2007 Calendar

Today Iím publishing the 2007 Calendar with the heroes and martyrs of Italy instead of saints. Anyone can print it for free or send it to a friend. Obviously, it canít be used for financial gain. Itís possible that among the many victims there are one or two who have not been cited.
Send me the information and they will be added. Itís possible that the calendar has some errors. Let me know. Sometimes, there was more than one victim on the same date but only one has been named. When you read the names of the fallen, day by day, Italy seems to be a theatre of war.
Between people who are honest and those who are dishonest. Between servants of the State and criminal, terrorists and corrupt politicians. A war that is open to every solution. A war that is current and whose outcome is not certain. Itís not sure that it will be ďus lotĒ that win. And itís difficult to work out who are on ďour sideĒ and who are on ďtheirsĒ. And whether this country can still claim to be a State based on rights.

From the introduction to the 2007 Calendar:ĒThe saints have always been our companions in the calendar. They protect us when we are in need. Who has never turned to Saint Anthony or Saint Francis at least once? The saints are not for discussion. In fact people blaspheme against the divinity but never against a saint. But, still in their greatness they are religious saints.
They belong to a religion. Not to all the Italians. Italy has had its lay saints. They have died in their hundreds.
To protect the State, the freedom of the press, our rights, the life of the citizens. Iíve thought up a calendar to remember them. To thank them. Without them our country would be the territory of the economic potentates, of the mafias, of the P2, of the extremists.
Itís possible that it is anyway. But in that case, their deaths serve to remind us that the human is born free and not a servant. Courageous and not a villain. To live as villains and as servants is possible. Itís also good for the healthÖĒ

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Maria Consuelo:
I will try to find it.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 2, 2007 06:26 PM

Jihad and Ghost wars by steve coll..... the new york times...
Prince....i found this book quite enlightening!

Posted by: maria consuelo spera | January 2, 2007 02:25 AM

Thanks for this Calendar! It was an excellent idea and it should be sent to as many people as possible.
Rosie xxx

Posted by: Rosie Trenta | December 31, 2006 09:36 PM

Hello everybody!
I'm not so present as before on this blog, I'm sure you know the reasons....
In spite of everything I want to send you my best wishes for the new year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, to everybody!!!!!!!
I hope that the 2007 will bring you therealization of your hopes and dreams!
Everybody has a secret dream, I whish you that these dreams will be fulfilled!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 30, 2006 04:38 PM

I must been nauthy,because I couldn't post anting tryed many Timex's you can see prof.you are not the only one been ban,I do not take as personally as you do,what I said was about Saddam,and his court case,no I do not agree with givin hin the dead penalty,where he live"eye for an eye"it this a strong law,that I do not understand also because I live in a civilized country,but I feel that any of my family had been torture and killed by hin and is regime I do not know what I will do,for sure trowm him somewhere and throw the key away,it should not get away lightly wonder though how can Bush sleep at night, do all the innocent souls killed by him ,haunted him at night!?would any court charge him for all the invasion in Iraq?!Same coin different faces,one fighting for freedoms taking freedom,the result at the moment seems the same,pain and sorrow!hopefully the next year will bring peace on hearth,ciao

Posted by: E.kul.nura | December 30, 2006 07:57 AM

Happy new years to everybody,ciao

Posted by: E.kul.nura | December 30, 2006 07:42 AM

Prince: fortunately I havn't this problem, I can easily look at the beautiful girls on the calenders without any envy. Every woman can do it, whit a little bit self confidence;-))))))))

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 30, 2006 12:54 AM

hi beppe, great calendar but you might design one not only for italians?
well, dates arenīt enough...

Posted by: richard simon | December 29, 2006 07:34 PM


Thanks fort that. This is a great idea.

Posted by: lorenzo Federico | December 29, 2006 05:32 PM

Il Padrino:

I checked the attachment: it's still in Italian.

Beppe, thank you anyway.

I think that I will not look for the "Elvis 2007" now.
In USA the calendars with naked women are forbidden in the workplaces.
My theory is because a lot of fat-ass women don't want their men to know how a nice girl looks like.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 29, 2006 02:46 PM

To be fair, to "Christian Divine Terrorism" I would add also the Jihad.
In both contests the same thing happens: people oppressed and tortured in the name of God to keep 'em down for the interests of few.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 29, 2006 02:41 PM


Is it possible to have translated in English, not for me, i am italian but i d like to send it to my english speaking friends..

Posted by: Cristina Mallai | December 29, 2006 01:08 PM

To live as villains and as servants is possible. Itís also good for the healthÖĒ

Ah yes Sig. Grillo we have a lot of them from the Bu$hit's also known as da shrub's New Europeans who will do anything for a fist pull of $$ to arms complete with advisers and you provide the whores to the latest slaves the ethiopian "christians divine terrorism" on xmas day.

slaves oh yes we do have fing lots of them.
An international calender with Italian botox siliconised retouched babes?
Forget it.
See the pathetic copies of gods - the real estate butcher gods naked:
Search the top 10 idiots of 2006 and you will not be disappointed!

Posted by: Marcia Visanji | December 29, 2006 12:05 PM

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