Pink Tax


There’s still not the pink quota. But there is the pink tax. The article in the Finance law cited in the letter about separated fathers will produce some side effects. The number of divorces will fall. The number of legitimate fathers will fall. Some of them will dress up as Batman. The maintenance allowances paid to the separated mothers will go down. However the court cases for the custody of children will increase. And fathers will go mad.

“Dear Beppe,
I’m writing about a topic that relates to the millions of “separated fathers” (or miserable ones, you choose) present in Italy Article 3 comma 1 of the Finance Law approved by the Lower House, fruit of the mind probably suffering from homophobia sickness of a legal adviser to our employee Visco, has established that all fathers who are separated, divorced or with civil annulments to their marriages, unless they have shared custody of their children (a really rare occurrence as the law has only recently come into force and there’s strong opposition form the women), will no longer have the right to a 50% tax deduction on their salary for the dependent children.
Even though they rightly have to pay (often beyond their capacity) a maintenance allowance plus 50% of all the costs for health, schooling, sport etc. no father will have the benefit of a fair tax deduction from their wage packet.
To clarify: the new norm says that the parent without custody does not have the right to a tax deduction when faced with the obligation to support the expenses for the maintenance of their children.
For the parent without custody the norm is particularly detrimental as they are obliged to maintain their children with regular payments but the tax regulations don’t allow for the tax benefit. With this new arrangement the parent without custody has to support a burden that cuts into their capacity to pay tax.
On top of this disadvantage, there is another one that is even more serious: even though I, like other separated fathers, have to pay 50% of the health costs for my child shared with my wife (costs that are often high) I cannot deduct them from my taxable income, but the whole sum will go to the parent with custody, who is almost always the mother.
There’s the risk of losing the possibility of health cover for illnesses of one’s own children for those dads who work and have health insurance that they pay with monthly deductions form salary, in as much as these children will no longer be recognized as relevant to tax benefits.
Fathers will have to continue to pay 50% of all expenses for their children but the benefits and the tax advantages (unless there is joint custody) will go only to the mother.
We will all be obliged to ask for joint custody. Many fathers including myself have not yet requested this only to avoid new conflicts with the former spouse, who is generally contrary.
I wonder what country I’m living in and why I, who voted for the Centre Left, find myself thinking about one of the few advanced and civilized laws of this country, that is the one about joint custody, that puts us on a level (at least in theory) with Germany, England and the Scandinavian countries, that was passed by the Berlusconi government, and yet now they are trying to take us back to the Middle Ages. “
Stefano T.

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Hello there, just a reminder how smoothly the Oligarchs (All Government controlled Company) of Italy are at work to service the citizen. The Euro is at the highest exchange value against the dollar in the lst two years (Over 1.31$ per each Euros) while the cost of gasoline hasn’t change and still is at approx. 1.23 Euros per liters. I think every one knows that Oil is bought and paid in dollars on the world market and therefore when Eni or any other Refinery buys Oil they take the Euros exchange it in dollars and pay the supplier (Anyone from Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria etc) now since this appreciation of the Euro turns out to be approx. 3.1% of the cost of the transaction. I know very well that 3.1% is not very much for the ENI, Total or Shell although having sat that 3.1% of every liter of gasoline should be approx. 0.038 let say circa 0.04 cents of Euros. Since gasoline is already a very expensive commodity nowadays and already loaded with taxes (Gasoline cost at the refinery on the world market 1.59 Dollars a gallon and that means 0.321 Euros per Liter). As you can clearly see and calculate yourself this means an approximated tax of 383% over the real cost of the commodity itself. It would be nice if they would pass along to us this 3.1% saving that they are collecting free of charge thanks to the appreciation of the Euros since we are the one that makes this Currency appreciate so much thanks to the immense number of taxes we dearly pay for every thing.
By the way I am not holding my breath on this as usual here in Italy works this way and that is the reason the Government will say we are investigating the Oil Company for gauging the consumer although nothing ever changes, the same will be this time. Thanks to all of the agencies that supposedly are watching out for us. Thanks again another well done job and a very pro-active job as usual.
Thanks for the opportunity

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 27, 2006 01:33 PM

....instead I was nine years old when my parents divorced,and yes it was a real painful mess,both my husband and I came from broken homes,been a mother myself I can't imagine to live without my children,and I could not do that to my husband,I really feel for some of the fathers,unless there are proven case of domestic violence abuses, kids need a father and a mother,here in Australia need and welfare of the child come first,and the parents have to put aside theirs differences for the sake of the kids took awhile,but now things are changing for the better for fathers,there was a case in the paper where the divorced wife took the kids to live far away,and the father in order to see the kids had to travel 3 hours both way,in short the judge made the mother moved closer,and now the father have to drive only 1/2 hour to see his kids,fathers are very very important in kids live,for booth girls and boy.ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | November 27, 2006 09:51 AM

I'm really grateful for the fact that when my parents divorced, my siblings and I were all of age. The divroce was hard enough without having to go through that kind of mess.

Posted by: Juliette Lucie | November 26, 2006 01:14 AM

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