Saturday of Dead Bodies


On Saturday in Rome the Guardia di Finanza {Finance Police} lost a great opportunity. That of surrounding the mass of 2,000,000,000 people (Forza P2’s estimate) to ask for their income tax declarations.
That would have sorted out the Public Debt. An opportunity like that will never happen again. The people concerned are of a certain age. Berlusconi supported Bossi with his right hand astutely behind his back. He smiled with a closed mouth like the best ventriloquist.
And he made Bossi speak better than Provolino. The crowd was delirious. The psiconano then shouted out: “It’s not the leader that chooses the people but the people who choose the leader”.
If he is the leader, then I don’t understand why he chose us. The true opposition was in Palermo. It wasn’t by chance that Casini went to Sicily to mark the difference. There he’s got loads of friends. The famous friends of friends. Saturday he gave us a happy funeral.
Of political happiness for the government. With this opposition it can allow itself a pardon and a finance law every three months. The Unione has had a protecting saint for almost 20 years. San Berlusconi da Arcore {Saint Berlusconi of Arcore}.
Pinochet saw his colleague fainting on TV as it happened. He was told the reason. To avoid the hearing at the Milan Tribunal last Wednesday.
To draw out the time frame and to aim at prescrizione {getting a judgement beyond the time limit}. Thus, after consulting with Bondi on the telephone, he did the same. Prescrizione plus apoplectic stroke and there’s no more prison.

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Povero Grillo, come mi fai pena!! Il tuo odio verso gli oppositori, verso il centro-destra, e' pari a quello che dimostrano i tuoi compari di merende stalinisti: D'Alema, Prodi, Fassino e merda comunista varia.

Siete tranquilli di restare al potere ora dopo aver truccato le elezioni, perche' come i vostri compari comunisti stalinisti di altri paesi, adesso farete tutto il possibile per impedire all'opposizione di ritornare al potere.

Ed avete le televisioni (anche Sky nonostante appartenga a Murdoch) ed i giornali (Corriere della Sera, Stampa, Repubblica, Messaggero, etc.)!! Quindi non lamentatevi e non accusate Berlusconi di possedere tutto.

Perche' ora non parli piu' di regime? Ce l'avevi con Berlusconi prima, ma ora?

Fai pena, povero mentecatto.

Posted by: Carlo CARLI | December 6, 2006 07:41 AM

Hello everyone, I find as of lately that Politicians are joggling around their stand on the political spectrum (Right Left Midfielder Quarter-left Quarter-right etc) and although not very politically correct I read it as a typical example of the Darwin theory of Self Preservation of this specie. I would probably do the same thing, like during these time of total confusion and Politics running amok, parties splitting, policies re-engineering, power re-distribution etc. Although one thing seams very peculiar to me, and is the fact that this political jugglers before embarking into the definition of a Party (And rightfully so I may add) they clearly define the Management and the top brasses even though there not a single clue what political action or policies should they have and therefore pursue. It seams to me (If I were a Politicians which I am definitely not, and here is the catch 23 maybe!) that a Political message, or a Policy, or a Plan of Action, or Few laws to implement, or a Party Statute, whatever is needed before a Party can be found or an Group of Politicians can sit down together and count the percentage of people (Suckers at this stage) can be construed as the political base onto which to construct a Party Line. I maybe naïve and I am aware of that, although how can any Political Individual assume that by saying I am not a part of Bla-Bla coalition and I (With my party obviously) will go in another Political Direction (I obviously am talking about Mr. Casini) and assume the voters will still vote for him again and maybe even in greater percentage. Am I missing something in this picture or these Politicians assume way too much into the votes they received before. These jokers make or break Parties like condoms, define Policies and directions without platforms or consulting the electorate, and all of these planning is done while holding on whatever political and financial position they have accrued with their prior party/life/carrier/whatever. Please can some explain to me like I was a 5 year old kid because either I am a slow learner r handicapped (And not in the listed order either) or these buffoons really have the Napoleon Syndrome? I am sure there must be a reasonable explanation for this, while Mr. Casini is not the only one behaving this way every other Joe Blow with a little bit of an Ego makes his/her party (Miss Mussolini, Mr. Mastella, Mr. Follini, Mr. Di Pietro etc). To be honest it doesn’t surprise me at all, although I would expect someone at the helm of any government wouldn’t make it so easy to start a Party on such a flimsy premises especially when Italy already has a hyperinflation of parties and is trying to establish a minimum quorum or percentage to establish a Political Party. Other than this please knock yourself out and if you got the money (Unless we the Country of Italy I mean) or can get the money from elsewhere go ahead and create another For The Good Time Party (FTGTP or if you like TGIF Thank God Is Friday). Thanks

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 5, 2006 03:09 PM

Ooops...I think you meant Pinocchio, not Pinochet. !!!

Posted by: Maureen Lister | December 4, 2006 11:05 PM

Finally the Grillo che mi piace tanto du .. du du du
Thanks for the humour
2,000,000,000 people (Forza P2’s estimate) accipicchia – mah escuse me what is the population of Italy?

“If he is the leader, then I don’t understand why he chose us.” – because 2,000,000,000 people keep electing him’!

Posted by: Marcia Visanji | December 4, 2006 05:32 PM

Hello there, I did appreciate the demonstration in Rome where free willing people under an ever increasing tax burden loudly displaying their disgust for laws strictly design to cover mismanagement of this Country for the last 50 years. I would have liked to see the Guardia Di Finanza verify each every one Tax Return, although with this verification if people was taxed more than the rightful amount or if where taxes were due back to the individuals it should happen right then on the spot. Having sat that is time for this laud Politicians without a cause to stop pulling people by the lapels of their jackets, because a Politician without a cause is like a Marketing Guy without the goods to sell. These type of Politicians rant and rave with a whole lot of adjectives and pronouns but no real plan for changes or Return for Our Investment on them. I would like to hear any of these buffoons take any one of the Ministry or Government Agency shut it down rename it and start a new one with the same mandate but no personnel that worked there before is allowed to apply for a position in the new one (Example Anas, TI (Treni Italia), Sviluppo Italia, RAI, Servizi Segreti, Ministero Dei Trasporti take your pick any will do!). Any of these Government Institution can be shut down zeroed all the Management and reconstructed within a week and nobody will even noticed the change although they will start from a clean slate no legacies no nepotism although with checks and balances to be justified on a 6 month basis in front of an Official Control Commission (Open to the public and the press) that will make public all of the results and findings. Than and only then I would only consider listening to any one of these so called Politicians.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 4, 2006 04:45 PM

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