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Starting point about incinerators:
- they cause cancer
- they damage agriculture and animal rearing
- they cause the collapse of house prices where they are constructed
- they are not necessary.

The fraud of the Cip6-Certificati Verdi of giving finance to incinerators, electricity generating stations fuelled by coal and oil and by products considered to be ‘similar’ to alternative energy continues. Money taken directly from our Enel electricity bills.
The employees of the Government work full time for oil people, incinerator construction companies and coal fired generating stations. And after the word ‘similar’ they have created another wonder, another magic word: ‘authorised’. Plant that is ‘authorised’ up until 31 December 2006. Instead of ‘constructed’ up until 31 December 2006 as it was before.
The word ‘authorised’ was inserted into the Finance law at the last minute by the government lobbyists.
The agreements made by the majority were different, as was pointed out by the employees Loredana De Petris and Tommaso Sodano. The agreements covered financing only the existing plant. And that was already too much for these capitalists with the Enel electricity bill.
The employee president of the Senate Franco Marini took on the commitment to restore the original text by the end of the year. To remind him let’s send him an email.
Unfortunately, however it goes, in the next few years, the various Asm Brescia, Hera, Sarlux, Edison, Enel, Api… will continue to balance their books and do capitalism on the Stock Exchange with our money thanks to the ‘authorised’ and/or ‘existing’ plant. It’s a disgusting situation regulated by law.
The declarations of the DS minister Bersani are from the cinema:
”I would like to be consulted when a regulation is formulated. They are complex questions and there are deeply rooted incentivisation mechanisms on which the companies have founded parts of their balance sheets. To eliminate these without criteria would risk losing a case in the tribunal.“
Dear employee Bersani, in a civilized country the ones being taken to the tribunal to pay back the citizens (average cost of money paid out under item A3 of the Enel bill: 60 Euro a year) are the politicians like yourself who have allowed finance to go to companies or former municipal utilities for receiving funds that love the “diessina-diossina” {DS-dioxin}policies.

PS Sign the “RESET – Petition against the financing of incinerators and generating stations using ‘similar’ fuels”. We’ve arrived at 10,000 signatures in 10 days.

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It´s so important to know that the doctors might even refer a pancreatic cancer stage as stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4. Knowing what the terms mean when referring to a pancreatic cancer stage is important to knowing what your survival rate is.

Posted by: pancreaticcancerstage | December 12, 2007 10:34 PM

Beppe I like this video cam mini news,keep the good work,and as my jung kids say"the force be with you"ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | December 19, 2006 11:22 PM

Beppe is still me.Sorry to bother you. I live in the UK and i wish this country could know you better. The UK government works better than the Italian's one, but something can be improved also here.

About videos in the English version, how difficult may be to use English subtitles as you did with the INCANTESIMI's show/video?

It may take more time to make it but i believe it will result in more odience.

Thank you for your attention
keep smiling!! :)

Posted by: carmela capozzi | December 17, 2006 12:41 PM

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