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November 30, 2006

Porn & Fioroni


Giuseppe Fioroni, minister of Education speaking of “tightening up the Internet" in La Stampa: “Putting in rules is a pre-requisite of civilization and I hope that Italy for once can lead by example”
Journalist: Do you know that not even the USA has rules like that?
Fioroni: “It seems that there are other countries that have managed to obtain decent filters.”
Journalist: Do you mean the dictatorship in Beijing?
Fioroni: “Yes. Even though our objectives are different from theirs…”

It is thus only an issue of objectives that distinguishes a dictatorship from a democracy. Of course the ends justify the means, perhaps la Margherita and perhaps also pornography. The employee Fioroni had a blog until yesterday. It seems to be read by keen pornography spammers.
Who published in the blog streams of links to porn sites. If the Internet does not allow ignorance for Google, nor does it allow Fioroni porn.
To avoid consequences after having indications from various bloggers, his blog was immediately blacked out.
But the contents of the Blog have been saved and can be seen… (it’s best not to click on the porn links inside the page to avoid getting a virus).
Even Fioroni for his protection and for our protection, has to be sanitized as in China. Just as he wants to do with Google. A preventive censorship. Let his declarations be validated beforehand by Rutelli. Approved by Prodi. Corrected by Sircana. If he still says crazy things, at least the Government will be jointly responsible.

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November 29, 2006



For once, one damn time in the history of Italy we have the proof in our hands. A pile of blank ballot papers that could even be sampled.
A few measly days of work in the thousands of millions of hours of the Public Administration. There you go. We don’t care about it. We don’t do the checking. Who says so? The Rome prosecutors’ office. But the election coup d'état, because that’s what we are talking about, is a political problem. A problem for the citizens. Not just for the judges.
It is something that can turn upside down all the balances of this country. Both sides of the political divide are afraid of this.
Otherwise we count for nothing.
A blogger has sent me this film clip. A few declarations by Nando Dalla Chiesa about the night of the elections. Let’s listen to it.

Dear Beppe,
At the same moment as the breaking of the news about the Magistracy not counting the blank ballot papers, the Undersecretary of State Nando Dalla Chiesa pronounced these words at a conference in Milan:

'[…] perhaps it was us that made a mistake but I don’t believe so, I don’t think so…. However it is significant that we were asked, all of us, to go to the Prefettura {office of the Prefect} … this happened at 11:00pm in the evening. Then what happened? This is my hypothesis:
If it’s true that there has been mis-handling of the blank ballot papers I believe that the problem was in fact, what happened from the moment when the prefetture {offices of the Prefects} sent off the votes to the time when they arrived in Rome. That’s the mystery.
And I have to say: they would have won if it hadn’t been for the abusive force of the old Communist party. OK, what did they do?
When they saw that they started to eat up half a point, half a point, half a point, half a point and there were just the 280-300 sections from which the results had to arrive, those who had the organisation asked the sections to transmit the results of the count immediately. The results of the count arrived directly from those who were assisting the organisers, from the DS, the count monitoring; at that moment Prodi and Fassino said ‘we have won’ and there they broke the magic spell.
That’s why Berlusconi got mad, because it was them saying ‘we have won’, the Minister of the Interior didn’t say it and Pisanu was not heard, knowing that they had the true data from the sections he didn’t feel like contradicting them because he knew that they had counted the true votes from those sections and those votes had not passed through the possible mis-handling information technology filter.
This is what happened, thus I believe that what Prodi and Fassino have been told off about, is actually what saved us. That is, the fact that on the basis of the information received from their supporters they went on to say ‘we have won’; thus this affair was closed, with Berlusconi getting mad because there was another method of counting the votes.“

Marco Canestrari.

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November 28, 2006

Clean Lungs


Italian cities are becoming empty of children. They have been substituted by machines. By car parks. By motorized commuters. Those with a child have to be resigned to a chronic cough.
To respiratory diseases. To a daily relationship with the pediatrician. Or to go away. In the city, the cars come in and the children and families leave. They become commuters.
And they get the cars to come into the city and to park. For the lack of efficient public transport services. A paranoia that produces poisons for the citizens and profits for the petrol companies. The representatives of the citizens don’t lift a finger. In this situation left and right are equally petrolified.
In Milan the single petrol family, the Moratti family, is in government and in opposition.
I believe that it’s time for a new RESET. To avoid cutting out tonsils and adenoids from our children. And to see them playing in a city park without getting poisoned.
For our governors, fuel and the real estate companies are more important than the health of the children. They normally live elsewhere. In villas with trees outside the city. RESET.
Given that it’s us paying them, they need to start giving an account of their actions. How many deaths from PM10 produce the lack of care of mayors, presidents of Regions and of Provinces? How many sick people? Is it possible to take our employees to a tribunal?
With the help of the Meetups, I want to start a campaign, first to give information, and then , if necessary, to bring criminal charges against those responsible. The campaign name is: ‘Clean Lungs'. Let’s take back our cities and our health.

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November 27, 2006

Rape with Pay Back


Everything has a price. And thank goodness there are those who think of compensation. The City of Brescia, as seen in this letter from one of their citizens, is in advance of the others. It has established a true price list for theft and acts of violence. The rape of a 20 year old is worth 260 Euro. After 60 years old it’s better. You take home 310 Euro. For the elderly women who are raped and have some sort of infirmity with an income up to up to 15,000 Euro, it’s a good 360 Euro. Whether you are raped by an individual or a group, it makes no difference. And, it must be said, this is true injustice.

“How great is Brescia at night! It seems like a different city. A Mediterranean city. But it can also seem like a city of the mysterious East. For example, Chinese, or Pakistani, or Indian, why not? It depends on the zone where you arrive.
The historic centre is divided into segments. Like an orange. It’s divided into neighbourhoods. Like New York. It’s controlled by tiny mafias and criminal networks, that start to make war among themselves and to get the first deaths, amidst general silence and the indifference of the law enforcement agencies. Like Naples.
Each area has its own language, its shops, its inhabitants. The streets have been emptied of small shops. Someone has tried to resist, but after a bit, the poetry drifts away.
And then a great guru arrived: a city cabinet member for ecology who dreamed of a city for pedestrians in close understanding with a Mayor who was hungry for fines to be able to balance the accounts for the thousands of repairs to the urban road network. They have positioned cameras that prevent cars from access to the historic centre.
Result: the desert of the tartars. Or rather, of the barbarians: the city is so multi-ethnic that there’s no longer even a person from Brescia there. And in the tiny roads of the old city, jack of all trades strut around and make some kind of living as well as timewasters who move fast and have intentions that are difficult to guess. But they promise nothing good.
In the backstreets of the city, everything happens. To such an extent that our generous city has decided to put into effect serious and effective measures to remedy a situation that is not serious, but tragic.
I’m attaching a flyer taken from the headquarters of the town police in the centre of Brescia. I am a single woman and I live alone in the centre within the limits of the dangerous neighbourhood. From the moment when the cameras came into use, no one can take me to my home in a car.
Apart from the logistics of a daily life like many others every day and every hour of the day, I am running serious risks for my safety.
The local police with savoir faire, tell me that I can get a payment of 260.00 Euro if someone knifes me or rapes me and I took the opportunity to ask them a question:
Why not bring in a foot patrol service, perhaps equipped with devices and a telephone number that I can ring so that I can be escorted to my home if I’m in danger?
The reply was surprising: we are not obliged to do that.
However you can ask at the Questura {Office of the National Security Police}. Thus late one evening when it was raining and the only faces around were really from a Scorsese film, I rang the Questura.
The reply was again surprising: we are not obliged to do that. So I asked the cabinet member who is by now a myth in this city.
I asked: why not introduce a pink car parking service, with escorts, with foot patrols for the residents of the centre?
The reply no longer surprised me: we are not obliged to do that. And the people of Brescia? You will be asking. Well, we are the city with the highest number of vehicles in Europe. There must be a reason, mustn’t there?

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We are all Bourbons


And if Bourbon was in fact Savoy? And the true patriots the brigands? The Reign of the two Sicilies existed, in an absolutely legitimate way for centuries.
Naples was the third capital of Europe. Naples set up the first Chair of Economics in Europe. The first train line Naples-Portici. Then the Savoys arrived. The resistance lasted for 10 years. Some think that it is still active even now.
After the occupation by the people of Piedmont, the capitals were transferred to the North. And thanks to the tax on milling, to the south of the Americas. The South was not liberated, but consigned to underdevelopment. The Issue of the South comes from an expropriation.
All has been the object of revisionism in Italy apart from the Risorgimento. Garibaldi is the hero of the two worlds and Frances II a wretch. The squares in the South are named after their occupants and at the same time there’s an expression “as evil as a person from Piedmont”. Nothing against the people from Piedmont, much against the ferocious repression of General Cialdini.
At the head of an army of more than 100,000 men. A bit like the war of liberation in Iraq. Much against villages that were set on fire and slaughtered. Against deportations. And tens of thousands of dead.
At school Bourbon is bad and Savoy is good. Bourbon State is synonymous with degradation of the institutions. Brigand of a proto-mafia type. Perhaps the school texts should be changed beyond the meaning of the words. Re-evaluated the patriots who lost their lives against the Piedmont army.
Perhaps we should tell ourselves a different history. In which the Risorgimento {Resurgence} was in part, to a great extent, the expansionism of a dynasty. That left us as an inheritance the emigration of millions of people who fled from hunger, two world wars, fascism.
It’s a Savoy State. The one that we insist on calling a Bourbon one.
I know, after populism, I am sliding into revisionism.

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November 26, 2006

RESET in action


I haven’t forgotten about RESET. My 2007 tour will be called RESET. The meetups will be invited to bring proposals for the city and the territory to each show. It’ll be an action tour. By now we know everything (almost everything).
And we know that we have to change. That we can no longer delegate our lives to the parties. Ségolène has turned to the French calling them collective intelligence. In Italy there’s no lack of intelligence. We’re lacking in being collective.
The internet creates the collective. Knowledge creates collective.

Some information about the RESET initiatives:
- the 2007 calendar of Italy’s heroes will be downloadable from the blog for free by the end of the year
- the book ‘Modern Slaves' will be downloadable or available to buy in book form before Christmas
- the ‘Share Action’ is continuing. It’s reached 2,585 participants. Consob has formally asked me for explanations that I have supplied in the corresponding formal manner. I will form an association. It’ll take a bit of time and then we’ll be taking action.
- the electronic microscope is just about there. 290,000 Euro out of 378,000 has been collected
- the initiative to get a popular law to limit parliamentarians to two terms of office and to put their pensions on a similar footing to the rest of the country, will start in January 2007 and will continue for the whole of my RESET tour.
- the ‘tenthingstodo' and the ‘dodiciazioniincittà’ {twelve actions in the city} for our health, will be promoted through the blog and through the meetups.
- the RESET actions that you propose will be published with the possibility of a vote
- the campaign group to defend the Internet will be active by January 2007.

I’ve definitely left something out. After all this I’m exhausted. I feel as though I’ve been doing more work than 10 parliamentary commissions. And even without getting a pension after 30 months.

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November 25, 2006

Pink Tax


There’s still not the pink quota. But there is the pink tax. The article in the Finance law cited in the letter about separated fathers will produce some side effects. The number of divorces will fall. The number of legitimate fathers will fall. Some of them will dress up as Batman. The maintenance allowances paid to the separated mothers will go down. However the court cases for the custody of children will increase. And fathers will go mad.

“Dear Beppe,
I’m writing about a topic that relates to the millions of “separated fathers” (or miserable ones, you choose) present in Italy Article 3 comma 1 of the Finance Law approved by the Lower House, fruit of the mind probably suffering from homophobia sickness of a legal adviser to our employee Visco, has established that all fathers who are separated, divorced or with civil annulments to their marriages, unless they have shared custody of their children (a really rare occurrence as the law has only recently come into force and there’s strong opposition form the women), will no longer have the right to a 50% tax deduction on their salary for the dependent children.
Even though they rightly have to pay (often beyond their capacity) a maintenance allowance plus 50% of all the costs for health, schooling, sport etc. no father will have the benefit of a fair tax deduction from their wage packet.
To clarify: the new norm says that the parent without custody does not have the right to a tax deduction when faced with the obligation to support the expenses for the maintenance of their children.
For the parent without custody the norm is particularly detrimental as they are obliged to maintain their children with regular payments but the tax regulations don’t allow for the tax benefit. With this new arrangement the parent without custody has to support a burden that cuts into their capacity to pay tax.
On top of this disadvantage, there is another one that is even more serious: even though I, like other separated fathers, have to pay 50% of the health costs for my child shared with my wife (costs that are often high) I cannot deduct them from my taxable income, but the whole sum will go to the parent with custody, who is almost always the mother.
There’s the risk of losing the possibility of health cover for illnesses of one’s own children for those dads who work and have health insurance that they pay with monthly deductions form salary, in as much as these children will no longer be recognized as relevant to tax benefits.
Fathers will have to continue to pay 50% of all expenses for their children but the benefits and the tax advantages (unless there is joint custody) will go only to the mother.
We will all be obliged to ask for joint custody. Many fathers including myself have not yet requested this only to avoid new conflicts with the former spouse, who is generally contrary.
I wonder what country I’m living in and why I, who voted for the Centre Left, find myself thinking about one of the few advanced and civilized laws of this country, that is the one about joint custody, that puts us on a level (at least in theory) with Germany, England and the Scandinavian countries, that was passed by the Berlusconi government, and yet now they are trying to take us back to the Middle Ages. “
Stefano T.

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November 23, 2006

Satellites and Saracen Towers


It happens that you ask a question without finding an answer. And when the answer seems obvious that you ignore it. It’s too obvious and therefore not plausible.
The ships that arrive every day at Lampedusa are one of the great mysteries of Italy. Vessels that leave from all the coasts of the Mediterranean. Journeys organized by tour operators for a good few thousand Euro each passenger. The ships are seen directly from the beach.
The tourists give a shout to the Authorities who organise the welcome procedures. Italy has its borders. It’s incredible to say it but borders exist even in the sea. They are called the territorial waters. But they are borders like colanders. Everything gets through. Big boats, cruise ships, rafts to go along the coast.
Once upon a time we were more advanced. We used the Saracen towers to watch the seas.
Now we have got satellites that can focus even on the hole in our backsides. With Google Earth we can read the house number of the houses.
We could photograph and count the clandestines who board in Libya or Morocco and send an SMS to the Port Authorities in Tripoli. But the technology is one of our limits. Beyond binoculars for the beach and the former minister Stanca, we don’t go.
If an Al Qaeda terrorist gets an aero plane they give him life imprisonment. If he comes on a boat he finishes up in a CPT { Centro di Permanenza Temporanea = Centre for Temporary Stay}. However, there would be a solution. After the clandestines have disembarked, normally men in good health around 20 years of age destined to work on the black market for the mafias.
After the ritual welcome to these unfortunates who don’t know what’s waiting for them. After the tam-tam beach-telegraph-Viminale- RaiRadioTelevisioneItaliana- newspapers the next day. After all this it’s possible to take action.
The boat crew will have to go home. Are they illegally within our borders? Have they got no-one left on board? Let’s bomb them. In a few weeks the situation will be resolved on its own.
If for humanitarian reasons they don’t want to use the coastal cannons, it’s possible to use the rubbish. The radioactive stuff that is buried in the South. Two results: we contaminate them and we clean up Italy.

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November 22, 2006

Electoral whirlpool


At the last elections there was a strange smell in the air. The election results at midday gave the Unione a 5 point lead and then minute by minute it started to disappear.
Always in favour of the “Prison House of Liberty”. If counting had continued for another half hour, Prodi would have been a cyclist living on a pension.
Strange things happened that night. Pisanu summoned urgently by the psiconano. Prodi proclaimed the victory of the Unione as fast as he could.
Deaglio has produced a video: 'Uccidete la democrazia' {kill democracy} about which I have received many letters. I’m publishing two of them. One is from Aldo di Albenga and the other from Stefano Benni.

Dear Beppe,
Yesterday I watched Lucia Annunziata’s RAI 3 programme in which Enrico Deaglio put forward the unsettling idea about what was happening during the last political elections. Briefly, the blank ballot papers that normally are seen in different provinces at 4% or 11% got miraculously reduced in all the national territory to percentages between 1% and 2%.
This tiny million of non-votes is thought to have been transformed, through the agency of someone at the Viminale and a fivethousandlire software package into the same number of votes for a randomly chosen party in the CdL.
Even now there has not yet been a recount of these ballot papers. When Annunziata asked why the Centre Left had not denounced this fact, Deaglio (naïve???) responded: that they would have said: “We have won anyway”
But if they have to take refuge in a “fiducia” every minute because an almost invisible majority in the Senate, 1,200,000 votes less to the CdL would have a massively different distribution of the seats!
PERHAPS I must think about secret agreements that would shock the network of secret services and the P2, and that 99% of what is reported to us daily is just the usual theatricals of appearances? I thought to myself (naïve!!!)
“Tomorrow there’ll be an explosion in the newspapers and perhaps even in the whole country”. This morning the Corriere della Sera gave a few lines in the general news not about the transformation of the million votes but about protests from various bodies to the top brass in the RAI about the excessive time allocated to Deaglio.
La Stampa didn’t even give the news item. They are stealing our democracy from the base. From the vote. And no one is doing anything to stop it. Not those who are governing, not those who should be watching out, not those who should be keeping us informed, not those who should be carrying out investigations, not us Italians, because anyway we are world champions.”
Aldo – Albenga

“I have seen Deaglio’s video on the last elections. I found it to be well documented, precise and interesting. It puts forward the hypothesis that there was an election fraud of more than a million votes in favour of Berlusconi and the Casa della Libertà. To me it seems that this necessitates at least a parliamentary investigation.
Or at least the interest of the magistracy, the media, the party secretaries. It seems that that would be honest in relation to the voters of the Left and of the Right.
The silence of the Right does not surprise me. That of the Left does. For the Italian political class an attack on democracy of this seriousness is of little account.
But a citizen in Italy would like to know if a vote in Italy still has meaning, or if we are voting for a joke. Many times there has been darkness about episodes of Italian public life. If this darkness remains in place, perhaps it’s best to cancel out from the Constitution the wording 'democratic republic founded on work'.
Let’s say 'repubblica mediocratica fondata sul patteggiamento e il silenzio' {mediocre republic founded on making pacts and silence}. Perhaps even the vote is too dangerous for this country. At least let them say it, then we’ll know how to behave…”
Stefano Benni, il lupo

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November 21, 2006

Mafia States of Italy


Campania, Calabria and Sicily have already set about and concluded their secession. Puglia is on the waiting list. They are by now governed by secession movements with the consent of part of the population. They have scores of thousands of armed men.
Just to give an idea, they deal in the sale of arms with ETA of the Basque country and with other international movements. They import and export goods for thousands of millions of Euro.
They buy into banks and insurance companies all over the world. They build sky scrapers and cities. They manage politicians as though they were taxis. They get a ride and then they pay for the journey. Sometimes they even kill the taxi driver. They control everything. Territory. Economy. Politics.
With discretion and when necessary, with strong measures.
If, once upon a time, one asked how many ministers and parliamentarians were in the so-called organized crime groupings, today, this question no longer has any point. It’s no longer crime but a different form of State.
Maybe it’s not pleasing. But that’s the situation. And it no longer needs to be represented by anyone. The Lega used to talk and run political meetings and in the South they just acted.
Bossi has to change strategy. He needs to set up the 'ndragheta of the Madunina. St Mark’s camorra. Piedmont’s mafia.
Without a referendum. Without getting too much into the public eye. He should go to a dinner at Arcore to get some advice. In four-five years the North too will be criminalized and free.
A Central coordinating government will still be needed to avoid bloody conflicts of interest. A "Parliamentary caucus of the Mafia States of Italy". He would keep only a single Ministry, the Justice Ministry together with its current tenant. A Ministry offering a guarantee.

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November 20, 2006

The Cat of Competition and the Fox of Communications

image from

Two Authorities have set up an exploratory investigation into telephone top-ups. The Competition Authority and the Communication Authority. The Cat Catricalà and the Fox Calabrò.
The in-depth investigation has allowed one important conclusion to come out about the costs of top-up: “it represents an Italian anomaly”. In fact it’s not present in any European country. How much will it have cost us to do this in-depth investigation?
But the Authorities go further and using a language associated with a psychiatric report they hope: A remodeling of the top-up charge for mobile phones, to restore to competition level all the price components relating to mobile telephony and so in the future bring about relevant tariff reductions.”. And they go on just as though they had only just now discovered the top-up charges.
Perhaps they have been blinded on the road to Damascus by the 600,000 signatures of raging citizens: “a revision, even total, of the fixed contribution, would make clear what is offered in the market and would make it easier to do comparisons”.
It would have been enough for them to say: “top-up charges are theft, they are the fruit of a cartel of the mobile telephone companies in Italy and they should be abolished”.
And they should add: “It is a wholly Italian anomaly for which we too can be thanked as before we have taken action we needed a really strong kick up the backside from the Italians.”
I want to invite the Italians to do two things:
- sign your name for the abolition of top-up charges
- DON’T TOP-UP YOUR MOBILES until top-up charges are abolished.

And one for the Government:
Abolish the two Authorities. Their function that is taking Italian citizens for a ride is costing us more than the top-up charges.

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November 19, 2006

Cosa Nostra - It’s Their Thing


They interrupted the employee of the Council, Prodi during the General States of the Antimafia. While he was saying that the government is adopting efficient measures to combat the mafia.
They shouted at him: “In Parliament there are 25 people with sentences passed in the courts! And “Kick out from the Antimafia commission, the parliamentarians who are convicts!” Prodi reacted with the vigour of a boiled doughnut: “Questions are being asked of the President of the Council that should be put to the Parliament”
He was unprepared. It happens. But it’s not acceptable to hide behind Parliament. It’s an admission of powerlessness. If he doesn’t know how to respond to questions that are fundamental for democracy, he can’t represent us.
The Antimafia Commission needs a name change. To AntiState Commission. Since it came into existence, the mafias have been in full expansion. The Antimafia commission has two new members who are convicts: Pomicino, bribes, and Vito, corruption.
Their sponsors are DC-PSI and Forza Italia. But the other parties have just observed.
There’s a chasm between the country and these people, these parties.
A break down that is no longer nourished by the hope of change but by frustration and anger. I’m not clairvoyant. I don’t know how it will finish up. But I’m pessimistic. And a pessimistic comic is not a great spectacle. Former-corrupt people and former bribe-takers against the mafia. Who will win?
I want Provenzano in the Antimafia. He instills trust in me. He has put himself forward in person and he has never invoked parliamentary immunity. Compared to this lot, he’s a gentleman.

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November 18, 2006



Something is changing.
If a woman born in Dakar in Senegal. Mother of 4 children without being married. Cohabiting for 25 years, A woman who declares that French teachers have to work full time and not just 17 hours.
With a scandal for the Trades Unions and the French Left. Who has introduced the day-after pill free to all High Schools. Who has arranged for paternity leave for the birth of children. Who is defined as populist, summary antiparliamentarian, Mao’s Red Guard. But also French Zapatera.
If a beautiful lady aged 53 who proposes popular juries chosen at random with fixed termination dates to judge the work of the politicians. Who wants to reduce to two terms of office for every politician or public service official. Who asks for the elimination of the use of the amnesty for politicians. Who thinks that the revolt in the suburbs of Paris were fruit also of the corruption of politicians. If an elegant French socialist who believes in the renewal of the State from the bottom. From realities and from local movements. Who thinks of citizens in terms of collective intelligence.
Who talks to people on her blog. Who doesn’t give a fig for the bureaucracy.
If a woman like that wins the socialist primaries for the race to become President of France, something is changing. Then I look at Prodi, Bertinotti, Berlusconi. Golden seventy year olds. And Fini, Casini and D’Alema. Lead fifty year olds. And my discomfort returns.
Let us liberalise European politics. Free circulation of parliamentarians. Let’s propose an exchange three for one with the French. Bindi, Turco and Santanchè for Ségolène Royal. And a lump sum payment of a couple of thousand of million Euro to be paid by the Italians. They would all pay, willingly and straight away.

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November 17, 2006

A Great Deep Breath


We breathe poisons. We build poison factories. We bury toxic waste all over Italy. We transform cities into parking lots and the air into carbon monoxide. Those who pollute are taking your life. How much? It’s unknown. Certainly a reasonable quantity.
Why do they do it? It’s under control. They can’t react. The media are keeping them under hypnosis.
In the world rankings, the top industries are petrol and cars. Public opinion is created by these companies. By their ideology: profit. The Italians want their place in the sun for the poison factories. The Italian way. Those who pollute don’t pay. Those who get polluted pay.
This is the business of the incinerators. Public contracts. Private poisons. The incinerator is not a solution for refuse.
It’s a short-cut for transforming the human organism into refuse. Our politician employees love incinerators. They want one in each city. They mean jobs, jobs, jobs. The great mystical work for the left. The great mystical profit for the right. A bipartisan mystic. Incinerators poison us.
The Venetian Region, the Venetian Region Cancer Institute, the Venetian Region Register of Tumours, the City and the Region of Venice have published the results of a research project: ‘Risk of sarcoma in relation to environmental exposure to dioxin emitted from incinerators’.

The conclusions:
- The Province of Venice has suffered massive atmospheric pollution from dioxin-like substances released by incinerators.
- In the population studied, there is a significant excess risk of sarcoma that correlates to both the length of time and to the intensity of exposure.
- Incinerators with a higher level of emissions into the atmosphere are those that burned urban refuse.

Those who construct incinerators cause tumours. They should be informed of the facts and then accompanied to the door or if they really want it, they should be “rigassificato” {having been changed from gas to liquid, then returned to the state of a gas}.

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November 16, 2006

Pantalone’s Railway


“Railways without substance and without resources: the disequilibrium is such that it’s no longer possible to go on in a state of financial indebtedness. … the buildings that were owned have all been sold off”, Mauro Moretti, amministratore delegato delle Ferrovie dello Stato. (CEO of Italian State Railways).

1,800,000,000 Euro is the hole in the balance sheet forecast for 2006.
6,100,000,000 Euro is necessary to avoid having to take the books to the tribunal.
Who has administered the Railways in the last few years? Catania.
Who has been the Minister of Transport in the last few years? Lunardi.
Who was President of the Council in the last few years? Berlusconi.
And Moretti, where has he worked in the last 20 years?
Let them pay the 6,100,000,000 Euro.
They are not our debts. It’s their affair.
Romano Prodi has said that he will intervene. But how? In the usual way.
Taxes on the citizens. And the people responsible for the bankruptcy, golden handshakes of millions of Euro, handsomely paid jobs in Parliament, escorts paid for by the State.

Prodi must put figures to the resulting damages and ensure that compensation is paid . These people should be ashamed to go out of their homes. With the trains in a Third World situation we have invested in high speed, with the delirium of the TAV in Val di Susa.
Someone has to pay, even though it’s a Euro, they have to pay.
Those voting for the Centre Left have been defined as coglioni (twit, lit.testicles). If the government doesn’t intervene it is surely true.
Let the one who has made a mistake be the one to pay. And let the politicized top brass of the Railways stay out of our hair.

Ps: Cimoli (Cimoletor) has contributed to the destruction of the railways, now he’s finishing up his work in Alitalia. In a few months we will be told that it has folded. In that case the people responsible have 2 names: Bianchi and Prodi.

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November 15, 2006



I haven’t heard anyone talking of Olivetti any more. What’s happened to it? Does it still exist? Camillo Olivetti, a young engineer, the founder, went off to the United States at the end of 1800. On his return he designed the best typewriter in the world.
Camillo spent his Sundays with his workers. He built a city for them ready for real people. He was years ahead in terms of Trades Union gains. A utopia that was then continued by his son Adriano. In the 1980s Olivetti was competing at a world level with IBM, HP, Bull. It had research laboratories in California. It had sites everywhere.
Thousands of technicians and engineers. To say that today seems to be dreaming with eyes open. But it happened yesterday. Only yesterday. What is Olivetti today? Who is the director? What does it produce?
How many employees does it have? Why does the world of politics never talk about it? Just as it takes no interest in the development of Information Technology apart from sfilatecarnevalate {streams of people like at a carnival} at the SMAU {ICT Fair} in Milan once a year.
If Olivetti, (one of the few Italian companies whose brand name is still well known in the world), is dead then it should have a funeral. A State Funeral. With magnificent pomp. To remember a grand Italian and some who were less grand and ditched it. And so that the funeral can be an occasion for reflecting on the future.
If what we want are bridges, supermarkets, roads, viaducts, sidewalks, tar, bricks, car parks, the only future that is understandable for this sub-species of politicians and industrialists. If this is what we want, then let’s bury together with Olivetti also the technological development of our country. However it should be done officially. At least that much is owed to Olivetti.

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November 14, 2006

Extreme armchairing


In one RESET I dealt with the number of terms of office that our employees have had a seat in Parliament. I proposed a popular initiative to reduce to a maximum of 2 the terms of office for a parliamentarian. Then after they have served the country they return to their profession.
The permanent politician is against public decorum. At the end of their life, what will their children and relatives think? Their dignity and ours is in play.
However there are people who persist in their stay. Persistent employees, a parliamentary malaria. Immune to any political catastrophe. Brezhnev and Mao were presidents. Mazzola and Rivera were playing for the National team and Pope John Paul II had not even been elected. They were there. They challenge the decades. Centuries pass. In the classification that I’m publishing life senators like Andreotti and Cossiga are not included. By now they are eternal and thus beyond human judgement.
The attachment to an armchair is bipartisan. You can see Bonino (7), Mastella (9), Cossutta (10), La Malfa (9), De Mita (8), Violante (8), Casini (7), Fini (7). The whole parliamentary array.
I propose an institute for re-education of long-term parliamentarians. To restore them to civil society with a profession. Let’s rehabilitate them. In good faith some of the voters celebrate their persistence in Parliament. They cut ribbons and cakes.
They need a psychologist or perhaps a psychiatrist. They don’t realize that they are disconnected from reality. In fact, what is the profession of full-time politician? How do we want to judge it? And above all, how can we continue to put up with it? RESET!

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November 13, 2006

Long Live School!


Now it’s only possible to go to school with an escort. The baby criminal gang will steal your mobile. Cocaine for 20 Euro, at the entrance you find the equivalent of a miserable take home pay. If you’ve got some kind of disability you are tormented by your class mates. And if there’s a “Down” kid who can’t defend themselves then there’s a really terrific beating up scene.
To shout about. It lands up on Google Video and becomes a hit. A person with Down’s syndrome ready to be smacked about, great to see. What’s better than that in your life? Perhaps a mathematics teacher (*) who’s teaching “seni e coseni“ {sine or breasts and cosine} to the young students in the middle school. Surprised as nude as Eve with her students and her trousers down.
The school is the teacher of life. An environment full of sex, drugs and violence. You get hardened up there and then you are ready to be an expert in high finance, in politics, or in public administration. For the dregs, the ones who always struggle, there are still the everlasting professions as thief, drug dealer, prostitute or protection racketeer.
But it’s known that these are just fall back positions for those who have failed. The school needs reinforcements. Our youngsters need survival guides in this jungle. The politicians are the right people to develop a series of audio-visuals to be shown in class.
The topics are limitless: “False accounting”, “crimes that have been pardoned” “corruption of judges” “How to do nothing all your life at the expense of the citizens” “Amnesty for all”.
If a youngster is questioned by the annoying teacher, it’s enough to get her to listen to the responses to questions about general culture given by our employees in the Lower House. Those about Darfur, Nelson Mandela, RCS and Rabin.
The teacher will understand the reasons for your ignorance and will give you a good grade. If those have got where they are, there must be a good reason. And this is why the school is in transformation. To be at the level of the highest representatives of the State.

(*) The type of maths teacher that I would have liked to have.

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Italian Werewolves


What do I still have to say? What else can I do? I have the desire to transform myself into a werewolf, go out into the street and howl at the moon to get rid of my frustrations. And to bite Rutelli’s ear. In Italy, beauty has been ruined, disfigured, cementified. There’s still some left but it is becoming extinct. The courageous tourists who come to the ex Bel Paese {former Beautiful Country}spend more in Milan than in San Francisco, more in Rimini than in the Maldives. Services are non-existent. The motorways are among the most expensive in the world. The transport system cannot be described.

Tourism is one of the few economic activities that keep us on our feet. It’s a cow that is milked ever more, so that as well as milk, there’s blood coming out of its udder.
The portal that should have contributed to the development of tourism makes the world laugh. On its Home Page, the only one it has, there’s the writing ‘Il Portale Italiano del Turismo è in fase di realizzazione’ {The Italian Tourism Portal is being created}.

And to give an international touch, it’s said in English: ‘The Italian Tourist Portal is coming soon’. It has cost 45 million Euro. The person responsible is Stanca, the former head of warehouses at IBM, then Minister of Decline and now hidden in the woods with a fat salary in the Senate. But let’s move forward.

The 0.8 per cent given by Italians for art and culture has been used for the Iraq mission according to the statement by the president of the Italian Fund for the Environment Giulia Maria Crespi. Bullets instead of restoration. Artistic machine guns.

And now the tax on staying. A tax on tourism. Every tourist will pay to admire cities and countryside. The hotel will cost up to 5 Euro a night extra. An incentive for tourism. A cheerful economic move from a brilliant mind, yes, from Rutelli himself, Minister of Culture.

And he’s even offended by criticism. And with due haughtiness he takes it up with those who do not agree with his radicaldemochristian thinking: ”Un piagnisteo assurdo” {an absurd lament}. He can’t stand his employers. You have to understand him. Not even they can stand him. To sum up: they are even destroying tourism.

I’m asking for a magistrate that wants to take the initiative and set up an investigation into how the 45 million Euro for the Tourism portal has been spent and to see if there is the possibility of a crime having been committed for the subtraction of funds destined for Culture and finishing up being spent on War. RESET!

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November 11, 2006

Arse heads RESET!


RESET! The members of the Lower House of Parliament have the right to a pension after 30 months in the House. Thus we can be sure that Parliament will stay together until the end of 2008. There are more than 400 members of Parliament who are new to the Parliament.
They are all aiming to get a 30-month pension. The other employees have already got their pensions in their pockets.
In a couple of years, Napolitano will be able to dissolve what he likes with or without “conati anti secessionisti” {impulses against those wanting to split off from Italy} It’s up to him. The Italians, if they survive, get their pension after 35 years.
Thus between us and our employees there’s an obvious disparity of treatment.
Here, dear Employee of the Council, Prodi, we’re getting a tax a minute, but the members of the Upper and Lower Houses never pay any taxes. Why do we have to pay for them as well?
Either the pensions are available for everyone after 30 months, or the parliamentarians adjust to be like everyone else.
I know that our employees will not accept this call. So in this case I’m going to start up an initiative for a popular law. I’m going to do it together with the law that reduces to 2 terms of office for each employee in Parliament (with backdating). RESET!
The pension of the parliamentarians is a minimum shame. One of those that is whispered. Trying to not make it noticeable. And to take home the bounty.
Privileges for them. Sacrifices for the Italians. But these employees are really TV walk-ons. They like to see themselves.
They are always there to see themselves talk. The public in the room, the “meet ups” present, should then ask them this question: “Don’t you feel shame getting a pension after only 30 months?”
Record questions and answers (or rapid departures) and send them to this blog. The videos will all be published in a new ad hoc area: “Arse heads” RESET!

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November 10, 2006

We Shall Overcome


Well then, is it true that Italy is getting to be ever more similar to the USA?
Let’s see. In the USA elections, after dark years, the progressives beat the conservatives.
It’s just like in Italy, the elected progressives are at times conservatives just like the old conservatives.
And there are messes in the election procedure, the computers don’t work and Bush, great robber of votes, and Berlusconi, great buyer of consensus, are complaining.
But Bush admits the defeat, while Berlusconi is still gnawing away.
Rumsfeld resigns. Previti wants to come back. The Americans are more frightened of the increase in the price of petrol than the war in Iraq. The Italians prefer the withdrawal of ICI {tax on housing} than the withdrawal from Iraq.
The USA in Iraq are fighting and dying. The Italians are dying but it’s not known what they are staying there to do.
The USA has the most powerful secret services in the world but they see the Twin Towers knocked down by 20 terrorists who learned to fly in the flying clubs and in the fairground.
Italy has really costly secret services, called intelligence, but they still haven’t discovered who planted the bombs and Gelli has been diverted them and has been running rings round them for years.
The USA are searching for the truth about the attack on the Pentagon. We’re looking for the truth about Pio Pompa.
The Americans adore and buy Italian pistols, designer jackets and our spaghetti. The Italians adore watching American films where the Italians are all Mafiosi with pistols, spaghetti and Italian jackets.
We’ve got Venice and it’s true that it’s sinking. They have built a pretend one at Las Vegas.
In Italy half the shops have writing in English, In New York half have writing in Italian.
The USA has Hillary Clinton and Shwarzenegger, we have Melandri and Caldaroli.
They have 10 American bases in Italy. We have no Italian base in the USA, only 300,000 pizzerias.
They knock down our ski lifts with their airplanes. We can’t attack Disneyland with ours.
OK, adding it all up, we are equal: great similarities and great differences.

Perhaps at this moment, the true difference is this:
Here with us there’s a growing hope that the American democrat victory improves the situation for everyone, while hope is diminishing that the victory of the Italian democratic voters brings an improvement for someone….
But to put that into Italian: we shall overcome.

By Beppe Grillo and Stefano Benni, the wolf.

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November 09, 2006

Do it yourself prize for incinerators

image by:

The truth rests in the honesty of the people who bring us information. According to la Repubblica an “independent commission” has given a prize to ASM of Brescia for the best incinerator in the world. I’m publishing part of an open letter written to the president of the professional body of journalists in Lombardy by a citizen of Brescia who is slightly in disagreement...

“I am writing to you to propose a correction to common bad practice that is widespread among journalists: the publication of news about scientific or technical successes connected with big private interest, but without making available the relevant scientific or technical documentation. This incorrect practice makes it possible to spread false news or dodgy news that is in favour of big private interest but often damaging to the public; above all when it is about issues relating to health. The most recent example is the news about a prize to the ASM incinerator in Brescia.” [...]

The journalists should always obtain a copy of the scientific report on which a news item is based, when they are communicating this to the public. This report should then be kept in the archives. ." [...] "with these “scientific” news items first the trust of the public is captured “ad authoritatem”, on the basis of the prestige of science and the institutions or public personalities, - in this case Columbia University and the mayor – then “a posteriori”, with the prestige thus obtained what has been affirmed is justified” [...]

“For example, if instead of limiting oneself to passing on and amplifying the press release, there had been use of the Internet to see who had awarded the prize, it would have been easy to find out that the body giving the prize was the WTERT of Columbia University and that it counts among its “Sponsors and Supporting organizations” Martin GmbH.

Martin GmbH is among those who constructed the incinerator that got the prize. It’s possible to reach the site of Martin GmbH from that of WTERT. There you can read under a lovely photo of the ASM incinerator, that in Italy the Martin company is in partnership with another multinational called Technip.

A big conflict of interests: not a potential conflict but an existing one, because the Martin company, strengthened by the political protection for incinerators, intends participating, as affirmed on its website once more under the photo of the incinerator in Brescia, to construct other plants. Plants that have already been planned in Italy, overcoming, with techniques of PR and at times with the use of force, opposition that comes from groups of citizens and qualified experts.

Technip is already participating in president Cuffaro’s unpopular plan to construct and manage incinerators in Sicily.” [...]

“the interests of business of the incinerators, establishments that have a low level of acceptance in other countries [...]have been “knocked back” by Italy in this competition to those who are the best at burning rubbish” [...] “Journalists should consider establishing (or refuting) the principle of not making public, news of scientific successes whose technical documentation has not been published in an adequate form.” [...] “Today numbers have taken on a mystical value: since measurements involve numbers, the certainty of pure mathematics is attributed to measurements. [...] Some forget that “figures don’t lie, but liars can figure”." [...]

“Brescia has without a doubt obtained the record for the production and the disposal of rubbish, just as once Prato was the capital of rags. Brescia has also a general mortality and a death rate for cancer among the highest in Italy, [...] but it is teaching others how to reduce environmental carcinogens” [...]

“The company and the local authorities refuse the evaluation of environmental impact, in such a way that there is a situation in which the Cabinet member of the Green party is climbed over on the left by the EU public control bodies, who are notorious for being more than respectful to capitalistic interests.” [...]

“The broadcast of news like this about the prize is one of the two faces of manipulation. The other is the suppression of verification and of critical voices; an authentic service, necessary to those big companies, often multinationals, that impose products that are ethically sensitive.” [...]

“This network will not pull back if it is necessary to discredit, boycott or intimidate any individual who could use their criticisms to show official versions to be false.”

Francesco Pansera

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November 07, 2006

Another world of energy saving with API

photo by: athoob

Life expectancy has gone down by 3 years in the Po Valley because of the PM 2.5. API has sprung into action straight away: it has decided to give us a luminous future with a Kyoto Box: two light bulbs and two gadgets for taps to reduce the CO2 pollution in the other world.
The Kyoto Box is also known as the “magic box” because of its occult powers. The API refinery has become the “Advanced Centre for Environmental Energy”, the advancement of the environment towards Hades.
The money that we pay with our ENEL energy bill at item A3 for “new plant for renewable sources and similar” has been assimilated to refineries and incinerators, to renew the planet starting from zero. With the money saved with the magic box we will however be able to repay the 60,000,000,000 Euro that the Italian pollution is costing us in terms of economic and social and health damages.
The magic box will be distributed to 1680 people who will be able to reserve for themselves a kingdom of illuminated dead. This Saturday in the Falconara building to thank API, we will come together with the Comitati di Falconara {Falconara groupings} and the Meetup people.

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A Letter from the Front


A medical doctor has written to me about the isolation of those who do his job, trying to save human lives every day.

Dear Beppe,
I read your post about avoidable deaths. Consider the numbers given by official sources. It would be useful to have an interpretation rather than sensationalism. In Italy passing the hot potato is one of the most popular of sports and we get caught in the middle between the people who want to survive beyond infinity and the insurance companies who turn things round against the doctors so that they don’t have to pay.
Here’s a simple example: a person dies. Their relatives bring a legal action. The hospital has an insurance company that makes an agreement with the relatives with a relatively low sum of money that is usually accepted straight away. They grab 15-20 thousand and they are off.
The problem is that, from the point of view of the criminal law, the doctor is left on his own because the legal action does not stop just because the insurance company has paid out. In Italy the criminal proceedings have to continue. And his situation gets worse as the hospital drops him to avoid the costs. This is done in collaboration with the insurance company who otherwise would not have agreed to see to the contract. Result: the doctor is in the sh..t. The insurance company has saved because it risked nothing and so on.
Those people who love their family members in an absolutely disinterested way are a tiny handful. And unfortunately it really is like that. Often even if everything went according to correct procedures, legal actions are often taken on no basis, with the hope of making a bit of money.
In the USA, a really serious situation is arising. Many critical care doctors are turning to easier specializations or they are directly changing their jobs because the insurance companies don’t want to know anything more about them.
I don’t remember in how many States in the USA where there are only a handful of people left who are prepared to operate on urgent cases. For too many risks.
There is a defensive behaviour that is ever more common. Rather than stay standing all night and perhaps even the following morning, not just working for 16 hours at a time, and taking really difficult decisions and having blood coming at you, or vomit, or shouts. Having to listen to mad people and looking for beds in the hospital when there are always fewer available. Do I then have to pass the rest of my time with lawyers and judges?
There’s too much ignorance and too much bad faith. Then someone starts to judge me while I am trying to avoid the collapse of the blood pressure and having sorted that, an arrhythmia starts and I inject amiodarone in the vein just in time… but it produces an allergic reaction in the patient who changes from being arrhythmic and becomes one in anaphylactic shock. They become red and blue. Their bronchi start to whistle and the air no longer gets through. So I try to sort out any other disasters and while you are doing this the telephone rings a hundred times because there are other episodes here and there.
You try to do what is possible and you are full of coffee and your stomach is burning but you have to be able to concentrate. OK. There you are. Then the next morning you finally get to the bar and you read in the newspaper: “another case of bad medical practice” as though it was a camorra mafia homicide, as though we were a homogeneous band of criminals. As though there were no facts to be analysed studied and understood and a decision taken. Is there fault or not??
If in Italy you have to increase the meritocracy and reduce nepotism, I can assure you that I know an infinity of colleagues who are putting in all their efforts and yet they feel ever more constrained in this mesh of annoying people who are ignorant and money-grabbing, evil lawyers and oncology barons who are willing to teach everyone using data that needs checking.
If a medical doctor has to be a little bit of a manager, a little bit a psychologist, and also a bit like a brother, why on earth do people not try to be a little bit of a doctor? Perhaps after closing their scruffy little office or between a marketing meeting and the next, they have a great ride on the motorway where there is a German lorry driver who’s really drunk and he has just transformed a small Fiat Punto car into a little dot with a young couple all mixed up inside, one of whom is dead and the other almost dead and the fire officers on the radio say “5 minutes and we’re there” and you are there cutting yourself on the car body while you try to find the vein in what you hope is the correct arm.
After perhaps 2 months with hepatitis C that you’ve got from the woman who was drug-dependent and a great trial looming because the ex husband has decided to take action as a precaution. I’m sure that people would have a few more reasons to understand how things are.
And then there’s VAP (Ventilator-associated pneumonia). I assure you that it is a much more complicated problem. For example, did you know that 40% of all those in the intensive care unit for any reason, within the first 24 hours develop reduced immune defences that are more serious than definite AIDS? It’s not just a matter of lifting up the back-rest. We even put people on their fronts (using a mattress that costs about 18,000 Euro) And we get doses of radiation to do chest X rays with the portable equipment so as not to leave them on their own.
The truth is that someone who is good at getting in the way could happily keep us in a sticky situation for months. Believe me. We are always in the wrong. And if there are certain news items on the TV News or on the Radio News, trust me, there’s a lot of approximation and a lot of demagogy probably because it is easier to lay the blame on those who do the work rather than face up to problems that are structural and cultural.
Good Heavens! This week I have done 74 hours work and I’m paid for 38. Then. Shit. I find on your website even another reason to feel stressed. It makes me want to change my job and this doesn’t normally happen to those who enjoy what they are doing every day. “

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November 06, 2006



In Italy, if we don’t count the following groups:

- children
- pensioners
- public sector employees
- trades unionists
- tax dodgers
- politicians
- those who falsely claim to be disabled
- unemployed people
- organized crime
- prisoners

that just leaves 2 million people who are producing for everyone. People who are tormented by public administrators, robbed by organized crime, taken for a ride by the politicians, laughed at by pardoned prisoners, derided by tax-dodgers, felt sorry for by false disabled people, given finger signals by trades unionists. People who pay contributions for pensioners and for unemployment benefits for the unemployed. Two million people that are the envy of the whole planet. An economic miracle. Each one maintains a family unit of 30 people. But it’s a race of beasts of burden that is slowly dying out. Soon Italians will have to keep themselves. Two million people support, with their taxes, entire regions and social classes. If some of these two million are listening I’ve got a proposal. Let’s count ourselves. Let’s sign a request to get asylum in Australia. Two million workers who produce the whole Italian GDP are a resource not to be missed. It would be enough for us to have a piece of land in Queensland or in Victoria. A new life without parasites. The roughly 56 Italians remaining could get adopted by the FAO {Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations}. It’ll certainly need them.

Ps: I hope that Bossi doesn’t telephone me.

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November 05, 2006

I’m the Co-op


After the stories of Antonveneta, of Unipol, of Banca Popolare Italiana, of Fazio, of Consorte, of Gnutti, of Ricucci, of Fiorani, of the defence of the quality of being Italian and an affair in which the only ones not to go to prison are the politicians.
After all this we are right back at the beginning with the defence of the sacred earth of the mother country. It appears that Caprotti of Esselunga wants to sell to the English multinational, Tesco. The Co-op doesn’t agree. The Co-op is you and also Fassino, Bersani and D’Alema. It is the strongbox of the votes of the new Italian socialists: the DS.
Esselunga has purchased 2 pages in today’s Corriere della Sera. There are some interesting declarations from the last few years. In spite of Bersani’s liberalization.

“They tell me that Caprotti wants to sell. Beware not to lose Esselunga. It has to remain in Italian hands. Have I been understood?”
Cesare Geronzi

“ … I believe that the administrative system also has possible levers. Just as the Government has. It’s certain that no one enters a market without respecting its political and economic ruling class.”
Pierluigi Bersani

“…there are still the Co-ops and there’s still Esselunga… the government can put them together … it can have a policy to keep them together…”
Romano Prodi

Let Caprotti sell to Tesco. Let’s have retail prices in Italy at the level they are in other European countries.
Let’s import competition. Let’s avoid the family outings each weekend to France or Switzerland to buy products at half of half the price.
Let the government take care of prices and not Esselunga. Let it observe that all the on line distribution (the future) is already in the hands of foreigners.

PS: The Fruttagel factory of Senigallia with 200 employees, is closing. Let the Co-op intervene if it wants to and if it can.

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November 04, 2006



Roberto Saviano has sent me a copy of his book: ‘Gomorra’ with a few words for me inside it. Reading it made me think of Pasolini. I’m thinking that Roberto is a courageous young man to be protected. Roberto has written a book that should be obligatory in the schools. A book that represents Italy today and that should be read in class in place of ‘Cuore’ by Edmondo De Amicis. Young people in Naples work on projects for the Camorra. They are cocopro {on short-term contracts} in the black economy. They are lost generations. They are the starting point to save Naples.

“They are signed up as soon as they are able to be faithful to the clan. Aged from 12 to 17 years old, many are sons and brothers of members, many others come from families of precarious workers. They are the new army of the clans of the Neapolitan Camorra.
They come from the historic centre, from the zones of Sanità, Forcella, Secondigliano, rione San Gaetano, Quartieri Spagnoli, Pallonetto and are recruited by affiliations structured into different clans.
Their number is a real army. There are multiple advantages for the clans. A really young person gets half the salary of an adult member on the lowest grade, and rarely has to support their parents, they don’t have the encumbrance of a family, no hours to keep, no need for a regular salary and above all they are willing to be constantly on the streets.
The roles are diverse and have different responsibilities. They start with the sale of soft drugs, mainly hashish. Almost always the young person is positioned in the most crowded streets. In time they start to sell pills and they almost always get to use a motor cycle.
Finally, cocaine that is taken directly into the universities, outside the bars, in front of the hotels, at the metro stations. The groups of baby-vendors are basically in the flexible sales economy because they are less visible, they sell drugs in between playing football or having a ride on the motor cycle and often they go directly to the home of the client.
Very often the clan doesn’t oblige the youngsters to work in the morning, in fact they continue to go to school, even because if they miss school it’s easier to locate them.
Often the really young members after the first few months of work, go around carrying weapons. A way of defending themselves and to give them status. A field promotion that promises them the possibility to rise in the ranks of the clan. Automatic and semi-automatic pistols that they learn to use on the rubbish tips of the province and in the underground caves of Naples.
When they become trustworthy and they have the total trust of the boss of the zone, then they can take on a role that is well beyond that of pusher. They become ‘pali’ {look-outs}.
In a city street assigned to them, they check that the lorries coming in to unload merchandise to the supermarkets, shops or salumerie, are the ones set up by the clan, or if they are not, they indicate when the distributor to a shop is not one of the “chosen” ones.
Even in the building sites, the presence of the ‘pali’ is fundamental. The contractors often sub-contract to building companies of the Camorra groups. But at times the work is entrusted to companies that are “not advisable”.
From ‘Gomorra’ by Roberto Saviano

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November 03, 2006

The effects of Bureaucracy


In Italy we have enormous databases that are distributed everywhere. Databases translated into Italian mean enormous piles of paper documents. Archived or more commonly, placed conveniently on the ground. Within easy reach of the office worker.
The databases are strictly personal. Every administration has its own and protects it from access by others. It doesn’t share it with anyone. It has to be said, there’s the exception of the of-the-rails secret services. But that of course is an exception.
And more than anything, it’s relevant to Prodi. If an item of data that relates to us can be duplicated, triplicated, multiplied by a number of public administrations, this will happen.
And, every time, we’ll be asked for it by the Town Hall, the Region, the Tax collecting agency, by the town agencies, by the Province. Always the same.
This is where the problem arises for those of us who are less precise.
The problem of getting in a muddle and contradicting ourselves. And then to finish up with problems. But perhaps this is the true purpose of all this checking. To show up the citizen in error. And to punish them with sanctions. It’s an attitude that causes a crisis of identity. Am I me?
And my dependent child is he still called Giovanni just as he was last year? And the number of my house, has it increased? Questions that need constant attention on the part of the citizen. No distraction is allowed.
The penalty is the collapse of the house, the turning off of public services, interest on lat payments, the increase of taxes.
I propose the setting up of a Ministry for Relating to Citizens. That it is the only one to talk to us.
That it asks things with courtesy. That it explains the reasons. And if it doesn’t know the reasons, that we can “mandare a FU....FF”!
This Ministry will have the task of connecting the different administration to establish the information about each citizen. It’ll cost us something, but would you like to get the satisfaction…
In the meantime, if we are asked for information that is already in the possession of the public administration, let’s write down the address of the body where that information is already present. With an added bit: YOU ARE USELESS! RESET!

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November 02, 2006

All Souls and All Saints of Italy


Today people go to the cemeteries with bunches of flowers for their dead relatives. My folks often come to visit me. They come into my dreams and keep me company and then they leave in the morning.
Italy has had thousands of people killed by the mafias, and not occasionally with the collusion of the State. These dead people have a merit mark. They have kept a flame of dignity, of self esteem for Italians.
To know that some have not given in to organized crime, with political collusion in the poll position. That they have not bowed down.
They have been shot at, blown to pieces, verbally attacked. Their witness make us feel less mean. The State, perhaps, will not die because of them. Impastato, Ambrosoli, Dalla Chiesa, Falcone, Borsellino... The list is really long. This is a slaughter that has been going on for decades. Almost always they are the best. In Washington, on a great black slab there are the names of those who fell in Vietnam.
In Rome we should do the same thing for those who died at the hands of the mafia. A monument with thousands of names in front of Parliament. There would still be, it’s true, the problem of managing it. Each day new names would have to be added. It’s a war without end dates.
In the Lebanon, our soldiers are playing cards with the Hezbollah and our South is without law and order. It’s time for 2007 calendars. I’m preparing one that can be downloaded from this site.
Instead of Saints of the Church there will be the Saints of Italy on the day when they died. 23 May Saint Falcone, 29 July Saint Rocco Chinnici exploded...

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Game Over


I would like to make an appeal to organized crime. The top economic power in the country. The top industry. Feared even by Putin who retracted his statement after a few rash affirmations. However Bush has never raised problems since he was informed of how John Kennedy ended up.
The mafia has won. They have annexed themselves to the cities, provinces, regions. It’s necessary to be loyal and recognize that. Those who win, win. But there’s no need to exaggerate. Without an adversary the sense of competition is lost. The Procuras {justice offices} are failing. They no longer have paper, petrol, toner, computers.
The national anti-mafia Procura took immediate action. It has sent to the Catania Procura 20 petrol vouchers for 10 euro each. That’ll do nicely for half an hour of chase.
If the magistrates of the anti-mafia pool resign. If funding is cut by 50%. If justice is constant. Then there’s no game.
In certain regions organized crime invoices more than the rest of the economy put together.
A donation under the counter, from abroad to abroad to the Procuras is thus nothing. It can be done out of a sense of sport. Each to his own.
There’s no risk of losing anyway and there’s a great image value. Let each mafia adopt, according to their territory, their own Procura.
Let them send a few packs of paper for fax, some contraband PCs, a few stolen cars with full tanks. Perhaps even some rolls of toilet paper. Let them give the citizens the sensation that the State still exists. It’s only an illusion but it’s better than nothing.

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