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Italy needs money. And I always want to help Italy. The initiative “Oro alla Patria” {Gold to the Mother country} continues.
The software packages of the Public Administration will no longer cost anything. Already they cost nothing. It’s enough to switch to Open Source software. Free software that doesn’t cost a Euro. In the ministries, the regions, the schools, the public hospitals, the tribunals etc. etc.
How much does the State spend to buy and to update its Microsoft packages? From tomorrow that could cost zeroeuro. Europe has started to move, look at Norway.
Chavez has already started and by 2007 half of the Venezuelan public sector will be Open Source. Open Source can be adopted straight away. Why wait? Let those public administrations that have done that, perhaps there are some, contact me via email. We will cite all of them on this blog after an inspection by trusted technicians of the Meetups.
Let all the others start to take action because they are throwing away our taxes. I invite a Minister, anyone who likes to, to give an example and make contact by writing to this blog when and how they switched to Open Source and how much it has saved for the citizens.
You know I’m going all out to study computing to find savings. And our employees have got stuck at the abacus. This is the real problem. Their strength of ignorance united with our indifference. RESET Microsoft. Switch to Open Source.

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RESET Microsoft. Switch to Open Source.
Best idea ever.... infact i think we should do the same here in sweden.The world need to crush microsoft and and go for the free "Penguin" then a crap microsoft.

Posted by: Christian Ancorini | January 7, 2007 12:07 AM

Is Linux ready for public administration?
Anyway I know that many offices in many countries already uses Linux, also in the public administration.

Is Linux ready for italian public administration?
Then I think that it wouldn’t be a rapid process…

Posted by: Francesco Iovine | December 4, 2006 04:51 PM

Hello there, this is my perception on the issue of GNU, and although recognizing that is not an easy matter to implement and support, I would still give a shut especially in this case because we are after all talking about the PA (Public Administration). By definition PA should mean provide a public service at the most cost effective price for the consumer (Read Carefully cost effective means Not For Profit!) and since the Software our government uses daily is from Microsoft (As expected very good software obviously although with a price tag for Profits). Now having sat that and since our PA has the need first of all to first of all modify and tailor their software to their own use and requirement why not use an Open Source Software while at the same time educate Italian Scholars (Italians Education System is a function under Government Control) and therefore by implementing end developing software it may end up catching two birds with one stone. The fact of the matter is that Municipality and Government are and will utilized GNU incrementally, although what’s needed is a lot of pro-activity from our institutions (Smart Manager are very few and hard to find especially in the Public Administration). Is a known fact that Italy is lagging in TI and Computer Programming, and even more famous for the incompetence of their Management System. All of these shortcomings are playing just fine for Microsoft , after all they do it as a business and so they like it this way. The final proof is under everyone eye, and is Mr. Stanca (IBM Italy) and this individual has wasted billion in contracts for IBM while the PA has absolutely zero know how into maintaining all the IBM system sold to them and therefore a steady sales channel has been establish for IBM while for the PA the only option is to pay. Now it would take a smart business Manager (No politicians please) to make use of the resources of Government and tailor any Linux Software to Government requirement (Even the Postal Service had a chance who got it Microsoft!). The opportunity are infinite but the strings to our puppets are too many and with to much money at stake. Linux is a great opportunity at the right price although too much grease goes and comes from Microsoft.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 27, 2006 05:16 PM

First of all, sorry for my wrong english... but i'm italian :) (Surelly will not thank my school teachers, it's my fault if I didn't decide before to learn it BY MY SELF)

OpenSource Softwares have some complications because of the meaning of the word... The source of the code is opened and modifiable, everybody can change it, improving it and making damages, why not. Free Softwares instead are free just for a reason: The Software Societies have other profits by sponsors, by their clients informations that they sell to other companys.
So the OpenSource is a good way to have a self made, dedicated Operating System, if the client has the ability to perform this and the free software can be a good compromise between "freedom" and savings.
Anyway the most important private societies (Banks included) prefere Unix systems to protect and manage their networks... I think this is the most convincing particular about this. So we could even try a free software but we must study it to be able to.
Every professional product must be used by a professional, always.

Posted by: Giorgio Richero | November 20, 2006 05:58 PM

"Scusa, a che titolo sparli dell'Oper Source?...."
Clemente Carlucci 31.10.06 17:00
Veramente commovente, se sprecassi le tue forze per scopi umanitari saresti da ammirare…
Il mio post era ironico ed estremizzato per spiegare l’errore dell’accoppiata "open source"="gratis", ma evidentemente sei uno a cui piace fare polemica, oppure ti paga l’ibm? La Sun? La Red Hat?.
Sai rispondermi perché queste aziende spingono l’open source? Sono forse enti di beneficenza? Oppure secondo il “principio microeconomico dei complementari” ti vogliono vendere qualche pezzo di ferro portando a zero il costo del software in modo da aumentare i margini? Se non sai cos’è non ti preoccupare, lo capisco, si vede.
Lo sviluppo del software dovrebbe essere un’attività alla pari delle altre, chi svolge questo mestiere dovrebbe realizzare oggetti prodotti a "regola d’arte".
Lasciando da parte chi lo fa per studio o per passione, gli altri dovrebbero essere richiamati alla professionalità che svolgere questo mestiere richiede.
Credi veramente che qualcuno metterebbe sui propri server un pezzo di codice scritto da uno studente alle prime armi?
Il software in quanto prodotto non dovrebbe avere dei livelli di qualità tali da tutelare il consumatore?
La microsoft è un’ottima azienda, produce un prodotto lo corregge e lo evolve negli anni ti sembra questo qualcosa di deprecabile?
È facile riempirsi la bocca di slogan, ma se questo mestiere è, ops, inflazionato è proprio a causa degli sviluppatori dell’ultima ora che ti assicuro fanno più danni loro alla categoria che le cavallette ad un raccolto di mais.
Pensi che alle PA freghi qualcosa del manifesto GNU? Pensi che alle aziende che rivendo codice open ma protetto da vincoli freghi qualcosa?
"Viva il software libero"? Ma da cosa? Il tuo slogan va bene se lo modifichi cosi:"Viva il software libero dai ciarlatani", ops, spero di non averti reso disoccupato!

Posted by: Marco Trito | November 1, 2006 12:28 AM

Thanks for times and space giving!
Well. as you know there is software free and Free by licence. But it's not exactly to tell so. There some jenius that work writing programs to pc and they dont' do that to sell it! but only to prove it of for enjoning! Well part of that peoeple is called hacker! Tv media and others tell us hey stay far from there are criminals! it's not so ...they are doing their social job!
They are discovering troubles and they are tell us ehy look there there is an hole in jour jacket.
Do to do that...they need to read the sorgente of software ..the aim that multinational wants to cover brevets or law on autor. It's a batutle is not easy to know how will win! it's sure that somening is moving! Microsoft go on go on intel ...all big society are changing quikly becouse there is a new user now one that want to know what is using opening a pc! Well there are called by me linuxians!
The time will tell us what they are able to do when i speak they are working to help you with linux in all the world!
Try to do the best enter in a LUG ( linux user group ) look linux speak about it that is free but it's more important that is your with some limitis.....and if you are a programmer remain there take a coffe with other friend to rend it better. if you more info go to

Posted by: Fredi Ricchioni | October 31, 2006 03:24 PM

There is an interesting follow up about the transition to Open source solutions in the municipality of Munich:

It seems the progress is good. The mayor seems happy, because the transition seems to be easier for the user than what expected.

Posted by: Nicola Ferralis | October 29, 2006 05:58 AM

Hey Mike why don't you just shut up. runs on Apache on RedHat. If you need to troll, pick another forum. Moron.

Posted by: Nick Ferralis | October 29, 2006 05:55 AM

Now, this is a good idea. The government (any of them) are not gaining anything by staying with Microsoft for thier operating system and networking. They spend more money on protecting the systems because of Microsoft's security holes in the operating system (Windows) and networking (Active Directory). If and when Internet2 (IPv6) becomes more widespread, you should be on a Linux machine (or at least a Macintosh) when it happens.

In my workplace, we use Linux or Unix for pretty much everything. It's rare that we use Windows, simply because it's not as stable or secure. And the cost to maintain unstable/unsecure machines can be very costly, and a real nightmare if something gets hacked.

Posted by: Charles Terenzio | October 28, 2006 01:46 PM

I was reading this very interesting article regarding the development of the "One Laptop per Child":

The development process is very interesting and it shows how being "open" helps both the project itself and the projects that depend or derive from it. It also benefits projects the OLPC derived from (RedHat).
These days all PCs can pretty much do basic operation well. Customization is what makes the difference and Open source in particular is the key tool in being successful. The main reason the OLPC went open source (turning down offers from Apple), was just to be open, and to have full and total control of the OS itself. The strategic relevance of the source is so great the project has for example removed the CAPS LOCK key on the keyboard, to substitute it with the "View source" key.

When there is a culture of sharing and being open, everybody benefits, regardless of the cost. I am strongly advocating of deployment of open source solutions in schools, because that is where the fresh minds can full exploit the potential of those applications. Those kids will be tomorrow's net users, administrators and government officials.

Posted by: Nicola Ferralis | October 27, 2006 10:04 PM

Hi all!

I currently work for an "open source company", I obviously won't mention any name or brand, but I just wanted to to give you a quick understanding of what I am about to say.

Now... Linux is "free", as it's available from many websites free of charge and can be downloaded installed and used. No license is required, or better no license CAN be asked from vendors.

It's "free" also because if you're good enough, you can modify it as you need, you can work on the kernel and develop your own software from it.

But freedom needs some sort of laws...

PA, as well as profit-making companies needs warranties that the software (and the hardware and all the rest) is technically stable, that the systems they use will communicate to each others. I don't only mean writing tools and spreadsheets, but also databases (for which laws on privacy needs proofs of reliability) mailing, media players and so on...

PA also need software to be supported by specialized technician... I don't imagine Prodi or Berlusconi fixing a bug or restarting the Camera servers ;))

That's why I'd say YES to open source, but to certified open source...

Does it cost? Of course!!!
Does it cost as much as windows?
NOT AT all!!

Remember, on Linux you pay support and quality certification, NO LICENSES COSTS are needed!

Do you wanna try?

Posted by: Alessandra Vidili | October 27, 2006 06:31 PM

Another guy has already illustrated the point recently on this blog. With precise references because he is at GNU since ever. (Read Extremadura and so on). With this article on software, I am afraid, you are showing that you can talk about everything without knowledge. Which is no wonder: how to know about everything? OK. But why to talk about everything? You are making great damage to GNU software this way. The reader is best referred to the Linux Days. There is one tomorrow Saturday 28 at Lido di Camaiore (Italy, near Viareggio) c/o Misericordia, held by our Linux group. It will last the whole day. Go there if you are around and if you want to learn what GNU is. I'll not be there: tomorrow I'll be flying to the South Seas to help protecting the coral reefs. If you are interested in the survival of coral reefs, have a look at the BIODEC on the IRD web site

Posted by: Francesco Pietra | October 27, 2006 05:59 PM

Open Source software can also be very expensive. And, of course, can be not Free (Free means not free of charge. It means not copyrighted).

Free software can also be very expensive, and it can be closed source.

Free of charge software can be closed source and it can be copyrighted.

Linux is Open Source, and it is also free and free of charge. The software that runs on Linux can be Open, closed, free, cheap, expensive and so on.

The phrase "It’s enough to switch to Open Source software. Free software that doesn’t cost a Euro." contains a lot of philosophic errors.
You should read more documentation before posting. I agree with you about Open Source software, but a phrase like that proves you are speaking about things you know only a (very) little.

Posted by: Lorenzo Breda | October 27, 2006 04:40 PM

That's another great idea Beppe!
I would like to see if a Minister will write to you, to us all on this blog.
Come out, cowards!

Posted by: Ritchie | October 27, 2006 03:47 PM

Hello everyone, and here I am again with few comment. I feel like reminding everyone that almost every day we get news of another mismanagement of one Ministry, this time is about taxes. Do I understand correctly that any laws and its implementation is a duty of the Minister or whomever is in charge at that time? Now like I stated many time before seams to me that any laws approved should have checks and balances especially when it comes to implementation, not because the Citizen will take advantage of any opportunity to go around the law but the Politicians themself will for sure take advantage of any loopholes specifically written and specified in the laws itself. These type of abuse is the norm here in Italy so I am not surprise of the daily news of mismanagement here or there. As I stated many time before these Politicians are the Problem not the Solution to anthing, and until we will make them be accountable and Responsible these unlawful behaviour will keep on happening and actually will surprise me when this things will not happen anymore. Be prepared for more bad news actually and usually things get worst before they get better. This Politicians are incompetent first of all and born and rased to circumvent the system ith checks and balances by helping themself first of all while the Voters gets a chance to believe their mambo-jumbo every five years by selecting either the liar from the right or the liar from the left unless otherwise specified.
thanks for the opportunity

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 27, 2006 02:38 PM

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