Aldo Moro


I’ve received a letter from Maria Fida Moro and I’m publishing it here.

"Signor Grillo,

I am writing to you, even though I don’t know you personally, to ask for your help. I am Maria Fida, the eldest daughter of Aldo Moro. This is the 29th year after the tragic death of my father and the powerful are still not tired of the smoke screen carefully constructed so as to cast a shadow on the historical truth of the Moro case, oscillating between two poles: the veil of silence (a deafening silence) on the one hand and the denied memory on the other.
But what is still worse is when they show films and theatrical performances almost always based on partial or questionable sources. A true demonstration of injustice! I am chilled to read that in April, Canale 5 is planning to show a two-part fiction about Aldo Moro. That’s horrible. But there’s more. According to the rumours, the presentation – as in Bellocchio’s film – is based on the accounts of Braghetti and others of the Red Brigades as well as on conversations with Francesco Cossiga. This is intolerable and absurd.
This is not freedom of thought and of expression, but a deliberate act of gratuitous violence. If it is legally possible to do it, that does not mean that it is ethical. I wonder why people who have cooperated in various ways, in the kidnapping and killing of my father should have the necessary competence to describe a profile that can be entrusted “sic et simpliciter” to the judgement of public opinion that is not always in a position to be able to evaluate the historical trustworthiness .And I wonder why instead those people who lived at his side and who loved him are kept at a distance?
The response is simple. Because if the real Aldo Moro were to be described, the absurdity of his unjust death would become very clear. Instead, in the mystification of the hypotheses on the subject, his unjust death disappears almost without trace. Just as in the Welby case. In the name of sacrosanct rights, the action taken is against love. For my father the right to life was not upheld. For Welby it was the right to leave his mortal body with dignity. Both were accused of instrumentalisation.
But what instrumentalisation? Perhaps that of saying the truth and being sure of it? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In the name of principles laid down in the Constitution in favour of humans, my father was sacrificed for the reasons of the State (apart from later when it was too late that recognition was proclaimed and reiterated a thousand times).
For poor Welby it was required that he accept to suffocate even in the presence of the machine after an interminable agony. Given that human nature allows one to really know only what one has experienced, it is evident that both in the case of Moro and in Welby’s case no-one had the right to give a judgement. And it would be so great if we forced ourselves to become more loving and if we were to measure things against the reasoning of the heart.
My father has gone and he is safe. Just as Piergiorgio Welby is safe. But I would still like to express my condolences and intense suffering for a fiction that will transform a Greek tragedy into plastic confetti. It is not right. It is not right. It is not right. If they don’t want to remember him justly, let them keep silent. A silence that is absolute and compassionate. I am sorry but I don’t recognise any rights in Anna Laura Braghetti (and it’s me that’s talking, the one who forgives).
To have been Moro’s jailer is not a way of thinking nor is it an academic title. If she had pity, why did she not let him go, or at least personally refuse to be his jailer? As regards the former President, Senator Francesco Cossiga, as I have already said to him in personal written correspondence, “tears do not wash away innocent blood”.
Since he often declares that he really felt affection for Aldo Moro, let him not remember him through a useless fiction. I would like a lightening strike to come from heaven to destroy all the copies of this work or even better that the Italians would oppose, with strength and indignation, this further ignominy. Thousands have said to me: “We would like to have done something to save him”. Now they can defend his memory and leave him to the memory of those who loved him and who love him with tenderness and passion. And they can also give some peace to those of us who have had their life devastated by his death.
It should be forbidden to take not just the life but also the dignity from a good and innocent man. Let silence descend on the vale of tears. Thank you for what you would like to do and for what you can do.”

Maria Fida Moro

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Prof,Joe,buddy take it easy,do not sweat the small stuff,get an hot bath,and if it fail to relax you,you can always have same colonic therapy , it works wonder for case of constipation like yours,cheers

Posted by: matt charr | January 1, 2007 01:45 AM

Andrea watch out,not to disagree with the prof Joe,or you'll end up in his black book,like the rest of us,ciao

Posted by: E.kul.nura | January 1, 2007 01:24 AM


but he threatened me over and over again and my PC didn't work well yesterday night (today is ok!!).

He's definetely a bloody hacker or even worse a cracker and must be blocked on the sake of Mr Grillo's blog asap.

He broke the PRIVACY LAW (see below)lots of time with others bloggers as well passing sensitive data on the web but nobody lifted a finger against him because most people are scared of him and anyway it's not easy to prove who is the responsible for that as he's used to writing several posts using different nicknames almost daily.

This breach of rules can be proved quite easily according to the following statement set out at the end of this page:

Information on article 13 of D lgs 196/2003 The law D.lgs. n. 196/2003 deals with the protection of personal data. According to this law, the handling of data shall follow principles of correctness, and transparency and the protection of your privacy and your rights. In accordance with art. 13 D.lgs. n.196/2003, we state:
- The data that you provide will be used exclusively for matters relating to the Blog
- Providing personal data is optional and there is no consequence if you do not provide it
- The information that you provide will not be passed on

To make things worse he also broke the rules of this blog several times in the past because according to Mr Grillo's blog rules this BLOG should be "an open space for you to use so that we can come face to face directly. As your comment is published immediately, there’s no time for filters to check it out.",but as we know very well he put lots of filters against those bloggers like me who were not willing to side him and the main political IDEOLOGY this blog is based on.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too....

Where are you going to spend NEW YEAR's EVE tonight?

Take care

Prof Joe

Posted by: Prof Joe | December 31, 2006 07:24 PM


No one would be so stupid to tell you they're gonna hack your computer, and then do it. They can be just as easily traceable as you!

Why don't you just make an attempt: try leaving Max and Enrico Rossi alone for a while?

Hey, happy new year!

Posted by: Andrea Marchi | December 31, 2006 05:23 PM


prof.joe I disagree with the result of Saddam court case,eye for an eye we all turn blind,good to know you move elsewere,good luck,lucky for us!no hard feelings,have a happy new year.

Posted by: matt charre' | December 30, 2006 03:52 AM

Dear Mr Rossi SNERT,
I regret to inform you that I didn't change my mind at all about SADDAM's execution as I've always been against DEATH PENALTY.

As for as Mr Saddam's execution is concerned I think that the decision of Iraqi Government to show his death by hanging on the telly was not only cruel and regrettable but also self-deafiting because it has sparked further tension and anger among Sunni extremists who have already promised to take revenge against Usa forces and Sciite population.

So,in order to avoid making another blunder such as this one,maybe you'd better next time restrain yourself from making value judgments about people's behaviour and attitude you know nothing about,because to take sides with USA's most political stances and the free market theory as well it doesn't mean that I always agree with Mr Bush's decisions.

At the same time if wise people such as me or Mr ANDREA MARCHI side against COMMUNISM and/or the centre-left coalition led by Mr Prodi,this doesn't necessarily mean to be a fascist as you had cheekly said to us a few days ago.

Unfortunately in this poor country,made up of 15% of far wing-left EMPTY SKULLS nuts like you,Mrs ProfessoFessa BIFERALE and EVAKULNURA, bloody and ignorant communists like you didn't still understand that thanks to the INTERNET and the consequent GLOBALIZATION of the ECONOMY the world has dramatically entered into a new and irreversible process compared with the one which was in force a few years ago (so called INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY).

Nowadays we live in a different society where the TERTIARY sector has taken the place of the SECONDARY one,so it's absolutely ridiculous to go on talking about out-of-date topics such as the MARXIST IDEOLOGY and the dictatorship of the working class.

Advances in communication and transportation technology (INTERNET for instance), combined with free-market ideology, have given goods, services, and capital unprecedented mobility which have made the CONSUMERS, and not the PRODUCERS as in the INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY, the real driving force of the current economic system .

Anyway if you want to know more about it I suggest you (and Mr MARCHI as well if he wish to)reading this beautiful and enlightened Italian book that talks about this issue:

"La fine del ceto medio e la nascita della società low cost" by Gaggi Massimo, Narduzzi Edoardo

It could be an unique occasion for you to bring your narrow mind out of oblivion (and mental wanks as well)to finally see how silly you are.

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYBODY including Mr ROSSI and Ms (or Mrs ??) EVAKULNURA even though they wouldn't deserve it because of their senseless messages...

Prof John Stuart Mill

Posted by: Prof John Stuart Mill | December 31, 2006 04:26 PM


Max Stirner is a bloody CRACKER as well as a dangerous HACKER and must be stopped as soon as possible on the sake of Mr Grillo's blog itself.

I remind you that in this country hacking and cracking are both considered very serious crimes chargeable under Italian law, so it's not just a challenge between me and him, you know?.

Yesterday he lost his head after reading 2 posts of mine in the Mr DI PIETRO's blog and he threatened me to destroy the HD of my PC because he understood that can do nothing against my cleverness and intelligence since,unlike here, he's not able to delete my messages in the Mr Di Pietro's blog.

So please don't be as naive and foolish as Mr ENRICO ROSSI and the others Mr Grillo's communist followers: this BLOG is going to the dogs because of Mr Stirner's childish and illegal behaviour,so it's not a silly issue related to personal matters as you belive, otherwise I wouldn't have been cut in the past even when my messages were not addressed to him.

Can you understand what I mean? Wake up, ANDREA!!! What a disappointment!!!

Happy new year

Prof John Stuart Mill

Posted by: Prof John Stuart Mill | December 31, 2006 04:20 PM


I think Max Stirner in that message basically said that if you stop attacking him, he will stop attacking you.

Then he proceeded to defeat the purpose of his own message by hinting at hard disk problems...

Anyway, despite the diplomatic blunder, the point of Max's message is that he will stop annoying you. But you need to do the same.

So do it.

And if he keeps pestering you, just ignore him. Why look for trouble, when the solution is so easy??

Posted by: Andrea Marchi | December 31, 2006 12:19 PM

I gave the benefit of the dought,to all,to the prof as well,beliving he has something to contribute to this world,that why I been reading his comments,lets see now what he has to say...... cheers

Posted by: matt charr | December 31, 2006 01:50 AM


I think that Joe could avoid writing them.

And that you could avoid reading them!


Posted by: Andrea Marchi | December 31, 2006 01:44 AM

Prof.Joe,do you know that we are all brothers?we are all part of the same energy,why keep with the insults,don't you know you are insulting yourself as well?

Posted by: matt charr | December 31, 2006 01:40 AM

Maria Fida: I will abstain to watch that show in the name of the respect that I had for your dad.

A late Merry Christmas and the wish of a new beginning for the next year.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 29, 2006 02:51 PM

To Enrico,glad you still around,ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | December 29, 2006 03:54 AM

Eva, I don't wish the SNERT anything bad because he's deeply mentally sick. He now spends hours talking nonsense to himself under different names on this Blog. He thinks he found a motive for his life in here and hallucinates constantly. He might be beyond the point of no return. Poor kid, doesn't he have parents to help him?

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | December 29, 2006 03:39 AM

Prof Mill,your disregard for the family pain,is really disrespectfully tough you got little bit of integrity,isn't so what a pity,I get confort from the old say "what goes around come around"you are going to get plenty in your life!that's why you are a loser!

Posted by: evakulnura | December 29, 2006 03:01 AM

To prof Mills,it would be very nice of you ,for respect of the families of the deceased to abstain from writing any silly remarks to anybody,I appreciate

Posted by: evakulnura | December 29, 2006 12:58 AM

Mrs Maria Fida Moro,you got my support and simpaty,regards

Posted by: evakulnura | December 29, 2006 12:53 AM


Prof. Gio vestri, alias Mill alias...ecc...ecc..has asked me to publish his photos as you can read in the edited letter.

He asked me to invite you all to see him on my blog too.

Click here

Posted by: manuela bellandi | December 28, 2006 02:49 PM

This letter demonstrates that only a person that really suffered in life can understand the meaning of sensitivity... She suffered enough...

Please don't show this fiction and have respect..

Posted by: Lorenzo Federico | December 28, 2006 08:08 AM

Once more, the Italian people will see something very distant from the real thing.
The other thing that bothers me is the tentative to give freedom to another terrorist, like if this lesson has not been learned yet.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 27, 2006 09:10 PM

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