Tax allowances for childcare

A father of 2 has written to me suggesting tax allowances for baby sitters and child minders. I find I am in complete agreement with him. Both because it will eliminate unregulated work and because the youngest of my 6 children are costing me big money.

Our employees never go back on their word. Ms Melandri, the government’s fairy godmother, has suggested tax allowances for gyms. Berlusconi wanted them for his 221 bodyguards.

The ad personam tax allowances. D’Alema will request them for sailors, Prodi for autogenous training, Mastella for released prisoners caught in the act, Gentiloni for Mediaset, Bersani for Colaninno and Gnutti, Bertinotti for the cooperative rosse {red co-operatives}.

“Dear Signor Grillo,

The honourable Melandri has proposed tax allowances for signing up to health centres and to sports clubs. I have taken the opportunity to write the following to the honourable member to her website hosted by the Lower Chamber:

Dear honourable Melandri,

In today’s newspapers (15/9/06) I have read of your idea about tax allowances for costs relating to subscriptions to and costs of making use of the facilities of gyms and sports associations. I am a person who voted for you and a director of a company with a wife who is an entrepreneur.

We have 2 children, one of whom is 8 years old. So that we can both work, we have had a baby sitter, officially employed for whom we pay INPS contributions and Silvia (the baby sitter) pays IRPEF {income tax}. This is very common situation in Italy, hundreds of thousands of families use the services of baby sitters (almost all of them “on the black market”).

That’s not talking about the vast world of people looking after elderly people who can’t cope alone. A few years ago, if I’m not wrong, the centre right proposed tax allowances for the cost of bodyguards. This infuriated me because this idea showed a complete disregard for the families in which both spouses work and so have need of a baby sitter.

I am thus very surprised that a leading light in the centre left, a woman, that I think has children, should focus on the problems of obesity and not on the management of families. Honourable Melandri, open your eyes!

The problem for millions of Italians is not the physical dimensions of the body, the problem is with whom to leave the children when you go to work. The play schools are not sufficient, because they have rigid hours, while those that work well know that the needs of work mean that you have hours that are up and down. That’s not to mention the time when the little ones are younger than 3 years: nurseries are not sufficient, rigid hours, repeated illnesses of the infants, etc.

Finally I would like to point out that if the costs of baby sitters could be deducted for tax, a great world of work currently done on the black market, would emerge with an increase in INPS contributions and the growth.

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We can do like in France that babysitter wages are tax deductible,ciao :-))

Posted by: evakulnura | September 25, 2006 07:48 AM

Exactly Joselle,
Of course in the mean time we have illegal immigrants working as babysitters and au pairs paying no taxes,we have to do something about them too,don't we....??? :o)))

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 20, 2006 08:26 PM

In the end it all boils down to pounds, ehm, sorry, Euros and cents... but of course, Melandri will only suggest rebates on gym subscriptions since that is her "field" so to speak.

In the end, Paola, I agree with you. Whatever is done has the defined intention of creating more work and generating more money. We are, alas, mere cogs in the wheels. Anyway, I do agree that, since we are going to "give" rebates on everything, one more rebate will bring in more taxes... of course, a rebate, perhaps, for babysitters regularly employed. That way what goes out from one hand enters doubled in the other.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | September 20, 2006 06:40 PM

We are missing the point here my friends…..Obesity is not the real problem; the real problem is productivity…!!!
Obese persons are costing the state a lot of money, they get ill more frequently than healthy people, have to go to hospitals and be away from their work places, the result is high expenses for the National Health institutions and to the companies they work for because they are still on the payroll.
So allowances are nothing else but to keep us going… to reduce us to working machines.
Allowances for gym subscriptions, allowances for baby sitters, allowances for day care schools are not to get healthier people and happier families but to create better working force, better working machines…The rest is bull…t
Sorry to disappoint you Eva…:o(

Posted by: paola filinesi | September 20, 2006 12:06 PM

Once more, our impaired politicians are getting better ideas from people who are supposed to be supported by our employees' work and dedication.

Which point will we reach next?

In which world are those people living? Are they human? Do they give a shit?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | September 20, 2006 12:20 AM

Beppe I agree with you 100%,when society will put the wellbeing of children and family first,we are going to start having a good society,I live in Australia,here they get a rebate on the cost of preschool,if you are under $80.000 conbining income (his and hers)a years,the lower the income the higher the rebate.We got preschool open from 9am to 3 pm,and long day center open from 7.00-7.30 am closing between 5.30- 7.00 depends on what kind of licence they have,another option is a home day care,where the children numbers are limited,I thing it could be up to 10 kids,depend of the age,,like the preschool and long day care ,are supervise and check by government agency,to make sure that everything is in place,and of course been registred paid tax and can give rebate as well,with all this choice there is still shortage for places for kids,I think like public school preschool,long day care and the like,should be free ,the cost of raising family nowdays is very hight,that way many decided not to have kids,and the one that do,spend most of the time working like dog,no time for family ,lots of pressure,and that why there are lots of family breaking down,no globalization hasen't been good for family!and not forget lots of womens like to work,other like to raise theirs childrens,why not give womens the choice ,and the one that like to stay home and raise the kids get a wage as well,!

Posted by: evakulnura | September 18, 2006 11:44 PM

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