Fleeing from the CPTs

Francesco Caruso and Haidi Giuliani went into self-imposed incarceration inside the Sant’Anna CPT {Centro di Permanenza Temporanea = Centre for Temporary Stay – for new arrivals in the country} on the Isle of Capo Rizzuto threatening to come out only after all the CPTs have been closed down. But after they understood where they were, they immediately changed their minds and came out.
The problem is real. The CPTs are to be closed and the clandestines entrusted to new structures throughout the territory. Some people coming from outside of the European Union, in Italy as political refugees, have led the way.
They got clandestines to escape from the CPT. They took them to Centres of Secondary Welcome, to the CSTs. Open air sheds done up for the occasion.
They telephoned a relative of the unfortunatewelcomedandkidnapped who was already in Italy. After the payment of 500 – 600 Euro, a reasonable amount, they were freed.
An agreement with the different communities of secondary welcome would resolve the problem of welcoming. The State would be liberated from every cost.
In the Finance Law, a new tax could be added in. It could be for the welcomed-kidnapped with prepayment of tax at the source of 35%. With the entry of 5 to 6 million immigrants our public debt could be resolved.
And with 7 to 8 million migrants we would become the richest country in the world. We could overtake China in population numbers.
Caruso is a genius. The self-inflicted incarceration is a social innovation. Berlusconi will self-incarcerate in the Tribunal of Milan until he is taken down.
Mastella has already incarcerated himself in the Ministry of Justice. For the closure of prisons because of the lack of prisoners. In the Antimafia Commission the two convicted self-incarcerated Vito & Pomicino wait for freedom.
Self-incarceration is a new resource available to the citizens. Let’s start with Parliament. Let us self-incarcerate ourselves in Montecitorio {Building of the Lower House of Parliament} It is an mixed up place and we will hold out only for a few hours. But we will be sending out a signal for it to be closed down.

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'go for a Moroccan' a game in Rosarno

i would like to post this link from the english Guardian that reveals how this small city in Calabria called Rosarno, near to Gioa Tauro,
where strange game called 'go for a Moroccan'happends often.


Here i put some extract but please read the full article about how much the italian politics and people threat other human beings. Just to remember that we, immigrants choose living in Europe cause here democracy is free.
Thank for pubblishing this.

...Mustafa, from Morocco, counts himself lucky. He has a house, proper papers, and that rare thing, a contract on an orange farm. But shortly before dropping in at the clinic, he had intervened to stop a group of Italian boys beating two migrants. "There's lots of violence against migrants. One I know was attacked with a broken glass bottle and dragged unconscious along the street by a car. They point guns at you and rob you. And they have a game, called 'go for a Moroccan' where they ride together on scooters and beat you with sticks as they drive past. The police do nothing.

Posted by: sladzana bogeska | January 4, 2007 11:45 AM

There are a lot more....:o))) (as in every language of course) but Greek being concidered,by many, the most effective means of communication has a lot of such very descriptive words...(!!!)
However I am not sure Wiki lists them all...:o))

Have you noticed how happy they look when they say it ???!!!
Of course they haven't met the SNERT, then I wouldn't know.....

Posted by: paola filinesi | December 14, 2006 01:21 AM

Like they say in Greece: "Una faza una raza".

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | December 13, 2006 04:55 PM

heheheheehheeh! Paola! I like to learn foreign languages!
I was once in Greece, on the island Ios, a real paradise, and there I discovered that the modern greek language is not so difficult as I tought: many words are deep incorporated in our language, and with a little bit classical education you can understand a lot of things!
Our culture is after all child of the greek one!
PS) Despite that, i didn't know the meaning of malakas ;-)))) may be is not classic enough!!!!!(lol lol lol lol!!!!)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 13, 2006 04:38 PM

Ahhh Enrico...Fist I hope you all excuse my obsine language just this once...

This SNERT has never met an Italo/Greek/Arab combination as an opponent...^:/

Posted by: paola filinesi | December 13, 2006 04:14 PM

Paola, we caught him with his pants down too many times! He's the champion cheater who thrives on dishonesty and conflict. In real life I wouldn't be surprised if he preyed on widows and orphans ;-)

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | December 13, 2006 03:59 PM

Enrico, yes! I agree!!

It applies to you!!!


Posted by: paola filinesi | December 12, 2006 10:48 PM

WRONG AGAIN SNERT!!!! You used the wrong "O"...
I use "o" in the smile...!!!!

hehehehehehehehe :o)))

And because of time difference I can post my messege again from last evening:

You are the LEADER SNERT!!!!

We follow in your foot steps...!!!!

Don't you worry!!!


Plus to help you improve your knowledge of foreign languages here is one very popular...:

Ise Malakas!!! hehehehehe!!!


You can choose any definition you prefer....:o)))

ps. Allow me just this once my friends......

Posted by: paola filinesi | December 13, 2006 03:49 PM

Guys: the best weapon against him ist always the same old weapon: indifference.
He doesn't deserve our anger, it's only wasted energy.
We need our precious energy for better purposes.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 12, 2006 11:45 PM

Or tell his mother to come back from the usual rice delivery business to take care of him.

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | December 12, 2006 10:54 PM

What we need is a virtual DDT,and spray this mangrel,once for all.

Posted by: evakulnura | December 12, 2006 10:51 PM

Enrico, yes! I agree!!

It applies to you!!!


Posted by: paola filinesi | December 12, 2006 10:48 PM

I'm sure.

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | December 12, 2006 09:21 PM

"I thought that SNERT was the name of Hagar's dog."
SNERT is also the acronym for Sexually Needy Emotionally Repressed Troll. I'm sure you agree it applies in full to the demented one.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | December 12, 2006 08:01 PM

Enrico Rossi,

keep discussing about SNERTS, DARTS, FARTS (i.e., yourself), TROLLS and GREMLINS.

Don't venture off into anything more complicated, or you'll get confused...


Posted by: Bernarda Ciufoli Rossi | December 12, 2006 07:01 PM

I thought that SNERT was the name of Hagar's dog.

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | December 12, 2006 06:48 PM

No Raffaella, it's insulting and demented. Best that we all ignore him from now on like Paola suggested. He'll get tired and leave. SNERT crawl back into the cesspool where you belong!

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | December 12, 2006 06:44 PM

yes, Peppy.
It's all very sad and boring.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 12, 2006 06:36 PM

That's kind of sick and twisted.

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | December 12, 2006 06:14 PM

Raffa Biffa:

You don't have time to waste!??


(She's on this silly blog all day--every day... hahahaha!!!! She's busy... hahahahahaha!!!!!!!)

Raffa Biffa, thank you for your unintended jokes! They're almost as hilarious as your "serious" opinions!!!!! hahahahaaha!!!!!!

Posted by: Dave Matthews | December 12, 2006 04:27 PM

Good to meet you Beppe Grillo,

I heard about you from BBC news.

Blogging for freedom also, here in the Caribbean.

One-Love and Peace

Reverend JaSon Graves...

Posted by: Jason Graves | December 12, 2006 03:18 PM

Good ta meet you Beppe Grillo,

Blogging from the Caribbean, I ran across your name in the BBC and wanted to read some of your word-smithing.

a lot going on and much to write about, Freedom.

That's a good subject and am working toward real soulful, happiness too; one-love and peace bredren...

Rev. JaSon...

Posted by: Reverend Jason Graves | December 12, 2006 03:13 PM

that's ENOUGH.
I won't answer you anymore.
I hope the other bloggers will do the same.
We haven't time to waste.
Farewell for ever.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 12, 2006 02:04 PM

Yeah, they must have been real psychos...

Yet wise enough to dump you!


Posted by: Jefferson D'Arcy | December 12, 2006 01:37 PM

my "dear", it was long time ago....
Since then I changed my boyfriend twice.
I wouldn't wish you and your friends Jack, Fromm, Mill & Co, to meet personally anybody of them...

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 12, 2006 01:25 PM

Raffa Biffa is a lonely woman.

She's on this blog ALL THE TIME... talking about a boyfriend who long dumped her...

The boyfriend was a German guy. When he finally learned enough Italian to understand what the hell she was saying...


hahahahaha!!!!! That's the sad story of the lonely woman.

(And that's not even all...)


Posted by: Jefferson D'Arcy | December 12, 2006 01:07 PM

Erich Fromm:
Jack the Ripper: I hope you don't stink too much!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 12, 2006 10:50 AM

We could send those undesirable politicians there, close the Center and throw away the key.
I believe that everybody would pay 600 Euros/each to keep them in.

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | December 11, 2006 09:37 PM

By the way Jack: Ripper in USA is somebody that likes to Rip (read "fart")

Posted by: Peppiniello da Capua | December 11, 2006 09:31 PM

hey, Jack: english, please!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | December 11, 2006 08:43 PM

ehehehee...........primo! (perlomeno qui.............)

Posted by: jack ripper | December 11, 2006 08:32 PM

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