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December 30, 2006

Cip6: a letter from Pecoraro Scanio


Pecoraro Scanio has sent me a letter about the Cip6. This is a great victory for Italian citizens. I want to say “thank you” to all those who follow the Blog and to those who are associated with the MeetUp groups. Without you there would still be financing of the incinerators.
But there are those, like the valued incineratorists, the TAVists, the DSdioxin Mediapolists from Piedmont who never give up and send out a cry of pain with Chiamparino: “The year 2007 will be decisive for the High Speed Turin- Lyon project. Even given the umpteenth interview with the Minister Pecoraro Scanio on the topic, it seems evident to me that it is ever more a political problem.
This is why I think that the political leadership of the Centre Left should finally give a clear word on the topic.” I’ll give you a clear word Chiamparino: “Jerk”.

Dear Beppe,
Good news: the common battle against the Cip6 has seen a step forward. The Council of Ministers has restored the amendment - the one that disappeared in the Senate, - that excluded the “similar sources” (including the incinerators) from the incentives destined for renewable sources.
This is a success and good news that people need to know about. Together with the reopening of the Conference of Services for the regasification plant at Brindisi so as to be able to evaluate fully and exhaustively all the environmental profiles. More good news is the decision to start in March the national conference on energy and the environment.
The stimuli and the criticisms that we receive are useful and at times they are necessary, but it is also important to remember the positive results and to share them with those who have battled to get them.
An encouragement for those, like us, that believe another economy is possible and that protests should not be criminalized but that it is necessary to gather together the many proposals for the innovation they contain.
Thus there are a few good news items at the end of the year but we can rest there. I am taking advantage of these festive days to say to you and to all the friends of the Blog, may you have a happy year 2007 and may it be full of satisfaction. And with this wish there’s also a brief reflection.
I read your criticisms that personally I consider to be useful stimuli to operate with ever more efficiency. On the other hand, your Blog and the activity of the movements that fight throughout the land for the environment and the rights of consumers, are precious allies and vigilant eyes for those who are in politics with the aim of bringing about a change in direction of politics in this country.
We talked about this during our first meeting at the Ministry in the first weeks of life of the government.
And I have to say, in these first months of activity I have preferred to “talk” with facts rather than with press releases. The facts and the acts of the government can certainly be improved on but they are certainly moving in the direction that we are hoping for.
For example, I am referring to the work done to remove the TAV project in the Val di Susa from the perverse mechanism of the Objective Law and to bring it within the ambit of ordinary procedures. Or to the financing going to the Bridge over the Straits of Messina and direct it to the public works that are genuinely useful in the South. Or for having started the complete reform of the Framework Law.
To have inserted in the Finance Law, more money for renewable energy sources, for efficiency and saving, sustainable mobility, the defence of the territory from landslides and floods, for the fight against the eco-mafias and abusive building in favour of parks and biodiversity.
A positive balance that is very solid in relation to the previous Finance law that can be verified by anyone. This gives us hope for the year 2007.

Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio.

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December 29, 2006

2007 Calendar

Today I’m publishing the 2007 Calendar with the heroes and martyrs of Italy instead of saints. Anyone can print it for free or send it to a friend. Obviously, it can’t be used for financial gain. It’s possible that among the many victims there are one or two who have not been cited.
Send me the information and they will be added. It’s possible that the calendar has some errors. Let me know. Sometimes, there was more than one victim on the same date but only one has been named. When you read the names of the fallen, day by day, Italy seems to be a theatre of war.
Between people who are honest and those who are dishonest. Between servants of the State and criminal, terrorists and corrupt politicians. A war that is open to every solution. A war that is current and whose outcome is not certain. It’s not sure that it will be “us lot” that win. And it’s difficult to work out who are on “our side” and who are on “theirs”. And whether this country can still claim to be a State based on rights.

From the introduction to the 2007 Calendar:”The saints have always been our companions in the calendar. They protect us when we are in need. Who has never turned to Saint Anthony or Saint Francis at least once? The saints are not for discussion. In fact people blaspheme against the divinity but never against a saint. But, still in their greatness they are religious saints.
They belong to a religion. Not to all the Italians. Italy has had its lay saints. They have died in their hundreds.
To protect the State, the freedom of the press, our rights, the life of the citizens. I’ve thought up a calendar to remember them. To thank them. Without them our country would be the territory of the economic potentates, of the mafias, of the P2, of the extremists.
It’s possible that it is anyway. But in that case, their deaths serve to remind us that the human is born free and not a servant. Courageous and not a villain. To live as villains and as servants is possible. It’s also good for the health…”

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December 28, 2006

Gas under the house


What do the following have in common: the Canton Ticino, article 67 of the Italian Constitution, and the biggest deposit of natural gas in Europe? Everything and nothing.
Everything because in the end we are talking about democracy. Nothing, because the government of Canton Ticino has approved the revision of the ineligibility regulations, about the removal and the suspension from public office of people convicted or under investigation for crimes or offences contrary to the dignity of the position.
While this happens in Switzerland, in Italy, anyone who has committed a crime gets a career in Parliament. And the decisions about our life, the environment, and our health, are taken without consulting us. A true example of Indirect Democracy.
Once upon a time it was called more correctly oppression, perhaps dictatorship. And article 67? The one that says:
“Every member of Parliament represents the Nation and exercises their functions without any ties on their mandate”? It’s old-fashioned. The parliamentarians respond to the heads of the parties. They were not elected by anyone. They do not have popular legitimization. And frequently, they are proud of making unpopular choices like the pardon. As though they are more beautiful, more intelligent than the body of voters and they don’t in fact need to account for their choices.

I’m publishing a letter from Nino who lives in Mirandola (in the Province of Modena) describing how citizens are considered by their employees.

Ciao Beppe,

I want to tell you about an interesting case: The biggest natural gas depot in Europe will be constructed at Mirandola.
The Ministry gave out the concessions for 40 years in 2004. The relevant local authorities found out in March 2006. and only now has the population been informed that 3,200,000,000 cubic metres of gas is to be stored underneath their homes in an area of 120 Kilometres square.
Refer to the table of ministerial authorizations for 2004 and the website of Independent Resources, to see that for a few years it has been decided to stockpile 3,000,000,000 cubic metres of methane gas in the aquifer, using pumps powered by giant turbines at a depth of almost 3,000 metres.
The stockpile is the property of Independent Resources PLC that is buying the gas from Gaz de France, and stockpiling it in summer (when the price is low) so that it can then re-extract it to sell in winter at higher costs.
The stockpile is said to cover an area of more than 120 km2 , the deposit station is said to be 3 or 4 sheds that are 40 metres high, a 100 metre high cold chimney and some burners about 40 metres high. Citizens have got to know about all this only about one month ago. All this was done without involving anyone in discussions. And the project is already being approved by the Ministry of Productive Activities and by the Region."

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December 27, 2006

Aldo Moro


I’ve received a letter from Maria Fida Moro and I’m publishing it here.

"Signor Grillo,

I am writing to you, even though I don’t know you personally, to ask for your help. I am Maria Fida, the eldest daughter of Aldo Moro. This is the 29th year after the tragic death of my father and the powerful are still not tired of the smoke screen carefully constructed so as to cast a shadow on the historical truth of the Moro case, oscillating between two poles: the veil of silence (a deafening silence) on the one hand and the denied memory on the other.
But what is still worse is when they show films and theatrical performances almost always based on partial or questionable sources. A true demonstration of injustice! I am chilled to read that in April, Canale 5 is planning to show a two-part fiction about Aldo Moro. That’s horrible. But there’s more. According to the rumours, the presentation – as in Bellocchio’s film – is based on the accounts of Braghetti and others of the Red Brigades as well as on conversations with Francesco Cossiga. This is intolerable and absurd.
This is not freedom of thought and of expression, but a deliberate act of gratuitous violence. If it is legally possible to do it, that does not mean that it is ethical. I wonder why people who have cooperated in various ways, in the kidnapping and killing of my father should have the necessary competence to describe a profile that can be entrusted “sic et simpliciter” to the judgement of public opinion that is not always in a position to be able to evaluate the historical trustworthiness .And I wonder why instead those people who lived at his side and who loved him are kept at a distance?
The response is simple. Because if the real Aldo Moro were to be described, the absurdity of his unjust death would become very clear. Instead, in the mystification of the hypotheses on the subject, his unjust death disappears almost without trace. Just as in the Welby case. In the name of sacrosanct rights, the action taken is against love. For my father the right to life was not upheld. For Welby it was the right to leave his mortal body with dignity. Both were accused of instrumentalisation.
But what instrumentalisation? Perhaps that of saying the truth and being sure of it? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In the name of principles laid down in the Constitution in favour of humans, my father was sacrificed for the reasons of the State (apart from later when it was too late that recognition was proclaimed and reiterated a thousand times).
For poor Welby it was required that he accept to suffocate even in the presence of the machine after an interminable agony. Given that human nature allows one to really know only what one has experienced, it is evident that both in the case of Moro and in Welby’s case no-one had the right to give a judgement. And it would be so great if we forced ourselves to become more loving and if we were to measure things against the reasoning of the heart.
My father has gone and he is safe. Just as Piergiorgio Welby is safe. But I would still like to express my condolences and intense suffering for a fiction that will transform a Greek tragedy into plastic confetti. It is not right. It is not right. It is not right. If they don’t want to remember him justly, let them keep silent. A silence that is absolute and compassionate. I am sorry but I don’t recognise any rights in Anna Laura Braghetti (and it’s me that’s talking, the one who forgives).
To have been Moro’s jailer is not a way of thinking nor is it an academic title. If she had pity, why did she not let him go, or at least personally refuse to be his jailer? As regards the former President, Senator Francesco Cossiga, as I have already said to him in personal written correspondence, “tears do not wash away innocent blood”.
Since he often declares that he really felt affection for Aldo Moro, let him not remember him through a useless fiction. I would like a lightening strike to come from heaven to destroy all the copies of this work or even better that the Italians would oppose, with strength and indignation, this further ignominy. Thousands have said to me: “We would like to have done something to save him”. Now they can defend his memory and leave him to the memory of those who loved him and who love him with tenderness and passion. And they can also give some peace to those of us who have had their life devastated by his death.
It should be forbidden to take not just the life but also the dignity from a good and innocent man. Let silence descend on the vale of tears. Thank you for what you would like to do and for what you can do.”

Maria Fida Moro

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December 26, 2006

Christmas Suppository


Father Christmas has brought us the Finance Law. Instead of the reindeer he used the bicycle. Romano Christmas was immediately sorry and said he would never do it again. Then he immediately changed his mind and said he wasn’t sorry and that he would do it again. It has been a Finance law full of surprises. A mutant Finance law. A Finance law that the academics will only be able to explain to us in a few years time. When they’ve managed to understand what it was all about. Of the correlations and the amendments. Of the clarifications and the back-pedalling. Of the lobbies and the mess ups. It was an extenuating Finance law. It got us for exhaustion. Before the final voting, Romano Christmas could have asked us for anything, any tax, any rubbish. We would have said “yes” just to get it out of the way by the Christmas period.
The things in the Finance law that I have understood, I have not liked. I haven’t liked the attempt to cancel accounting crimes against the Public Administration. I haven’t liked the change to the law that eliminated contributions to the new incinerators taking them from the renewable energy sources.
The things I haven’t understood about the Finance law I’ve liked even less. I don’t understand why the conflict of interests is tolerated, why the Pecorella and ex Cirielli save-the-thieves laws have not been eliminated. Why the election law was not altered, the one that created consortiums available to BerlusconiBossiCasiniRutelliFassinoBertinotti and so on . Why the Biagi law was not eliminated. Why there was no action against the monopolists with the dearest prices in Europe and the worst services. Why the people giving the orders to intercept telephones are not in prison together with the people who carried out the work. Why the reform of the TV has not been started. Why Previti, corruptor of judges, is sitting in Parliament. Why two parliamentarians who have been convicted of crimes are sitting on the anti-mafia commission. Why this government is too much like the one of the bypassed dwarf. Why the programme of the Unione, and the pre-electoral indignation have stayed there where they were before 9 April.
Fassino the cementifier is talking about Phase 2. If that means that we need new elections after we’ve changed the election law, I agree. If however it means the development of Phase 1, then the next load of suppositories should be used internally by the Unione parliamentarians. The citizens have already done.

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December 25, 2006

Silent Night, Holy Meteorite


A Christmas message from the blog and from Stefano Benni.
Happy Christmas. Beppe Grillo.

“Dear Meteorite,
The scientists have said that you will destroy the earth by the year 2017. I don’t know whether it’s true. I know that on this planet the serious scientists are hardly ever listened to. And then we discover that they are right. Only the scientists who say that this economy and this science is the best possible are listened to. Those that don’t agree with them are catastrophy-ists and eco-terrorists.
Really 2017 is a bit soon. I calculated that earth would finish in 2046, as global warming scientists maintain. Thus for Christmas I’m giving presents of just sweet things and salamis that are OK for a short period.
Now dear little Meteorite, I would like to ask you something. I know that up there in the universe there are great transformations and revolutions, thousands of millions of worlds that are born and that die, stars that disappear like trials against Previti and black holes like the balance sheets of Tim.
Thus it’s possible that in this great din, you don’t hear the voices of the great cosmic protagonists like Mastella, Casini, Calderoli or Scaramella. Thus, if you have decided to eliminate us like a skittle in the bowling alley, just go ahead.
Perhaps our country deserves it. Those that are “no tax” and make out that they are poor and then are discovered taking holidays in the Maldives and in the Tropics have gone up by 30 per cent, they deserve it.
This right wing deserves it. It has just lost power and is mad with rage, not even knowing what is the dignity of opposition. This mollycoddled left wing deserves it as it takes a slapping without reacting, it compromises and constructs an arrogant finance law that it then has to take to pieces bit by bit.
The so-called undecideds deserve it who just because they get an extra tax they repent for having voted and then in one day they forget the 5 years of a centre-right government that was corrupt, incapable and depending on the intelligence of the super-rich.
A country that insults the partisans, the homosexuals, the immigrants, and that bows down to any great thief. A country that is infiltrated by mafia not only in a region but everywhere, from the great economy to the tiny building site, to the TV sharing of the football championship.
A country that, precisely at the time that it has sent him into opposition, demonstrates that it deserves Berlusconi and his inspiration-ists. But even if you don’t believe it, dear Meteorite, in this country there are lots of people who take responsibility, who help others, who work and who think about being citizens with rights and (horrors! ) even with duties. Lots of people (unfortunately not the majority, and perhaps it’ll never be so) who do not think that right and left are the same thing. And neither that it’s the same thing to choose an honest person or a thief, air or smog, war or diplomacy, progress or exploitation.
I’m not asking you to give them a chance: to choose those to be saved would give rise to 3000 commissions, or sub committees, there would be upheaval, and at the end it would be your arrival that would resolve the question.
I propose: if we get organised and take a million children and young people and we take them to New Zealand, you couldn’t hit us at the other side, so that at least they would survive and the humanoid race would be given a second chance? A Tiny chance, go on. Perhaps we won’t achieve it. Perhaps they will become villains like us. But at least let them try.
There are four reasons: three are important, and one is less so. The three important ones are:
First, I would like to see how many kilos and how many libel actions Beppe Grillo manages to achieve.
Second, I would like to see a game where they gift a fictional goal to Bologna against Juventus.
Third, I’ve got life insurance and I get back the capital in 2018.
Fourth, less important, is this: I believe that this world is the best of all because I have never seen another one.

I thank you, dear Meteorite, and I wish you a good journey. Watch out because when you arrive in the earth’s atmosphere you’ll find a hundred thousand bits of satellite, tons of intergalactic radioactive rubbish, orbiting toilets, fragments of free polonium and Montezemolo and Silvio who are trying to escape in their personal jet.
However, Happy Christmas to you too, dear Meteorite, and if you are tired, stop a bit and have a rest..”

by Stefano Benni (il lupo)

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December 24, 2006

Let’s give ourselves a gift of renewables


No newspaper or national TV channel talks about it. Advertising for Enel, on pages and pages of newspapers and magazines is more important than our health. Of the 3,100,000,000 Euro paid every year with the Enel utility bills. Of a news item that relates to the future of renewable energy.
But something is happening on the scandal of the Cip6-Green certificates and finance to incinerators, electricity generating stations fueled by coal and by oil by-products.
After the protests of the employees Tommaso Sodano (Prc) and Loredana De Petris (Greens), who with their groups, have threatened to abandon the work of the Senate, the anger of the employee Pecoraro Scanio (alleluia!), after more than 23,000 electronic signatures in a few days on the blog and thousands of your emails to the employee Franco Marini, the government has announced that on Thursday 27 December it will meet to remove the words 'authorised plant'. Here is the communication from Palazzo Chigi about the acts of the Senate. However vigilance is needed.
In fact the fire-raisers are in agitation. It’s a matter of the Assoambiente-Confindustria headed by Pietro Colucci president of Waste Italia that also constructs incinerators and using invoices that are perfectly in regular to give finance to AN, Forza Italia and DS (minute 39:45 of the Report video). There is agitation from Daniele Fortini, the president of the Federambiente (don’t be taken in by the name, it’s the association that takes in all the former municipal companies and the companies of the sector). Fortini is also the president of CEWEP, the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants.
Grabbed by a state of nerves he’s playing John Wayne and fired off a press release: either the utility bills, or the tariffs – you citizens have to pay for the incinerators!
But the fact that in the absence of public financing the incineration of waste is not economic was already written by the Bolsheviks in the Wall Street Journal on 11 August 1993.
For the DS-dioxin employee from Turin, Sergio Chiamparino (Ds) to abolish financing incinerators “is an unwise decision”. He’s desperate and puts an idea to his friend Bersani to get our money back: “I trust that the government will know how to find a remedy subsequently with a decree from the Ministry of Industry to bring back the treatment of waste within the range of biomass, thus allowing for the access to incentives set down for renewable energy.”
Chiamparino asks for State help to mess up the free competition at European level and to sell as biomass and renewable sources the non-biodegradable waste like plastics and various toxic materials (forbidden by the EU).

It’s necessary to explain to the fire-raisers that there are alternatives to avoid incinerators and close many dumps:
- reduction at source – tax the double and triple packaging, sale of products loose (unpackaged)
- door to door collection of pre-sorted waste with precise tariffs using microchips (the more you recycle the less you pay) that can even get to 75-80% as demonstrated by the experiences in the province of Treviso.
- for the residue that cannot be recycled, “cold” biological treatment without combustion. A method with minimum health impact compared to incineration and decidedly more economic. Watch the video and read the documents of the meetings of the Meet Up groups of Verona and Reggio Emilia with the entrepreneur Francesco Galanzino, vice president of the Italian Composting Consortium and professor Federico Valerio of the Tumour Institute of Genoa.
- future strategies ‘zero refuse’ voted in the maxi-amendment of the Finance law (art. 1111). In the next few years different objectives of differentiated collection must be met or the territorial management consortiums are to be put under administration.

No let up! RESET. To avoid little games, let’s send an email to the employees Prodi, Bersani, Pecoraro, Letta, and Sircana with a copy to the responsible people in the European Community so that the incinerators of waste and the generating stations fuelled by fossils fuels are not financed using our money. Let’s give a Christmas present to ourselves and to our children.

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December 23, 2006

Viva Chile!


Jorge Coulon of the Inti Illimani has written to me from Chile. He is slightly furious with me for my post on Pinochet.
Jorge, I was joking. I’m a comic. I know all your songs by heart. I didn’t know that you’ve been in Chile for 18 years. I thought that you were still in Milano Marittima. It’s the fault of Italian TV that never updates its programmes. If you come back you are invited to lunch at my house. But without guitar. Forgive me if you can.
Long live Chile!

I’m Jorge Coulon of the Inti Illimani from Chile. Given the more than slightly xenophobic flavour of your joke about us, I want to tell you that since 1988, as soon as there was the possibility to return home, we did just that and since that moment we have been living in our own country. The reason we stayed in Italy was connected to the Pinochet dictatorship, and we recognise the hospitality of the Italians and we are sorry if the dictatorship lasted for longer than we would have imagined.
Anyway we went away 18 years ago and I’m sorry that the information you have about us is so fragmentary that it produces a joke worthy of Bossi more than of Beppe Grillo whom we learned to admire during our excessively long period of stay in Italy. Believe me I wouldn’t have expected that from you.”
Jorge Coulon

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Dying stars


I’ve decided to talk about Welby as well. To do my tiny pornography of death. To allow all those who want to comment once and for all about Welby.
A comment like in those comment books for the dead person on the landing outside the home. Then let’s leave him in peace for evermore. Together with all those who are in his condition.
The TV has a new reality show, produced and directed by Bonino & Pannella. It’s called 'They were famous'. You sign up at the moment of death. You become a star at the moment of passing to the other life. Dying stars.
Stars of an endoscopic TV. Thousands of Piergiorgio Welbys, excluded from tests, see that one of them, surrounded by the media, and at the end disconnected from the respirator.
The assisted death of Welby is an assisted suicide, a homicide of the conscious, a serious crime.
But the radicals are like Lourdes. Where there’s bad luck, they’re there. A friend of mine, a Consultant of a unit (with TV) for patients in a coma, has 2 patients like Welby. He has told me that he doesn’t know what to do any more.
It’s not easy to say that Welby was not depressed, nor to say the contrary.
We need a protected zone for the desperate so that they can just see the advertising and the Sunday Mass. Dignity is finished for ever, from the moment that death has lost its privacy.

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December 22, 2006

Dossiered by Telecom


The enemy is listening.
There’s a new category of Italians: those dossiered by Telecom. Marco Travaglio has discovered that he has been dossiered and he has written me a letter of solidarity.
Those dossiered by Telecom, unite in a class action against the Telecom spies. I’m up for it, so is Travaglio, also the Antidigitaldivide association. Anyone who is dossiered and wants to join up, write to me. The more we are, the more we will save in lawyers’ fees.

Dear Beppe,
I am writing as a dossiered by Telecom, and thus as a colleague. The other day, the Corriere della Sera reported the contents of an interrogation of a former Famiglia Cristiana journalist, Guglielmo Sasinini. He is said to have told magistrates that he did about 50 “reports” for the former leader of Telecom security. Some of the reports were oral, others written. The one about me was written.
While it’s too easy to understand why you were spied on by Telecom, given that you have been discussing them since the time when they were at the lead in Stet, I still haven’t understood what motive they had for spying on me.
Perhaps because a chapter in my book "Regime", written with Peter Gomez, told the story of how Tronchetti in 2001 suffocated La7 in its cradle, paying thousands of millions as a penalty to Fabio Fazio and Gad Lerner to stop them from creating the programmes stipulated in their contracts. As these threatened to get really high audience ratings and thus subtract a share of advertising from the RAI and above all from Mediaset.
Not happy, Tronchetti completed the operation by gifting hundreds of thousands of millions to Berlusconi: he bought at double the price Paolo Berlusconi’s disastrous Edilnord sponsored “Milan” (he was vicepresident of Inter) and he bought the useless Pagine Utili founded and then left to sink by Marcello Dell'Utri (the Antitrust blocked the acquisition, since Telecom already owned Yellow Pages but Tronchetti still paid an enormous penalty to the Fininvest group).
With my lawyer, I will try to understand further and naturally I will bring a legal action against Telecom, Tavaroli and Sasinini.
First of all I’ll ask to be able to view the dossier on me. You never know. What if they have discovered something about me that I myself don’t know about.
However, unfortunately, there is a problem: the so-called Minister of Justice Clemente Mastella, with votes from all the parties in the majority and in the opposition has got a decree passed that orders all illegal dossiers to be destroyed.
It’s the most demented decree in the world: those, like us, who have nothing to hide, have all the interests for the preservation of the dossiers, to be able to ask for damages from those who created these.
Those who do not commit crimes can be spied upon even for 30 years, but crimes they have committed will not jump out.
Those however who want them destroyed have such guilty consciences. It’s as though they are saying to us:
Given that I am a pig, anyone spying on me will find a load of mess, so let us burn the lot. There you are, I am looking into a way to ask for that decree not to be put into effect in relation to my dossier, in fact that it is declared unconstitutional.
Given that there are loads of people dossiered by Telecom, I propose that we form a coalition and fight for our dossiers to remain untouched.
Anyone wanting to destroy their own, let them do that. But leave ours alone. Let them remain intact until the spies and those setting them to work have all been convicted and those spied upon have received compensation.”
Marco Travaglio

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December 21, 2006

The B.Grillo dossier


I want to be intercepted. But by the magistrates. Not by the companies. Not by Telecom. Not by Tavaroli. Not by his bosses. Who were his bosses? Are they still free? The ones who pass the weekend at Portofino on 40 metre boats. Tronchetti and Buora his helper.
Today’s La Repubblica writes that there’s a dossier in the name of B. Grillo. It’s not me. It must be Bernardo Grillo. Battista Grillo. Benedetto Grillo.
What motive would Telecom have had to spy on me? What have I said that’s wrong? The blog is my witness that I have aimed at them only for little things.
How many dossiers are current? How many people are being spied on? Disgusting spies, judges, journalists. All are informed about the facts. Apart from those who are spied upon. The magistrates must inform anyone who has been intercepted.
Straight away. Now. What do we have to wait for? To get the information from the evening TV news, or from the barber? An intercept could already have been used, sold, circulated against an intercepted person. Who has the right to know.
And to denounce Telecom. After the approval in September of the intercept law by all the parties in unity, silence. But the intercepted citizens? Their rights? Our employees have thought about their intercepts. To protect their backsides. Leaving ours uncovered.
The Christmas festivities push me to an extreme gesture for a person from Genoa. To offer a reward to anyone who can let me have intercepts on Tronchetti. I’m offering 500 Euro.

PS The share action initiative is continuing.

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December 20, 2006

Phantom children


Children disappear. They vanish like phantoms. And at times they don’t come back. In the year up to 6 December 2006 1,687 minors (one thousand six hundred and eighty seven ) “are still to be searched for” ” in Italy according to the Central Anti-crime Police Unit.
385 (three hundred and eighty five) are between the ages of 0 and 10 years old and 107 of these are Italian (compared to 52 last year) and 278 foreign. This is a phenomenon (a business?) that has been growing constantly since 2004.
And the Christmas period has yet to come. Instead of Father Christmas there will be the Christmas Ogre. Instead of bringing you a tricycle, he’ll take away one of your kidneys.
I read the statistics and the denunciation letters that I receive and I don’t understand. Children are sacred. Well then why do the media only talk about them in a few cases? Why are politics not moving on the issue?
When you see a lone child asking for charity, don’t turn away. Call the police, the Carabinieri, the town police. These numbers are shocking, even though “about 80% of those children who ‘disappear’ are in the category of those who have gone off voluntarily or who have been sent away by their parents”.
I can’t believe this. Help me. Does this data need interpreting? The initial reaction is one of refusal.

Italy is not all equal
. In 2006 there were the most lost children in Lazio (454), in Lombardy (205) and in Veneto (194). One in Molise, none in Valle d’Aosta. Giuliano Amato, Minister of the Interior, is in charge of this issue and certainly he is already working on this. A message from us via email will be a stimulous for him. A reply from him to the Blog may not calm us down but it will be an important signal.
Happy Christmas children.

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December 19, 2006

Italy on coal


At Porto Tolle someone is fighting for us. It’s Greenpeace. The government of incinerators and the TAV has got stuck at the end of the nineteenth century, with the progressives and the sun of the future. And with coal. The Greens haven’t arrived. You have to understand them. They are green and red. Green-dioxin-DS people. Pecoraro, lift up your voice for once in your green life! Say something green!
I’m publishing a communication from Greenpeace about Porto Tolle. You won’t find it in those newspapers that are financed by Enel advertising. That’s practically all of them.
Look at the photos and the video.

“Have climbed up to 250 metres since last night. A team of Greenpeace climbers are in action at the Porto Tolle generating station in the province of Rovigo to protest against the return of coal promoted by the government.
A few climbers are now on the chimney and they are creating gigantic lettering, while others are on the roof of the building where they have positioned a gigantic display saying: ‘Enel clima killer’ {ENEL climate killer}.
The Porto Tolle generating station according to the ENEL project is currently in the authorization phase, so that it can be converted to coal with an output potential of 980 Megawatts and CO2 emissions of more than 10 million tons a year.
Furthermore, the plant is in a natural park that has been defined by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
The deltas of the great rivers are environments that enjoy special protection in the whole world. However, in Italy the area sees the presence of this old generating station fuelled by oil which is a source of severe pollution to such an extent that the top managers of Enel were convicted.
The uncomfortable truth is that the return to coal will not make us meet the objectives of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of the Environment arranges for a limit on emissions that are in excess of European guidelines: a total of 209 million tons instead of 186.
There is no place for the Civitavecchia generating station or for the one at Porto Tolle. The European Commission must cut the proposal of the National Allocation Plan for Italy.
Today coal accounts for 17% of national electricity production and it is responsible for the emissions of more than 40 million tons of CO2. With the expansion projects of Enel, Endesa, Tirreno Power and others, these emissions are destined to double.
Coal is the combustion fuel with the highest emissions specifically of CO2, more than double that of natural gas.
The political programme of the Unione indicates objectives for the development of renewable sources and for energy efficiency. But at the moment, in the government’s action, there is no trace of that.
We ask for the fixing of constraining objectives that are coherent with the commitments taken at an international level.”

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December 18, 2006

The posthumous discount


Italy is a nation founded on the Public Debt. It has solid debt foundations. A secure alibi for the Finance Law. An alibi for new taxes, for the increase of existing taxes.
The Finance Law preserves the public debt. With an imposing public debt reforms are not possible. And everything stays as it is to the happiness of our employees. No government has intervened on public expenditure. Not even Prodi and the Padoa-Schioppa.
If costs go up, taxes go up and the debt holds. The debt is by now a condition of the spirit. It is in the air. To get into debt is a life style. The one who is in credit is a failure.
You need to show off your debts to be somebody. The bigger your personal debt, the greater are your opportunities. You can even become the President of the Council or the director of Telecom. The words… “access to credit” are reassuring . Access to debts sounds worrying. Let us become people in credit not in debt. Banks, finance people, big retailers are all in the front line for the creation of poverty. Through credit.
If I had said to my father that I was taking out a loan with TAEG 20% to go to the Antilles he would have given me a kick up the backside. And then he would have denounced the bank.
The banks always think of our dreams. They want to see them coming to fruition together with the bank interests. At Christmas you are offered the discount if you pay later. A mystery.
If you pay after 6 months you are entitled to the discount with no interest. Not if you pay straight away. A lovely LCD colour TV costs about 1200 Euro. If you pay cash after 6 months it costs you 20% less.
A bargain. But if after 6 months you forget, and the invoice doesn’t arrive or you don’t have the cash what happens? With TAN {annual rate of interest} 17.48%, TAEG {overall rate of interest}18.45% (but they could be higher) for 1000 Euro they arrange 24 monthly payments of 53.40.
The result is 1281.60. The great retailers gain from the debts of their clients. Assisted by the Finance law.
RESET. Return to the culture of saving.
The public debt should be forbidden. Just as has happened for smoking. It is an act of social obscenity. A way of encouraging us to be delinquents against ourselves. For Christmas give yourself a gift. Buy less and only what you can afford.

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December 17, 2006



When did it happen? At which moment did the journalists get transformed into whores? The directors of newspapers into Publicists? The editorial team into the press officers of big companies? Has it always been like that?
Has information always been a great prostitute? Or is there a before and after? A news item is no longer a product, but a pathogen vehicle containing viruses of brand names, of automobiles, of mineral water of useless medicines. But luckily there’s someone protecting us. The great big Giant of the Authority. A fixed Giant. That can intervene only if citizens denounce something. If no one denounces anything, the employees of the Authority could just stay at home all the time.
We Italians are extraordinary. We manage to pay to read hidden publicity.
It’s no longer the company that pays the newspaper for the small advertisements. It’s us that pay to read the publicity in the form of articles. The most disgusting. Because you find yourself undefended.
Once upon a time the journalist was a whore between doing one article and another. Hoping to get noticed. Now he writes an article between masses of whoring. Hoping that someone will notice him.
The editors have just one thing in mind. Paying attention to their clients (the advertisers). No longer the reader, but the consumer. Circumventing the consumer. A morbid attention. Paedo-journalism.
The advertiser is the employer of the journalists, but the ones paying the one and the other, are us. We pay for the newspaper, the hidden publicity, and the product that is advertised.
And we are financing the newspapers with our taxes. Because the newspapers are financed by the State. Otherwise they would close.
RESET. Let’s abolish the financing of newspapers and their directors. They make a lot of noise and scrape the bottom with great, intelligent detachment in every talk show.
Giuseppe Altamore has written a self-defence book: ‘I padroni delle notizie’ {The owners of news}and he has given an interview to Piero Ricca for the Blog.
Watch the video. Then cancel all the magazine subscriptions.

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The new pests

Guarda il video

Download the video in 3gp format for mobiles

Starting point about incinerators:
- they cause cancer
- they damage agriculture and animal rearing
- they cause the collapse of house prices where they are constructed
- they are not necessary.

The fraud of the Cip6-Certificati Verdi of giving finance to incinerators, electricity generating stations fuelled by coal and oil and by products considered to be ‘similar’ to alternative energy continues. Money taken directly from our Enel electricity bills.
The employees of the Government work full time for oil people, incinerator construction companies and coal fired generating stations. And after the word ‘similar’ they have created another wonder, another magic word: ‘authorised’. Plant that is ‘authorised’ up until 31 December 2006. Instead of ‘constructed’ up until 31 December 2006 as it was before.
The word ‘authorised’ was inserted into the Finance law at the last minute by the government lobbyists.
The agreements made by the majority were different, as was pointed out by the employees Loredana De Petris and Tommaso Sodano. The agreements covered financing only the existing plant. And that was already too much for these capitalists with the Enel electricity bill.
The employee president of the Senate Franco Marini took on the commitment to restore the original text by the end of the year. To remind him let’s send him an email.
Unfortunately, however it goes, in the next few years, the various Asm Brescia, Hera, Sarlux, Edison, Enel, Api… will continue to balance their books and do capitalism on the Stock Exchange with our money thanks to the ‘authorised’ and/or ‘existing’ plant. It’s a disgusting situation regulated by law.
The declarations of the DS minister Bersani are from the cinema:
”I would like to be consulted when a regulation is formulated. They are complex questions and there are deeply rooted incentivisation mechanisms on which the companies have founded parts of their balance sheets. To eliminate these without criteria would risk losing a case in the tribunal.“
Dear employee Bersani, in a civilized country the ones being taken to the tribunal to pay back the citizens (average cost of money paid out under item A3 of the Enel bill: 60 Euro a year) are the politicians like yourself who have allowed finance to go to companies or former municipal utilities for receiving funds that love the “diessina-diossina” {DS-dioxin}policies.

PS Sign the “RESET – Petition against the financing of incinerators and generating stations using ‘similar’ fuels”. We’ve arrived at 10,000 signatures in 10 days.

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December 16, 2006

Take the Dividends and Run


Now we know who was the real boss of Telecom. It was Tavaroli. In charge of Radar. Of the illegal intercepts of hundreds of bankers, managers, politicians and also relatives of Tronchetti. It was Tavaroli.
He moved hundreds of people in Telecom. He moved tens of millions of Euro. All to the detriment of Telecom. He was spying on Afef’s brother. The Chairman and the CEO were the last to know. They were distracted by dividends.
It was Tavaroli the puppet-master. Here there are two possibilities. His bosses were inadequate or colluding. Will Tavaroli end up like Litvinenko? Will he be polonium-ised or will the cup of coffee be enough?
The politicians who fell to the ground for fear of the computer output, keep silent. The TV keeps silent. A silence that is convenient for everyone. To enjoy Holy Christmas together.
Tronchetti continues to manage Telecom through the srl administrator Buora. And he tries to cash in every 2 for 3. Sell Tim Brasil. Increase the fixed line rental. Here the shame of the Authority has won out. And Calabrò has not permitted the increase to go ahead. However it was proposed.
If this is the new approach, Rossi is the same as Tronchetti.
Just a bit of make-up, some cosmetics, some red lips {Rosso = red}.
Next year I hope to meet up with him at the shareholders meeting. And to talk about this and that. About Skype, for example. Telephony via the Internet. That costs nothing or almost nothing. The service that has had the fastest growth in history.
And I will ask him why the Italians have to pay a tax called “canone”. A tax that is poured into thousand of millions of dividends for the usual economic groups. That get translated into salaries in the millions for the top managers of Telecom.
Directly from our pockets. From the citizens to the usual few. It’s the famous “bottom up”. And the bottom is always ours. Let’s abolish the canone. RESET!

PS: Share action continues...

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December 14, 2006

A boy all alone/2


The Mayor of Barrafranca has replied with an open letter to the many emails that he received following the publication of my post “A boy all alone”. One of the recipients sent me a copy and I’m publishing it here.
In the post, I cited an article in il Corriere della Sera that gave an opinion of the investigators, those who are trying to find out the truth: “a serious situation of environmental pressure taking place in the village of Barrafranca”, referring to the boy who is witness to the facts. I am happy that the Mayor has replied even though I don’t acknowledge his letter.
It was not my intention to criminalize the citizens of Barrafranca. Just those who are isolating and intimidating a young courageous witness.
I will send a letter to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, that I’ll publish on the blog, I’ll ask for the “gold medal for civil merit" for the boy who has had the courage to bear witness.

PS Organised by Equivita, Comitato Scientifico Animalisti Italiani Movimento Ecologico Nazionale UNA and with the support of Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, tomorrow in Rome there will be the conference: "The inheritance of Pietro Croce to put into place the substitution and then the abolition of experimentation on animals" in sala delle Colonne, Palazzo Marini Via Poli 19, Roma from 9:00am until 6:00 pm.

Angelo” is not alone!
After the publication of the article published by Il Corriere della Sera (1.12.2006) and taken up by “Beppe Grillo’s Blog ” (5.12.2006) the email inbox of the Mayor has been flooded - in these few hours – by email from every part of Italy and the world.
I would like to have responded individually to each of the thousands of letters, of invitations and of appeals, of warnings – but for obvious reasons of immediacy, allow me to reply with this single open letter.
I’ll start off by saying that what was published by “Beppe Grillo’s Blog” does not correspond to the truth and represents, instead, a reality that defames the citizens of Barra and the institutions. Having said this, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all those, with different means and expressions who have wished to encourage the Mayor to “do something”.
I thank everyone, even those who, in good faith, and to get their feelings out, have used terms and expressions that are hurtful to myself but above all, to my city and its inhabitants. But I understand!
I too would have behaved like that on reading the scoop of the Blog! But it’s possible to distort the reality in such a violent and underhand way about the tragedy that is the death of Francesco for mean interest to increase the number of copies of a newspaper or to increase the number of visitors to one’s own site?
We are talking about gossip, of the football market or of popular songs? What anguish, sadness, and pain, reading and re-reading those falsehoods that distort reality and integrally deform even the article in Il Corriere della Sera written by Giusy Fasano! Please re-read the article again and compare it with the Blog.
Another preliminary: I will resign immediately if it is proved that I’ve done nothing, that I haven’t had the courage, that I have shielded the presumed guilty ones, that I have left the “boy-witness” isolated. No one knows like me how much we in Barrafranca have suffered!
I beg you to have the patience to get to know and understand the truth before judging and condemning. On that tragic afternoon of 16 December last year il Signor Questore di Enna {law enforcement official}told me on the telephone that a boy had gone missing and that the family had reported it.
I went immediately to the Caserma dei Carabinieri {Police Station}where I found the parents of the boy, various members of the family and various investigators of the Carbinieri. I participated with them in the initial investigations and I organised and coordinated the search.
The following morning, in a great spirit of altruism and generosity, hundreds and hundreds of citizens, volunteers, and young people from Barra, took part in the search. As it happened Francesco was found by a patrol of volunteers at the location where, because I know the territory, I had suggested that they look.
Destiny had it that I, together with the Commander of the Compagnia di Piazza Armerina and the Commander of the Stazione dei Carabinieri di Barrafranca were the first to see the body of Francesco.
Consider, dear friends, gentle mothers, that I will not be able to forget, as a man and as a father, the vision of that child with his eyes closed to the sky, his arms open, with his T shirt lifted, with a bloody face, thrown near the remains of an old washing machine?
Do you think that the “quaquaraqquà” of the south can forget the heartbreaking pain of the father – who grabbing me – asked to be able to see his son for the last time?
“Not just the mother, not just the father, but all of us have lost a son” That’s what we shouted out during the Mass for Francesco. All of us felt the silent pain that never shouts out in the newspapers but only good people keep within themselves. We still feel that.
The whole of Barrafranca has cried for their young son. No one celebrated Christmas or the New Year. The proclamation of mourning for the town would not have been necessary. Each one of us was mourning within ourselves.
And even today we keep our mourning with composure and with dignity. For every anniversary, for each event, on every occasion Francesco, our Francesco, is present. When we go to the cemetery to honour our dear departed ones, a flower and a prayer are always reserved for him at his grave.
Those 13,115 citizens that today are accused of silence, of complicity and of other horrible things, while waiting for the body to be consigned to us by the Judicial Authorities, participated in a torchlight procession. Praying and crying, on foot for more than 7 kilometers up to that terrible place.
We stopped at nothing and for no one because we had sworn that never would any innocent person be ever again so badly used, never again would a mother be wracked by so much pain.
Immediately, with posters on the walls, with press releases, interviews, we expressed harsh condemnation of those monsters that dared to violate the innocence of a child of only 13 years and we invited the whole community to collaborate with the justice system in finding the truth. The newspapers, the national TV and radio, even the very same Corriere della Sera gave prominence to the “anomalous” behaviour of the Mayor of Barrafranca who – in the deep south – broke the “rule” of silence and of “omertà” by publicly inviting anyone who knew or had seen anything, to speak out.
We have organised various gatherings with the parents, with the young people, with the associations, with l’Associazione METER di Don Fortunato Di Noto, with the parish priest, with the law enforcement agencies and in the constant and active presence of the Bishop of Piazza Armerina we have invited and encouraged people to talk and to help the justice system to identify the authors of the crime.
But we have also defended, and we continue to do so in all situations and with all our strength, the community of Barra from the morbid attacks by the media who wanted to represent our city as a place of mafia, of drugs, of social disadvantage and of paedophilia.
Even before the identification of the people presumed responsible we have instructed the Capo Settore Affari Legali (legal representative} to identify us – together with the Ferreri family as a civil party in the trial against the monsters – whoever they are – who are responsible for the death of our Francesco and for the acts of paedophilia against other children. “Not to forget” we have named the square where he used to go and play with the name of Francesco.
We have promoted projects against paedophilia, and against youth disadvantage, we have contributed to the opening of a “Sportello METER”, we have signed a document of agreement for the creation of a City of Young People with the Prefecture, with the Diocese of Piazza Armerina, with the town of Pietraperzia and with the Comunità FRONTIERA di Don Giuseppe Di Stefano. We are working on the construction of an Artistic and Musical Workshop for Young People . We have already got work started on the new youth centre for the rehabilitation of socially disadvantaged youngsters. In recent days, in collaboration with the Police, the schools, the Parishes, the voluntary associations, we are promoting an anti-bullying project: “Povero Bullo !!!” {poor bully} and so on.
Do you think that this is a town where there is a “a serious situation of environmental pressure”? Can this community “build up a wall of silence and hostility”? You also ask: “Where is the mayor? The parish priest? The head teacher?”
Do you think that those who have had the “courage” like us to publicly declare war on drugs, on dealers, on the mafia, on organised crime that (as revealed by judicial investigations) considers Mayor Marchi to be an enemy, a “Policeman” will not have the courage to defend their own children, to defend Francesco, to help and support the young boy-witness? It’s true that to be a Mayor, you need courage, you need passion, you need to love your own city and your own people, you need the “cd.....”.
I would like to remind anyone that the Mayors (with a capital “M”) are never “employees” but servants of the State, of their own community. No one becomes a Mayor for the miserable “salary”!
The Magistrates, the Prefecture and the law enforcement agencies know well what has been our personal commitment to find out the truth. Not even in this occasion when it would be legitimate when faced with so many unjust accusations, we don’t want to shout out with all the anger kept inside, how much we have done to search for the truth, to identify the “butchers” of Francesco and to protect the young boy-witness.
We from Barra are not: “omertosi,mafiosi,conniventi o quaquaraqquà” {conniving silent mafia or just talk}. We have a strong sense of family, of the protection of children, of life.
Unfortunately, what happened in Barrafranca has happened and is still happening now in every part of Italy. With the only difference being that if the same thing happens in Barrafranca (a small town in Sicily) and people don’t speak out, this is said to be “omertà”, if the same thing happens in other “civil” parts of Italy then people haven’t seen or haven’t heard.
Is it simply a question of terminology or of culture? No one has constructed a wall of silence or of hostility! We are respectful of the work of the Magistracy just as we bow to the principle of presumption of innocence as laid down in the Constitution.
Straight after the end of the investigations by the magistracy and the law enforcement agencies (in whom we have complete trust) there was an extra-ordinary public meeting of the Town Council (broadcast directly by various channels). During this, the Signor Procuratore della Repubblica di Enna {Procurator at Enna} dr. Salvatore Cardinale in the presence of the Sostituto Procuratore dei Minorenni di Caltanissetta {Deputy Procurator for Minors}, and the Prefect of Enna and the leading provincial representatives from the Carabinieri and the Police, discussed the particular complexity of the investigations and then recognised the active contribution of the local institutions and raised the awareness of all the citizens to behave with solidarity and support to the young “ANGELO” (how we have to decided to refer to our boy-witness) who has had the courage and the strength to help the justice system.
The magistracy has justly decided (for obvious reasons of privacy) not to make known the true identity of “ANGELO” and no one , not even the Mayor, could or can make the error of publicizing any action to support our young “ANGELO” and his family. We well know the meaning and the value of the courage of “Angelo” and of his family. “ANGELO” is not and will never be alone.
He and his family know that we are silently at his side, without clamour, in this difficult and courageous search for the truth. We owe it to him. We owe it to Francesco, to all the mothers.
We owe it to our children and to our conscience. We owe it to all our children. I owe it to that child who, during the torch-light procession for Francesco, took my hand and said: “Mayor, help us”
On 19 and 20 November we organised the First Day for the Defence of Childhood and Adolescence and “so as not to forget Francesco” and with a primary motto: “Let us Play”.
On that occasion, Barrafranca was raised up by the President of the Province to be “Capital of Children” for the whole Province of Enna.
You can be sure, even with the help of all of you, that we will continue to support unconditionally our “ANGELO” and his family and not let him feel alone. I accept with great pleasure the proposal of Signora Roberta Veneto to put up a poster at the side of the one saying “No to Drugs – all together against drugs” one saying: “NO ALL’OMERTA’: Per non dimenticare Francesco, per non lasciare solo ANGELO” {No to silence, so as not to forget Francesco, so as not to leave Angelo isolated}. Thus, I will give you the information using the town’s official website about all the initiatives and all the actions that we are taking forward. Will all this be enough? I don’t know. I’m a poor mayor (this time with a lower case “m”), who at times feels powerless in the face of cases that are much bigger than him. But each day I’m given strength knowing that “the smile of a child is our most precious good and the defence of that is our strongest weapon.”
A sincere “thank you” to all of you for this immense participation and solidarity and with the wish that you will be able to admire the true Barrafranca and the true Sicily. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from
Totò Marchì Mayor of Barrafranca 6 December 2006 at the Town Hall

NB Someone will surely be asking why the Mayor does not bring an action for libel against “Beppe Grillo’s Blog” for the defamatory offences and injuries to the community of Barra with the request for compensation and damages to be devolved to the Associazione METER di Don Fortunato Di Noto that is fighting paedophilia. The reply is no. I’m not bringing an action for libel against anyone.
My fight is against the “monsters” and against the assassins not against those who simply do “gossip” clumsily. I am sure that “The Blog” will know how to appreciate this! "

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December 13, 2006

Pinochet and the Inti Illimani


Pinochet died in his bed. Judge Garzòn tried to get him to die in prison. He got him put under house arrest in a London hotel for crimes against humanity. Pinochet managed to get back to Chile for health reasons.
When his wheelchair touched Chilean soil he suddenly got better and he leaped to his feet and ran. From that moment he was 'dead man walking'. After that Garzòn turned his attention to the psiconano and he’s confident of having greater success there.
Pinochet was responsible for the end to democracy in Chile, for the killing of Allende, for thousands of murders. But his greatest crime was to have allowed the Inti Illimani to flee to Italy. Since 1973 they’ve been on our TV.
In the “feste dell’Unità”. With Pippo Baudo. They have given me a nervous breakdown. They are lifelong musical veterans.
Their political influence has been enormous. Show after show, they have exalted for us the work of Pinochet. They have created a justificationist movement for the regime. For the lager-stadium of Santiago.
Pinochet has been a failure. In Italy they wouldn’t even give him the position of robber in a provincial cabinet. In 17 years of dictatorship he took home only 150,000,000 Euro.
A disgrace. If he had been better informed by the socialists that could have been thousands of millions. After that he learned his lesson. After consulting with Previti he avoided prison. Torturing the opposition politicians was one of his specialities. Places like Villa Grimaldi, Chacabuco and Pisagua will stay in the history books.
Pinochet-Pinocchio. A professional liar. Who lied to his boss Allende. To the generals with whom he brought about the coup d’état.
To the Americans of the CIA. To Nicola Pietrangeli for the final of the Davis Cup in 1976.
He had his female admirers. The first was Margaret Thatcher who tried to emulate him in the famous miners’ strike in Great Britain. In Italy the former P2 people keep quiet for reasons of political opportunism. But they are weeping for him. And they envy him. He succeeded. They didn’t (not yet).

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Thousand and One Deaths


Italy is a dangerous place for those who work. The one thousand possible deaths have the taste of the blood and the torture of the Spanish Inquisition.
They are crimes, not accidents. Investments for safety diminish the turnover. The fallen at work increase it. Fallen in an Italy that is full of trades unions, inspectors, proclamations, but without rules. Death from profits.
How does a worker die? The 246 building industry dead in 2006 offer a vast choice:

- zapped by high voltage (Luigi Careddu, labourer, 29 years old)
- squashed by a truck (Luigi Cuomo, labourer, 40 years old)
- fallen from scaffolding (Michele Grauso, labourer, 55 years old)
- knock down by a train (Victor Rotari, labourer, 48 years old)
- for the collapse of a balcony (Massimo Raffaele Pisacane, labourer, 22 years old)
- squashed by a transporter belt (Salim Bedoui, labourer, 19 years old)
- squashed by a cement mixer (Francesco Casalicchio, labourer, 30 years old)
- swallowed up by a landslide (Carmelo Molino, labourer, 56 years old)
- hit on the head by a beam (Nicolin Ndou, labourer, 42 years old)
- falling from a roof (Davide Soldati, labourer on his first day of work, 27 years old)
- for the collapse of a building (Mircea Spiridon, labourer, 32 years old)
- squashed by an excavator (Marco Cibin, labourer, 41 years old)
- squashed by a load of granite slabs (Daniele Tavarini, labourer, 43 years old)
- falling into a cement mixing system (Luigi Tunto, labourer, 53 years old)
- hit by the arm of a crane (Ye Hegen, carpenter, 34 years old)
- falling into the void of an elevator (Pietro Novaldi, labourer, 50 years old)
- heat-stroke (C.Petru, labourer, 48 years old)
- squashed by a metal platform (Maurizio Piteo, labourer, 37 years old)
- sucked in to a well by rain water (Bogdan Mihalcea, labourer, 24 years old)
- suffocated in a fire in a mattress factory (Giovanna Curcio, factory worker, 15 years old)
- for the collapse of a motorway support pillar (Antonio Veneziano, labourer, 25 years old)
- pierced by a metal tool (Andrea Cesario, labourer, 24 years old)
- churned up by the blades of a concrete mixer (Salvatore Cordella, labourer, 33 years old)
- head injury from a nail shot out from a pistol (Luigi Bonis, labourer, 23 years old)
- falling from a ladder (Fernando Prete, painter, 55 years old)
- knocked over by a 10 ton bar (Benedetto Saponaro, labourer, 28 years old)
- for inhaling gas (Gianni Truffa, labourer, 30 years old)
- buried alive by a landslide (Nuzio Minardi, 69 years old, Valentin Karri, 27 years old, labourers)
- knocked down by a tree trunk (Maddalozzo Mauro, labourer, 35 years old)
- knocked over by a load of gravel (Marcello Tornado, entrepreneur, 33 years old)
- hit by a mechanical spade (Antonio Zeoli, labourer, 57 years old).

In Afghanistan and in Lebanon there’s less risk and there’s more to gain. And with a bank robbery or robbing a petrol station (with or without homicide) there’s really no risk at all.

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December 11, 2006

Fleeing from the CPTs

Francesco Caruso and Haidi Giuliani went into self-imposed incarceration inside the Sant’Anna CPT {Centro di Permanenza Temporanea = Centre for Temporary Stay – for new arrivals in the country} on the Isle of Capo Rizzuto threatening to come out only after all the CPTs have been closed down. But after they understood where they were, they immediately changed their minds and came out.
The problem is real. The CPTs are to be closed and the clandestines entrusted to new structures throughout the territory. Some people coming from outside of the European Union, in Italy as political refugees, have led the way.
They got clandestines to escape from the CPT. They took them to Centres of Secondary Welcome, to the CSTs. Open air sheds done up for the occasion.
They telephoned a relative of the unfortunatewelcomedandkidnapped who was already in Italy. After the payment of 500 – 600 Euro, a reasonable amount, they were freed.
An agreement with the different communities of secondary welcome would resolve the problem of welcoming. The State would be liberated from every cost.
In the Finance Law, a new tax could be added in. It could be for the welcomed-kidnapped with prepayment of tax at the source of 35%. With the entry of 5 to 6 million immigrants our public debt could be resolved.
And with 7 to 8 million migrants we would become the richest country in the world. We could overtake China in population numbers.
Caruso is a genius. The self-inflicted incarceration is a social innovation. Berlusconi will self-incarcerate in the Tribunal of Milan until he is taken down.
Mastella has already incarcerated himself in the Ministry of Justice. For the closure of prisons because of the lack of prisoners. In the Antimafia Commission the two convicted self-incarcerated Vito & Pomicino wait for freedom.
Self-incarceration is a new resource available to the citizens. Let’s start with Parliament. Let us self-incarcerate ourselves in Montecitorio {Building of the Lower House of Parliament} It is an mixed up place and we will hold out only for a few hours. But we will be sending out a signal for it to be closed down.

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Harlequin, servant of two masters

Urban transport is on strike. Aircraft are on strike. The trains are on strike. The fire officers are on strike. The teachers are on strike. The hospitals are on strike. Anyone who is a public employee sooner or later goes on strike.
The citizens, their employees are always in the dark about the motives. They know there’s a strike , but they don’t know the reason for it. However they know that the absence from work happens by preference on a Friday or on the days before a holiday. An incentive for a long week end.
It’s murmured that the strikes depend on the failure to renew work contracts. And that the negotiations are always drawn out for many years. Years of severe strikes, not against the administration, but against the citizens.
Those that pay the salaries to the strikers with the cost of the service and to the public administrators, who negotiate with the strikers, with taxes.
The citizen pays for the service twice, but is excluded from the negotiation. The employee administrators don’t get anywhere with the employee strikers.
From one week to the next, we find ourselves without trains, without hospital treatment, without schools. We pay hordes of employees to serve us (with the idea of providing a public service).
But we don’t have the right to speak, to make decisions, to be informed, to have a veto in the negotiations. It’s time to change the system.
Negotiations between public administrators and trades unions must provide for the presence of citizen representatives. Who can understand and make decisions instead of waiting for hours at the bus stop like stupid folk
While writing this it occurred to me that certain employees never go on strike. The politicians. Perhaps because they are so fond of us? Perhaps because we treat them so well? I believe that it is time to review the conditions of their contracts. The pension after 30 months is just the start of the meal. And if they go on strike we won’t be aware of it.

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December 09, 2006

Good News

Perhaps something has changed. I’m not used to good news items any more. Four all together haven’t happened for decades.
First item of good news: The blank ballot sheets are to be recounted. Perhaps Deaglio and his blog weren’t completely wrong.
Second item of good news: TAR of Lazio has decided in favour of Antonio Di Pietro against Autostrade. Profumo, Gilberton and Chico Salvador Alemany Mas dos Abertis are sore. They were used to Emmenthal Lunardi...
Third item of good news: Geronzi (Capitalia), Colaninno, Sacchetti (formerly Unipol) and Gronchi (Banca Popolare Italiana) have been found guilty of bankruptcy. But the bipartisan Ds/Forza Italia pardon will save them.
Fourth item of good news: We have left Iraq. Right now that the war is starting…. A million emails to the President of the Republic have not been useful. However it’s some satisfaction.
Perhaps they feel that a RESET is about to happen. That the wind of change is near.
Yesterday there was the start of the season at la Scala. I hold Zeffirelli in high esteem and I’m glad of his success.
I’m not glad about the anachronistic procession of important people with ladies and maidens. I’m not even going to give their names. I would have to use la Pasta del Capitano {toothpaste} to clean my mouth out.
Precarious workers in the square and rich men in bow ties to celebrate Giuseppe Verdi. A true gentleman, senator of the realm, who always paid from his own pocket, the costs of travelling to Rome.
The divisions get bigger. Let’s hope for more good news.

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The Unknown Cyclist

The cities of Milan and Nassirya are getting a twinning arrangement. Letizia Moratti will soon go to Iraq to visit Eni. She’ll be accompanied by her oil-business husband Gian Marco Moratti, her oil-business brother-in-law Massimo Moratti e and her green sister-in-law Milly Moratti.
The two cities have a common heritage of those who died for oil. In Iraq for defending the oil wells. In Italy for defending the profits of the oil magnates and the State. The civilians who have “fallen” are much more numerous than those who fell in war.
Just in Milan the count of cyclists from the beginning of the year is of 812 injured and 11 dead. For pedestrians it’s 290 injured and 26 dead. A total of 37 dead, but then that’s not including the Christmas period. In the last few days, a young woman was killed on the pedestrian crossing by an ATM bus.
A gentleman on a bicycle was squashed by an articulated vehicle right in the centre. A 13 year old boy was knocked over with his bicycle by a truck. But they are ordinary people. Those who love the risk. Anything but parachutists. And those who take the risk pay.
The city authorities should intervene. For example oblige all citizens to equip themselves with a car. Not for getting around but for protection. Seat belts, air bags, side-impact protection bars are made for that. Journey times would get longer but petrol would disappear like bread.
And many lives would be saved. There’d still be the danger for those who are obstinate enough to want to walk to the stop of the public transport. There’s a solution: underpasses. Directly from your front door to the bus stop or to the metro station.
The number of cyclists who have died in accidents has doubled in a year in Milan. The problem must be tackled straight away. Forbid bicycles. And, as a warning, erect a memorial to the unknown cyclist. Sponsored by Eni and Fiat.

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December 08, 2006

Alitalia and counting

Winged numbers. An individual wanting to buy Alitalia would have to fork out 2,000,000,000 Euro. Alitalia is worth zero. At the end of January the money to pay staff salaries will have run out. It has 20,575 employees. Half would still be too many. A third world fleet of aircraft. Beaten only by the Tupolev.
A CEO with an annual salary of 2,700,000 Euro. In Europe, the one with the highest pay in the sector. Earning 6 times as much as his colleague in Air France.
Prodi wants to sell. Who will buy? The banks are keeping clear. They’ve even tied their feet. Alitalia is losing 51,000 Euro an hour. Let’s stop the taximeter.
There’s only one solution to put a stopper on all this loss: pay 2,000,000,000 Euro to Gaddafi to buy it. The employees would have to move to Tunis. Their forced transfer would be part of the validity of the contract.
20,575 fewer mouths to be fed by the State. Great business. Even if it costs us a little bit.
There’s still the Cimoli problem. What to do with a manager who is so highly regarded by both Prodi and Berlusconi?
If a manager is paid well for what he is worth, he is paid really a lot for what he is losing. It’s a shame that the money he is earning is coming from our pockets. He’s not the only one who’s guilty.
He’s a goat but not the only scapegoat. But as long as he stays there, with that salary, with those results, with that satisfied smile there’s no hope. Let Prodi give him a job as a majordomo.
Then that’s the reason why he’s still there. Air. Fresh air. But what do you want?

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December 06, 2006

A boy all alone


A boy called Francesco was raped by a group of paedophiles at Barrafranca (Enna). Photographed. The images were distributed throughout his school. Those in the know kept quiet.
The boy rebelled. He was beaten up. Killed with a spanner. 19 blows. The presumed paedophiles are in prison awaiting trial. There’s just one witness.
It’s another boy who saw the rapes and denounced them. Today he is isolated. It’s he who is guilty. Guilty of failure to keep silent. The investigators say there is “a serious situation of environmental pressure taking place in the village of Barrafranca”.
Where are the 13,115 inhabitants of Barrafranca? Where is the mayor? The parish priest? The head teacher? The judge has kept the presumed criminals in prison.
In Italy the criminals are always presumed, sometimes “prescribed”, rarely condemned. He did this because those arrested “could persuade him to retract”. But what sort of country have we got here? It’s the presumed paedophiles that should be afraid to leave prison.
Not the boy afraid of being a witness. An article in il Corriere explains everything. Even too much. It’s an account of horror.
It’s something that doesn’t let you sleep and makes you sad. An angry sadness towards a humanity that is dark, complicit and ignoble. Let us not leave this boy isolated with his courage. We would not be able to pardon ourselves.

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December 05, 2006

Scent of Money


There are simple bankers. There are former prisoners like Fiorani. Those that will never get to prison like Geronzi. And the best among equals: the bankers of the left. Their champion is Alessandro Profumo of Unicredit. Profumo has given an interview to il Corriere della Sera. And he said Left things. Better than D’Alema. More than Fassino. A bit less than the pawn broker’s. They are words that can be interpreted.

AP: It’s not the task of the banks to develop the country. Our duty is to create value for our shareholders.”
Can be read:
”The shareholders decide the policies of the banks. The country and the clients come after that…”

AP: The interests of the development of the country coincide with the increase in our turnover”
Can be read:
”If the country doesn’t increase our turnover it can go and screw itself…”

AP: If Autostrade were to make investments in Italy simply because the ownership is Italian, in reality it would not be providing a service to the country.”
Can be read:
Unicredit and Benetton, are shareholders of Autostrade. If Autostrade were to make the investments for 2,000,000,000 Euro that it should have made in Italy it would not be providing a service to Unicredit and perhaps it would not be able to distribute dividends of almost 2,000,000,000 Euro to its shareholders and furthermore, it would not be a service to Unicredit.”

AP: With reference to the company Autostrade:
”If the rules are changed ex post, perhaps even concerning the motorway concessions, the result is more general: that of destroying the international credibility of Italy.”
Can be read:
”The profits of Unicredit and the international credibility of Italy coincide”

Spectacular Alexander the Great. He’s two-sided. He takes action and he holds shares. He’s always on the right side: that of the shareholders.

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December 04, 2006

Saturday of Dead Bodies


On Saturday in Rome the Guardia di Finanza {Finance Police} lost a great opportunity. That of surrounding the mass of 2,000,000,000 people (Forza P2’s estimate) to ask for their income tax declarations.
That would have sorted out the Public Debt. An opportunity like that will never happen again. The people concerned are of a certain age. Berlusconi supported Bossi with his right hand astutely behind his back. He smiled with a closed mouth like the best ventriloquist.
And he made Bossi speak better than Provolino. The crowd was delirious. The psiconano then shouted out: “It’s not the leader that chooses the people but the people who choose the leader”.
If he is the leader, then I don’t understand why he chose us. The true opposition was in Palermo. It wasn’t by chance that Casini went to Sicily to mark the difference. There he’s got loads of friends. The famous friends of friends. Saturday he gave us a happy funeral.
Of political happiness for the government. With this opposition it can allow itself a pardon and a finance law every three months. The Unione has had a protecting saint for almost 20 years. San Berlusconi da Arcore {Saint Berlusconi of Arcore}.
Pinochet saw his colleague fainting on TV as it happened. He was told the reason. To avoid the hearing at the Milan Tribunal last Wednesday.
To draw out the time frame and to aim at prescrizione {getting a judgement beyond the time limit}. Thus, after consulting with Bondi on the telephone, he did the same. Prescrizione plus apoplectic stroke and there’s no more prison.

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Ius primae noctis


An acquired right when it is acquired in Italy remains that for ever. It is never given up. It’s an income for life. Bersani talks (just talks) about liberalizations.
I would talk about war of liberalization. The Italian citizen is living in an immense concentration camp. Instead of the barbed wire there’s the prevalence of acquisition.
The one who has acquired is recognizable by his arrogance in defending his acquired rights.
In being a monopoly or corporation. In insisting on getting paid without delivering services. The first ones who have acquired are the politicians, by now nice and solid in their corporate impunity.
Once upon a time there was the ius primae noctis. It was practised just for one night and only on one member of the family. Today the ones who have acquired fxxk all year round without distinctions of sex or family relationship. The politicians are simple the tip of the iceberg. On which democracy is seated. There are also the others. The acquired part of the country.
The monopolists, the cartels, the municipalities, the distributors, the notaries, all types of professional, pensioners with twenty years of contributions and gold and silver pensioners, public managers with millions of Euro as golden handshakes, those who are “prescritti” by law.
The acquired right is even valid for unlawfulness. For those who fail to give till receipts or invoices. For tax dodgers. Those who park cars in the wrong places. The “pizzo”. The bribe. Everything in daylight. Everything unpunished. All acquired.
The ones who have acquired live thanks to those that have not acquired. And those that have not acquired obviously start to get upset. They start by understanding that the cover-up information from the ones who have acquired is acquired information.
The number of those that have not acquired is increasing. And this represents a danger for the System. That is not confined to Campania as Saviano writes in “Gomorra”. It is a NATIONAL SYSTEM. A lottery in which those who have acquired always win.
There are a few million young people. They have diplomas and degrees. Some with many degrees. Some with Masters degrees. They are all people on short-term contracts. They are the modern slaves who keep this decadent system on its feet.
They don’t have political representation. It has already been acquired. The touch paper has been lit. Can’t you smell the sulphur?

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December 02, 2006

RESET Incinerators!


On April 10, the employee Romano Prodi was asked to abolish the financing of refuse incinerators and electricity generation based on fossil fuels (coal, oil, by-products of oil refining) through item A3 of our Enel utility bills.
Only in Italy, are these considered to be sources of renewable (and similar) energy and thus have a contribution that should go to the true renewables: solar, wind, water. Even though forbidden by the European Union, and Italy is subject to an infraction procedure.
It should be remembered that the employee Prodi whose Energy leader Loyola De Palacio said on 20.11.2003: “the non-biodegradable fraction of the refuse cannot be considered to be a source of renewable energy”.
The finance goes to the usual well-known ones. To the multi-utilities with incinerators, to Api with its generating stations at Falconara and then to Edison, EniPower, Enel etc. Burning off the by-products of oil refining at Sarroch (Cagliari) and Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa), Moratti and Garrone pay for the acquisitions by Inter and Sampdoria even with the electricity bills of Milan and Genoa fans. Where is the football fairness?
Read the list of those who have benefited from Cip6 financing in 2006 and on the official site of the Authority dell’Energia {Energy Authority} the summaries for 2003-2004 with the percentages of the first 10 companies that have grabbed financing for similar sources and false renewables: we find: Asm Brescia, the multinational Fooster&Wheeler (that builds incinerators among other things), Sarlux (oil, Moratti family) Erg (oil, Garrone family), Edison (gasifiers), ApiEnergia… (oil) We’re talking about financing for about 3,100,000,000 Euro in 2005 (2,400,000,000 in 2004).
Apart from the Cip6, there’s the new frontier of 'Green Certificates' and it’s still them that benefits from them. With our money.
All this is happening to the detriment of the true renewables that are receiving only a minimal part of the funds. These tumour machines are still in existence because we are financing them using a mechanism that is considered illegal by the European Union. We are financing them with the electricity bills.
We are paying for renewables and we are creating tumour-factories. The investors on the Stock Exchange want more and more incinerators, gasifiers “clean” generating stations fuelled by coal.
They are pre-booking places in the other world for all of us and meanwhile they are enjoying being capitalists with our money.
In Parliament there are those who are trying to abolish this “drugged” mechanism of the Cip6- Certificati Verdi, but the transverse lobby is resisting. From AN to DS passing by Forza Italia, Margherita, Rosa nel Pugno, Udc.

Against this scandal a campaign called RESET Incinerators has started.

1 – To raise awareness about the damage caused by incinerators and on possible alternatives (Zero Refuse strategies, integrated systems with reduction at the source, differentiated collection at the door, ‘cold’ biological processing ) the Meetups in the whole of Italy are going into the streets in loads of Italy’s cities on Saturday 2 December. Go for it people!

2 - On the Internet there’s an online petition called 'RESET Incinerators'. It’s addressed to the European Commission and the Italian Government to ask for an end to financing of incinerators and similar sources.

3 - Buying the electronic microscope. It’s nearly there….

Let’s save our lives and the lives of our children! RESET!

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December 01, 2006

How wonderful is the cudgel


In a service station, some robust cudgels have been photographed on sale. They are wooden and with dimensions between 60 and 90 cm. Black cudgels with the brand name: il Duce con l’elmo da soldato {the Duke with the soldier’s helmet}. It’s in a range of phrases offered to the passing car-driver: “Many enemies, much honour", “Me ne frego”{I don’t care - fascist motto}, “Dux Mussolini”.
It is part of the historical revisionism that is happening.. There are T shirts with the wording: “Mafia – Made in Italy” and “Baciamo le mani” {kiss hands} that are flying off the rails to foreign tourists.
And on the Internet, polo-necks are for sale with the wording: “Cosa Nostra” on the front and “affiliato” {affiliate} on the back. It’s the new Made in Italy. Connected to our roots. Genuine and thus international. For export.
We can already foresee the relaunch of the fascist castor oil as a laxative for use in resolving every conflict situation. Some little anarchist bomb, misappropriated from the services, or authentically black, as chosen by the purchaser. To return to the unforgettable season of slaughter. Red Brigades jumpers with the picture of Curcio and the 5-pointed star.
Shoes with revival wording: “Piazza Fontana for ever”, “10, 100, 1000 Italicus”, “Chi non salta Aldo Moro è!” {If you don’t jump you are Aldo Moro}, “Long live Ustica", “Forza P2” (but perhaps this is there already). Big business!
Italy is rich in undervalued historical episodes. They are a gold-mine. In the world we have a terrible reputation. Let’s make use of it. We are a population of mafia people, post-fascists, bankrupts, P2-members, tax-dodgers, bombers?
We will be ashamed of that no longer! Let’s be proud of all that and carry our heads high. It’s an avenue without end. Just think of new “Dux” entertainment parks or video games about how to blow up a judge. Of Sindona coffee. Of Tele Mafia. Endless possibilities.

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