We Shall Overcome


Well then, is it true that Italy is getting to be ever more similar to the USA?
Letís see. In the USA elections, after dark years, the progressives beat the conservatives.
Itís just like in Italy, the elected progressives are at times conservatives just like the old conservatives.
And there are messes in the election procedure, the computers donít work and Bush, great robber of votes, and Berlusconi, great buyer of consensus, are complaining.
But Bush admits the defeat, while Berlusconi is still gnawing away.
Rumsfeld resigns. Previti wants to come back. The Americans are more frightened of the increase in the price of petrol than the war in Iraq. The Italians prefer the withdrawal of ICI {tax on housing} than the withdrawal from Iraq.
The USA in Iraq are fighting and dying. The Italians are dying but itís not known what they are staying there to do.
The USA has the most powerful secret services in the world but they see the Twin Towers knocked down by 20 terrorists who learned to fly in the flying clubs and in the fairground.
Italy has really costly secret services, called intelligence, but they still havenít discovered who planted the bombs and Gelli has been diverted them and has been running rings round them for years.
The USA are searching for the truth about the attack on the Pentagon. Weíre looking for the truth about Pio Pompa.
The Americans adore and buy Italian pistols, designer jackets and our spaghetti. The Italians adore watching American films where the Italians are all Mafiosi with pistols, spaghetti and Italian jackets.
Weíve got Venice and itís true that itís sinking. They have built a pretend one at Las Vegas.
In Italy half the shops have writing in English, In New York half have writing in Italian.
The USA has Hillary Clinton and Shwarzenegger, we have Melandri and Caldaroli.
They have 10 American bases in Italy. We have no Italian base in the USA, only 300,000 pizzerias.
They knock down our ski lifts with their airplanes. We canít attack Disneyland with ours.
OK, adding it all up, we are equal: great similarities and great differences.

Perhaps at this moment, the true difference is this:
Here with us thereís a growing hope that the American democrat victory improves the situation for everyone, while hope is diminishing that the victory of the Italian democratic voters brings an improvement for someoneÖ.
But to put that into Italian: we shall overcome.

By Beppe Grillo and Stefano Benni, the wolf.

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How beautiful can be relaxing people and to let our imagination to have the dream of the day( all the days)a world in peace and respect, an only Country world without selfishness and no more overwhelming, in pace,respect, solidary and helping towards the needy above all and all the human beings and the other creatures .This does not mean to surrender but to go on in the good.
Stop going in the cruel ,selfish ,polluting and destroying ,stop wars and terrorisms stop, please stop.We want peace,we want love.We are the honest and good (and also the poor unfortunately )people of the world. Rich class people and Vips leaders and (alas! )who think being owner of all the world,stop stop and stop selfishness,vanity and thirsty of endless power, who do you think you are ? Enough, enough,enouguh ! No more wars no more terrorism ,please, Peace, Peace ,peace and peace endless peace and respect and helping those who suffer,the needy the ill.people,solidarity and even more love love and love real friendship real friend real friendship.

In peace and respect and rights for all the people and respect the nature,environment ,we have to stand a new era,a new really civil and worth God message of love letīs start at last really to stand. . in Peace helping and respect and in harmony everybody toward everybody single or coupl,e of group we all are sons and daughters of God and of ourselves,the others. NO to the violent people and No to the ro0bbers and the hypocricians and the lyers of every place or Country ,they have to stop suffering the other people, to make God suffering and cry .Because only real love is divine and real friendship too,letīs love and be friend everybody pain and same in in human mind values towards the others who suffer and need help Really ).Differences of culture IN PEACE to be respected and shown can be beautiful too.In peace and respect of all and by all of us, we have all to stand . Let us feel the other people same as our good members of our same family , human family e are.Those who do non understand this do not understand a very important thing

This is my endless dream of the day

Let us start at last in endless helping the others and the nature ,environment our best human and
also that divine the spirit to increase in good not in evil evolution of man be peaceful REALLY Let us help those who can not have a voice.

I apologize for the readers and Beppe Grillo for my possible many mistakes both in English and Italian in the blog . Sorry. I do not use to correct before sending what I am trying to say, I risk to make even more mistakes if I try to correct in fact it happens to me later on to realize it. Grammar bad use of terms and key-bord taping spaces not respected.Is the mouse of my pc or just myself fault ? Keep smiling,people of the Beppe Grilloīs blog and us all, ,This is a Danish PC,Denmark is beautiful and people are usually welcoming .The language is difficult for my memory capacities to remember the words.It is anothr beautiful language.All the languages and dialects of the world are beautiful because they are the sounds and the key of communication voices of our forerunners .I also like the very important language of our brothers and friends who use the Breil language and those of the deaf -mute language they are also our brothers sisters and friends .Above all letīs make good use of the language of our best feelings,they are not made only of words. I am not so good in the use of the Internet also. love and for love. God bless.

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi e Ranuzzi | November 23, 2007 10:46 PM

tha correct name is CALDEROLI, not Caldaroli, as Grillo wrote in the English translation of his message, nor Caliroli, as someone commented.

If you want to knock it, you must know his name, right?

Just kidding, by the way, because I LIKE Calderoli, it's better then watching a Groucho Marx movie, every time he speaks.

Posted by: Tadeus Szemowski | November 18, 2006 07:02 PM

Ciao Beppe:

I am an American who lives in Italy. I especially enjoyed your similarities and differences post.

I have to say that my personality preference would take Melandri over Clinton but Schwarzenegger over Caliroli.

Wayne Woodrow
Mommio Castello (LU)

Posted by: Wayne Woodrow | November 12, 2006 08:15 AM

If it could be of interested things are moving here too,this organitation is getting big and are promoting good things, www.getup.org.au , from were I am,I can see and feel good changing in the air,ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | November 10, 2006 09:47 PM

At least, it must be said that 17 of them are republicans and only two are democrats...!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 10, 2006 06:56 PM

For Posters who get starry eyed about American politicians, please go to this site http://www.beyonddelay.org/report and realize that it's not only the Italian politicians that are dishonest.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | November 10, 2006 06:33 PM

I suppose, in the end, if anyone (who isn't a politician) has a way to change the world around them, it lies within the power of the *vote*, in a civilized and democratic society. A lot of the time, when things seem "unfixable", there is a sense of defeat that happens amongst the voters, leading to the apathy that keeps the voters away from the ballots. In the elections that happened earlier this week, there were some places that ran out of ballots.

I never agreed with the war in Iraq, and I was never a supporter of the current administration here in America. But, after all the demonstrations, stalemates, filibusters and frustration, I was left with the one action that could make a difference, and I voted. If it has a positive world effect, then it is something that I am very happy about.

*Let the hope happen*

Posted by: Charles Terenzio | November 10, 2006 05:34 PM

@Giacomo Chiametti
I think the reason of this is that corruption and dishonesty are endemic problems in Italy, at low, medium and high level. Not only politicians are crooked, but also many public and private managers an public servants.
How can a crooked politician be fired when the other ones are not much better than him?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 10, 2006 04:54 PM

Hello there, as far as I am concerned (I vote as US Citizen) comparing the US to Italy is a farse. In Italy we vote for Parties not individuals (Senators or Rappresentatives!) while in the US soner or later (Someone sat 3 years before they realised it, while here 5 years of Berlusconi and he is still ranting and raving about all the things he did!) so let's not mix oranges and apples. Now having sat that what appears laud and clear is the fact that this or any other government has to realise that the Politicians are way out of touch and they live in ferry tale live stile, while asking the tax payer sacrifice they themself are definetelly not willing to make. On a daily basis we get bombarded by scandals, mismanagement, incresed salary for Politicians, perks (For them only)etc etc (Donations spent elwere, Alitalia pants rules, 17 armed car for Berlusconi, Prodi left 800000.00 euros to his kids etc etc)when will it end. These buffoons have to realise that is time for the Government to put his house in order clean up the incompetency that is blatantly pervasive in anything the Government touches and that come to us and ask for sacrifice. In the US when a Senator has screwed up and discraced his/her reputation he/she goes home and is not welcome to come back in the political seen, here in Italy Prodi screwed up IRI and he was there with Democrazia Cristiani in all the dirty tricks they did while in government although now he is still a political figure that leads a government for goodness sake, what am I missing in this picture.
Please explain to me how can this be compared? I must be dreming of an ideal society when I pretend that when a Politician looses his/her credibility he/she has to the hell and do not come back. Moral of the story is the Parties have to disconnected from Political decision and Individual Person has to carry the responsibilities he/she claim during Political Campaign and when they will not be carried to fulfillment he/she is a goner for good.
Thanks for the opportunity

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 10, 2006 04:41 PM

Paola (you are Paola, are you?)I'm 100% sure!
As for the topic: I think also we can't compare Italy with USA.
Anyway, I'm glad for the electoral results in America, even if I don't know if something will really change in that country. May be that's the only similarity between the two countries, by both of them the famous speech from Visconti's "Gattopardo" is very true!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | November 10, 2006 04:12 PM

I don't think it is correct to compare the USA with Italy....
It took the American people more than 3 years to realize what a farce the Iraqi war has been and an estimate of more than 100,000 solders (wounded and dead)
plus more than US$350.000.000.000.- (and counting) in costs...!!!
And all the Bush administration has to say now is that "Obviously we must have made a mistake, Ramsfield resigns, and now we have to work with the Democrats"....:o))

Please excuse me but I prefer being an "Arrogant" Italian
even erroneously called a "Mafioso" than being
"The Leader of the World"...!!

Are sure you were in Germany and not in Tokyo with the Prince...???
Welcome back both of you..!! :o)))))

Posted by: pfilin@otenet.gr | November 10, 2006 03:28 PM


Let us hope not.We like Beppe Grillo better person and if he enter politic he risks madness.
Politicians of Italy are almost all to consider insane people.Look at their expression in TV.shup their voices and look at them.Then turn on again to give voice,return to turn off voice and look at them again.But if you can shut them completelly and play simple innocent games with your family memmbers and friends.

Look aroung,world has become a drain.The politicians and the blocks builders of Casal Bruciato, Via Morandi,Laurentino Trentonno,Tor Bella Monaca,etcetera etcetera,of all the same places in Italy,in France (banlieus),in UK,in all parts of Europe ,USA,everywhere the poor people live the hottor made urnanization and working class ares. Thereb are many kind of horrors considered democratic,they look like thoise of the dictature system countries and often even worst are.

Dear Beppe , if you want enter politic (to be a pensioner is sad,better to become a senator for all duration of own life...Isnīt it ? )

remember all the days washing also your conscience not only the hands.

You are worth more than a politician (if you return first time Beppe Grillo )like those ones,look at them all !Are they not disgusting ?They are disgusting because they live confortable in confront the poor people who are honest people also and live a bad life.Etcetera.

Oh no,do not do also this bad thing to the poor and honewst people !Do not enter politic as a candidate of if you want so very much first learn directly from the poor people (living yourself as a homeless,a living in the ugly buindings,blocks,of the Roman banlieu or quartieri : Via Morandi,Laurentino Trentotto,from Prtonaccio on via Tivoli you can learn -siffering in alive not only in theory- the lesson useful to a politic to be useful to the people which no one of those type politiciaqns confortable inse4rted with their bottom on the chais of two cmamber of Itlian Parliament (but also the major of the cities,the famous judges in the tribunals,the psichiatrist in the C.S.M and the from the abrupt and harrogant directors ,psycriatrist,psycologists,psycoterapists,etcetera ,so very much usually bisbehaving towards the people in those sort of Guantanamo jails also called memtal asylums.They need to be treated,even more and suffer the same, incivil personel - from the directions to the the other personal all,who can suffer for stress and bad salary but have no right to treat superficialy and ignorantly the hosted.

How do all these people dare ?

Remember you all must earn your salaries and offer civil and useful to people servives also by your behaviour. You are not Gog.

Neither the pope is God.

Let NOT the politicians (above all from right and centre-right)opean again the horrible mental asylums( Guantanamos of the psykiatry )of Rome,and Italy all.

These horrible places must remain closed dorever like monumwent of horrors of Italian Helth institution places for the poor.In there the very crazy people were the psykiatrist and the other workers of the horrors.

At the Santa Maria della Pieta īof the bad times all the polkitic class should be put if they open the mental asylums again.

Mental asylums like the Guantanamo prisons or similar must never return.The criminals of the politic have to remain out politic from the beginning.Mafias can n ot be considered politic,the money of the people who pay taxes(and the poor people do pay them for first,they can not escape..) must NOT be used to male evasors of taxews business or to pay the very rich (tto rich ) salaries and opensio to the VIPS of politic and pśublic administration.

Beppe Grillo of these very recent new time -really strange- I am disappointed of you too.Very much.

In modifying the better Beppe Grillo in worst Beppe Grillo in matter of defenting the poor and honest people (not all poor people are honst people,and also the false Beppe Grillo now exists,like (how did you say,Beppe )the false dishables.And the comment added childre,etcetera..Terrible!Beppe Grillo you have becone a s......!You where not.What is happening to you ? Who is ipnozying you in order to make of you a possible well paied new politic candidate at next Italian elections or those of the Uerope parliament?

Retun being yourself,it is better.We love the Beppe Grillo old version,the new vrsion of yourself is a return to the fascism taht is not only a very bad politic experience of our history past but something in the mental make up of all the politicians.Sad but true. Including new version Bertinotti.Once they were warrios,or seemed being.

Written by: Vladimiro Rinaldi,born Rome,16th March 1942,in tghe working class area of Tiburtino Terzo.Email address : globalpax2006.yahoo.it.Website:www.apoesidi.com

a "representing people" candidate.

If you do I am not going to vote for you,when you seemed being all other kind of artist in favour of the denied rights to poor and honest people .

In your blog where you are primadonna and the comments of other people are emarginated comments that help you however not only as #spalla #

you should make better your name work also for those who send intelligent and usefull comments
in them you recognize yourself and renew nergy
of right battle against the unjustices thye lower class and the environament suffer .

About myself as a constant blog "spalla" commenter with my tests have helped you and the blog with your only name,not only myself of course,I am not so stupid to show off so much and appear primadonna.

I invite you and your staff to behave and not mibehave ,please take away from always my name and email address from the blog,I do not wish anynore receiving your comments.

Vladimiro Rinaldi

THERE IS VIRTUES AND RUBBISH IN TERMS OF COMMENTS.people who already suffer so very much the economic ,environament, healthy condition
You Beppe are misbehaving so very mucyh NOW showing cleary you are that type of person who can ne helped to cucced in this (by the banks,the industry,the multynationals of wars and terror also by mass media,and from the USA,the Vatican , )to become a potential candidate(very much similar to Pannella of his first maniera and so called no eating strikes (just cornetti,cappuccini,till being in shape again than stopped and returns.All the times.)

digiuni ,Rutelli,

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi e Ranuzzi | November 10, 2006 01:12 PM

At least the electorate in USA shows that something (not all) can be changed.
It's now to the Democrats to not spoil the occasion.
In Italy whoever is elected steals, robs, rapes and get drugged.
Big deal.
Same shit, different toilet for the reasons I cited a couple of weeks ago.
James Askey: show your face and tell us why you want our money. Do you think we are a bunch of morons with an endless wallet?
Get a job!
(by the way: nice try.)

Greetings from Tokyo.
It's my last day here and I'm reading my mail after a week without phone and Internet connection (what a peaceful world).

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 10, 2006 12:58 PM

"they see the Twin Towers knocked down by 20 terrorists who learned to fly in the flying clubs and in the fairground." Beppe, you are either trying to be sarcastic or you are inhaling a funny substance. There must be ten people left who still believe in the official mythology of the 9/11 tragedy and I hope you are not one of them.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | November 10, 2006 12:43 PM


Posted by: James Askey | November 10, 2006 11:39 AM

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