum and political persecution which are the only reasons for applying for refugee status. In countries which are stricken by war or civil war, the UNCHR usually intervenes but I assure you that anything associated with the UNO goes really SLOW. I know of refugee cases who got their documents, a visa and permit to work, a life that resembles stability after 4 years. Others are still waiting and the list is very long.

When I had a chance to go to Canada I was granted thumbs up to entry on the basis of my qualifications. I know that the ten thousand or so emigrants who are allowed to enter Canada have to demonstrate that they are self-sufficient or have a guarantor who is held "responsible" for them, they have to speak fluently English and preferably French [i.e. be bilingual if possible], be qualified and have a clean sheet of conduct.

The immigrants who come to Italy... what do we know about them? Some of them destroy their documents. What do they have to hide? We know that in some cases criminals hide amongst the crowds that are invading Italian shores. I agree that it sounds almost criminal when fingerprints and handprints are taken of all extra-EU individuals in Italy.

Yet let's face it, do you think that EU members are treated very nicely in the Italian Questura? I assure you, in my case, I wondered whether to laugh or cry. I even found a most idiotic police inspector who insisted with me to sign a paper that I was a clandestine immigrant, ignoring my British alias European passport. Why, he even made me turn off my mobile phone and segregated me in a squalid office, threatening me with expulsion!!! According to this summa of justice, I was stealing work in Italy... so much for freedom of movement, Shengen accord, Maastricht treaty, and European Union in general. Naturally, I had the British High Commission on their backs but can you imagine what they do with the other immigrants, not necessarily clandestine immigrants? I have seen some racism and xenophobia of the worst kind.

Why am I saying all this? Simply because there are laws, then there are "sub-laws", that is, the laws made ad hoc by the dork you happen to find that day at the Police Quarters. So, if you are lucky, you might find the understanding person who knows what to do, or the jerk, as in my case, who in his frustration was consulting Tomes of Italian Law and freaking out madly.

Sorry about this rather long post, but I have to admit that Italy is in a sorry state which is why, first and foremost, I don't want to apply for dual citizenship because it does not guarantee me anything; secondly, as my elder son has come of school age I will see to his education in Britain because I don't like the system of education here; thirdly, if things will go on like they seem to be going, Italy will suffer furthermore a brain drain and we will be left only with those who, for some reason or another, do not take a courageous leap and leave.

What a pity, really, that what was once so Italian, so very national and very "tricolore" is now a multi-ethnic mix, very much like London, a city where I lived and worked, which in its variety is everything but English, really.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 9, 2006 12:11 AM

whoops! "You can find" not you can fine!
;-) (Peppiniello da Capua, don't correct me as usual, please!!!! ;-)))))

here is the full text of the law:

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 11:43 PM

Yes, Paola! That's the true!
I tryed to put the links of the Bossi-Fini law but the system doesn't allow to copy-paste internet adresses (I don't know why)
I try it again:
on this site you can fine a explanation of the most important articles of the law:

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 11:39 PM

My mother's Badante is working in Italy illegaly . She's paid in cash and if caught will have to go back to Rumenia where she's sending all of her money. God only knows how much money is leaving Italy for good this way. No taxes are paid and there are no benefits for the workers. It's insane to say the least. And the useless Italian gerontocrazy keeps snoring along very much contented with their satrapic wages and lifestyle. If I were religious I would have to thank God that I'm not misgoverned by these imbeciles.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 11:37 PM

I give up Raffa...!!!
I think I must read the law first (if I manage to find it on the Net) and come back with more questions....
So you mean that all those people I saw in the streets and on the trains were all in "contrabbando" circulating just like that in the open???

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 11:17 PM

Paola, unfortunately(I wrote it correct, dear Peppiniello;-))))))) according this law there is no possibilities to hire foreign employees if they are already living in Italy. That is the idiocy by this law.
In reality the most foreigners are already here, and they must simulate just to come from the own countries.
See you, it's always the same old story: hypocrisy until one feels sick.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 10:45 PM

Raffa,We are talking here about a particular law which to begin with is stupid...But (as Joselle would say) I think there should be a way around it...
For example if this particular aid has been living in Italy for a few years can he/she apply for a temporary residence permit regardless of if he/she is working for you???
If a company wants to employ foreigners what do they do??

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 10:32 PM

... concelead in a great pickle! ;-)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 10:23 PM

Faffaella, Italy is an enigma concealed in a riddle concealed in a puzzle concealed in a maze, concealed.......

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 10:20 PM

Yes, Paola, I see your point.
But the present immigration law in Italy is really bad.
Listen: I have an housemaid, she come from Rumania, and I wanted to to regularize her condition, with a residence permit. (My case is not isolated, you know that in Italy the request for housemaides and most of all carer persons is very high, bacause of the increasing ageing process in the population and the contemporary crisis of the traditional family patterns).
Well, the present law, namely the ill-famed Bossi-Fini-law, says that the employer who want to regularize his foreign employee, must send his request to the homeland of the employee, who supposed is still living there, and then he will be allowed to come to Italy and take his job.
You can imagine that it's a little improbable for an employer to take a choice without to see the person. In reality, the most immigrants are already here, and they are already working by the families. In accordance with the Bossi-Fini law, the immigrants must go back to their countries, because they need a stamp on their passport in order to prove that they are just coming from their homeland)and then come back to Italy, (all at employer's expense, obviously)and only then they can finally get their residence permit.
I find all this very complicated and about all absurd.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 10:07 PM

Raffa,Enjoy your supper and come back with more energy..:o))
One small detail,the countries you mentioned plus Australia (in a way) were created by immigrants....Once they established themselves turned into emigrant counties...saw the danger of unorderly immigration and imposed strict laws that no one ever questioned.
If we do that in Europe we are called you see my point when I mentioned lobbies,profits and interests???

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 09:29 PM

My little contribute to the discussion:
Paola, Enrico & Alex:
You are talking about Canada and its strict immigration's politics , but we must not forget the deep difference between immigration's countries and emigration's countries.
Canada & U.S.A had never been emigration's countries, but rather immigration's countries.
Nobody was leaving those countries to try his luck elsewhere. At the contrary, many people came to those countries trying their luck, among them many italians, germans, french and many others.
That's make the difference.
Countries like Canada can allow themselves to have a strict immigration politics, because they never needed to emigrate. We have a long history of emigration, because of this, and not only because of this, we must deal in a different way with this problem...
Well, I must have my supper yet... I'm hungry..
see you later...

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 09:08 PM

Paola, I couldn't agree more.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 09:04 PM

Enrico,that's the point.
Canada is selecting its immigrants...that is why the society is prospering and gaining from what they have to offer!!!
Immigration in Europe has no laws,no program's driven by interests,lobbies,and profit.
Then when things turn ugly the old story begins that we are rasists..that we dislike foreigners and the likes of it...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 08:55 PM

Paola, if you are an unskilled labourer your chances of being accepted into Canada would be next to zero, unless somebody sponsored you, and even in this case it might take you many years to be allowed in. However, if you were a legitimate political refugee, your chances would be much better regardless of your qualifications.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 08:42 PM

Paola, when I decided to leave Italy many years ago,
a lot of my friends and relatives got mad at me. They told me I had to stay to help change the Country. If people like me, who were honest emigrated, who would be left to turn the Country aroud? My reply to them was that I was one and they were 55.000.000 millions. Who was going to change whom? I never regretted my decision because things have gone exactly as I had feared: from bad to worse.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 08:36 PM

That was it Enrico,
I didn't know they were call this way.My customers were mostly Saudies that had a lot of money and of course for them there was no problem.
However,does Canada accept people as we do here in Europe??
I mean Morocans,Chinese,Tunisians,Egyptians,Albanians,
Africans,Polish,Ucranians etc. with no money and no qualifications??? Because this was what I was refering to.
And I would dare say that now their contribution to the economy is not good.It has nothing to do with Italian,Greek,Turkish,German,Chinese,Indian immigration of the last century...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 08:35 PM

Just for the sake of argument do you know of any government that would do all these things in one go and be re-elected??
Selling public interests to private companies will have half the population rise against you...
Selling the Poste,TreniItalia,ENEL etc will overthrough any government and you wil have a coup my friend...:o)
I know you are right but these are such difficult decisions to be taken that I don't think the right man has come yet to make them...
So as you said : Pack and go...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 08:25 PM

Paola, you are referring to the "entrepreneur category" that allows entry into the Country if you transfer to Canada CAN$ 500,000 and committ yoursef to starting a business. Everybody else must qualify on a merit points that are given in accordance with knowledge of either English or French, education, work skills etc. It's really not that difficult.
The whole world is here and I love the mix. The poor Anglosaxophones are now a minority!

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 08:23 PM


I don't want to sound presumptuous, so I will just say that good ideas about what to do have been circulating among competent people for quite a while. However, as usual for Italy, nothing ever gets done.

In the immediate, the only thing Italians should be thinking about is cutting the public debt. It should be reduced as much as possible, as quickly as possible. The best way to do it is by selling public assets.

Cutting public expenses is also very urgent.

If this does not get done very soon, it is likely that the country will go bankrupt. And will also get kicked out of the euro (which means: misery for all).

Then, there would be scores of other measures to take--all around. From infrastructure, to taxation, to bureacracy, to education, to research, to competition...

But debt and deficit are the most critical. And there is little time: interest rates are increasing and Italy's competitiveness is falling rapidly. These factors are rapidly making these big problems--HUGE.

I am not so convinced enough will be done. Then, here's my other suggestion: pack and leave. Before the boat sinks with you on it.

Well, you already left, so good for you! :)
You took my advice before I even gave it to you!

As for the other countries you mentioned, I am not sure if their bad situation is actually worse than Italy's.

I know for sure that the quality of life in Germany is much much better than in Italy. Also, Germany does not face the same risks as Italy. If for nothing else, its level of debt is just over half that of Italy's and its economy rests on much more solid ground. Germany has a lot more high-tech sectors and also has many large companies, which are world renowned.

Italy can claim Fiat, Alitalia, Parmalat... But claim them today, for tomorrow--well, tomorrow they may be gone!


Posted by: Alex | September 8, 2006 07:56 PM

Oh, Enrico, c'mon... :D

Besides, I don't really expect my trick to work...

Posted by: Alex | September 8, 2006 07:35 PM

Alex,you have a way with words,you do!!! :o)

I am not arguing here, just something I was taught while working for an American Bank years ago...After recognizing the problems we should come up with a proposal or a solution to the problem....
Have you anything to suggest, do you have an opinion on what could be done???

Unfortunately Italy is not the only country in bad state,I could name a few like Turkey,Greece,
Grermany etc.

Enrico,Canada is accepting immigrants but with certain qualifications!!!
From what I remember from my customers in the Bank those at the time, required quite big summes of money and busines partnerships,are these still in order???

And one last thing....I ditect someone missing PippoWhatever here??? :o))))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 07:33 PM

On what part of your body do you want to be kissed? You must be more specific ;-)

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 07:22 PM


Ok, I admit it: I look exactly like Pippo Hippo. (Only, I am not blue)


Kiss me, and I will turn into a prince!

Trust me!


Posted by: Alex | September 8, 2006 07:13 PM

In Canada we must rely on immigration to survive (our birth rate is not even sufficient to keep the population number stable), but an immigration Policy has been in place for over a Century. We accept close to 300,000 immigrants a year from all over the world embracing multi-culturalism as opposed to the melting-pot system south of the border.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 07:08 PM

Paola, thanks for the explanation :) Yeah, I figured out what the acronym probably means... haha

The description of your travels in Italy could hardly be used as ad by the ministry of tourism! :)

Immigration, per se, is not bad. It can actually greatly contribute to an economy, if an appropriate strategy is in place.

Italy's approach, however, leaves me puzzled...

Posted by: Alex | September 8, 2006 06:49 PM

The current state of Italy's economy and finances is dreadful. Similar to that of the terminal patient with lung cancer.

The most likely cause of the problem is the cigarettes he'd been chain-smoking throughout his life. A not-so-good doctor may well bear some responsibility for not administering the best treatment. But the cause of the problem remains the cigarettes.

Well, in Italy's case, Berlusconi is the not-so-good doctor. But the cigarettes are the decades of midirected policies that Italy has pursued.

This is not to defend Berlusconi, but to highlight the fact that Ialy's problems are much deeper. Thus, also much harder to fix--if the possibility is indeed still there. (My opinion is that it's too late now--so, let's hope I'm wrong on this.)

Posted by: Alex | September 8, 2006 06:40 PM

Sorry my friends I should have wrote
I voted against Berlusconi as most of the Italians I KNOW did
No offence to anybody please

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 05:25 PM

Raffa, I've voted against Berlusconi as most of the Italians abroad did...I believe that's why he is not where he wanted to be,but following the news and actually seeing what has happened it's such a big disapointment...

Enrico, Thank you, I know your words come from the heart.
The thing is that I started smoking at the age 35 for the first time....which is probably a stupid thing to do...However what I was refering to was not whether this law was good or bad, but to the way it was imposed.
Since sigarettes are allowed to be sold and people do smoke at least they should try to keep the cities clean...Ashtrays and big dustbins should have been places in various places.
The streets were littered whith cigarettes,empty packets,waste papers,plastic bottles and cans...
I admit of course that ovbiously this is the job of each "sindaco" but still banning smoking selling cigarettes and not providing ash trays for those who still smoke is rediculous...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 05:23 PM

Paola, tonight I will go to a funeral home to see one of my friends for the last time. Lung cancer - heavy smoker. So far I've lost four friends to the smoking habit. I am very upset to see so many people still setting tobacco leaves on fire in their mouths in spite of all the evidence to the lethal effects of cigarette smoking. This habit is slow suicide akin to the Chinese water drip method.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 05:02 PM

Alex: well, you are going to admit definitively your likness to Hippo Pippo!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 05:02 PM

Paola: You have not been in Italy for 5 years: in this time we had the government Berlusconi! It's no surprise if everyting is becoming worse!;))))))))
Anyway, our country looks like increasingly a third world country, and not only because of the many immigrants, but because of the deterioration of welfare state and the disastrous financial management in the Berlusconi- era .

As from the Sirchia-law (against smocking), you are right, it's ridicolus! Italians will always be more Catholic than the Pope!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 04:58 PM

Alex, It could be but it's not lol
and in fact I made a mistake it should read "Che R Di P" (CRDP)
I just said it :o)))) !!!!

While in Florence,I could not believe that it has turned into such a dirty and full of immigrants city...a big dissapointment...:o(
On the train to Roma I could not find a seat that was not taken by a "foreigner"...
Then going souther to Priverno-Fossanova (towards Napoli) you would think you were in a Chinese province or a North African country...
I sound rasist but I am not!
You already know I have lived in many countries outside Europe and always had good memories but this was not what I expected after not goint to Italy for 5 years...:o(

And another big problem I should mention,this rediculous law about has turned Italy into a big ash tray...what a shame...:o(

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 04:22 PM


I just read your message--and didn't quite figure out the acronym CDRP. What's that? A new Italian party, maybe? After all, there's only 225 of them...

You ran mostly into Arabs in Italy? Wow.

Either the Italians have started packing up and leaving, or... are you sure you were really in Italy? :D

Oh well. I think the catholic church should shape up for some serious competition... but how come in Italy things always go from bad... to worse!?

Beats me!

Posted by: Alex | September 8, 2006 03:54 PM

What do you mean Enrico???
Where else would he have thoutght of putting the toothpaste on???
lol lol lol

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 03:39 PM

If safety is a concern--it does pay to be careful.

Posted by: Alex | September 8, 2006 03:38 PM


If the princes you kissedd turned into frogs... how about try kissing Pippo the Hyppo... :)

Maybe the spell will reverse itself!
You should try!!

Posted by: Alex - Pippo | September 8, 2006 03:36 PM

Peppiniello da Capua: A good neapolitan girlfriend of mine thinks the same! Even if she don't want to admit it!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 03:12 PM

A scapegoat is always useful!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 03:09 PM


You want to know what I think about Neapolitan music?

Nino D'Angelo is the Best!

What am I saying: It's "U Bbest!"

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | September 8, 2006 03:07 PM

The butler is always the cuplrit.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 8, 2006 03:05 PM

may be the butler helped him to make something else too!;-))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 02:56 PM

The poor bloke is so ungainly that his ex-butler has admitted to putting the toothpaste on his toothbrush.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 02:45 PM

He is as ugly as sin indeed! On second thoughts he looks like more a horse rather than a frog!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 02:36 PM

And who said things improve with age???
He is getting uglier and uglier...:o)))

Posted by: paola filinese | September 8, 2006 02:27 PM

Enrico I'm afraid Prince Charles was already a frog before she kissed him... ;-)))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 02:18 PM

Be careful about frogs and princes. Look what happened to Diana. She kissed a prince and he turned into a frog.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 8, 2006 02:09 PM

Paola: I agree with you. Many single girlfriends of mine are feeling conditioned by the environment and they don't'allow themselves to live as they please, like indipendent women who have the right to be respected and appreciated as free persons.
I've always been ready to run some risks to preserve my identity and my freedom!
Eva: we could work shifts! When I'm starting you are giung to sleep! ;-)))))))))))) Good night, and sweet dreams!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 12:59 PM

Raffa, I like your attitude towards life which I think you know that by now..!!!
I have come to the conclusion that fear is something we transmit...what I mean by that is that I have lived alone for many years and in different countries, where I have worked (actually even if I now have a family still travel alone..),I have never felt seriously threatened...I can give two reason:
1) Maybe I am too ugly...or(???!!!)
2) I am not afraid and I show it...
Of course we have to be careful and not go looking for trouble but maybe our attitude also helps bringing danger upon us...and I don't mean
the way we dress or anything like that,I mean the way we deal with other people,the way we walk in the street,the way we go into a bar and have a drink...
I believe we have an aura around us an electomagnetic field,if you prefer,that attracts or rejects people around us...

Ahhh I think I am carried away here I've better stop....:o)))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 8, 2006 12:46 PM

Hi Raf,good morning to you,I amd going to sleep instead,had few bad night too,big storm with lots of thunders,that kept me awake,felt wonderfull to be in a nice cosy bed,while outside was bucketting down,today the wind is down and the moon is full,just wonderfull to see feels great to be alive ,hope soon you'l kiss a frog that turn into a prince,ciao :-))

Posted by: evakulnurae | September 8, 2006 12:34 PM

Hi everybody!
(I slept 4 hours the last two nights (I have guests)!
As for safety: we was just talking about this theme yesterday night, my girlfriend and I. She wondered why I'm not usually afraid to go out alone (or with other women) at night. I answered to her that I'm afraid, but I do it anyway, because the alternative for a single woman like me would be to stay at home or to wait for a Prince Charming (!) who comes to me and bring me away whit him on his white horse!
So, you can imagine that this alternative is not very practicable, especially because the most Princes I met turned into frogs in some time....;-), then I choose the liberty and I do my way as I please!;-)))))))))
Jokes apart, italian cities are not safe at all, especially for women, and I see no differences between italians or immigrants, while in Nord Europe there is more respect for women and I always felt safer when I was there.
A big hug to everybody, I'll try to do something productive (even if it's very difficult this morning!;-))))))))))

PS) Peppiniello, my dear, YOU must reveal your identitity, I will not betray you!
But a simple question to you: since you are coming from Capua, what do you think about neapolitan music? ;-)))))))))))))))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 8, 2006 10:58 AM

who cares,.......what a bore!

Posted by: evakulnura | September 8, 2006 04:00 AM

....and Peppiniello Da Capua is....?

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | September 8, 2006 03:39 AM

Before anybody notices I meant "were Arabs" instead of "where Arabs"...
See yoy've got me scared...:o))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 7, 2006 11:56 PM

I did it again...not here...but this time it was not my son has a fever... my friends, from the moment you are born we have to take care of you...ahhh that's life I am not complaining :o)))

Alex...(!!!) You were obviously here before my time so I don't have the pleasure of "knowing" you but this - Pippo - ???
CRDP (excuse my italian...) !!!! :o)))
Since you mentioned safety, while in Italy last week most of the people that had tried to start a conversation with me in the streets (see Raffaella is Bella(!!) but some go for the lesser..:o))))
where Arabs.
I didn't feel I was in danger I could actually say that I would have felt worst if they would have been Italians,does this mean anything???

waiiiitttt....doooooonnnn'tttt...shhhhhhh (shush maybe???)

Posted by: Paola Filinesi | September 7, 2006 11:53 PM

So: Pippo is Alex, and Pippo Chennedi is another one (I said it). Pippo is not Marcia/Sofia.
And Peppiniello da Capua is... (secret!)
Little by little we begin to shed light on this blog!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 7, 2006 11:49 PM


So, you are not even Marcia!

I'm glad for you:))))

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 7, 2006 09:17 PM

Now Alex, I am so glad you decided to appear to us in your true likeness, LOL!!! [Now, why did I feel I knew your way of writing somehow? Are you the usual Alex who contributes to this blog????]

Ah! yes, so you saw Raffaella's pictures and got smitten! Well well, it could be roses and wedding bells, rings and champagne :o))))

Never say never in life, that's what James Bond said, LOL.

Cheers to Alex!

Come and sing along with Steely Dan's Josey! **wink**

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 7, 2006 09:14 PM


So the auntie did make it to the altar eventually!

Good for her.

As for your recommendation--it confirms my impression! :) That's why I have shied away from the big step so far.

Of course, I had not seen Raffaella's picture yet!

Posted by: Alex | September 7, 2006 08:52 PM

Paola, yeah, good point!!
I have made it a policy to try keep my sarcasm at bay--at least in real life.

I never got into real trouble, but some people did take longer to start liking me... haha

As for my question about safety, it's general. I could have asked the same about Italy (if I didn't know it's not safe at all... haha). Anyway, I wonder... does the price of the trip include the video... you know, the one that gets shown on TV?

haha, just kidding!

I am interested in Asia. I'll go sometime.

Posted by: Alex | September 7, 2006 08:48 PM

Raffa, I'm so happy you were thinking of me last night!! :)

I was heartbroken I didn't see you!

Posted by: Alex - ex pippo | September 7, 2006 08:37 PM

Hi everyone,

I just logged on and, boy, what a mess. Too many Pippos here... haha

I'll try to figure out what message goes to whom... (though the task looks desperate!) :)

Anyway, Pippo Kennedy is not the same as me. But who am I!? I used so many nicks!! haha

Pippo Whatever is the last ones I used.
I'll switch back to Alex. (This has another advantage--there should be no Hyppos in any commercial with this name!!) :)

Posted by: Pippo Whatever - NOW: ALEX | September 7, 2006 08:35 PM

Eva, I don't want you to think that I am condoning any behaviour that is the result of violence. If the violators are women, then they, of course, are as shameful, degrading and to be condemned as much as men. The girls who killed the nun are no less criminals than any other criminal.

Only, you have to admit, women suffer more physical abuse than men do. When I said that this seems more to be the plot of a porno movie, I was speaking about it generically, not about this specific movie.

Anyway, hoping you had a good rest.


Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 7, 2006 07:14 PM

girls I am going to sleep,ciao :-)

Posted by: evakulnura | September 7, 2006 12:44 PM

I haven't see the movie,one of the leading role is played by Greta Scacchi,wich I think is a good actress,I do not thing shye would do a porno movie,the director is a woman her name is Ana Kokkinos,I haven,t seen any other movie by her,so I can judge,the leading role is play by a very good australian actor call Tom Long,if you girls by any chance have see "Sea Change" the tv show on ABC is was in that,he was playing the clerk,I generally this is not my kind of movie,but two movie critic gave the tumb up,fron what they were saying is mostly about the victim,the scene they were showing was when he went to the police,and they laught at him when he told them that he got kidnaped by those womens,for sure is a drama not a funny movie.

Posted by: evakulnura | September 7, 2006 12:09 PM

Good morning everybody!
So, yesterday night I was busy (Pippo, please, don't be jealous! ;)))))) and I didn't partecipate to the nice meeting on the blog!
First to pippo chennedy ( I'm not sure you are the same Pippo...); I'm signing with MY name, and it's not a man name! What the hell are you talking about?
Eva: Sure, it can happen! But It's the so-called exception that proves the rule. I agree with Joselle, it seems more a subject for a porno movie! ;-))))))
Paola: obviously, in case the poor guy wasn't consenting, we are confronted with a case of violence, and as such we must refuse it!!!!!!
And, last but NOT LEAST: Peppiniello da Capua:
You gave me already three clues.
But, don't be afraid, I will never betray you!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 7, 2006 10:43 AM

What a nice way to start a day...Coffee,sigarette and Beppe Grillo's Blog...
I must be seriously ill..:o)))

Eva, remember my older post when I wrote about rapping men?? This was what I meant...if we want to be ironic and vicious we can look at it as a vindication or pleasure but it is still an act of violence and it is happening and nobody cares about (except of course when involving young children..).Is it physical violence that annoys us or (because in case of men) it's paid
abuse that we don't care about???

Pippo,STOP IT!!! :o|
It's not funny any more... Dai,per carità!!!
You've managed to expel all men and have all women talking to you what else do you need??
Now, for what it's worth this is my last answer to you if you don't change attitude OK??
These countries pose not the same kind of danger we are used to in the Western world...
Health issues are those that create serious problems. Judging from the little I saw of you on this blog of course your sense of humor will lead you into HUGE trouble...!!! :o))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 7, 2006 09:49 AM

Hey Pippo, thanks for the thoughts for me, LOL! Now I am really happy :o)))

My aunt, well, she does not even bother about the old fiancé, she does not even bother about her present husband! LOL! I am sure she never even bothered about my delusions.

But, joking apart, Pippo, marry only if you are 150% sure of it... marriage surely brings new things with it but quite a few surprises as well, some not exactly happy you know [but that's part of the game].


Eva, now you were saying that the guy got sort of kidnapped by three women, held hostage for 12 days and raped... hmmmm... seems more like a good excuse for a porno movie, LOL!

Sorry, I cannot help kicking myself in the sides! I know something like this could happen. It could have been a college boy's dream or fantasy for all I care. I'm just wondering if the guy in question offered opposition or not, unless, of course, he was gay, or maybe a poor sado who found himself tied, gagged, whipped, beaten and hanged in a dungeon by three very hungry vampish vixen dominatrixes, all leather and lace, boots and whips included. Poor poor sod indeed. I might just watch the film, you know, for kicks!

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 7, 2006 09:04 AM


a woman proposing to herself and signing the proposal with a man's name, wow that's loneliness in its saddest form... damn it's that bad huh? so sorry for you biferale... freaking sad indeed

Posted by: Pippo Chennedy | September 7, 2006 04:52 AM


your level of paranoia is good, too bad it's not put to good use, how about write a book like "I, Evakul: my life, my paranoia, my hallucinations", then read it on the toilet or wherever you prefer?
I know I know, you can't spell, but hey, you can ask one of the ghosts that hunt your mind to do a spell-check for you.

Posted by: Pippo Chennedy | September 7, 2006 04:36 AM

Morning....going back to the topic,last nignt I saw in television on ABC,australia,wich is the equivalent of BBC,the show" at the movie,",there is a new movie called"the book of revelation" and it is about a man kidnapped by three womens,held hostage for 12 days ,and rape,the critic gave the thump up,and 4 stars.means it is a good movie worth wacthing.ciao:-)

Posted by: evakulnura | September 7, 2006 01:49 AM

You don't know what safety means until you go to Capracotta

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | September 7, 2006 01:16 AM


You've visited some interesting places. Safe?
Well, in today's world, what's safe after all.

Mediterranean types are unpredictable... :)

Posted by: Pippo Mediterranean | September 7, 2006 12:01 AM

Joselle, your message is really funny. You earned your place as a flower girl. I will marry sooner or later, if just to make your childhood dream come true! :D

I guess the poor aunt has been thinking about that episode quite a bit too!! :D

Posted by: Pippo WeddingForAspiringFlowerGirl | September 6, 2006 11:52 PM

Raffaella, I don't look like Pippo the Hyppo!! I'm not blue!!!


Now that we've gotten over the main issue, let's move on to planning the wedding, dear--shall we? :D

How about next Sunday?
My place?
Or your place?


Posted by: Pippo Wedding | September 6, 2006 11:48 PM

Sorry, Peppiniello, I wrote wrong!
But I will not say who you are...
It will remain our secret...

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 11:02 PM

Well, Raffaella, Pippo is probably smitten with you, very much in love and I am still hoping for that "flower girl" situation you know... LOL!

I told you it is my dream; I was supposed to be flower girl when my youngest aunt was about to get married but, because of a stupid argument with her fiancé, my aunt did not marry then and my flower girl dreams were bashed! Try explaining that to a six year old girl who had been rehearsing the moment a thousand times a day!! (Now I KNOW I am not six any more, you'd have to square that number really!! The delusion must have been really big if I am thinking of that moment still! LOL!)

But, well, I don't care who Pippo marries, as long as I am there to see him get married and as long as I get to be the one who carries the flowers! LOL!

Pippo, please make sure it is not Condoleezza Rice though! ROFL! She'd tear you to pieces, worse than Maggie Thatcher did to her dearest Dennis :o))))


By the way, Paola, Anglo-Saxons have a way of going around the harshest and embittered arguments in the most humouristic way, sometimes being pungent, insolent and very rude but without appearing so, you know. They say it's being laid back. Well, let me give you an example in particular... one parliamentarian wanted to accuse Blair of being a blatant liar on the Iraq issue, instead he said... "Mr. Blair, may I remind you that you have been providing us only with a multitude of inexactitudes and that is not exactly gentlemanly." MEANING you've been feeding us a bunch of lies, you son of a so-and-so.


Well, now it is getting a bit late for me, I shall read your comments tomorrow morning.


Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 10:44 PM

ROFL.... Peppiniello, let us hope Nardiello's yacht is not huge and it ain't called Titanic!!


Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 10:07 PM

Joselle:Unfortunately (and not "unfourtunetly" like Raffaella writes) I cannot sing.

If Nardiello Di Caprio will need my help, I will steer his yacht.

Raffaella: if you know who I really am, you can say it. See if you guessed right.

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | September 6, 2006 10:01 PM

Paola: don't worry, if you want to marry Pippo...

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 09:58 PM

Peppiniello da Capua: I think I know who you are....

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 09:46 PM

Pippo that's the Meditteranean character I admire in all of us here....we have managed to turn an "ugly" situation (as many Aglos-Saxons would say) into a friendly conversation and to wrap it up :

"Le catene del matrimonio sono talmente pesanti che per portarle bisogna essere in due; qualche volta in tre"
Dumas Alexander


Anyway I could tell you about Pakistan,Vietnam and Jacarta(Indonesia) but of the three I would
say Jacarta!

I am not sure it would help with China though...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 09:43 PM

Paola--you're pretty cool yourself!

Hey... non c'è due senza tre!!

By the way, I am not living in the US anymore. For now, like you, I am happily in Europe.

How about Asia? What countries did you find most interesting? There would be an opportunity for me to move to China...

Posted by: Pippo International | September 6, 2006 09:10 PM

Now Pippo you are making my life difficult....:o)
And if you weren't so in love with Raffa I would have concidered marrying for a third time...
(I hope you haven't lost your sence of -good- humor after all it's been said about you) lol lol

However all jokes aside,your arguments are quite convincing and you sound more "New World" than
myself being a "Europe" lover...
I could have never lived in the States and probably that is why I have never visited despite of being (and sometimes living) in quite a few counties between Europe,Africa,South America and Asia.
Now, those who are successful and earn a profit are visible...those who waste tax money are invisible... that is why it's easier to lash against the first and not the least....

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 08:38 PM

Peppiniello... Uaio!!!

Any chance you'd sing a duet with Peppiniello di Capri, or are you going to co-star in Nardiello di Caprio's latest movie????


Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 07:44 PM guess would be HERE and CAPUA...

Posted by: Pippo Guess | September 6, 2006 06:24 PM

Paola, to be honest, I do not suffer from depression. And I do not even love Italy so much.

The only reason I am still following what's going on there is that I still have some interests there. (I know this will horrify most people, but hey, so it is.)

I am also baffled by the fact that Italians have such utmost disdain for anything that's practical. Including economics and business. Why such antagonism between arts and business?

Why do people so often lash out at those who are successful and earn a profit. And never against those who waste their tax money?

As for hope. Yeah, is always last to die. Everyone can cling on to it. It's free.

However, anyone who looks at the economic reality cannot fail to see that this time there is little hope.

If nothing else, in the past Italy has saved itself by adding debt and devaluating. This time it can do neither.

Have they discovered a new prayer this time?

Posted by: Pippo Verypessimistic | September 6, 2006 06:23 PM

Hello, Raffaella!

Take a wild guess where I am?

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | September 6, 2006 06:19 PM

Paola, there are plenty of artists in Russia. Painters, writers, ballet dancers, singers, movie directors...

And that's despite their economy.

I have lived in St. Petersburg for a while and it is a wonderful city to be in. Especially for the arts.

As for China, the economic boom has also been a boon for artists as well.

The Cultural Revolution has been an utter disgrace. Everything that was old, artsy, traditional or beautifu was destroyed during that period.

So, I think it is safe to say that there is more art under the new political establishment (political regime, economic freedom) than during the previous one (polital and economic regime).

Ah... you didn't mention Ferrari and Pavarotti. You're right. There is something good left in Italy.

Posted by: Pippo Ineternational | September 6, 2006 06:15 PM

You are suffering from depression Pippo or you love Italy very much....(in both cases I am with you...)
Italy is where quite a few other European countries are at the moment...
The Euro has changed our lives considerably,corruption has become an asset,indiferance is everywhere but as they used to say in Latin
"Dum Spiro Spero"
Italy has had 60 Governments since 1945 and it is still there...don't loose faith...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 06:10 PM

Hi Peppiniello da Capua!
Are you here again?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 06:06 PM

Guys, on a more serious note, Italy is in dire conditions. Anyone who lives there or has interest in it, should be very worried about the economic situation.

It is likely to lead to great hardship.

While it is true that the economy is not everything, it is difficult to imagine doing anything at all in a bankrupt country. And that's what's very likely to happen.

Posted by: Pippo Pessimistic | September 6, 2006 05:58 PM

Pippo is nothing!

I only know where to steer the boat!!!!!!!

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | September 6, 2006 05:54 PM

You've got me there my friend!!!

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 05:44 PM

heheheheeheh! Paola, I'm not married, but I lived togheter with a German for 10 years!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 05:40 PM

But Raffa I am married to a foreigner remember??

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 05:36 PM

..and some more about Pippo's statements:
You are talking about "excelling", but I'm often wondering why we must necessarily excell.
Our society is totally leaded from the drive to excellence. If that is on the one hand a good thing, because it drives people to improvement and progress, on the other hand it's producing more and more competition, and consequently more and more sense of inferiority by those people who are not able to reach the top.
I see a lot of unhappy peoole, and that can't be a good sign to build our future.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 05:34 PM

Let's go on with fun, Paola!
i agree about coffe & pasta, by men i'm not so sure.... in any case not by the average italian man...
Fortunetly there are many excpetions!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 05:17 PM

I know Pippo, I have been to Moscow,Leningrad
and Beijing and this is what I was talking about...:o)
This was art before the Cultural and the Industrial Revolution. After that we have "Technology and Money" revolutions that have reduced the minds to computers and calculating machines....
I am just stating facts here...after all my children( 10 & 14) belong to this new generation
but it still makes me sad....

Now it's my turn to have a little fun....
You are wrong Pippo we excell in Coffee,Pasta and Men..(in your case women..) ask me how I know...:o)))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 05:11 PM

Pippo, so,you are admitting you look like the hippo pippo! Self-consciousness is the beginning of improvement!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 04:56 PM

I do not see Italy excelling in anything. Not in the arts. Not in the economy...

The only cases in which Italy is at the top of the list are usually... undesirable.

Posted by: Pippo Pessimistic | September 6, 2006 04:40 PM

Yes Paola, and I think also that t one of the worst problems our time is the excessive focalization on material values, consumed and thrown away with light's speed.
A old native-american proverbe says: When the last tree will be cut out, the last fish and the last cow will die and the last drop whater will be dried up, we will at last realize that money can't be eaten.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 04:36 PM

Josy, you're my best ally!

Of course, you'll be flower girl at our wedding!

Posted by: Pippo Wedding | September 6, 2006 04:36 PM

Raffa, I appreciate art and literature. If I look like the hyppo in the ad, I must have some other qualities, no?


See, we're made for each other!

Posted by: Pippo Art | September 6, 2006 04:35 PM

Paola, I would recommend visiting China and Russia.

You will find a lot more art than they talk about in the press in the West.

Posted by: Pippo International | September 6, 2006 04:33 PM

Although there is a lot of sence in what you say Pippo I don't see China or the former USSR producing any form of art in recent years except for technology,aerospace,arms etc.
Arts,philosophy,poetry etc are products of the soul and of the other half of the brain....
Van Ghogh was famished when he painted his masterpieces,most musicians died poor.
Money is not the absolute moving power,there are feelings and abstract thoughts,dreams, that are important and make a human being different...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 04:23 PM

Pippo: Iagree with you, when you said that without a full belly nobody can dedicate himself to poetry and arts, but the relationship is also inverted, namely if managers haven't a good culture, they are not able to think positivly an effectivly about their businnes. They will not have a wide vision of the world, it's implication and transformations and without it they can't elaborate a good strategy.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 04:17 PM

Joselle: Thank you for the beautiful rose!:)
I promise you, if I get married, you will be my flower girl! Whoever wil be my husband!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 04:08 PM

Come on Raffaella, say YES to Pippo, please! He is sort of begging on his knees :o)))))

come on... so I can be Flower Girl, it has always been my dream !!!


[the rose is for Raffaella, of course!]
Pippo, don't touch!!!

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 04:02 PM

Productivity is the key factor in determining a country's prosperity. And productivity is hardly ever the product of stupidity.

The more a country propsers, the easier it is for its citizens to prosper. The easier it is for them to make a living and dedicate themselves to poetry, philosophy, literature...

When a country does not prosper (like Italy today, for example), many of its citizens are worried about making ends meet (paying the bills and having enough food at the end of the month).

Such a situation is not exactly conducive to the proliferation of the arts...

Productivity and economic prosperity do favor the arts.

So, see, our ideas are not really that different. Thus, we can marry!


Posted by: Pippo Econ | September 6, 2006 03:56 PM

Pippo, I can't say by myself if I'm beautiful or not ( it's not elegant!);-))))). You must ask someone who knows it.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 03:52 PM

By the way, Pippo, I don't agree with you about the supremacy of productivity Vs literature, philosophy, history and poetry.
Nobody can produce anything without to have a working brain, and ignorance makes people stupid.
You see, we can't marry, our opinons are too different, it will never work!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 03:47 PM


I saw your pictures! You're so very beautiful!!

Are you really that beautiful, or you've been photoshopping them?


Posted by: Pippo Wedding | September 6, 2006 03:47 PM

Ah, Josy, you can be pretty mean yourself.

I'm starting to like you now...

I'm having a laugh here, writing silly stuff and seeing people really getting cranked out about it!


Posted by: Pippo Whatever | September 6, 2006 03:45 PM

Paola: in roman dialect it sound like:
Ce se o ce fai?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 03:41 PM

Pippo: you are not the first (LOL) and I hope you'll be not the last (lol).
hemm, hemm...I wonder why am I so irresistible!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 03:38 PM

Ah! PIPPO!!!!!!!!! What are you smoking????

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 03:34 PM

You see Pippo, it's my day off today, which is why I am getting a life for myself here considering everything. You'd kill to have my life!

How enjoyable it is, then, that I can afford to kill time here writing something to my friends of which little beings like you are partaking merely the crumbs...

As for me, I am not at all saddened by the fact you love Raffaella. Love makes the world go round and round, in which direction is yet to be determined! LOL!

I need no beaver, dear Pippino Pippetto... you might consider having some fun with a beaver yourself if Raffaella says no to you.

Seriously now, normally I trash the jerks like you without much ado but, considering how idiotically funny it is seeing that you are SPRAWLING this blog completely, I had to tell you what I thought about you for I really DO have a mind of my own. There, now that I have told you all that I intend to say [you are ignored most of the times] you might as well get sacked and stuffed, Pippetto caro... poor sod, with a brain no larger than that of a hamster or a beaver... the choice is yours.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 03:33 PM

You can write in Arabic if you you see we can understand that too....but please stop the made your point,we took notice of you,I want to believe that you have much more to give than abuses and jokes in bad taste...

It's an arabic very light "offensive" phrase that means:
"Are you stupid or is this your natural look ??"
It looses in translation but in the proper language its effect is stronger....:o))

As for productivity...machines can be productive, humans have a two sided brain and we shouldn't loose one because of the other...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 03:28 PM


I've seen her website and fell in love with her.
Hopelessly in love with her.

Posted by: Pippo Weddingtime | September 6, 2006 03:26 PM

Ah, bad timing.

Josy is pushing for my cause.
Then, only good words for her!

I love you too, Josy.

Posted by: Pippo LovesJosyToo | September 6, 2006 03:24 PM

Josy, you don't have to be upset only because I'm in love with Raffaella and not with you.

Maybe eva can find some eager beaver for you.

As for wasting time here--your choice of terms is appropriate. But it's funny you say that. I'm wasting my time here today. But you are here all the time!!

So, how about practising what you preach--and think of getting a life for yourself?

Posted by: Pippo WastingtimewithJosy | September 6, 2006 03:21 PM

Raffaella, please say YES to Pippo's proposal...


Can I be Flower Girl???????


Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 03:17 PM

Translation for Raffaella, in very moderate tones!:

Joseph stop making an ass of yourself for with your moroseness you'd better get yourself a life rather than waste your time here, or are you one of those who know where to spend their time?

(in apologetic terms, the translation, as always misses out on the original... for when it is said in the original language it would definitely be more forceful)

And because I am on the verge of being termed an isolationist, I end up with this beautiful O.W. witty and wise comment...

"Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself."

and remember, J.P. Sartre said something wiser, namely that Hell is other people/society.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 03:16 PM


I still love you. And still want to marry you. (How about tomorrow, are you busy tomorrow?)

But it is not philosophy, literature, history or poetry that determine the success and prosperity of a country. Mainly, it is productivity.

And productivity is more closely related to science, research, technology...

So, what's a good time to get married tomorrow?

Posted by: Pippo Science | September 6, 2006 03:09 PM

Pippo de Raffaellis: (!)
very kind of you but, sorry... non attacca!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 03:02 PM

I can only add something in German:
Der Klugere gibt immer nach.
des wegen ist die Welt von der Dummheit regiert!
(il più intelligente lascia sempre perdere, per questo il mondo è governato dagli stupidi)

Ps) Paola, I agree with you, and I add that we learn less and less and also more and more superficially.. Look at the new generations, they know all about technology but nothing about literature, philosophy and history. The trend is more specialization but less and less general knowledge, so that we'll have a generation of ignorants.
And now, Paola & Joselle, translate please!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 02:57 PM

I agree to that Enrico !!! It is all Italian to me despite of whatever anyone else says about dialects :o))

And Italy could be going down the drain among most other countries in the world (including Arab counties don't forget...ehhh ???) as you
Anonymous say, because we are ruled by people without origin,roots,ethics and history....

Now one more question to whom it may concern again:

"Enta Jabit Walla Shaklak Keda???"
ps.trasnlation upon request


Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 02:19 PM

May be because Italians are their own worst enemies... because, in spite of everything, there is discrimination everywhere, there are regional differences, the usual taboos and fears, what you call omertà, because the Italian political system is a Catch 22 situation, and, also, because the educational system needs thorough dusting...

And, finally, because at this day and age of hi-tech and what have you, too many people are happy with just a little learning... and we all know that:

A little learning is a dangerous thing;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again.

(Alexander Pope)

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 02:06 PM

How is it that, despite all this culture and popular wisdom, Italy is nevertheless going down the drain?

Posted by: Pippo Wonders | September 6, 2006 02:00 PM

Hey Paola, you are almost inviting me to try my hand once more with Korean!! :o))))

no no... let me try another language...

Zeppi tkunx tan-nejk iktar milli int, bid-dwejjaq li ghandek ahjar tmur tfittex ftit hajja milli toqghod hawn tahli zmienek u hajtek, jew inti xi wiehed minn dawk li jridu jiehduh taf fejn?

[I might offer a translation of this :-)))]

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 6, 2006 01:56 PM

And this one should also fit the bill:
El marangon conosse el legno tristo e quelo bon.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 6, 2006 01:55 PM

Now this is poetry!

Posted by: Pippo de Alighieris | September 6, 2006 01:55 PM

To whom it may concern:

"No se pol far cagar i aseni par forza"

and to make it even worst:

"El laòro dela sega el slonga i brazi e 'l scurza la tega."

I hope I was clear enough if he/she can read of course....(!!!)


Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 01:40 PM

Raffaella, but that's not a problem at all.

You're beautiful enough for both of us!!


Posted by: Pippo de Raffaellis | September 6, 2006 01:35 PM

Pippo: how could I marry you, if you look like the hippo pippo from Lines nappies and at the same time the sheep Dolly.
Even if my taste is not very common, I don't like hippos and sheeps at all!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 01:31 PM

And for however hard I try to screw up my English, it will never be as bad as yours, eva!

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 01:11 PM

Don't worry, I will answer for you!


Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 01:09 PM

Enrico I have't wrote the things about wart's,I am going to sleep,wherewe this pippo wanker is writing using my name is not me,and for pippo,alias wherewer,let's just ignore him from now on,as they say"any kind of attention,is better then no attention at all" here we are dealing with a poor soul

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 01:06 PM

Well Giovanni, your four cats are now four cats plus a loony........

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 6, 2006 01:05 PM

Raffaella Biferale


Will you marry me??

Posted by: Pippo de Culnuris | September 6, 2006 12:55 PM

Enrico, tank you for sayng someting inteligent for mee. I cannot find the warts!! Ciao!! :-)

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 12:52 PM

eva, exchanging one-liners with you is like shooting at the red cross. i'm moved by compassion.

eva, the poor woman, lives in australia and--not just that (which is bad enough)--but she also lives in a cage full of pythons!

it's ok if you're cranky. who, in your shoes, wouldn't be?

Posted by: pippo movedbycompassion | September 6, 2006 12:47 PM

Pippos alias Sofia, Marcia, Dude, Marco, etc. I've got good news for you today! You belong to Beppe's Italian Site: people like you are a dime a dozen over there, but in here you stand out like a sore thumb. So, kindly move over and you'll find total bliss with many kindred spirits.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 6, 2006 12:40 PM

I want to add two things to this amusing discussion: the former is joking the latter seriously.
Prince: the "pink tenerone" was the hippo from the Lines nappies commmercial who was singing : pippo, pippo, pippo and said: Bimbo: tu bisogna pannolini Lines? I find it's very apting to our Pippo Einstein/Chennedy/Culnuris!

Anyway, I can recognize lately on this english side the same mechanisms of the italian side. I think it come from the rising number of contacts.
Even if it can be sometimes disagreeable, I think that is the price we must pay to have a free place where everybody can express his opinions freely.
For my part I pay this price with pleasure because I think that freedom is the most important thing in life.
Good morning to everybody!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 12:39 PM

Pippo,........and you don't, bbbbbbbooooorrrriiiiinnnngggg

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 12:34 PM

of course, you can learn a lot from them--they have brains!

Posted by: Pippo Einstein | September 6, 2006 12:08 PM

Pippo de culnuris,I have lots of them,and they live free outside,they never come in,unlike you they have a life,and they mind their own busisness,and I have to say ,that I like their company more, then people like you,you could learn a lot from them

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 12:01 PM

Eva, you got a python, right?

Then, why don't you let it out of your ass every now and then?

Posted by: Pippo de Culnuris | September 6, 2006 11:56 AM

Pippo I'll come down to your level,and what come to mind,is a song we used to sang in kindy,that goes"pippo cammina dritto,se no ti prendo e ti metto nel gabinetto" got it?!

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 11:53 AM


Posted by: Pippo de Culnuris | September 6, 2006 11:19 AM

Eva, you are a nice person !!!!!


Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 11:07 AM

Paola how about;" honkin like a goose" ciao :-)))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 10:12 AM

Prince, (see I dropped the Giovanni...:o))

My father unfortunately now plays his saxophone in the city of heavens...but he was of the John Coltrane,Sonny Rollins,Lester Young of jazz ...:o)))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 09:57 AM

My friends,since you liked the bit of english "cockney" that I know...
"You get me drift" when I said Marcia/Sofia/Pipo/Dude/Bisco etc is our same devoted friend???
Well think about it...Waisting all his/her precious time reading our posts and commenting on them...Have mercy please, we are dealing with a very lonely person here that needs to be heard..."Me thinks" a round of applause would be more appropriate or even better being
"Donkeys" what do you say about braying??? :o)))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 09:30 AM

Prince,,the Kangaroo are more visible early evenings,last week I saw in one go, around 30 wallabies,all jamping away,ciao :-)

Posted by: evakulnura | September 6, 2006 06:23 AM

Paola, I knew that one, it's famous....
Raffaella, your quotation I didn't know and you got me laughing for sure with your reference!!!
Giovanni, because I'm am supposed to be you (as well as Paola-Raffaella-Eva), could I ride your Honda next weekend? I'm not too far even though I live in a different Country just north of you? ;-)
Pippo alias Sofia, Marcia, Dude etc.: the common trait of the many handles you seem to identify with one poster is the healthy sense of humor that you absolutely do not possess. Some of your psychotic outbursts and hysterical comments really had me rolling with laughter ;-))))))))))))))

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 6, 2006 05:40 AM

Hey, Pippo!
Right now I'm starting to go into paranoia thinking: "Who is Pippo? Does he really exist? Is he a figment of my imagination?"

Pippo! Please send me a sign of your existence! Do something like, I don't know, parting the waters, change the snow in sugar, make Bush smarter or, even better, fly Marcia Visanji to a Tibetan monastier....

Or, maybe I'm Pippo and I didn't tell it to me yet...who knows.....

I'll go to sleep dreaming about the pink Tenerone that will bouce around saying: "PippoPippoPippoPippoPippoPippo......."

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 6, 2006 04:30 AM

Raff: you are wrong.

My name is more real: I am a Prince.

Paola: which style of Jazz does your dad play? And in which city? (I'm curious)

One more from Thelonious Monk: when he was in Australia, he was in a car with other people.
5-6 hours go by and he is still silent and looking out the car window. The only words he said were: "where are those kangaroos?"

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 6, 2006 04:23 AM

Dear Pippo. The little difference between you and me is that my name is a REAL name, yours is a nickname. So, I'm putting myself on the line with my own identity, and like me, many others too.
You didn't.
That make the difference.
I' have nothing to conceal.
And you?
What's your name?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 02:48 AM

Pippo,you got good imagination to bad is not put to good use,how about write a book,"The multipersonality of Pippo kennedy,alias Pippo Chennedy,alias Sonia,alias,Francesco Pietra,alias Marcia,alias A.Fini"you could put all your comments togheter,and read them ,when you have your daily meditation on the toilet,have a nice time By the way my pyton name is Pippo, but from now on I'll call him Pippo Chennedy, ciao

Posted by: evakulnurae | September 6, 2006 02:11 AM

giovanni principe, u got a lame argument there - the multiple nicknames - it's an argument that anybody can use against anybody - for all i know, giovanni-enrico-paola-raffaella-evakul etc are the same person, after all ya'll talk the same, so why not find a better argument and also a better nick for the four (or 5 or 6) of u, like DONKEY for instance?

-and hey look at my nick, i'm replacing k with ch, wow am i the same pippo? go figure? watch giovanni sink into paranoia!

:-D :-D :-D

Posted by: Pippo Chennedy | September 6, 2006 01:48 AM

by the way, that's is for you, Enrico! ;-)))))
"Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it I even carry it so far as to totally abstain from total abstinence itself."
Mark Twain.
;-) (LOL)
and that's for everybody!
"I know nothing about sex because I was always married."
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Good night!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 01:47 AM

Enrico "Dear" (British humor here just in case...) of course Mark Twain said that and he also said :
"“After all these years I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.” (!!!)

And Giovanni do you think I haven't got a nice word for you too??...After all I am the daughter of an Italian Jazz Saxophone player:

"Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy”
Thelonious Monk

Shhhh (soft this time) :o)))

Buona Notte

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 6, 2006 01:43 AM

"What, Sir, would the people of the earth be without woman? They would be scarce, sir, almighty scarce."
Mark Twain

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 6, 2006 12:51 AM

Paola, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain are my favourites when it comes to quotations.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 6, 2006 12:38 AM

He said also:
"When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers."

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 6, 2006 12:16 AM

By the way:

I think Oscar Wilde said: "I like a lot to talk about nothing. It's the only thing I know everything about"

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 6, 2006 12:00 AM

Paola: Instead of "Shush your mouth" I prefer :"Shhh/Peaceful" (Side A of "In a silent way"):)))))))
It makes me more confortable.

And because I don't know any O.Wilde, I can put in a famous answer that Thelonious Monk said to a journalist who asked him what he thought of rock: "Rock? It's just ignorant Jazz!"

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 5, 2006 11:54 PM

Hey guys!
Eva is right, here is getting always better!
we have a lot of fun!!!!!
for the good night:
"Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong."

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 11:32 PM

When you have soap under your shoes, you better hang on those handles.

Posted by: High Plains Drifter | September 5, 2006 11:30 PM

this is gettin better and better everyday,I have been laughin so much!It seems there is some loser out there like dude macsomething,with split personalitys that pop in this side,when is getting bore or nobody lissen to him anymore in the italian side,is all in the funny water they drinking,ciao :-))))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 5, 2006 11:18 PM

It must be my luck.....always missing the best part....:o(
Giovanni, what did I tell you???
"Shush your mouth" excuse my...French (as Joselle would say..) you had it coming and did nothing about lol

Enrico,what a nice surprise O.Wilde you too???
So what is there left for me to say than:

“Why was I born with such contemporaries?”
Oscar Wilde


Posted by: paola filinesi | September 5, 2006 11:17 PM

Josselle: I didn't read the "De profundis" but I will read it as soon as possible. Thank you for the suggestion!
Have a nice week too!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 11:06 PM

I have really enjoyed reading your Oscar Wilde's "wild" quotations; I can take Oscar for a long long time, his "decadence" and the apparent hate for women and love for men [also because he lived under the reign of Victoria] spurred him to write those bright quips, the touch of genuis shines through that insight... but read also "De Profundis", especially the initial part and you will be regaled with an Oscar Wilde so diverse, so human, so afflicted, especially since it is inspired by his desolate condition when he was in gaol at Reading.

Now... to come to the "handles" bit, I too have a nagging feeling it could be the same person writing... with all these handles, perhaps we could use them on doors best kept shut :o))))))

Have a nice week!

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 5, 2006 10:56 PM

Pippo: You can do it! there are a lot of evening classes, you can learn reading too!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 10:33 PM

Yes Prince, you have it (and not only one!)
If you go on my website, you will read something I wrote one year ago about smurfs.
I wrote it thinking of you.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 10:26 PM

Don't be worried, Pippo.

When you will learn to read, you will have that book too and the friend that now writes for you will be finally free.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 5, 2006 10:23 PM

Guys: we are going up to 4 handles!

What will happen when Pippo will eat some peanuts?

Raff: at least I have a skill.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 5, 2006 10:21 PM

Better one book than no books.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 10:21 PM


guess they're trying to make the best of the one book they've read

:-D :-D :-D

Posted by: Pippo Kennedy | September 5, 2006 10:15 PM

Prince: you are welcome!
At least, you are the one who knows the name of the Smurfs in all languages. Nobody can say you are boring. Really not.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 10:02 PM

Enrico: You got me. I'm a little bit envious because you had the Royal Treatment :)))))

Raff: thank you for the Bukowskian inspiration.

McDudes: You want a Coke to go?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 5, 2006 09:57 PM

OK now we know! Dude, Sofia and Marcia are the same entity with three (or more) different handles.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 5, 2006 09:55 PM

hey McDudes!
we show at least we have good education!
what about you?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 09:50 PM

Now Giovanni don't be envious she hasn't regaled you with the expletives she's used for me. At least she hasn't found me boring!!! ROTFALOL

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 5, 2006 09:49 PM

Sofia: WORD!
And how about all these people getting by on other people's quotations? Makes you wonder whether they have a mind of their own.

Posted by: Dude McDudes | September 5, 2006 09:46 PM

(My God, Prince I'm taking your side again! (!)
Sofia: You can say everything to The Prince: that he's a bastard, a son of a bitch, an egoist, (sorry, prince.. ;-)) but NEVER that he is boring.
He's the less boring person in the whole world!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 09:39 PM

Sofia, if all underpants had a zipper on the rear side, you could breath without pulling your pants down.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 5, 2006 09:34 PM

Giovanni Principe, you on the contrary should never pop out of the box you're in, cause you're boring

Posted by: Sofia Modem | September 5, 2006 09:24 PM

I know! (lol!)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 09:24 PM

Raffaella, that wasn't for you! LOL

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 5, 2006 09:11 PM

Raffaella, here is another one:
"It's only the intellectually lost who ever argue."
Oscar Wilde

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 5, 2006 08:22 PM

Enrico: this fight with Oscar quotations it's wonderful!
My answer is:
"The only thing that sustains one through life is the consciousness of the immense inferiority of everybody else, and this is a feeling that I have always cultivated."
Yuk Yuk!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 08:03 PM

"In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane."
Oscar Wilde

I guess we are all vindicated :-)

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 5, 2006 07:56 PM

No, Prince, here there are only two sophisticated and cultivated ladies talking about english literature! ;-)))))))))
PS) yet I'm missing the little green face!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 07:40 PM

No, I didn't.

Another exploit of Marcia DeFunes?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 5, 2006 06:59 PM


Add to it:

"I like men who have a future and women who have a past”
Oscar Wilde

This could be a banner for a feministic association :o)))

Giovanni,talk of the devil again??Bandora's Box??? You saw what happened last time...:o)

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 5, 2006 02:15 PM

and... by the way, here is a wonderful quotation from Oscar Wilde, about men&women...

"When a woman marries again, it is because she detested her first husband. When a man marries again, it is because he adored his first wife. Women try their luck; men risk theirs."

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 5, 2006 10:40 AM

OK! Better than nothing! ;)))))))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 4, 2006 08:41 PM

I know

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 4, 2006 08:36 PM

...but I took your side, let's face it! ;-)))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 4, 2006 07:44 PM

I just read all those comments because I've been away on my motorcycle.

I read Sofia's comments 10 minutes ago and I'm still laughing because she is putting up a good show with hysterical peaks like the great actor Luis DeFunes.

I hope this thing will stay in the archives because is something like keeping something in a box which will pop out when you push the button.

By the way, Sofia, you should stay in a box and pop out when the level of the posts is getting stale.

Im missing one thing, though: Blisco did not add any comment yet, is he in vacation?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 4, 2006 07:35 PM

Paola, I LOVE Oscar Wilde and his quotations! This one is my favourite because I feel like that and I'm absolutely sure that we dreamers can see the reality better than practical peoples.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 4, 2006 04:30 PM

Raffa,this one I didn't know and of course it went streight into my collection,Thank you !!:o))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 4, 2006 04:15 PM

That's my favourite:
"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
Oscar Wilde.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 4, 2006 12:51 AM

Paola& Joselle: We are all Oscar fans!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 4, 2006 12:25 AM

Oh Dude McDudes, no doubt about Sofia's humour there, and with a nick like yours, I'd advise you to hide in your shell man... ehm, dude!!!!

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 3, 2006 10:09 PM

Joselle, actually I find Sofia absolutely delightful and it's the others who seem humorless to me. Keep that up Sofia, whatever your secret is it works ;-)

Posted by: Dude McDudes | September 3, 2006 09:41 PM

An other Oscar Wilde fan!!! HUREYYYYY

And just think that he disliked women.....!!!!

So maybe this would bring us back to our original subject:

"Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love: it is the faithless who know love's tragedies.”
Oscar Wilde


Posted by: paola filinesi | September 3, 2006 05:24 PM

Come on, Sofia... now the bites/bytes thing is SURELY a Freudian slip :o))))

You'd probably devour Enrico and his friends. They won't arrive to say the mantra once, let alone the 3,750,000,000,000 times you suggest! LOL

Guys, flee for your lives and save your skins!!!

Take it with some humour, Sofia, it is worth it!

After all "Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about." [Oscar Wilde]

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 3, 2006 05:04 PM

Correction: A couple dozen bytes

Posted by: Sofia Modem | September 3, 2006 04:46 PM

Enrico Rossi repeat after me:






Repeat this mantra for 3,750,000,000,000 times

and then come back on the blog and let's see if

you start posting something that makes sense.

P.S. I'm done with Enrico Rossi, a couple dozen

bites is just about what I'm willing to waste on

idiots like him.

Posted by: Sofia Modem | September 3, 2006 04:10 PM

I like your sense of humor!! We are obviously a "mixed grill" lol lol
As a matter of fact most people on this blog are very nice and I am happy to be a member of it...!!!

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 3, 2006 03:47 PM

I assure you, Paola, that "being Italian" merits a post of its own... just as being English [I have English/French/Spanish/Italian/Maltese/German blood.... talk of minestrone and mixed vegetables!!! LOL]... what am I to be considered??? A sort of Paella??? LOL

Well, well, well... now that is being outright tongue in cheek, isn't it? But that is a bit my character! :o)))))

So Raffaella, no Disco nights for you??? *wink* I am glad you had a good time, however, and found a moment to give us something to read and ponder on!

Wishing you a nice Sunday.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 3, 2006 03:33 PM

I am way OFF TOPIC here but just out of curiosity.... (And maybe out of selfish reasons...)
Living abroad most of my adult life and reading all these comments about being citizens of the world etc. (which being of Italian/Greek/Egyptian/German/French/Brazilian blood...) I could be concidered as one to claim this "title" and obviously feeling more italian than most...could you please define the word "Italian" to me and its characteristics???

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 3, 2006 01:51 PM

Good night, Eva!:-)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 3, 2006 12:49 PM

Raf I feel the same,about your last comment, wouldn't be nice to live in a world without passaports?!now is my turn to go to sleep,my eye are closing,bye :-))))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 3, 2006 12:39 PM

PS) About patriotic spirit: I don't have it at all!
I feel world citizen and I try to learn a little bit from every country I visit and to bring it in my own store of knowledge and experience. I don't share the typical characteristics of the average italians, nor the ones of Germans, where I lived for a while, nor any other allmarks from any country or peoples.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 3, 2006 12:07 PM

Hi everybody! Here I'm!
Yesterday night I was too tired, (I was not in the Disco Joselle ;-)), but in a very pretty restaurant drinking good wine and eating delicious fish dishes with friends! ;-))))to reread all the comments on this topic and then to say my opinion about Sofia's statements.
I did it yet.
Sofia: I had the same reaction like you, (even if not so pissed off, but it's my good nature;))))) as I read first the comments about the need of ejaculate and men's abstinence as ground of rapes.
But, after rereading the comments carefully, I can say at first that you lumped everything together. Especially Giovanni Principe didn't write anything like that, and because I know him very well I can be sure he doesn't mean it at all.
Second: even if they was a little bit inappropriate, first of all because they started the discussion about rapes against women giving at first this explanation, they said also that it was only one explanation of many others, of which the most important are sex repression, taboos and religions, and I share this last opinion.
In short: there are much worst male chauvinists in the world than on this blog, especially on this english side. Go have a look on the italian side and you will see how many "machos" there are.
I wouldn't be so hard against our bloggers!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 3, 2006 11:49 AM

yes Raf,wake up!!,those who slep do not cach fish,che dorme non piglia pesci,ciao :-))))))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 3, 2006 11:41 AM

Come on, Raffaella.... WAKE UP!!!! We want to hear your contribution on this topic !!! :o)))))

[To Alessandro Fini...

Dear Alessandro, I do empathise with what you have said about feeling disheartened being Italian, one thing though... I am not Italian myself, though my great-grandmother was Italian, yet I assure you that being British does not make me feel proud of my country, not to the extent of fanatic patriots or even patriots, you know... sometimes I am saddened by certain things happening there yet there is no way I can feel I can forsake my country, and yes, quite often I am smitten by nostalgia and long to go back but force majeure, my family is now here... so when I go, I try to inhale into my lungs as much British air as possible! Funny isn't it? I must be getting VERY OLD!!! :o)))) ]

So Raffaella... we are waiting!!! :o)))) Did I not tell you to come home earlier and leave those disco nights for when the blog is quieter??? *wink*

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 3, 2006 10:16 AM

My God, you wrote too much!!!!!!
I'm coming yet at home and I see so many comments... It's too late for me to read them and to answer...
But it seems very interesting... I must wait till tomorrow morning...I'm very tired...
Good night to everybody!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 3, 2006 03:00 AM

ohi!ohi! we are going off the track here!beppe is having a ball with all this comments!,suggest reading books by Steve Biddulph "Raising boys",and "Manhood" .For AFini no offence,if you find this blogs and ours comments pitiful,why don't you go "pascolare" somewhere else were you can find like minded people like you ?! good luck with that,ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | September 3, 2006 01:11 AM

Alessandro please, stop being so negative! That's makes no good at all.
I know that we as italians have not too much to be proud of, but we're italians, and if you are too just accept it. After all, we have positive sides, which are of course not politically related, as we all know, but we have not been totally inglobed by the capitalism which in America rules, and we're still one of the countries in which the level and quality of life is the highest.
I'm not a patriot at all, I know there's a lot of trash but we're not all trash, and that's the reason why we have so many visitors coming to us. And it's not just because of Arts.

Posted by: Sandra Minelli | September 3, 2006 01:00 AM

Marco, re-read my posts. You are quoting me incorrecly. And remember that human physiology is not pornography.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 3, 2006 12:36 AM

I understand,
If it makes you feel comfortable who am I to say any different... :o(

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 3, 2006 12:26 AM

I have lived in different countries and do not feel Italian at all.

In fact, looking at the results (Italy today), I think there would be very little to be proud of...

Posted by: Alessandro Fini | September 3, 2006 12:01 AM


Learning another language doesn't mean you forget who you are and where you come from....unless of course you are ashamed of that...
I can read write and speak in 5 languanges this means nothing at all...I am still Italian and wouldn't change that for the world...
(now you know you hit a nerve,don't you??) :o))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 2, 2006 11:54 PM

Enrico I am on your side remember??? :o))
This is not what I meant....I was talking about us women raping men...(!!!)
Besides the word "brothel" always(not literaly) means women serving men,vero???
But since you brought it up do male "escorts/gigolo" pay taxes??
Do you know of a place where a woman can walk in and just have a nice intercourse for 1/2 hour and pay a small fee,or do I have to search the internet for that too???
And for that matter would daughters be taken to brothels to learn the act of sex in early times like sons used to be taken by their fathers???
Please let's not be sarcastic....maybe I did not phrase my initial question correctly but this doesn't change the seriousnes of the subject...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 2, 2006 11:48 PM

Well Paola, male prostitution takes place in greater part of Europe, as of Italy, as in the world, I'm surprised you don't know that.
And, in addition to that, also very popular among women, don't need to go too far away.
After all we're all human beings, and we, as the men, have similar sexual desires with needs to be satisfied, just normality.

Posted by: Sandra Minelli | September 2, 2006 11:34 PM

If this is a blog for "exchanging ideas," the results are pitiful. Just as the conversations are--in pretty much every topic...

Oh well. After all, it may be in English (...sort of...), but it's still very VERY Italian.

Have fun.

Posted by: Alessandro Fini | September 2, 2006 11:33 PM

Well Enrico, nobody is really interested in these peculiarities about sperm and so on, women either so, keep this argument for yourself and don't make it sound like a must in between life and death.
I understand that women are scared of men, if all men are like you!

About Sofia, that's a bit too much what you've said, think what you want to think, but men are not "ejaculating machines" that need to eliminate sperm everyday.
Plus, I don't understand if you're trying to be funny in catching the attention of our friends on the blog or you're serious.
And the use of all of these offensive words toward Enrico and his friends is really not bilding a better image of you, let me tell you.

Posted by: Marco Sallusti | September 2, 2006 11:24 PM

Paola, Escort Services cater to both men and women in many Countries. Search on the Internet and you'll find thousands of young men offering their services for a fee including their naked pictures, attributes and services provided.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 2, 2006 11:21 PM

I never wrote on the blog, but after what this certain Sofia wrote, I had to. Don't you see that everybody is critizing you?? I think you got some serious problems, and just reflect them on men. You're just a weirdo under all sides!!!
Think whatever you want and answer with all the bad words you want, just like you've done before, if you don't have enough brains to say something worthy.

Posted by: Marcello Pini | September 2, 2006 11:15 PM

Sofia, my dearest sweetheart, please repeat with me three times: MAN MUST EJACULATE! MAN MUST EJACULATE! MAN MUST EJACULATE! Most of the ejaculate is made up of the fluid that supports the sperm. Besides sperm, semen is made up of fluids; 65% from the seminal vesicles, 30 to 35% from the prostate and 5% from the vasa. Semen contains citric acid, free amino acids, fructose, enzymes, phosphorylcholine, prostaglandin, potassium, and zinc. The amount of ejaculate you produce can vary, from just a few drops to about a teaspoon full (2 to 6 ml). One amount of ejaculate may contain between 40 million to 600 million sperm depending on the volume and the length of time stored before ejaculating. Yet, the quantity of sperm produced will only cover the head of a pin. This ejaculate is constantly produced and must be regularly eliminated. If this is not done problems might occur. CAPISCI?

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 2, 2006 11:09 PM

It has just crossed my mind....What if we thought about rape in male terms???
What if brothels had men and not women??? What if society was turned upside down and women were the ones who would fancy a man and just go for it???
We do see good looking men who nowdays show off their goodies,wear tight trousers to show their bums, etc....why don't women attack them there and then???
Is it our mentality?? Is it religion?? Is it our nature?? Or is it the way society taught us that certain things are only done by men???
What I am writting could be utterly stupid but it could also be food for thought....

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 2, 2006 11:00 PM

Perhaps Sofia overeacted to the comments by Enrico et al., however there is a bit of truth in what she said about Rapists, mainly that there is a predisposition towards having a rapist mentality.

In fact, rape is considered a crime for the very simple reason that it is a violation of what we hold intimate. It is a violation and a desecration of a person's will which is subjugated to the demands of another stronger being and to which no consent has been given.

It might also be true that many would benefit more doing a hand job than having to write a lot of rubbish :-)))) Yet, I am sure, it is not the case of Enrico and our friends who have been regulars of this site and we know they are not that type, nor are they jerks in any way.

I assure Sofia that many a jerk can be found lounging practically on every corner of the street. Some men tend to look at women as objects to be owned, possessed and used according to their whims and fancies. It comes as no surprise that in many cases the rapist is a person who has a repressed sexuality and many distorted fantasies. That there seem to be more rapes denounced recently shows also that victims are coming out in the open and see themselves as they really are, i.e. victims of a CRIME, and not collaborators in a crime.

Whilst the idea of "houses" for prostitution might be a good thing for those who have a need for sex, it will definitely not eliminate the depraved from being so, nor will raping stop. What I would like to see is a more stinging punishment for rapists. They should be treated no less than what they are, criminals.

And yes, it is true that some prostitute houses are managed by certain mafias... and we all know that any association that exploits or has criminal intents can be termed as "mafia".

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 2, 2006 10:33 PM

Sofia,thank you for answering, even if I still beleive that you are a bit hursh on our friends here and on men in general.
I honestly did not detect anything remotely similar to what you saw in their messages such as:
... talked about their own ejaculations, hence they were RUDE, STUPID and above all OFF TOPIC, since it's not the fact of having a dick that makes a man a rapist, BUT it's the fact of having a rapist's MENTALITY.
However every one is entitled to his own opinion
as long as he/she doesn't use a foul language...

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 2, 2006 10:08 PM

@ Lattanziero

I couldn't care less how much you care or not

care about your dick, the point is that it's off


You probably have a hand, maybe two: use them to

jack off instead of typing, and spare us the

sight of your pathetic mind.

Posted by: Sofia Modem | September 2, 2006 10:04 PM

@ Paola Filinesi

What annoyed me in the discussion, was that

Beppe Grillo's post is about rape, whereas

comments such as those of the pricks I mentioned

(Enrico Rossi, Enrico Fontana, Eugenio Principe)

talked about their own ejaculations, hence they

were RUDE, STUPID and above all OFF TOPIC, since

it's not the fact of having a dick that makes a

man a rapist, BUT it's the fact of having a

rapist's MENTALITY. IF rapes were justified by

the fact that one has a dick, then 100% of men

would carry out rapes. THE FACT is that only a

minority of men carry out rapes, so this

minority can't justify themselves by saying "I

have a dick, hence I have to ejaculate every

day, hence I rape" (like Enrico Rossi & the

other pricks imply).

By the way, criticizing pricks like Enrico Rossi

doesn't make me a man-hater, but merely "someone

who has objected to Enrico Rossi and the other

two pricks".

I like men a lot, most probably because I have

always made sure I mingle with cool intelligent

ones and not with the likes of would-be

urologist Enrico Rossi.


Posted by: Sofia Modem | September 2, 2006 09:13 PM

Hey, I think you guys should get a bit more informed about the brothels in northern Europe.
Sofia, what you have said about Mafia is so funny, for the simple reason that it's just all not true. Brothels are recocknized by the municipality and receive visits from the state, to see if taxes and regulations are respected. So, all of this story about the "papponi" is just fantasy, please get informed, I've also been there and I know the argument very well.
I as a woman, think it's right. If you want to prostitute, do it as a normal job.
Italy is just a country in which everybody is free to do whatever he/she wants, there are regulations but everybody can decide if respect them or not, and of course nobody does.
Women in northern countries are stronger than italian women, and that, as an italian woman, I have to admit.
First, they know what they want and they don't rely on men, like many women in Italy do.
Second, they know how to be indipendent. Many women in italy just don't, sometimes because of a bad masculine education received, but often also because is more convenient not to, and just let the man do everything.
I'm feminist, yes, and as a feminist I say, let's work hard for ourselves, and stop blaming the man all the time! That's the most stupid thing ever, and as we can see it takes nowhere. I hate the women that, to get rights, always take into considerations men's faults, and don't elaborate personal thinkings.
We all know what men's faults are, so what??
The man is so in the society because the majority of the women are not strong enough to react.
Why aren't men so in America, or in northern Europe? Because there are women there which don't let them, in the society exercise important roles, and they decide, work hard and take orders. And in the same time, have big families (we in Italy have a 1.2 kids pro capita, the lowest).
In Italy many women want equality, of course, but they don't want to take these responsabilities, too much work!
So women, and I am one of you, let's start working and please, let's leave the talkings behind, we don't need them anymore. And Sofia, that's for you too, but don't take it as an offense, because we, as women, all want the same thing.

Posted by: Giorgia Manetta | September 2, 2006 06:47 PM

Well Sofia, actually every man gives the fuck, as you say,'re actually the only one that doesn't.
I work, I pay taxes. Do you receive money from being a prostitute?? Then pay the damn taxes and stop foolish around!
It very funny, some women say, we're against prostitution on the street, but when there are better proposals, that of course involve a little effort from the women side, they don't want it anymore!

Posted by: Luciano Lattanziero | September 2, 2006 06:09 PM

To Sofia, well, I'm a woman, but as a woman, I have to accept also guys' problems, and the need to ejaculate too! What your written is just something of selfish and stupid, we as women should understand more our men, as they have to understand us. Why don't you live by yourself then? Not funny.
Plus, ya well, everybody can decide if to prostitute, but what I think thay say of northeuropean countries, is that women that do it, do it as a job, and as a job they pay taxes. Here they don't and they should, if they really practice it as a job.

Posted by: Antonia Lapenta | September 2, 2006 06:00 PM

Sofia, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that you have inserted a tiny mouse trap in your pussy ;-)

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 2, 2006 12:46 PM

Raf,men it seems men need to ejaculate,not for raping,is a prevention for prostate cancer,how true and scientifically his I do not know,ciao:-)

Posted by: evakulnura | September 2, 2006 12:12 PM

Joselle,got your meaning,thanks :-))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 2, 2006 12:09 PM

Sofia: I find your post very funny and I can agree with you for the first part, I also found the "need to ejaculate" as explanation of raping really absurd!
But about brothels I must say, as old activist from women's lib, that the most important whore organizations in the world, most of them supported from the movement, are for reopening of indipendents houses, menaged by women themselves, to contrast the exploitation of prostitution by mafia and pimps.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 2, 2006 11:36 AM

Hello Paola, I said I loved the outburst because I was sort of expecting it... you know there are many women who bear a grudge against men, especially the CMPs [Chauvinistic Male Pigs or, if you like my version, the Chivalric Members of Parliament, (often very Male) who care only about having their backs scratched!!! LOL]

Come to think of it, I have a question to ask beside the topic... are there any corrupt female MPs in Italy??? [just curious, you know, :-))))]

Dear Eva... my comment was being simply ironic at its least and sarcastic at its best... I was not labelling, I was just stating that, hey, it was about time to see something like Sofia's remark chalked on a blog and blaming it all on the men :-))) Let us face it, talking from a EFP [Emancipated Female Pig] point of view, that is how a lot of so-called feminists and women's lib promoters see the world, namely as a world sprawled with macho ideas and women stereotypes, [i.e. women as men WANT to see them]...

Come to think of it, I am trying to work it out as to who really promotes pornography, paedophilia, violence... get my meaning?

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 2, 2006 11:20 AM

Joselle,Thank you for sharing!!! :o))) I had a good laugh myself too,especially regarding the sencence of the court about the sacrifice...!!!!!lol lol
It should be called "pleasure" not sacrifice....
However Sofia's anger was aimed at men and this was what I did not understand...why so much anger??? I love and appreciate men and I hate discrimination between I think that what ever we say about mens'attitude towards women could very well apply to womens' attitude towards men....we are not the "sesso debole" we can be very mean and we show it more than it is necessary....

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 2, 2006 10:55 AM

Joselle,I am a feminist,and I can't relate to Sofia's outburst,but hei! if she want to get things out of her chest,she is very welcome,but let's not label" feminist" please,ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | September 2, 2006 10:25 AM

Paola :-))))

While Sofia's comment was not exactly diplomatic, I had to state, without any shame, it was time for some feminist point of view to come out with a big bang!!!

There have been a few ridiculous statements written, you know :-))))

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 2, 2006 09:54 AM

Sorry, I am laughing so hard here, I simply and really LOVED Sofia's comments!

Needless to say that, well... ah, yes, the brothel and ejaculation thing really had me amused from the start...

If you are thinking that prostitutes are going to start paying taxes, then FORGET it. Recently there has been a Court sentence in Italy that condoned a woman who had been a prostitute from paying any taxes because any transaction connected with the selling of the body [for such is prostitution, after all] consists in a form of personal sacrifice and should not be taxed.

So, Mr. Fini, you would not see Italy's economy getting any better with sex-and-heat-related money! ROFL!

Ehm... sorry, but I had to write this!!! My fingers were so itchy, I either had to write this or rape a poor man!!! LOL!!! I chose the safer option!

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 2, 2006 09:52 AM

Sofia,now that you have had your saying, I would really care to know what annoyed you the most in this discussion...:
Is it the attitude of men,
Is it the law ,
What did really trigger this outburst???

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 2, 2006 09:41 AM

Sofia,nobody is talking about the norten europe brothel,I just say that for some men,sex in brothel could be the only option,ciao :-)

Posted by: evakulnurae | September 2, 2006 08:34 AM

@@@ Enrico Rossi, Enrico Fontana, Giovanni Principe

Who cares how many times you guys "need" to

ejaculate? Just jack off and shut that useless

face up.

Like the world revolves around the number of

ejaculations that you guys "need"? Who gives a

fuck but you?????


The brothels in Northern Europe are controlled

by MAFIAS and they don't represent "freedom" any

more than the childhood brothels in Thailand do.

There are PIMPS living off the Northern Europe

brothels just like off any other brothel.

So you guys must get correct information instead

of praising the Northern Europe brothels.







Posted by: Sofia Modem | September 2, 2006 05:19 AM

Paola: I love Oscar!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 1, 2006 09:17 PM

Raffa,please what are we doing here??? Distroying the good reputation of the blog???We will be banned....

We have to stop this with a nice quotation:

“I can resist everything except temptation.”
Oscar Wilde


Posted by: paola filinesi | September 1, 2006 09:09 PM

Paola! Good idea!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 1, 2006 08:06 PM seems I have lost the best part of the argument....:o(
I am sorry...I had to unpack...

Eva,it was taken as a joke and it certainly applies to me too...:o)))
As for voluntary work well...I am IN..!!! Although a place to meet with the comunity would be hard to find....:o))))) LOL LOL(= Laughing Out Loud)

and Giovanni pls don't spoil the fun...^:)

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 1, 2006 03:07 PM

At this point, we need to break the spell with a nasty comment from Marcia Visanji.


Where are you?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 1, 2006 01:56 PM

How did we get to this?

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | September 1, 2006 12:40 PM

You'r Welcome! :-)))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 1, 2006 12:04 PM

Raf,thank you for the support, :-)))))))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 1, 2006 11:53 AM

afini,I am germofibic,I could not do it,can you imagine kissing you,YUK!

Posted by: evakulnura | September 1, 2006 11:50 AM

AFini: that'was not fair and in bad taste too.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 1, 2006 11:45 AM


I am no client, just an economist.

And you? Just a... worker hoping for a better work environment?

Posted by: AFini | September 1, 2006 10:53 AM


Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | September 1, 2006 10:20 AM

Paola,how about doing some voluntering for the community for free,some men can afford no sex and no money,why everything has to be for profit,?!

Posted by: evakulnura | September 1, 2006 10:00 AM

Paola the PMT was joke for Raf,sorry forgot to put the mane,ciao

Posted by: evakulnurae | September 1, 2006 09:51 AM

Eva,when I do you will know because I won't rant the way I usually do....:o)))

Anyway, brothels give absolution and provide fantasy to the sextual desire, so on the whole I agree...they should be legalized and at the same time pay taxes as any other respectable establishment that serves the comunity and shows profit...!!!

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 1, 2006 08:52 AM

AFini,are you regular customer or just an accounter?!,or do you like to know that your money spent will come back into the comunity on tax form?!,my comment was in favor of womens right,and to provide them a safe emviroments, that is regulated were they are not exploit by mem,you got it?! ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | September 1, 2006 03:59 AM


Likewise there are women that, if there were no brothels, they would have no money at all!

Thus, both parties in the... ehmm... transaction end up being better off. And the state finances too, since they'd start paying taxes, finally.

So, I agree with you.

Posted by: Alessandro Fini | September 1, 2006 02:05 AM

Paola,there are man that if was not for brothel ,they would not have any sex at all,I wan't go into deatils here,I think brothel provide a service into the community,and should be legalized,and not look down at.ciao :-)))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 1, 2006 01:04 AM

that's ok,I thought you had an attack of PMT ciao :-)))))))))))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 1, 2006 12:55 AM

Hello my friends..:o)
I have just come back from my short trip to my beloved homeland…. and of course couldn’t resist and had to read the article….
Has anybody thought that marriage (or better monogamy) could be one of the reasons that create all these problems around sex and female molesting???
And why are we only talking about female raping when I am sure we all know that male raping exists as well??
It is the mentality of people that has to change, it is the way we look at sex, desire and human nature that has to change and this cannot be done by imposing laws.

If sex within the community was free and not regarded as an act of infidelity towards your partner.
If monogamy was not imposed and drilled in our brains by church, society etc
then there would be no need for whore houses, women and men would feel more free to talk to each other about their desires and their fantasies and would not fantasise every time they saw a pretty woman or a good looking man, walking in the street and wait for her/him to turn around the corner and attack her in the dark.
Sex and desire are elements of the human nature and cannot be controlled by laws they can be controlled by teaching respect for the other human being (male or female) and by avoiding exaggeration.

Posted by: paola filinesi | August 31, 2006 11:29 PM

To Enrico Rossi, what you have said is definetely right. Women got to take some precautions sometimes, especially in those cases in which they know the risks they may be incurring, but they often willingly don´t...and women are not always innocent, even if that doesn´t of course justify that horrible act which is Raping. Precaution as a matter of fact is not always taken into consideration.

Posted by: Enrico Fontana | August 31, 2006 04:33 PM

Even if there is only a small fraction of 1% of men that would consider violating a woman, this in itself should caution women against teasing and dressing in a sexually inviting way. Use risk management techniques to minimize exposure to these problems.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | August 31, 2006 03:39 PM

Yes, Eva, the problem is the mentality. I apologize if sometimes my answers are too fiery, I'm very sensitive of this point!!!!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 31, 2006 11:43 AM

Raf,no, nobody should be molested for how she dress or not dress herself,my point is the mentality hasen't evolve with fashion which is far far ahead,and I made the exaple of the immigrants,ciao:-))))

Posted by: evakulnura | August 31, 2006 11:33 AM

Sorry, but I don't think that immigrants are much worse than italians in this point.
Obviously, they are coming fron countries where women are completly veiled and the sexual morale is very restrtictive, so that they are victim of a so-called cultural shock,but in point violence against women and most generally machism, italian men are not second to none.
I can say it from my experience: as well in Italy, as in Germany, In USA or in other countries I visited I've never been harassed by an immigrant, but always by locals. At worst is in Italy, obviously.
As woman I think I have the right to walk alone on the street with my belly button in sight and not to be haressed, molested and roped from men every nationalities. To say that those men, immigrants or not, are justified to molest me because of the sight of my belly button, are like to say that a thief were justified to steal my car because he saw it parking on the street.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 31, 2006 10:14 AM

Frank,no is not an excuse,and it should not happen,I am 100% in this like you,ciao :-)

Posted by: evakulnura | August 31, 2006 09:16 AM

Yes Eva, today's fashion is over the top, with G strings and exposed belly buttons as you say. However that is no excuse to go out and rape women. If certan immigrants feel that it is all too much for them and they can't handle it, then they should stay in their own countries where perhaps the temptation does not exist.

Posted by: Frank D'Alessi | August 31, 2006 08:56 AM

Raf you been baltling this on your own,here I am to have my say,yes american womens are the most liberated,they also have the law on their side,I read in the paper about a guy tapping the shoulder of a womans in a queu and telling her not to jump the line,and she sued him because he touch her on the shoulder,this is ridicoulos,in the other part of the world or latino country,we still have an archic system,rispect for womens his still wery low,about mother doting too much on their sons ,that's true it could be in part our fault,I am teaching my sons that no means no,is not a may be, I take a point of reference Australia because that's is were I live,we do have hads in television,about domestic violence,and rape ,and the message is there clear and loud,there are conseguences if people do that.dress code ,I think with fashion ,we are going over the top,the mini are nearly invisible,belly button everywhere,and G string a manetta,as much that I think everybody as the right to dress as they like,we are not advange enought,mentally to cope with it,think about a poor muslin coming from a country were womens are complity cover up head to toe,how must he feel with all this ,God's godies all around him,and about the church,well I wont't start,spent nine years in bording school with nuns,I can go on ...and ..on ....and on ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | August 31, 2006 08:03 AM

Guys, I like to cook too and I don't mind to do the dishes as well.

Sometimes when I go to Italy I see certain attitudes that I don't share at all, like the husband that says that he will never clean, do this or do that.

When I'm asked I simply say that because the both of us are busy, the first who gets on the place either cooks or cleans without grumbling, moaning and complaining: this doesn't absolutely mean to define who "wears the pants", it's just common sense and acknowledge the fact that nobody likes to live like a slob.

There are a lot of people that still has this limitation, which punctually ends over the shoulders of the other person, creating stereotypes that are becoming archaic compared to the century that we live in.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 31, 2006 04:26 AM

Raffaella, how can I disagree with your comments? Most cultures and religions are still imbued with ridicolous machismo. To see this behaviour in the 21st Century is plainly pathetic, but how do you get rid of it? When I was in Italy my mother pampered me and forbid me to do house chores, but after I got married with a very independent Italian woman I ended up moving into the kitchen and enjoying every minute of it. Am I a lesser man because of it? Lots of people would think so.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | August 31, 2006 03:45 AM

Enrico Rossi & The Prince:
Materialistic women are everywhere.Even if I'm a woman, I can't understand this kind of women, even if I know there are a lot of those women in the whole world, not only in the USA. But, let me say that this kind of women can exist because there are men who like her. There are a lot of men who are ready to do everything to demonstrate they can satisfy all women's fancies. And there are women who think the best thing by men is their wallet. But there are also women and men, who think that the best thing in the world is complicity and sharing between two persons who want to start a common way, people who think that to be is better than to have.
Those persons, men and women, are my friends.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 31, 2006 02:41 AM

Enrico Fontana: What I said about men is the result my experience in Italy.
I'm talking about italian men, obviously.
The most of my boyfriends was not italian, because I don't like this latino clichè at all.
But, we are talking about italian life on this blog, and for this reason I said what I said.
I know, fortunetly, that not all men are like the average italian macho. I'm glad!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 31, 2006 02:26 AM

I agree.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 31, 2006 01:16 AM

Yes, American women are for the most part liberated, but try not to marry one of them. 50% of North American weddings end up in divorce! Many of these women are bitchy, very materialistic and demanding. Lots of men on the other hand probably deserve what they have to offer.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | August 31, 2006 12:14 AM

Then I cannot play Baseball

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 30, 2006 10:07 PM

Reduce your refusal rate: Take a shower!

Posted by: Alex F | August 30, 2006 09:59 PM

The important this is to give!

Give it often!!!!


Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 30, 2006 09:55 PM

@ Raffaella.

I'm not arguing with you, but first, I think you didn't get my point. I'm not seeing Abstinance as the reason, I see the society we live as the main reason, and Abstinance is one of the several consequeces that it involves.
Of course it's not all about Abstinance, that I never mentioned. If you don't think it's true, well, we all have different opinions;)!

I'm totally for whorehouses, so I'm with you with that, I think they'd be much better than having girls on the streets, but in the same time, like in Northern Europe and in Holland, they pay taxes and exert a job which is reckognized by the State.

What I disagree with you is what you say about men...ok, I don't live in Italy and I don't know where you live but, sorry I gotta say it, the idea you have of men more in general is to me way off reality.
Especially when you say that men think that women are not able to decide about their sexual life, I mean...that's the middle age.
There probably are men like that, but that's not the average.
Come in America, and see how strong are women, in terms of sexuality, you'll change fast your mind.

But anyway Raffaella that's just my opinion, everybody thinks it differently, so, don't take it personal!;)

Posted by: Enrico Fontana | August 30, 2006 09:44 PM

By the way: the reason because those men can't deal with refusal and are reacting with violence it's their insane mentality. They think women can't decide by ourselves about their sexual life and choice the partner who she like.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 30, 2006 09:39 PM

Yes, Prince, it works like this.
This process doesn't result in an agressive reaction by all men, the most of them can restrain this impulse, because they have a normal capacity of reasoning and respect of the other person's whishes and will. The other are like animals.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 30, 2006 09:26 PM

We, men, have learn how to deal with refusal.

When we make our advances and the woman says no, it's natural to get pissed off a little bit.

The difference is in this process: from disappointment somebody escalates into rage and at that point there is no restrain.

It's like their brain glithces in this passage, releasinng the animal that normally is restrained inside ourselves.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 30, 2006 09:08 PM

@ Enrico Fontana.
I don'agree with you. Abstinence is bad, but is not the reason of ropes and violence against women.
We don't live in the middle age.
The reason is the repression of sexual freedom.
The difference between the mere abstinence and a general repression of sexuality is that the second process occur in minds and not in bodies.
Men think (obviously, not every man, but only the average italian man) that women are not able to decide about their sexual life, but they are totally dipendent of men's will.
Because of this, they think they can and must decide if a woman is willing to have sex with them.
If a woman is walking alone on the street, men are thinking she's doing it only because she is looking for a partner. If this woman is wearing a miniskirt, men think she' doing it because she il looking for a sexual partner.
This mentality is very far from sexual freedom.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 30, 2006 08:53 PM

Hey Grillo!!What's up?
Actually I read your article and I thought, since this's my first time on this blog, why not to answer and leave a post!
So here it is: men need sex, and that's a matter of fact that we, of course, can't deny. We all know it, we need it and want it too, being it also healthy (as you say Grillo, 21 ejaculations pro Month in order not to get a prostate cancer;)!
Personally I think there will never be a total change to that, because so is the man as we know, in his nature, so it was in the greek Mithology too, and that won't change.

But why are we afraid of sex? Why do we want a change? We always talk about sex in negative terms, like it's something to be scared of, an Argument which is better not to be talked about.

Personally, I see Abstinance, or even better sex-impossibility, as one of the main reasons, that makes the man go crazy and do what he then does, in terms of raping, and almost totally responsible for it is the society itself in which we live in.

We, and that's a pretty certain condition of southern Europe,(in which Italy is in) like of the Islamic countries (yep, we're no difference from 'em), are entirely covered by prohibitions:
Religion, Rules, Fears, Tabus.
Sex is a tabu, something we can't about, something we like, but secret...and we receive it everyday, through the media, and the society we live in.

We receive it, since we're kids, until we get used to it...the problem is, we get used to things we're told are bad, negative and that, of course, we can't do. And as human beings, we desire it, because the man desires sex, but he desires it even more when he can't get it.

So, do you get it now Grillo? Even something so natural like sex, that everybody does, (mom and dad too!), gets turned into something horribly perversed, deep in our thoughts, something prohibited.

Man and woman are the base of the society they're in. They'll never be equal, until equal and free is the society itself.

Posted by: Enrico Fontana | August 30, 2006 08:35 PM

Prince, the great problem is sexual repression.
The muslims who are coming to our contries are repressed, but the italians are it too.
You know, I'm very sensitive of this point.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 30, 2006 08:24 PM


We can for example change the mentality related to sexual intercourse seen as a sin and also sensibilize both parts regarding the counterpart.

I want also to add that the increment of this type of assault is also to blame on the Islamic religion, which denies human rights to women.
A lot of (reported) facts involve muslims because of the immigration wave.
However, we don't have to blame entirely those guys because there are a lot of crimes that are still happening which involve national Italians.
The problem now is extended because of the new influence that is going on top of the existing situation.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 30, 2006 08:16 PM

Raffaella, who cares about the Pope? I understand he's ready to embrace American Evangelist's theory of Intelligent Design and dismiss Darwin's theory of evolution. Never put your confidence in men who like to show off dressing like Christmas trees.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | August 30, 2006 08:10 PM

I'm for the reopen and legalization of whorehouses too.
In many north european countries, where people have a better and safer relationship with sexuality than in Italy, those houses are legal and nobody fell outraged by that. The most important prostitute organizations in the world are also for this solution. It's a choice of freedom for all interested parties (except the church and the pope, obviously!).
Anyway, that is not enough to resolve the problem of violence against women. For this is needed a great mentality change in men's (and women's)mind.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | August 30, 2006 07:50 PM

In many foreign Countries Escort Services are legal and men can have sex with gorgeous women for a reasonable fee. Some of these women are independent and don't have to share their profits with anybody. A friend of mine who is a urologist tells me that not only it's healthy but also necessary for men to ejaculate at least every second week. Failing that many problems could develop. I often wonder about the physical and mental health of men that choose abstinence as a way to mortify the flesh.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | August 30, 2006 06:56 PM

It would be very useful to legalize and reopen the whorehouses.

That kind of job is done anyway.

The results will reflect on:

1) Aggressions: whoever wants to have a piece of action can just get in the whore house and choose

2) Revenue: they will finally pay taxes and participate in the nation's maintenance

3) Sex slaves traficking: it will finally end because the category would be protected by unions and police

4) Pimps: they will disappear for the same reason

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | August 30, 2006 05:50 PM

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