Take the Dividends and Run


Now we know who was the real boss of Telecom. It was Tavaroli. In charge of Radar. Of the illegal intercepts of hundreds of bankers, managers, politicians and also relatives of Tronchetti. It was Tavaroli.
He moved hundreds of people in Telecom. He moved tens of millions of Euro. All to the detriment of Telecom. He was spying on Afef’s brother. The Chairman and the CEO were the last to know. They were distracted by dividends.
It was Tavaroli the puppet-master. Here there are two possibilities. His bosses were inadequate or colluding. Will Tavaroli end up like Litvinenko? Will he be polonium-ised or will the cup of coffee be enough?
The politicians who fell to the ground for fear of the computer output, keep silent. The TV keeps silent. A silence that is convenient for everyone. To enjoy Holy Christmas together.
Tronchetti continues to manage Telecom through the srl administrator Buora. And he tries to cash in every 2 for 3. Sell Tim Brasil. Increase the fixed line rental. Here the shame of the Authority has won out. And Calabrò has not permitted the increase to go ahead. However it was proposed.
If this is the new approach, Rossi is the same as Tronchetti.
Just a bit of make-up, some cosmetics, some red lips {Rosso = red}.
Next year I hope to meet up with him at the shareholders meeting. And to talk about this and that. About Skype, for example. Telephony via the Internet. That costs nothing or almost nothing. The service that has had the fastest growth in history.
And I will ask him why the Italians have to pay a tax called “canone”. A tax that is poured into thousand of millions of dividends for the usual economic groups. That get translated into salaries in the millions for the top managers of Telecom.
Directly from our pockets. From the citizens to the usual few. It’s the famous “bottom up”. And the bottom is always ours. Let’s abolish the canone. RESET!

PS: Share action continues...

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Charles: I agree with you about VOIP. I hope it shakes up the telecom companies to their roots.

Unfortunately VOIP needs Internet, and DSL Internet in Italy doesn't function well. In my area, of the three choices available to me: 1) Telecom (Alice), Tele2, and 3) Fastweb: 1) messed up my regular telephone service for two years (didn't have my correct address), 2) dropped the connection every 30 seconds (and so technically didn't function), and 3) is known to SORBS as spammers (large blocks in their network) plus it costs twice for the same service in other western countries. I have the latter because it is my only working solution but I must continually inform my colleagues and friends to whitelist my email/domain so that it doesn't end in their spam bucket.

A little more competition would help, to give us users a useable Internet at a reasonable price, but with Telecom controlling the fixed lines and the poor business climate, I don't see that happening in Italy anytime soon.

Posted by: Amara Graps | December 16, 2006 11:51 PM

I think Voice Over IP (Skype,Gizmo) is a great way to remind the folks in the Telecom business that there is competition. It's the *ultimate* RESET.

Posted by: Charles Terenzio | December 16, 2006 10:57 AM

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