When did it happen? At which moment did the journalists get transformed into whores? The directors of newspapers into Publicists? The editorial team into the press officers of big companies? Has it always been like that?
Has information always been a great prostitute? Or is there a before and after? A news item is no longer a product, but a pathogen vehicle containing viruses of brand names, of automobiles, of mineral water of useless medicines. But luckily thereís someone protecting us. The great big Giant of the Authority. A fixed Giant. That can intervene only if citizens denounce something. If no one denounces anything, the employees of the Authority could just stay at home all the time.
We Italians are extraordinary. We manage to pay to read hidden publicity.
Itís no longer the company that pays the newspaper for the small advertisements. Itís us that pay to read the publicity in the form of articles. The most disgusting. Because you find yourself undefended.
Once upon a time the journalist was a whore between doing one article and another. Hoping to get noticed. Now he writes an article between masses of whoring. Hoping that someone will notice him.
The editors have just one thing in mind. Paying attention to their clients (the advertisers). No longer the reader, but the consumer. Circumventing the consumer. A morbid attention. Paedo-journalism.
The advertiser is the employer of the journalists, but the ones paying the one and the other, are us. We pay for the newspaper, the hidden publicity, and the product that is advertised.
And we are financing the newspapers with our taxes. Because the newspapers are financed by the State. Otherwise they would close.
RESET. Letís abolish the financing of newspapers and their directors. They make a lot of noise and scrape the bottom with great, intelligent detachment in every talk show.
Giuseppe Altamore has written a self-defence book: ĎI padroni delle notizieí {The owners of news}and he has given an interview to Piero Ricca for the Blog.
Watch the video. Then cancel all the magazine subscriptions.

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I just want to say that I think this metaphor is disparaging to prostitutes, who work harder, get paid less, take greater risks and do more honest work than most journalists. (I'm a journalist myself and I happen to know a lot of hookers. And journalists.)

What you are describing is not so much about prostitution as it is about fraud. Prostitution is an honest exchange. You know, basically, what you're getting. That is why it's taboo.

Newspapers have almost always "come along for the ride" as Bob Dylan said, particularly where war is concerned, but the problem is that most people think they're getting a passionate love affair with the truth when what they're really getting is a handjob.


Posted by: Eric Francis Coppolino | December 17, 2006 07:52 PM

I have worked in a newspaper and a magazine for some year and I sadly discovered that we, journalists, do not write the news, it is always the one who pays our salaries who does write the news, I remember many times my articles were edited one day before publishing them, and unfortunately I could not make anything to stop them, and many things (very bad and false things) were said under my name and I never wrote such things. Now I work in an advertising company, at the end I realized journalism and advertising in today's world are just the same thing. At least that is my experience.

Posted by: Teresa Cuberos | December 17, 2006 11:01 AM

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