The daisy pickers


The Finance Police have been spying on us, Sismi {Secret Police} was spying on us, Telecom was spying on us. Who sent them?
It makes me laugh just to ask the question. Who had the power to do it, unless it was the previous government? If the elections had gone differently there would have been a coup d'ťtat. How can I say that? Intuition. The same that I guess you have too. But thatís enough now. Who did Sismi depend on? Who did the Agenzia delle Entrate {tax collection agency} depend on? Who did Telecom depend on? These people, what were they called? Letís do a bit of memory-jogging: Pollari, Tremonti, Tronchetti. Well then. Is it so difficult to get to the truth?
Call them in to the commissariato {justice centre}. Interrogate them gently. If they are a bit reticent, keep them in prison for the time needed. Even for a lifetime. So as not to pollute the evidence and for our peace of mind.
Then set up a commission for popular enquiry. Please letís avoid a parliamentary one. There would be an obvious conflict of interests. The judges would be the ones who have been ďinterceptedĒ.
Those that have done false documents to burn their documents. Certainly they did it for democracy. And also for the contents of the intercepts. After they have examined the evidence, the citizens will decide. In the full view of everyone.
Demagogy? Certainly populist anyone-istic demagogy. Words with which the coglioni (vulgar term used by Berlusconi to define those who didnít vote for him} and beautiful minds establish a distance from the citizens. But the Privacy Guarantor, what does he do for a living? Pick daisies?
And Prodi? Whyís he waiting to speak loud and clear to the country on all channels together to tell us that those responsible will be punished with no half measures? Perhaps a sign of blessing from bertinottidalemarutelli, fathersonandholyspirit? The citizens expect much more from you, employee Prodi. If you donít know how to communicate, at least have a go. We will correct you.

PS Make sure you donít miss the demonstration tomorrow morning 28/10 at 10.30 in Piazza Roma at Ancona. Itís against the construction of 2 thermoelectric power stations by Api. Numerous citizen groupings and Meet Ups from Ancona, Pesaro and Jesi will be present.

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My God, Alex,we need everybody but not Mrs. Thatcher!!!!!! Please!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | October 30, 2006 07:15 PM

At the risk of being hauled over coals by any British readers, I would say that Italy needs a politician with, excuse the vulgarity, balls - like Mrs Thatcher, only she was a woman and so did not have testicles....anyway, there is nobody with enough guts to take on and deal with all of Italy's problems - not even Mr Berlusconi had the requisite body parts.
New faces now needed, urgently - or RESET as Mr Grillo keeps crying.
As for this tax thing - well, it really does make you wonder who is in control. Someone or some group is pulling the strings - but to what ends is not clear - I read on the BBC website that both Prodi and Mr B had had their tax contributions examined and while this is not a bad thing - one does wonder what motives where behind these illicit checks.

Posted by: Alex R | October 30, 2006 03:48 PM

I read on "" that Ms. Torsello to reach directly the kidnappers' heart in Afghanistan sent them a message in Arabic language. I recommend her to re-send her message in a language comprehensile to Afghani people, I mean in Farsi (Persian) and or Dari. Not all muslims speak Arabic.
All the best wishes to Torsello family.

In italiano:
Ho letto che la moglie di Torsello per far libererare il marito sequestrato in Afghanistan ha mandato un messaggio in arabo (per arrivare direttamente al cuore degli afghani ?). Io sono afghano e mandarci messaggi in arbo e' come ci parlassi in arabo. Noi parliamo Farsi (persiano) e Dari.
Rapimento Torsello, dalla moglie un appello anche in arabo I familiari del reporter sequestrato in Afghanistan con l'Ucoii per la fine del Ramadan: ę» una persona trasparente, liberateloĽ. Video su Al Jazira|Guarda

Posted by: Rei Sana | October 29, 2006 02:28 AM

Hi there

just received this email from some friends...
is there anybody able to answer me about it?
the email basically is about the member of parliament new salary...
please let me know if it's true or not...

Sull'Espresso di qualche settimana fa c'era un articoletto che spiega che recentemente il Parlamento ha votato all'UNANIMITA' e senza astenuti un aumento di stipendio per i parlamentari pari a circa ¨ 1.135,00 al mese.

Inoltre la mozione e stata camuffata in modo tale da non risultare nei verbali ufficiali.

STIPENDIO Euro 19.150,00 AL MESE

STIPENDIO BASE circa Euro 9.980,00 al mese

PORTABORSE circa Euro 4.030,00 al mese (generalmente parente o familiare)

RIMBORSO SPESE AFFITTO circa Euro 2.900,00 al mese

INDENNITA' DI CARICA (da Euro 335,00 circa a Euro 6.455,00)










FS gratis







RISTORANTE gratis (nel 1999 hanno mangiato e bevuto gratis per Euro 1.472.000,00). Intascano uno stipendio e hanno diritto alla pensione dopo 35 mesi in parlamento mentre obbligano i cittadini a 35 anni di contributi ( per ora!!! )

Circa Euro 103.000 ,00 li incassano con il rimborso spese elettorali (in violazione alla legge sul finanziamento ai partiti), piý i privilegi per quelli che sono stati Presidenti della Repubblica, del Senato o della Camera. (Es: la sig.ra Pivetti ha a disposizione e gratis un ufficio, una segretaria, l'auto blu ed una scorta sempre al suo servizio)

La classe politica ha causato al paese un danno di 1 MILIARDO e 255 MILIONI di EURO.

La sola camera dei deputati costa al cittadino Euro 2.215,00 al MINUTO !!

Far sta promovendo un referendum per l' abolizione dei privilegi di tutti i parlamentari............ queste informazioni possono essere lette solo attraverso Internet in quanto quasi tutti i massmedia rifiutano di portarle a conoscenza degli italiani......

Posted by: Andrea Presutto | October 29, 2006 12:44 AM

Now we read about this latest scandal. Is everyting deceitful, criminal and devious in Italy? It looks as if Italian politicians and institutions are affected by the reverse Midas touch: everything they touch turns into s...t.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | October 28, 2006 08:45 PM

Please ...Albert....Not on a Saturday night...!!!

Posted by: paola filinesi | October 28, 2006 06:30 PM

Ian, are you serious? I would like to know how someone who has enough clout to spin the media (and he owns quite a bit) would somehow be qualified to know what is best for the Italian people. By definition, you must also agree that Rupert Murdoch should be president of the United States.

Posted by: Charles Terenzio | October 28, 2006 06:16 PM

I really can't fathom why Italians are so ready to take Mr. Prodi's side - Don't they realize that the best thing that ever happened to Italy is Berlusconi? Are they so desperate that they cling tight to all the old power and old lifestyle and don't even want to consider change?
Come on guys! The world is changing and Berlusconi was leading you there ......

Posted by: Ian Henderson | October 28, 2006 04:58 PM

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