Rape with Pay Back


Everything has a price. And thank goodness there are those who think of compensation. The City of Brescia, as seen in this letter from one of their citizens, is in advance of the others. It has established a true price list for theft and acts of violence. The rape of a 20 year old is worth 260 Euro. After 60 years old itís better. You take home 310 Euro. For the elderly women who are raped and have some sort of infirmity with an income up to up to 15,000 Euro, itís a good 360 Euro. Whether you are raped by an individual or a group, it makes no difference. And, it must be said, this is true injustice.

ďHow great is Brescia at night! It seems like a different city. A Mediterranean city. But it can also seem like a city of the mysterious East. For example, Chinese, or Pakistani, or Indian, why not? It depends on the zone where you arrive.
The historic centre is divided into segments. Like an orange. Itís divided into neighbourhoods. Like New York. Itís controlled by tiny mafias and criminal networks, that start to make war among themselves and to get the first deaths, amidst general silence and the indifference of the law enforcement agencies. Like Naples.
Each area has its own language, its shops, its inhabitants. The streets have been emptied of small shops. Someone has tried to resist, but after a bit, the poetry drifts away.
And then a great guru arrived: a city cabinet member for ecology who dreamed of a city for pedestrians in close understanding with a Mayor who was hungry for fines to be able to balance the accounts for the thousands of repairs to the urban road network. They have positioned cameras that prevent cars from access to the historic centre.
Result: the desert of the tartars. Or rather, of the barbarians: the city is so multi-ethnic that thereís no longer even a person from Brescia there. And in the tiny roads of the old city, jack of all trades strut around and make some kind of living as well as timewasters who move fast and have intentions that are difficult to guess. But they promise nothing good.
In the backstreets of the city, everything happens. To such an extent that our generous city has decided to put into effect serious and effective measures to remedy a situation that is not serious, but tragic.
Iím attaching a flyer taken from the headquarters of the town police in the centre of Brescia. I am a single woman and I live alone in the centre within the limits of the dangerous neighbourhood. From the moment when the cameras came into use, no one can take me to my home in a car.
Apart from the logistics of a daily life like many others every day and every hour of the day, I am running serious risks for my safety.
The local police with savoir faire, tell me that I can get a payment of 260.00 Euro if someone knifes me or rapes me and I took the opportunity to ask them a question:
Why not bring in a foot patrol service, perhaps equipped with devices and a telephone number that I can ring so that I can be escorted to my home if Iím in danger?
The reply was surprising: we are not obliged to do that.
However you can ask at the Questura {Office of the National Security Police}. Thus late one evening when it was raining and the only faces around were really from a Scorsese film, I rang the Questura.
The reply was again surprising: we are not obliged to do that. So I asked the cabinet member who is by now a myth in this city.
I asked: why not introduce a pink car parking service, with escorts, with foot patrols for the residents of the centre?
The reply no longer surprised me: we are not obliged to do that. And the people of Brescia? You will be asking. Well, we are the city with the highest number of vehicles in Europe. There must be a reason, mustnít there?

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Correct,and you know what??

The first to go were those with "suspicious" names and
"false" IDs...:o)))

Posted by: paola filinesi | November 30, 2006 10:48 AM

A few Dictators and their accomplishments:
Mao: 71 million people murdered (very likely many more)
Stalin: 54 million murdered (very likely many more)
Hitler: 34 million murdered (very likely many more)
Napoleon: many millions, but numbers hard to tally.
And the list of these criminals is endless......
Study history if you want to avoid living with torture, firing squads, concentration camps, bloody wars, starvation and constant terror.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | November 30, 2006 01:39 AM

We have a lot to learn from other beings besides humans whom I don't really concider the best example of the animal race...!!!!

This being beside the point,could you please name one dictator who after "cleaning" the scum and dirt would step down and re-establish democracy???

"Vigilante" would be a nice nick name...let's see who uses it first...???

Posted by: paola filinesi | November 29, 2006 11:53 PM

Chicho: go get your head examined!

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | November 29, 2006 12:34 PM

Peace and love is not going to protect anybody from assault because animals don't understand these words.I find it so appalling that mass illegal immigration has turned Italy so ugly and such a dangerous place at night, particularly for local women. Extreme problems require extreme solutions. What Italy needs right now is a dictator to clean up Italy of all the scum and crook politicians.

Posted by: Chicho Chichi | November 29, 2006 06:16 AM

Paola: you are right.
Peppy: make love, not war:-)


Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 28, 2006 12:04 AM

Allow me to disagree...
Criminality is a distinctive characteristic of big cities. With very few exceptions (maybe in Japan...(??)I would say that most cities in the world have some degree of criminality.
The problem, in my opinion is not the way in which every local police functions but who become policemen....
The "policeman" as a profession is chosen by a certain group of people who more or less have the same characteristics.
They usually come from poor/middle class families, everagely educated. Being a policeman gives them a stable salary, a uniform (authority), a place in society...
Here comes the difficult part...if these persons were adequately and correctly trained by the state (and I don't mean in martial arts) they would have become an asset to the country and really serve society.
But no country is willing to spend as much as a cent on their training before putting them on the streets; and that's why we have the results we see today.
So the question is not whether we must take the law in our hands or learn how to use a gun but to demand from the state to give the appropriate training to those human beings who try their best according to their "limited" knowledge of their profession...

Posted by: paola filinesi | November 27, 2006 11:23 PM

A good Beretta wouldn't be bad either but a baseball bat would do the job.

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | November 27, 2006 09:59 PM

yes, I agree. ;-))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 27, 2006 09:48 PM


Who talked about weapons?

McGiver theaches how to help yourself.

Also, an upset Prince is the best weapon.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 27, 2006 09:09 PM

Prince: please, forget weapons!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 27, 2006 08:36 PM

I'm a single woman, and I'm used to go out alone or with other women from my girlhood. I was often molested by every kind of men, but the most of them had been italians. With or without immigrants we need as women to defend ourselves against these bastards, but we must also request more protective measures from police and carabinieri, but the real life is very different.
It happened to me that I was driving my car in the night with two girlfriends of mine, when we saw a car with two sinister types, who began to molest us with very coarse words. I got scared and tried to flee, I was driving faster and faster and I drove many times through a red light in order to shake off our pursuers, but without success. At last we saw a police department and we stopped in front of it, hoping to receive protection. The two guys stopped too. They got out of their car and said: Police! You drove throught the red light! I was schoked. But fortunately one of my girlfriends was the daughter of the chief of police of Rome. She gave them her identity papers without saiyng a word, and as the two bastards read her name they let us go apologizing and begging not to report the what happened.
How can I trust the police???

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 27, 2006 07:23 PM

Well, I live in Dublin and it is a multiethnic city but nothing like that happens: a few people have cars and everybody is walking around and taking buses. The attacks come from local youngsters (the knackers). When I was in Germany it was the same: calm and tranquillity, also in the big cities. So I wonder. Why is in Italy different? Now I understand that the behaviour of the non-local is more or less the consequence of the state of order in the same city and the state of mind of the people living there. Where there is less control but also where locals are more afraid of non locals and more unstable and less confident about themselves the more difficult is to live harmouniously and that creates less integration, tension and more violence.

Posted by: francesco filippi | November 27, 2006 05:26 PM

A couple of months ago I wrote something about Police and Carabinieri which don't give a damn about ordinary people.
In this occasion I confirm what I wrote.
Whoever has been elected to keep order and make our cities better, is just thinking about money and power.
What's next?

At least, where I live I have right to keep a weapon and to defend myself against this scum.

Here in US it never happened to me.

It happened in Italy years ago and in that occasion I defended myself at my best remembering one thing that was said to me while in Middle East: "If you are assaulted you must react with what you have and with a bigger fury than your attacker. You must be sure that you neutralize him before he does the same to you. Don't be merciful with your attacker because he will not be with you".
This guy was right.
Whatever I did on my attacker gave me the same remorse that I would have by stepping on a shit because this is what they are.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 27, 2006 04:16 PM

The best defence is self defence,if you wait for help even with a device,even if you have the time to used,it would take some time for the police to arrive,pepper spray,and a cow rod (electrical one)could be usefull,but best of all do a course of self defence one for street fight,dirty fight,and you'll fell more confident to know that you can look after yourself in any circumstances,ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | November 27, 2006 10:01 AM

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