Ius primae noctis


An acquired right when it is acquired in Italy remains that for ever. It is never given up. It’s an income for life. Bersani talks (just talks) about liberalizations.
I would talk about war of liberalization. The Italian citizen is living in an immense concentration camp. Instead of the barbed wire there’s the prevalence of acquisition.
The one who has acquired is recognizable by his arrogance in defending his acquired rights.
In being a monopoly or corporation. In insisting on getting paid without delivering services. The first ones who have acquired are the politicians, by now nice and solid in their corporate impunity.
Once upon a time there was the ius primae noctis. It was practised just for one night and only on one member of the family. Today the ones who have acquired fxxk all year round without distinctions of sex or family relationship. The politicians are simple the tip of the iceberg. On which democracy is seated. There are also the others. The acquired part of the country.
The monopolists, the cartels, the municipalities, the distributors, the notaries, all types of professional, pensioners with twenty years of contributions and gold and silver pensioners, public managers with millions of Euro as golden handshakes, those who are “prescritti” by law.
The acquired right is even valid for unlawfulness. For those who fail to give till receipts or invoices. For tax dodgers. Those who park cars in the wrong places. The “pizzo”. The bribe. Everything in daylight. Everything unpunished. All acquired.
The ones who have acquired live thanks to those that have not acquired. And those that have not acquired obviously start to get upset. They start by understanding that the cover-up information from the ones who have acquired is acquired information.
The number of those that have not acquired is increasing. And this represents a danger for the System. That is not confined to Campania as Saviano writes in “Gomorra”. It is a NATIONAL SYSTEM. A lottery in which those who have acquired always win.
There are a few million young people. They have diplomas and degrees. Some with many degrees. Some with Masters degrees. They are all people on short-term contracts. They are the modern slaves who keep this decadent system on its feet.
They don’t have political representation. It has already been acquired. The touch paper has been lit. Can’t you smell the sulphur?

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Giacomo I sad the same thing before,with all the taxes Italians people paid they should have the best services in the all world,the sad part is nobody seems to mind,they all whinge, and everybody keep going like nothing is happening,sadly most is, there isn't anybody else to vote in,no real opposition to keep in check who is in power,and what they are doing with the taxpayer money,as you said before transparency should be mandatory,ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | December 5, 2006 02:27 AM

Hello there, there is a say in the land where I have been and it goes like this “No taxes without representation” and the reason for it is the fact that any government levee taxes on the auspices that the money is needed to supply the public with needed social services and for the services already in place to improve them. Now if these are the auspices onto which taxes are levied Italy should had/have/will have the utmost social services in the Western Hemisphere or developed world whichever way you like to call it. It is a matter of fact that this is definitely not our case and therefore either someone is siphoning money elsewhere (Very Probable and by law Government doesn’t have to justify anything to anyone but themselves) or we must lower our common appreciation of social services folks. Now I don’t mean to imply that Mr. Prodi left his inheritance to his kids before the appropriate time for a reason or that Mr. Berlusconi has his knee operation in Holland rather than in some hospital in Sicily for a reason although surges in me the suspicion that the so called Excellent Social Services we get are not good in half for them while if we want better one well pay up they have to grease the wheels otherwise every thing will grind to a halt. This works for all the administration from Left (See Campania) to Right (See Lombardia not good in half for Mr.Bossi had to go to Switzerland when in need). With this I will rest my case they all sing the same song while the rimes is always the same “How much do you make? Send it in I will return the remainder!” Thanks

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 5, 2006 01:01 AM

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