Cip6: a letter from Pecoraro Scanio


Pecoraro Scanio has sent me a letter about the Cip6. This is a great victory for Italian citizens. I want to say “thank you” to all those who follow the Blog and to those who are associated with the MeetUp groups. Without you there would still be financing of the incinerators.
But there are those, like the valued incineratorists, the TAVists, the DSdioxin Mediapolists from Piedmont who never give up and send out a cry of pain with Chiamparino: “The year 2007 will be decisive for the High Speed Turin- Lyon project. Even given the umpteenth interview with the Minister Pecoraro Scanio on the topic, it seems evident to me that it is ever more a political problem.
This is why I think that the political leadership of the Centre Left should finally give a clear word on the topic.” I’ll give you a clear word Chiamparino: “Jerk”.

Dear Beppe,
Good news: the common battle against the Cip6 has seen a step forward. The Council of Ministers has restored the amendment - the one that disappeared in the Senate, - that excluded the “similar sources” (including the incinerators) from the incentives destined for renewable sources.
This is a success and good news that people need to know about. Together with the reopening of the Conference of Services for the regasification plant at Brindisi so as to be able to evaluate fully and exhaustively all the environmental profiles. More good news is the decision to start in March the national conference on energy and the environment.
The stimuli and the criticisms that we receive are useful and at times they are necessary, but it is also important to remember the positive results and to share them with those who have battled to get them.
An encouragement for those, like us, that believe another economy is possible and that protests should not be criminalized but that it is necessary to gather together the many proposals for the innovation they contain.
Thus there are a few good news items at the end of the year but we can rest there. I am taking advantage of these festive days to say to you and to all the friends of the Blog, may you have a happy year 2007 and may it be full of satisfaction. And with this wish there’s also a brief reflection.
I read your criticisms that personally I consider to be useful stimuli to operate with ever more efficiency. On the other hand, your Blog and the activity of the movements that fight throughout the land for the environment and the rights of consumers, are precious allies and vigilant eyes for those who are in politics with the aim of bringing about a change in direction of politics in this country.
We talked about this during our first meeting at the Ministry in the first weeks of life of the government.
And I have to say, in these first months of activity I have preferred to “talk” with facts rather than with press releases. The facts and the acts of the government can certainly be improved on but they are certainly moving in the direction that we are hoping for.
For example, I am referring to the work done to remove the TAV project in the Val di Susa from the perverse mechanism of the Objective Law and to bring it within the ambit of ordinary procedures. Or to the financing going to the Bridge over the Straits of Messina and direct it to the public works that are genuinely useful in the South. Or for having started the complete reform of the Framework Law.
To have inserted in the Finance Law, more money for renewable energy sources, for efficiency and saving, sustainable mobility, the defence of the territory from landslides and floods, for the fight against the eco-mafias and abusive building in favour of parks and biodiversity.
A positive balance that is very solid in relation to the previous Finance law that can be verified by anyone. This gives us hope for the year 2007.

Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio.

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Thank you very much

Posted by: ÇĎČ | July 11, 2007 01:16 AM

Posted by: ÇĎČ | July 11, 2007 01:15 AM

Can anyone kindly tell me where I can get an English translation of the new 'Conto Energia' decree.

Kind regards,


Posted by: Gabriel Torregiani | February 20, 2007 09:32 PM

Ciao Beppe, io sono di Torino ed ero amico di Edoardo Massari assassinato dopo le proteste sul TAV nel '97 a Torino. Io come tanti altri disadattati ero finito ad usare eroina e cocaina, poi a Londra dopo aver toccato veramente il fondo 4 anni fa, ho avuto modo di rigenerarmi.
Ora piu che mai sento la musica ribelle che mi entra nelle ossa e vibra nella pelle... nel mio piccolo al momento risparmio energia che peraltro non pago, ma quando saro piu stabile finaziariamente, per la causa daro il mio braccio sinistro 'che l'altro lavora.
Mi sono sentito un codardo per troppo tempo avendo abbandonato Torino, ma... a Londra ho fatto esperienze utili.
A presto
Fedelmente: Giuseppe Francesco Loriga

Posted by: Giuseppe Francesco Loriga | January 9, 2007 04:22 PM

"Or to the financing going to the Bridge over the Straits of Messina and direct it to the public works"......I knew my new year's day was going to become a bad start of the new year since i met my broth in law's brother in law who told me... I am involved in a project for palermo's light poles to be covered in ANTI COMMIs stickers.....
Dear Minister,
i thought that the EU had denied financing the bridge over the straights two years ago and that their interests had swithced to the renewing of the outrgeous conditions of sicilian highways and motorways and so on and so forth....
I hope i am not misunderstood and havent done so myself ....
Cuffaro and the likes can say whatever they want, but i believed that travelling by sea it had been proved more envinronmentally friendly and would give many more jobs to the shipping industry...WOULDN'T IT?
'the fight against the eco-mafias and abusive building in favour of parks and biodiversity.'
I really like this quote above, and i know that hundreds of italians and french and spanish and germans and english native speakers have been touring Sicily in the last three or four decades...
I havent for a good five years now, but the road that takes to where my parents live not only has thousands of new potholes, but
1) to refrain people from speeding they put three metal bars on the asphalt along a 500 mtrs stretch of a 2 km long road ( VIA CANNOLICCHIO MONREALE)( PLEASE DO NOT BLAME IT on the high prices of petrol....coz id start with how folish it has been to hang SADDAM HUSSEIN and let VIKTOR BOUT or LEONID MININ out and about)
2) If i wanted to take my awesome nephew out for a stroll in his pram ( or my DOG/CAT was disabled and had to use a wheel chair) , i wouldnt do it as all ....nice and polite car drivers park their cars either on the white stripes or on the paths for prams and wheel chair use only( SCIVOLI ). So .... i give in
3)A couple of months ago i heard on the county's news that a train's line in RAGUSA was soon to close down as there was no money ...
Now , after all this senseless ranting and raving i need to know if i have to pack things and go again.....( which i m nearly on the brink of it.....i mean 6 fg mths 2 find a job????!!!!???....well, i forgot....i aint 20 anymore....although the UDHR and CCPR wouldnt really agree with that...)
Again sorry for ranting and raving

Posted by: Maria Consuelo Spera | January 2, 2007 01:37 AM

Best wishes to Beppe and the bloggers!
Happy New Year!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 31, 2006 05:47 PM

Dear Beppe. A very Happy NEW YEAR to you and your colleagues, family, and friends and to everyone that follows your Blogg. Best wishes for a peacefull 2007.
Keep up the good work! John

Posted by: john Santilli | December 31, 2006 09:03 AM

Dear Beppe. A very Happy NEW YEAR to you and your colleagues, family, and friends and to everyone that follows your Blogg. Best wishes for a peacefull 2007.
Keep up the good work! John

Posted by: john Santilli | December 31, 2006 08:41 AM

Beppe gave us a such great tool. let's use it and give them some little trouble.


Posted by: lorenzo Federico | December 31, 2006 06:34 AM

the power of the people when they stand togheter,get result,any Beppe gGrillo friends club here in Australia?I like to join in,ciao

Posted by: E.kul.nura | December 31, 2006 06:17 AM

One more thing:

Beppe... thanks.

Posted by: Lorenzo Federico | December 31, 2006 06:06 AM

Dear DEPENDENT Pecoraro, very good.

Be aware that news like these are certainly positive but, unfortunately for you guys, still insufficient. You guys are still below standar and need to do much much more homework.
A LOT OF HOMEWORK. I hope to see soon perceptible improvement as a result of your hard work. The exams are slowly approaching and we'll be watching.....

Posted by: Lorenzo Federico | December 31, 2006 05:58 AM

La Romania entrera prestissimo nella Unione Europea.
Si e' provveduto a garantire i diritto sociali e legali dei vampiri ?
Godono essi degli stessi diritti di tutti i cittadini europei o sono emarginati ?
Spero si sia provveduto a passare l'opportuna legislazione.

Vampiro emigrato.

Posted by: Victor | December 31, 2006 02:10 AM

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