For once, one damn time in the history of Italy we have the proof in our hands. A pile of blank ballot papers that could even be sampled.
A few measly days of work in the thousands of millions of hours of the Public Administration. There you go. We don’t care about it. We don’t do the checking. Who says so? The Rome prosecutors’ office. But the election coup d'état, because that’s what we are talking about, is a political problem. A problem for the citizens. Not just for the judges.
It is something that can turn upside down all the balances of this country. Both sides of the political divide are afraid of this.
Otherwise we count for nothing.
A blogger has sent me this film clip. A few declarations by Nando Dalla Chiesa about the night of the elections. Let’s listen to it.

Dear Beppe,
At the same moment as the breaking of the news about the Magistracy not counting the blank ballot papers, the Undersecretary of State Nando Dalla Chiesa pronounced these words at a conference in Milan:

'[…] perhaps it was us that made a mistake but I don’t believe so, I don’t think so…. However it is significant that we were asked, all of us, to go to the Prefettura {office of the Prefect} … this happened at 11:00pm in the evening. Then what happened? This is my hypothesis:
If it’s true that there has been mis-handling of the blank ballot papers I believe that the problem was in fact, what happened from the moment when the prefetture {offices of the Prefects} sent off the votes to the time when they arrived in Rome. That’s the mystery.
And I have to say: they would have won if it hadn’t been for the abusive force of the old Communist party. OK, what did they do?
When they saw that they started to eat up half a point, half a point, half a point, half a point and there were just the 280-300 sections from which the results had to arrive, those who had the organisation asked the sections to transmit the results of the count immediately. The results of the count arrived directly from those who were assisting the organisers, from the DS, the count monitoring; at that moment Prodi and Fassino said ‘we have won’ and there they broke the magic spell.
That’s why Berlusconi got mad, because it was them saying ‘we have won’, the Minister of the Interior didn’t say it and Pisanu was not heard, knowing that they had the true data from the sections he didn’t feel like contradicting them because he knew that they had counted the true votes from those sections and those votes had not passed through the possible mis-handling information technology filter.
This is what happened, thus I believe that what Prodi and Fassino have been told off about, is actually what saved us. That is, the fact that on the basis of the information received from their supporters they went on to say ‘we have won’; thus this affair was closed, with Berlusconi getting mad because there was another method of counting the votes.“

Marco Canestrari.

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Strange world? Ethiopia's former marxist dictator was just found guilty of genocide...after a TWELVE YEAR TRIAL IN ABSENTIA. What was he doing? Eating shellfish on Corfu?

Posted by: David Thomas | December 12, 2006 06:49 PM

Jonathan join the club,the rest of us can't understand either

Posted by: evakulnura | December 3, 2006 08:01 AM

I cannot understand why these mens are so stupid..

Posted by: Jonatan Farwell | December 3, 2006 12:41 AM

this is a big worry!as a country we are going in the wrong direction and I have to agree with Aidan,what are Italians doing about?,can't they see that democracy is vanishing under their nose?!and with all the tax the Italian people pay,they should have the best life,best public services,time to wake up from the stupor,WAKE UP,Reset,reset Beppe

Posted by: evakulnura | December 1, 2006 02:51 AM

Without going too far, a good step would be to finally taking off this Goddamned Biagi Law.

Is this too hard?

It requires an Einstein mind?

That's why I think MortadellaMan is an idiot.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 30, 2006 03:26 PM

Hello there, ladies and gentleman I may be way of track although clear to me that it is completely irrelevant who did what and when, and having sat that I also would like to know just who was in charge of what and if he/she did follow proper rules and procedure so that alleluia we may find out one Politician responsible for something in this Country (I think there is the dire need to demonstrate some accountability somewhere) other than that it make no difference one way or the other we still are in deep s**t no matter who is at the wheel. I would like to make something clear to everyone, this Political Class trying to keep this Country afloat is not the solution but rather the problem, while I don’t need to explain the why (You know it already) these incompetent have been there on average for the last 30 years have sink this Country into the ground, are ridiculed all over the world as incompetent buffoons while they tell each other what they did wrong on their way to another meeting trying to figure out how to hold on to power while covering their asses at the same time. I am a normal individual working for a living, by my perception Berlusconi lost because he promised the American Way (Bush especially less government less taxes) and fail that is why is not at the wheel anymore so Italians having been disillusioned with him hoped for Prodi and the left so here we have the same old farts from the left reinventing the wheel telling us we cleaned up ourselves and this time we will do a better job than Berlusconi. The fact is they are all the same what did you expect, there is no more money they (All of them) have wasted all the money Italian entrepreneurs were able to create for the last 30-40 years while living it up to the best of their ability claiming Italy to be such a great country that deserve to be where it count with only few cents in our coffins. Why rather than telling us what they found when they got to buttons room (Usually blame the one before) they should tell us who was in charge before the one before that and how did we get where we are today, broke every one overtaxed institutions falling apart ridicules pension every category of working class protesting financial planning rejected and ridiculed all over the world etc. Is this what their good planning to save Italy is. If this Finanziaria doesn’t work who will be the guilty one (Let me guess “Will someone will be around when this happen?”
Is not what they tell you that should scare you but rather what they don’t tell!
Thanks for the opportunity

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 30, 2006 03:15 PM

For God's sake...What is your problem???

Is it justice you are really concerned about or is it your dissapointment for loosing the elections and Berlusoni having to step down???

Posted by: paola filinesi | November 30, 2006 11:10 AM

Easy to tell everyone the answer to this conundrum. Italians are too busy watching 'Ballo con Le Stelle' to give a frig.

Posted by: Aidan Smyth | November 29, 2006 08:39 PM

That theory is utterly ridiculous.
Of course, since the votes won't be counted again (and Mr. Berlusconi has already asked for that many times), the authors of the infamous documentary are the only ones who will benefit from these lies.

Think about it: we have too many people around who will believe just anything incriminating for the centre-right party and its leader, and these lies are worth a lot of money.

Posted by: pietro marti | November 29, 2006 04:51 PM

the question is: what can we do at present to restore a little democracy in the country?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 29, 2006 04:04 PM

Giordano Bruno, Girolamo Savonarola, Galileo Galilei,...............

I thought that those times were gone for good.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 29, 2006 03:29 PM

Thanks for bringing that one up Joe, i guess now that Deaglio is being charged with those accusations there won't be any re-count of the blank papers then? Revolution? Or maybe Armageddon? Should we call the Aliens so they can abduct a few scumf@cks?? When is going to end?

Posted by: Giuseppe Graceffa | November 29, 2006 01:29 PM

From “Il Corriere della Sera”; no further comments needed!

Dopo il caso nato dal documentario «Uccidete la democrazia» Deaglio indagato dalla procura di Roma Il direttore di Diario accusato di «diffusione di notizie false, esagerate e tendenziose atte a turbare l'ordine pubblico»
ROMA: Enrico Deaglio, direttore del settimanale Diario autore del documentario «Uccidete la democrazia», è indagato dalla procura di Roma per diffusione di notizie false, esagerate e tendenziose atte a turbare l'ordine pubblico. Il caso denunciato nel film, con i presunti brogli durante le ultime elezioni politiche, era esploso nei giorni scorsi. Subito dopo avergli comunicato che assumeva la veste di indagato, Deaglio è stato informato dai magistrati che l'interrogatorio veniva sospeso e che prossimamente dovrà presentarsi in Procura accompagnato da un difensore. E' stato indagato anche l'altro autore del filmdocumentario Beppe Cremagnani.
LA TESI NON REGGE - A determinare l'assunzione della veste di indagato da parte di Deaglio è stata la convinzione dei magistrati, i quali hanno affermato che il meccanismo da lui descritto nel film, che non sará sequestrato, è il fatto che la tesi da lui sostenuta per parlare di eventuali brogli non regge perchè la proclamazione degli eletti in caso di elezioni viene proclamata dalla Cassazione solo attraverso materiale cartaceo, e non attraverso sistemi informatici.
«ACCUSA DA ANNI '60» - «Mi sembra una accusa da anni '60». Così Enrico Deaglio ha commentato l'iniziativa della procura di indagarlo. «Sono stato indagato - ha detto - sulla base del presupposto che è impossibile manipolare i dati sulle elezioni a livello informatico». Il direttore di Diario ha aggiunto poi che per il pm «il meccanismo di procedura elettorale non è manipolabile perchè la Cassazione proclama il risultato delle elezioni solo tramite cartaceo. proclama il risultato delle elezioni solo tramite cartaceo. E il cartaceo è impossibile da modificare».

Posted by: Joe Cartwright | November 29, 2006 10:56 AM

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