Pantalone’s Railway


“Railways without substance and without resources: the disequilibrium is such that it’s no longer possible to go on in a state of financial indebtedness. … the buildings that were owned have all been sold off”, Mauro Moretti, amministratore delegato delle Ferrovie dello Stato. (CEO of Italian State Railways).

1,800,000,000 Euro is the hole in the balance sheet forecast for 2006.
6,100,000,000 Euro is necessary to avoid having to take the books to the tribunal.
Who has administered the Railways in the last few years? Catania.
Who has been the Minister of Transport in the last few years? Lunardi.
Who was President of the Council in the last few years? Berlusconi.
And Moretti, where has he worked in the last 20 years?
Let them pay the 6,100,000,000 Euro.
They are not our debts. It’s their affair.
Romano Prodi has said that he will intervene. But how? In the usual way.
Taxes on the citizens. And the people responsible for the bankruptcy, golden handshakes of millions of Euro, handsomely paid jobs in Parliament, escorts paid for by the State.

Prodi must put figures to the resulting damages and ensure that compensation is paid . These people should be ashamed to go out of their homes. With the trains in a Third World situation we have invested in high speed, with the delirium of the TAV in Val di Susa.
Someone has to pay, even though it’s a Euro, they have to pay.
Those voting for the Centre Left have been defined as coglioni (twit, lit.testicles). If the government doesn’t intervene it is surely true.
Let the one who has made a mistake be the one to pay. And let the politicized top brass of the Railways stay out of our hair.

Ps: Cimoli (Cimoletor) has contributed to the destruction of the railways, now he’s finishing up his work in Alitalia. In a few months we will be told that it has folded. In that case the people responsible have 2 names: Bianchi and Prodi.

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dear prince,
ur such a fricken skumbag!!!
and no one give a shit bout wat u say!!
just piss off!!

Posted by: jacie ferman | November 4, 2008 01:47 AM

Reflection on Italy
Hello there, we are in the 21st Century and the year 2006, I have to recognize that Unions were needed through the industrialization period of Europe and the world in general although I am sorry to say that today these Unions are the chains and shackle of the Italian Economy in general. Having sat that I also see blatantly clear the total incompetence and mismanagement of any industrial activity the Italian Government puts his nose into, and throughout history has been proven over and over again. The incompetence of CEO’s or Directors is so blatant and obvious that these Companies are not even accounted in the International Market as a possible investment, and companies like Anas, Alitalia (Below 1 Euros that means below the collective value of the Aircraft they own and they received from the prior government and Bundesh Bank 400 million to stay afloat last year) FSI, Italian Ports, Poste Italiane, TI etc. All of the listed Companies are controlled by the Italian Government (Major Stock Holder and in same of these they even have the Golden Share) and therefore that means Italians (Through their Government) is the Decision Maker on how these companies should and are run. I realize that these facts are common knowledge and The Market is well aware of it, to the point that TI is being considered for a take over (Not Investment but Take Over) Alitalia as well is considered as a Take Over (Although with conditions like No Golden Share and break up of Union rules etc) Italian Ports is in such a mess that is not even considered by anyone when throughout the world the Arabs especially are buying any Ports they can (See England, US, Canada, Singapore etc) and we are the gate of Europe especially for Tourism, Gas, Oil, China Shipping etc. If we only had some Competent Managers capable willing and responsible these Country should and could be a reference point for the world and the gate for approx 600 million Europeans. Instead what we had and still have is Prodi dismantling and sold IRI (See Alfa Romeo, Nuovo Pignone, SME, Cirio etc) Catania was fired although he received approx. 7 Mil. For the good job he did while Mr. Cimoli that run it before did such a good job and so he received a promotion to run Alitalia. Now I don’t want to imply that all the Managers are bad people and probably they try their best although politics is an art and not a profession. In the real world instead when a CEO of any public company doesn’t perform and more importantly loses money he/she is as goner the next Board Meeting with the only exception of Company run by the Italian Government. What amuses me the most is not the fact that incompetent Manager run companies into the ground and waist public money left and right but the fact that everybody knows it, they accepted it as the cost of doing business with politics and the result is that the public (Therefore the people that pays for it) is so disgusted and powerless that accept this as a normal Italian Qui-Pro-Quo’. I have traveled the world several time over (Once a year even to come home to Italy) and in the last 25 years I have never flown Alitalia, and this says a lot to me. I have a proposition to whomever is making these decision on public money, The Government should be only in the 5 keys area and they are “Defense, Health, Justice, Education and Social Security, as for the rest please stay out of it because Government and Politicians are by definition incompetent, incapable and to make the matter worst inconclusive.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 24, 2006 02:40 PM

Do I look like the guy that gives a shit?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 18, 2006 11:51 PM

Prince: if your sister could hear that you called her Bud Spencer she would beat you too! (and she would be able to do it!!!);-))))))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 18, 2006 12:49 PM

Prince,I never though of as bad person,and you got a point,I am like your sisters,I am Little, but I used to get the boys really fast by pulling their hairs think in my mind I tough ,if you going ot get me,I'll get you first,and it did work all the time,earning me the respect of the boys,and I was left in peace,that taught me not to underestimate any size,little can be powerful too.ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | November 18, 2006 02:15 AM

Eva, by the way: my sister once got bothered by one of this prickless bullies when she was a kid.
She beat him so bad that the guy fell on the floor and at home had to shut up because he didn't want anybody to know that a girl beat him.
I tell you, nobody messed with her because she was like Bud Spencer (and she still is).

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 18, 2006 12:11 AM

Maybe we are just trying to protect our kids from what we went through.
I'm not proud of what I had to do but I stress its importance because it's like a rite of passage between "being taken care of" and "being in charge", which eventually will happen sooner or later.
Bad things shape our character and of course they cannot be applied to everybody in the same way: the reverse of the medal it's that if we don't teach to our kids to put their foot down, they will be always used to never question authority when things go down the drain and everybody chickens out because, you know, "it's bad to shout". This excuse if often used when somebody upstairs does whatever he pleases, expecting everybody else to shut up and to look the other way.
Before you think I am a thug, I can tell you that I never ever had the heart to bother somebody smaller or weaker than me, I just tried to defend myself from those MF bullies.
And another thing: back in the seventies not even the bullies thought to bother an handicapped kid because that meant to be nearly killed by their parents and despised by everybody in the village.
Some shit!!

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 18, 2006 12:06 AM

Prince,I had to go to a rite of passage like you did,I can tell you that in the school were my kids go there is not bullying,I do not agree with fighting like you and me had to do,in a perfect society it shouldn't happen,childrens should be shielded from this ugly side,and feel safe at school's all come down again to governments,and school implement anti bullying policy,here it is taken very very seriously,and caught bullyng,either,phisically,and verbally(calling names,and put kids down),it is a big trouble the end if caught early,it won't progress in bad behaviors later in life. ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | November 17, 2006 11:44 PM

When I was a kid, everybody beat me up.
Then, one day, I got pissed off and I gave to this bully the beating of his life.
I beat him so much that even today, after almost 30 years, the guy avoids me when he meets me.
You want to know why?
Because my dad one day told me that if I was to come home again whining about people beating me up, he would kick my ass so bad I would not forget for a long time.
This is why I became the mean son of a bitch that I am today when somebody pisses me off.
One day I told my nieces to not be mean to anybody but also to not let anybody piss on their leg: for one time they listened to me.
The point is that kids have to learn about self esteem because outside there will be always somebody that will try to get somebody else to be subject to their ill will.
There's nothing better to have those people understand that they cannot have it all.
(And sometimes getting home happy with a couple of their teeth in your pocket and a little bit of blood on your T-Shirt).

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 17, 2006 11:19 PM

Perfida,off topic, bullying at school as to be address at the national level,if something need to be change,I live in Australia,and here we have zero tolerance for bullying,it came from the top,there are policy in place and all the schools have to implement this,it start at preschool to stand up and tell a kid that bother you that you do not like it,and they teach kids to tell with a strong and laud voice to send the message accross,with my kids I had little problem in kindy,and I solved enrolling my kids in a self defence course,that gave them self esteem to know that they can deal with it,and they never had to use it,kids pick on the weak one,they do not pick on the one that stand up to it,good luck ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | November 17, 2006 09:12 PM

Dear Beppe,
I am fairly new to these pages of yours but so far I've read nothing about the "bulling at school" issue. It's a big problem in UK and probably all over the World. What are the people doing about it in Italy? It seems to be a definetely bigger issue than it was when I was at school (that wasn't prehistory by the way). Is it something that afflict metropolies and big cities only or small province ones too?
This morning I read this
servizi/bullismo/lettere-bullismo/lettere-bullismo.html and I thought of my children. It's disgusting that we adults are not caring enough about this isssue.
Do we want to start changing things from the roots of society or are we just chitchatting about it? Dealing with the problem now would be not have to do it later when it will be too late!
Let me know.

Posted by: Perfida Albione | November 17, 2006 08:58 AM

I do not agree with self-calling “Pefida Albione” below. The owner of this blog is doing his job. OK, though usually in a constructive fashion. Which is rarely the case with Italian major press. An example: I was adversely critic the way the owner of this blog recently presented GNU software, though this was nothing in comparison with a major press article yesterday unconditionally acclaiming a new operative system by Microsoft. That just after the Linux day, where one could have learned how to live in freedom (and more efficiently). A bad service to the young generation by major press.

That said, today presentation of our railways status and implications is constructive: in a democracy one has to refund for bankruptcy, mismanagement, or simply a mistake. And should also step down when her/his management or planning proves incorrect. The folly of the tunnel and the bridge has been supported by nearly all currently politicians – from left to right - including the President and the Prime Minister. A folly with respect to the current status of our railways (when I travel with the fastest trains from Lucca to the University of Nice through the major coastal line, it takes eight and half hours for about four hundred kilometers or less). A folly in absolute terms, as made clear by the ecologist (I said ecologist, not environmentalist, distinguishing the science of ecology from the party-driven environmental management). The heads who have recently supported future tunnels and bridges (without presenting names and status of their scientific advisers, if any) should better step down or at least change their scientific advisors (why not presenting them to the citizen? Presenting with scientific curriculum and a short list of selected recent scientific publications on high-impact scientific journals).

That of refunding for damage is a norm that democracies apply also to lesser facets. To make an example, no refunding occurs in the town where I am based - Lucca - for either dog or pigeon shit (I know how shit from birds is better called in English, though let me call it shit) everywhere, or oil spilled from mismanaged cars and motorcycles everywhere. Animalists for pigeon shit, dog owners for dog shit, as well as car and motorcycle drivers for spilled oil should be billed for cleaning. Neither billing nor cleaning actually occur. Come and see.

Finally, I do believe that the scientist should occasionally intervene to this blog. It is part of his mission.


francesco pietra

Posted by: Francesco Pietra | November 17, 2006 08:49 AM

I agree with Derek Banner too but I find it out of contest.
Regarding the FFSS problem, on what grounds the government wants the TAV if not even the regular train service is working properly?
If the TAV would be accepted under the current conditions, within 20 years or less, it will be unusable due to the rampant incompetence that reigns in the organization, caused by managers that should be letting that job to more apt individuals.
Those politicians are like monkeys: whatever they don't fuck up they shit on it.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 17, 2006 12:44 AM

Well I certainly agree with Derek Banner article but...what the heck has this got to do with the Ferrovie dello Stato?
The more I read this Blog the more I think that it's a well of frustration leading almost nowhere.
Are you Beppe collecting all our complaints and building a database to show to that bunch of w*****s that govern/run (badly...very very badly) the Bel Paese and its industries/companies?
If not please explain!

Posted by: Perfida Albione | November 16, 2006 07:03 PM

How the heck did FS amass such a huge debt? Who has been keeping an eye on their accounts? The Fairy Godmother?

The situation is unbelievable. Gobsmacked, I am.

Posted by: Alex R | November 16, 2006 02:07 PM

By Derek Banner.

Parents and world authorities are outraged by paedophiles luring children and minors into sex and prostitution in chat forums on the Internet. The shocking fact has triggered a strong debate on who is more to blame for the lack of protection and safety of children and minors on the Internet. Internet authorities, Chat administrators, the police, politicians, and the sex industry all together seem to have diverged views on who should carry the largest portion of responsibility on the issue, however one thing they and the rest of the world seem to agree on is that the Internet simply ought to be made safer for children and minors. Proper safety measures and effective ways of tracking perpetrators ought to be put in place.

The true solution for a safer Internet for children and minors is ”Taking children off the Internet and giving them another online alternative”.

Every human society is generally structured with two worlds, - the world of adults and the world of children. And as by tradition children do not access the world of adults without supervision by parents or caregivers who guarantee their safety and well-being.
However, today’s online world of the Internet offers only one venue in which both children and adults interact and have access to services provided and to the information available. And often children do not always visit the Internet with parents’ or caregivers’ supervision.
Thus, while the information and communication technology has created unimagined opportunities for millions of people worldwide, it has however provided new tools for criminals and has caused new “headaches” for parents around the globe who care and worry about their children’s safety.
The proliferation of pornography, drugs, sexual abuse, obscenity, gambling, terrorists’ recruiting propaganda, and various other materials harmful to children and minors over the Internet have created major concerns for parents and authorities worldwide. Protecting children online has therefore become a particularly challenging issue.
In December 2000, the US Congress passed the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), a federal law to address concerns about children’s access in schools and libraries to the Internet and other information. Billions of dollars are allocated worldwide every year to design and develop filters and new software systems that can provide children’s safety on the Internet. However, despite all the efforts, none of the major players in the computer industry, let alone Microsoft, can give full assurance and guarantee a hundred-percent children-safety over the Internet. And parents and caregivers are often unfamiliar with new child-safety software tools available to them. Meanwhile predators are being very creative and find new ways to use the Internet to deceive and harm consumers, using technical and social engineering to mask their intent.

How can the world then provide a proper and full online-safety for children and minors around the globe? Will getting children offline solve the problem?
The answer certainly is a clear and global NO! Being online has simply become one of the most educative and best learning tools for children in today’s world.
Instead, getting children off the Internet and giving them another online alternative would be the ultimate solution. KINDERNET, a unique and separate information and communication world for children as a substitute to the Internet is a true solution for children online-safety and a cure to parents and caregivers’ nightmare.
Copyright Ó Derek Banner, 2005-2006. The Kindernet Company, Ó2005-2006, all rights reserved

Posted by: Derek Banner | November 16, 2006 12:58 PM

Le ferrovie scontano decenni di assunzioni clientelari. Un concentrato della nostra

Posted by: Antonio Gulli | November 16, 2006 12:11 PM

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