Game Over


I would like to make an appeal to organized crime. The top economic power in the country. The top industry. Feared even by Putin who retracted his statement after a few rash affirmations. However Bush has never raised problems since he was informed of how John Kennedy ended up.
The mafia has won. They have annexed themselves to the cities, provinces, regions. Itís necessary to be loyal and recognize that. Those who win, win. But thereís no need to exaggerate. Without an adversary the sense of competition is lost. The Procuras {justice offices} are failing. They no longer have paper, petrol, toner, computers.
The national anti-mafia Procura took immediate action. It has sent to the Catania Procura 20 petrol vouchers for 10 euro each. Thatíll do nicely for half an hour of chase.
If the magistrates of the anti-mafia pool resign. If funding is cut by 50%. If justice is constant. Then thereís no game.
In certain regions organized crime invoices more than the rest of the economy put together.
A donation under the counter, from abroad to abroad to the Procuras is thus nothing. It can be done out of a sense of sport. Each to his own.
Thereís no risk of losing anyway and thereís a great image value. Let each mafia adopt, according to their territory, their own Procura.
Let them send a few packs of paper for fax, some contraband PCs, a few stolen cars with full tanks. Perhaps even some rolls of toilet paper. Let them give the citizens the sensation that the State still exists. Itís only an illusion but itís better than nothing.

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It is with heavy heart that I say that I cannot see a bright future in front of the entire country. It will take a lot of courage to start the changes, something the citizens don't seem to have. Better, they don't seem interested in changes, somehow. Isn't that strange. It makes me so mad to see how passive persons can be. I wonder for how long the citizens will be willing to take all of this. It's not like they are not paying taxes, ... and still....

I'm just feeling negative today. I'm to the point where I feel I cannot digest any other bad news!!

Posted by: Stefania Nobile | November 3, 2006 09:56 PM

Italy is going to bear the brunt of the catastrophe it has been creating for itself over the past two decades.

...and it will take a hell of a lot longer than that to get out of it.

Posted by: Dolly Parton | November 3, 2006 02:03 AM

Wow. You really sound defeated, Beppe. But, like all politics (whether they are regional or national) it will be swayed and influenced by those who are swayable and easily influenced. And, money (or favors) will always be at the root of it.

The issue is ethics. And it needs to start and end with *everyone*.

Posted by: Charles Terenzio | November 2, 2006 02:38 AM

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