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January 30, 2007

The indifferent


We live in a virtual reality. In a virtual country. We have a virtual Parliament. Virtual tribunals. Virtual schools. Virtual information. Virtual laws. Virtual work. Virtual duties and rights. The citizen, consequently becomes virtualized. In order to survive, they pretend to live in a real world.
Like a sane person in a mad-house. What remains unexplainable is how this virtual country manages to keep going. You can ask how long it can still keep going. What are we waiting for?
What we have arrived at is indifference. If everything is virtual, a man can die of a heart attack in a coach in Turin and his companions can keep going on their outing to San Remo.
If all is virtual there’s nothing to worry about for the occupation of democracy by the parties. The economy of the country is held up by mafia income. If the mafia didn’t invest their earnings (well above the GDP) in Italy, we would be bankrupt. Dishonesty has become the system. Indifference is a habit.
The collapse of Alitalia is not news. Gronchi and Geronzi being convicted and then getting reintegrated straight away is not news. Telecom spying on the judges is not news.
When the rot can no longer be hidden, then the news comes out. If the rot is useful in a battle between bands then it is revealed as news. It’s true that there are tiny areas of hope.
People who get angry and go out into the streets. For the moment, that’s just local. At Vicenza, Val di Susa, the cities affected by the incinerator plague. They are survival spasms of an organism that is not completely destroyed.
We live in a reality that is mediatically modified. The parties and their media hypnotize us like a serpent with rabbits.
Tomorrow, in front of the mirror, think about that a moment. And start off your day with a change gesture. And then describe it in this Blog. I need that. All the readers of the Blog need that. To recharge themselves. Reset.

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January 29, 2007

We won't let them get us in the backside


The politicians who promote tumours, nano particles, dioxin, and Stock Exchange profits with money from our Enel utility bills, are having another attempt. A little voice has told me that our employees of the Ulivo on Monday 29 January will not vote (together with their mates of AN and Forza Italia) for the Prodi Government amendment that:

- to respect the laws of the European Union (2001/77/CE on renewable energy sources and the regulations that forbid improper help from the State),
- to respect the health of the citizens who would inhale carcinogenic dioxins and nano particles, eliminates financing to incinerators and similar sources (coal, refinery plants using oil waste products) for those plant that are not yet constructed but which have "authorizations" on paper that were conceded before 31 December 2006.

Among the new gas chambers that were authorised by December 2006 there are the Turin incinerator, the Malagrotta (Rome) gasifier, new lines at Brescia and the furnace at Acerra.

The employees make pathetic appeals to the Right, like the Margherita President of the Province of Turin Saitta. The dioxin-DS car parker Chiamparino goes on TV and explains that we either give the money for the incinerators through the Enel utility bills or they will take the money by increasing the rubbish collection tariffs. Not a word about the alternatives to incinerators and the halving of the rubbish tips thanks to integrated systems that reduce waste at source, door to door collections with specific tariffs, composting and "cold" biological treatments.

We need to make our voices heard, dear employers:

- send an email to the Lower House and to the relevant members of the government with the following text:
"That's enough of the swindles against the EU laws about subsidies to incineration and similar sources. No to the special allowances for the inexistent plants of Turin, Rome-Malagrotta new lines at Brescia and the furnace at Acerra."
- sign the online petition at the EU Commission and with the Italian Government (already 26,000 signatures)

Give warning to any potential fire-raisers that I will publish the names (first name and surname) and email addresses of the employees in the Lower and Upper Houses who vote against the amendment if it is not approved.
If there should be sanctions in the future by the European Union for the plants that escape the ruling, I will hold them to be legally responsible for the financial penalties and for any damage to health and to the environment, even to the consideration of bringing an action for culpable homicide.

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January 28, 2007

Ministers not informed of the facts


Photo: from L'espresso

The Ministers are people who are not informed of the facts. No one ever tells them anything. And when they are informed of facts that are in their area of competence. On things in the public domain. On the stuff that they should administer for us. Then, feeling found out, they react. They get indignant. They are surprised. They make declarations. They make inspections.

A journalist with L'espresso has denounced the hellish conditions in the Policlinico di Roma: "Starting from the porter who clocks in for his absent colleague, to the out of date medicines, right up to the violation of safety and hygiene regulations. Contagious and radioactive laboratories are unguarded, there's dirt and cigarettes everywhere."
After the results of the inquiry were published, the Minister Livia Turco sent the NAS Carabinieri to 321 public hospitals to inspect their hygiene conditions. "It wasn't an action that needed taking" she explained. 181 were not OK.

A Repubblica journalist camped out in Rome's civil Tribunal from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm every day for a week:
"I had the chance to take away documents wrapped up in newspaper. I could have brought out whole trials by hiding them in two lawyers briefcases. I could have penetrated into the most intimate folds of the existence of men and women who for the most varied of motives have been dragged into the justice system by business partners, employees, husbands, wives, competitors, patients, insurers, fellow residents, legal doctors and even by their children. And everything completely or almost within sight. Everything very near. It would be enough to stretch out your neck and open up your bag."
The Minister of Pardon and Justice Clemente Mastella declared:
"Amazing and chilling, but at the same time I notice that it is a situation that it is possible to live with. Even though it doesn't correspond with the needs for privacy nor for justice. I believe that from 2010 we will be able to use telematics for these actions, so as to be able to avoid nasty surprises."
The extraordinary thing is that the facts that have been brought to light have happened in Rome, not in Cuneo or Crotone. At two steps from the Ministries of Health and of Justice. Rome the centre of the world.

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January 27, 2007

Red pill: the Vicenza base

Pillola rossa - Vicenza EN.jpg

Google Video

Today I am dedicating the red pill to the Vicenza base. What if we had Italian Navy nuclear submarines in Miami? A few made-in-Italy nuclear war heads in Los Angeles? Italian flag bombers between Texas and Alabama? What would the Americans say? Much more than the people of Vicenza. Long live the people of Vicenza. If you are “cat-eaters” cor-blimey – you could even become “base-eaters”.
Americans are friendly people, but that’s no reason to occupy Italy. They must come here on holiday or stay at home.
Soru has given an example. Formigoni with 40 war heads at Ghedi Torre near Brescia what does he say? And Illy with 50 war heads at Aviano, is he just a tiny bit worried for his citizens?
I don’t believe that the Italians agree to the transport from Italy of nuclear bombs. To explode in the Middle East, in China or in Russia. With their complicity. Let the bombs be kept where they were constructed. Usabomber go home!

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January 26, 2007

5 star towns


I can see just one possibility. To claim back our natural rights. Of the territory, of water, of the air, of the light, of health, of transport, of the environment. All stuff that is ours but that has been taken away from us by the parties. Start again from the towns. The parties are anachronistic. Finished and auto referential. Far from Vicenza and the Val di Susa. Far from the citizens with election laws, amnesties, conflict of interests, all ad hoc. They are in a separate world. A club that reads the newspapers and goes on TV. That thinks about Lebanon and Afghanistan. About the GDP, but not about pensions. About work but not about precarious workers. Things that have already been said, about which the national consensus is by now absolute. The parties are of the past. Romero’s Zombies hunting for voters.
Choose civic lists in every town. A programme that you take care of, your children, the future. Don’t let even one decision be taken without consulting you. And be clear about this point, hard, intransigent, with the mayors and the councillors. Your employees. Whoever disobeys the rule, out with a kick up the backside.
Today the blog is starting up the initiative “5 star towns”. A star for energy, one for connectivity, one for water, one for rubbish collection and one for social services.
For each star, the blog will put forward some real models.

I invite the mayors to tell me about their stars.

Who would not wish to live in a 5 star town?
In the blog I will give visibility to the best towns and before the end of the year I will publish the “Grillo Guide to the Towns”.
Better than the Michelin.

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January 24, 2007

Conflict of Interests is a way of life

Piero Ricca - Elio Veltri EN.jpg
Google Video

“Here we have to resolve the conflict of interests or we will continue to get screwed” (Beppe Grillo).
We got stuck with Piero Fassino who declared on 5 March 2006 that to resolve the conflict of interests is not a priority because “It doesn’t give work to anyone”.
We got stuck with the psycho dwarf who promised to resolve the problem in a hundred days, even though “only seven per cent of the Italains are interested in the problem.”
Ten years later he got a tailored made parliament to vote for the shameful Frattini law (from the name of the really faithful friend who got a post in the European Commission) that declared that it was not him incompatible but Confalonieri.
Now fresh off the press we have the Franceschini draft (these names always end in “ini”) that the Unione wants us to believe will tackle the problem. Straight away it has to be said. Before the law arrives in the Chambers of Parliament: it’s more ridiculous than the Frattini law:

- it deals only with possible incompatibilities of the members of the government

- it doesn’t foresee the ineligibility of those who control the means of communication

Our employees have their spectacles painted a democratic-party-pink. They pretend not to see that the conflict of interests is the mortal illness of democracy. A problem of economic liberty. The whole System is in conflict of interests: banks, public administration, universities, information, pharmaceutical markets, football, controlling Authorities, co-operatives, parties.
The citizen doesn’t count. Only the sly ones count: they write the laws, they elect themselves to Parliament, they approve false balance sheets, they appoint each other to well paid positions, they are controlled and controllers. Our employees live from a conflict of interests, a gracious way of defining corruption.
A recent book by di Elio Veltri and Francesco Paola (Il Governo dei conflitti, Longanesi Editore) confirms the illness and the consequences of the virus.

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The half sermon on the Mount


The weak in Italy are used as guinea pigs. Any bad that can happen, happens to them first. Usually only to them. They are the guinea pigs of our society. The canaries used in the mines to avoid firedamp
The weak live near incinerators. The weak have their public housing removed from them by delinquents. The weak can never allow themselves to disobey the law. The weak don't know lawyers.
The weak are the first to be robbed by fictitious gas inspectors. By the offers of the financiers of the "never-never". If a delinquent is freed thanks to the pardon, he is certainly a neighbour of a weak person.
The weak cannot get sick, they would die. They drink water that's chlorinated, breathe PM10, have the central heating turned off. The weak are usually honest people. They respect the institutions. That's why they are not respected.
Every good law needs a period of experimentation. The weak have this social function.
It's a meritocracy and they preserve the stronger classes from undesirable consequences. A cut to pensions, a new ticket for health services, the Biagi law, a pardon, will they produce social reactions?
The weak are here for this. If they survive, well then you can do it. To the weak our eternal recognition goes. To the weak I want to dedicate a proto evangelic sermon. More proto than evangelic.

The half sermon on the Mount.
"Blessed are the weak, because for them there are the outer suburbs.
Blessed are the weak, because they will be consoled by Previti.
Blessed are the weak, because they will inherit the debts of their parents.
Blessed are the weak that hunger and thirst for injustice because they will have their fill.
Blessed are the weak, because they will find the pusher just outside the house.
Blessed are the weak, because they will see State television.
Blessed are the weak, because they will be called populists.
Blessed are those who are weak because of the justice system because theirs is the reign of Regina Coeli. {Queen of the Skies prison}.
Blessed are you who are weak when they insult you, they persecute you, and lying they say that you are demagogues for my sake.
Be happy and rejoice because great is your social function: that of getting kicked in the backside."

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January 23, 2007

The PM10 administrators

The mayors, councilors, presidents of the Region and Province are killing us. They are doing it by doing nothing. We are dying. And they are thinking of car parks. In Milan where Pm10 has substituted oxygen and the violation of the limits imposed by the European Community are the daily bread of Morattiwifeofoilmagnate.
In Milan there are 50,000 cars parked each day in "no parking" places. They are put anywhere, in the cycle paths, on the ramps for wheelchair users, double parked. In the city up to 800,000,000 cars come in every day.
The city reckons there is damage "for pedestrians and for vegetation". Councilor Croci indicates the solution: "The main objective, as in other cities, is to transfer the cars underground."
Exactly where he is sending the people of Milan: in a coffin under the ground. These administrators should be denounced. It has already happened in Florence as explained by Vincenzo Brancatisano in the Gazzetta di Modena reporting on the really serious situation in Modena.

"The president of the Region of Tuscany Martini, and the mayors of Florence and other towns, with their Cabinet members for the environment, are considered not to have taken action as they should have done against atmospheric pollution and thus have not defended public health as they should have done.
This is what the Public prosecutor of Florence maintains after closing the investigation on atmospheric pollution in the area round Florence that began in 2005. The prosecutor Prodono, maintains that Martini e Artusa have failed in their duty to perform certain public actions.
These two, together with the mayors and the Cabinet members are accused of "dangerous disposal of things". The administrators have received notification of the conclusion of preliminary investigations and in 15 days the prosecutor will decide who will be brought to trial.


"Modena, regional capital city of fine dust. so fine that it's not felt and it's not seen. Actually it hasn't been seen. Up until now, in fact, we had to be happy with numbers and percentages and this allowed everyone to pretend nothing was happening.
But now we can show the terrifying image of the filters of the companies empowered to monitor the fine dust, the pm10, at the control points that are in the city and the suburbs.
We have gained possession of the filter of the control point in a central area of Modena and it's enough just to look at it to make it unnecessary to make announcements and to order blocks on the traffic. It's a little circular disk made of very white material that after use just in one part has become the colour of a dark mouse tending towards black.
The consistency of the sinister substance deposited on the filter makes you think of a dark carpet. The ritual 12 hours of exposure to the open air have been enough to make it like this. The control station has an aspirator that simulates human respiration, with the same force, and that makes us think that each of us inputs into our organism in half a day, through the mouth and nose, passing down the trachea and the bronchi a correspondent quantity of killer particulate."

The blog is available to civic campaign groups for advice, petitions, denunciations. Write. The air is one of our rights.

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January 22, 2007

Assassinated on the job


I have received the umpteenth notification from Marco Bazzoni, workers representative for safety. In Italy, work is now worse than AIDS. Unemployment is a problem but in compensation it protects us from an early death.
A labourer working for the State Railway has been knocked down by a moving train. While using a pneumatic drill. And he couldn’t hear anything. Who sent him out to die on that railway line?
The term “fallen at work” is an outrage. Work doesn’t kill. It’s assassins that kill. With a first name and a surname. For lack of care. For greed. Let’s change the words. From now on, let’s say assassinated at work.

PS Elio Catania, the former president of the State Railway, was accompanied to the door for his bad results. With a golden handshake of seven million Euro. He’s back on track as a Board member of Banca Intesa – San Paolo. Best wishes to all his current account holders. Wonderful choice Passera. Wonderful choice.

Rome 19 January 2007 – “We want to know how it was possible that Massimo was alone working on an open track with a pneumatic drill that covered up the noise of arriving trains.”
On the basis of this question a committee has been formed to investigate the truth about the death of railway worker Massimo Romano. It is made up of workers and RSU and PLS delegates of all relevant trades unions, to cast light on the causes of the mortal accident that happened on 15 November near to Monterotondo station, on the Roma-Orte line.
Massimo Romano, labourer with RFI, aged 42, was knocked down by a train in transit, while he was working with a demolition drill on the tracks. This tool however has been found and taken into custody by the police. It was found far from the scene of the accident. In the early days it was said that his presence on the track was not in accordance with his duties. Among other things this is an element on which the magistracy is basing its investigation.
“We don’t want a veil of silence fed by the company to blur the conscience of the workers themselves and that memories of him get covered in dirt so that it is he who is considered responsible for the tragedy” – says Domenico Testa, RLS delegate of the Orsa Trades Union. He is one of the promoters of the initiative.
Stefano Pennacchietti, FILT-CGIL delegate continues “He was a mature and expert worker – and it is in fact not credible that he went on his own initiative to do some work. Our scope is to avoid this tragedy from falling into oblivion and to maintain the battle for security.
The number of accidents is on the increase even in the State Railways that should really be giving a positive and advanced model of work organisation and above all in terms of safety.”

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January 20, 2007

Spy Time


I have decided to lay charges for libel against those who have built up a dossier about me. To act against the worms who have been spying on me and the Italians in recent years. The papers were laid before the Milan Tribunal on 8 January 2007 following the revelations reported in la Repubblica about the B Grillo dossier.
It’s no longer possible to put up with Telecom Italia, its spies and its brains behind the spies. Gabanelli’s article in Report has shown a level of maintenance worthy of the third world. ADSL arrives where it arrives, if it arrives, when in fact it is an indispensable service. Buora, the previous boss of Tavaroli, (Tronchetti’s man) is still there. Hedoesnothearhedoesnotseehedoesnotspeak. ROSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! GUIDOOOOOOOOOROSSIIIII! Where are you? Have you gone back to being an adviser to Inter? And have you got to know anything about the B. Grillo dossier?
From the headlines in today’s Repubblica: ‘Espionage, among the Telecom documents, the name of Tronchetti Provera pops up.’ ‘Three friends and now the boss.’
From the directions given by the judges we read that the logic motivating the Telecom spies seem to be: “to benefit not the company as such, but those who in a particular moment have controlling ownership.” Tronchetti reacted by threatening legal action. Against whom? Against the judges? The psycho dwarf had more class.
I prefer Riina to Tronchetti. He doesn’t go to the universities and to conferences to explain ethics to young people.
Among those spied on were the journalists, the few who discussed the economy like Massimo Mucchetti of il Corriere della Sera. They spied on the Competition Tsar. They spied on the CEO of RCS/Corriere della Sera Vittorio Colao, who was swiftly shot down by Tronchetti in July 2006.
The snail-pace director of il Corriere, Paolo Miele every so often writes a dribbling article. But he’s careful not to tackle the problem. Finally the editorial committee of il Corriere della Sera expresses worry.
That same Corriere of which Tronchetti is a major shareholder. And they say: “the editorial committee expresses strong disquiet, as it has already done in the past, when faced with details that provide evidence of the fragility that has been a characteristic of the RCS’s information system”. The problem is obviously a technical one.
The government can no longer wash its hands and leave Buora at the top of Telecom.
Unless of course… Unless… There are some dossiers on certain Ministers. Or on the President of the Council.

PS The shareaction initiative is still going on!

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A letter from Gore Vidal


Gore Vidal has recently come to Italy and has sent me a letter for the Blog.

"Dear Beppe,
Humanity – and the whole world with it – is at a decision point. We have to start acting now because if we don't change direction there's a good chance that there will be no world to look after in ten or fifteen years. And we will be dead or dying. And the saddest thing is that this would not happen because of an inevitable destiny but for a simple lack of political will.
There's a need for a primitive impulse of a survival spirit of which there is no trace today. In 1957 I wrote a play called 'Visit to a Small Planet', and everyone was blown away. At that time the planet was considered to be a source of eternal riches and anything but tiny. Obviously today we know that it's not like that.
Recently I've had a conversation with Gorbachov, who asked me "Do you know which is the most important liquid on earth?" "Vodka?" I replied. "Petrol?" No – water". He said. And it's true. Even water is a limited resource. But humanity has always persisted in its illusions of eternity…
Humanity – and the West in particular – must radically change its life style if it doesn't want to eliminate itself. And a change of direction must come first of all from the United States, the leading consumers and polluters in the world. The problem is to convince our government or rather the shadow government that controls it, that responds only to a delirious capitalism.
That, in simple words, consists of creating products that we don't need and finding the way to sell them to us, without caring about the consequences. What's more, capitalism cannot survive except in the absence of laws.
It obeys no law except the fictitious ones that the system itself has created, like "supply and demand" And this is why we can expect no change from on high except with the weight of pressure from the people.
It is paradoxical that many governments, like that of the United States, feel legitimized to get mixed up in our liberty to reproduce but don't waste a word on the electricity that we consume. This is why the change must start from below.
This year we are starting to supply our house in California solely with solar energy. But I don't see how the average citizen can do that. It's still very costly at least in the United States. This is why the actions of an individual – though very important – must aim at institutional change. And today our cause is supported by a series of powerful and innovative tools like the Internet…
And we have to go yet further in reorganizing our lives. And this is the difficult part: to renounce what gives us pleasure has never been part of our nature.
Think of the millions of smokers in the world. I have recently lost a close friend who continued to smoke until the day of his death, even though he knew that smoking was killing him…
People – even Americans – are starting to wake up. There's a growing revolutionary feeling in the air. Governments are starting to wake up: for example I am looking with admiration at what Hugo Chavez is doing.
It's an inspiration for the whole world, unlike the United States that is not an inspiration for anyone apart from potential dictators. Even our politicians know very well what is happening in the world but they are paid to stay silent. This does not mean that one day they won't rise up against their masters.
But I'm warning you: the process of change will also be a violent one. The elite - the corporations – will not easily give up their privileges. However, you start your revolution and I will be happy to be your Trotsky."

Gore Vidal

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January 19, 2007

Critical Mass


There's a movement that should be helped to grow.
It's called Critical Mass. It was created in San Francisco in 1992. Then it spread to the whole world. It's has even taken off in Italy. Where the most beautiful cities in the world have been reduced to 4 wheel drive parks and deposits of fine dust. With buildings beautifully coloured lead black.
Critical Mass is simple: cyclists make a weekly appointment to meet in Italian cities to take them back by blocking the traffic. In Milan, Critical Mass meets every Thursday at 10:00pm in Piazza dei Mercanti just a stone's throw from the Duomo.
The other evening, Piero Ricca participated in their gathering.
"There were people of all ages. Many have become friends thanks to their common passion for the bicycle. There was a contagious joy, the desire to stay together in a simple way. A rarity in today's Milan. Not being a slave to the metal box makes you feel better mentally.
I interviewed some of these people. Then one of them invited me onto a sort of 4 wheeled drive with pedals. And we went round the city for a couple of hours.
The local police, very discreetly escorted us. Some people handed out flyers against the incivility on 4 wheels. Others played music that was heard via stereo speakers attached to the bicycle frame.
At the end there was even a picnic in the square, with a toast and an exchange of email addresses. Much more fun than a happy hour in a fashionable venue. It wasn't possible to miss out on a confrontation with the owner of a black motorized 4 wheel drive.
Visibly over-excited he got out of his machine, furious because of an issue of who gives way to whom.
He started off against one of the group and then he understood that he wasn't going to get any benefits and he retreated into his starship to shout expletives. But it wasn't his fault. It's the advertising that indoctrinates car drivers. The PM10 public administrations love them.
But they are the past. Our cities are to be returned to the people."
The joke, written large, of the cycle paths that don't exist or that suddenly stop or that are blocked by a mass of metal.
The joke, written large, of the tiny little traffic lights with tiny bicycles in green and red and queues of cars, the pavements for pedestrians full of cars, the slipways for people in wheelchairs, clogged with cars. Most of our Italian cities are made to measure for bicycles.
They are not Los Angeles. They are Florence, Verona, Parma. Let's give the right of way to cyclists and not to the oilies and the automobile constructors.
Let's invade the city with bicycles with Critical Mass in the city. Today in Milan, tomorrow in the whole of Italy. Employee mayors, go to the office on a bicycle. We want to see you on a bicycle. To give a good example.
The Critical Mass appointments.

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January 18, 2007

Asphalt Lomellina


The State has no money. The Regions have no money. But they continue to spend. And that’s how the public debt is created. Cuts to the health service. Cuts to pensions.
But if there’s no money how is it possible to go on with useless public works? The useless Broni-Mortara motorway has cost 100 million Euro up until now just for the planning stage. The 22 mayors of the towns that it goes past, do not want it. To complete it 920 million Euro more are needed. Lega Ambiente has explained that it will cause irreversible damage to the area.
Why build the Broni Mortara motorway? Who gains?

From the website
”A few million cubic metres of asphalt and cement for six lanes will carve up the countryside of the Lomellina for a length of 68,780 km, with an elevated development for 57,260 km, and in cuttings for 1,500 km and viaducts for 10 km.
The Lomellina motorway is definitely wanted by Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A., the Pirelli company for big construction projects, by Sabrom S.p.A., the company promoting the project, Province of Pavia and by Unione Industriali di Pavia, that commissioned the feasibility study.”

I would like to ask a few questions to two Ministers of the Republic and I’m hoping for a reply:
To Antonio Di Pietro, Minister of Infrastructure:
- Who has taken the 100 million Euro for the project evaluation? Is it a fair amount? Where are the outcomes?
To Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Minister of the Environment:
- Who has done the environmental impact assessment? Why can a project that is so blatantly useless be put into effect to devastate the Lomellina?

Campaign group against the motorway construction
Legambiente’s point of view

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Almost False


The letter from the Pope was almost false. Almost because the letter refers to concepts expressed with and by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in our meeting. Almost because the Pope himself has made statements more than once in favour of renewable energy.
Almost because the people, as demonstrated by the comments, would like to have a Pope who communicates with them via the internet. And one who holds close to his heart the future of our planet.
Almost because the photo with the Cardinal is true (many swore it was a photomontage). Almost because no newspaper, TV News, magazine, radio has talked about it. And when this happens, the news item is ALWAYS true. The exception to this is radio radicale, but only because they took exception to the scoop on Pannella.
Almost because the Vatican really wants to concern itself with clean energy starting from its buildings. Almost because the post picks up a good portion of the speech made by the Pope at the university of Ratisbona.
A speech broadcast for a month by the media. An item of evidence that I wanted to insert precisely for a post that is almost false and not almost true. Almost because the quoted words of the cardinal are true.
I and my renewable energy experts are available to the Vatican for free. To let them save and to give an example. Next time I will publish a letter from the Most High, with whom I am in contacts to at least negotiate purgatory.
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea grandissima culpa. The next time the Pope writes to me, no one will believe it. Not even Cardinal Bertone who telephoned me for congratulations.

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January 16, 2007

A Country with limited sovereignty


Since 1945, Italy has been a nation with limited sovereignty. After the Marshall Plan NATO bases arrived. More USA than NATO. First there was the USSR, now there's Islamic terrorism, tomorrow the yellow peril and the day after tomorrow surely something else. Instead of dismantling the bases, they enlarge them. In Italy we don't have nuclear power stations. To make up for that we host nuclear weapons at Ghedi Torre and at Aviano. And nuclear submarines at la Maddalena in Sardinia. About 30,000 Americans who are civilians or military.
They need to be informed that here there's no communist danger any more. That in Italy there has been no Islamic attack even though they are present here. That Togliatti has been off the scene for many years now. Why is there this occupation?
Isn't our army enough? Italy can't eternally remain the United States' aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. 62 years stay is enough for having lost the war.
Instead of getting dismantled, they are getting bigger. At Vicenza, they want to double the base. The city doesn't want them. The politicians want them. The mayor wants them. It's always the same old story.
Here it's no longer a question of left or right. It's a question of national sovereignty. In charge in our own home. Without agents of the CIA that move around like in a saloon. Without being a sensitive objective for attacks.

PS: This evening, Tuesday 16 January there's a torchlight procession in the centre of Vicenza organised by city campaign groups and by the Vicenza MeetUp. Meet at 8:30 pm in Piazza Castello. Come in vast numbers.

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The loan sharked


Instigation to get into debt is not a crime. But it should be. Interest rates of 15-20% are not considered usury. But they are usury. The producers gain on the interest on the repayments, not on the product value.
What's most annoying about these debt-mongers, of these open-the-route-to-family-bankruptcy people, of these usurers with the manager's tie, of these vultures of the TAEG is there face like a backside. The lira won the Oscar of currency when Italy saved.
There was the day of saving. Italy had no public debt. The children were given the little money-box pig as a present. Now there's the day of debt. It lasts 365 days a year. Usurious interest rates are the aim of those who sell. The car, the plasma screen, the kitchen are accessories to consumer credit. If saving was the engine of development, debt is the engine of underdevelopment.
The Statistics Bulletin of the Bank of Italy: "Monetary and Financial Institutions: banks and monetary funds" explains with its tables how Italian families are being transformed into beggars. In the 1960's we were poor, but without debts. Today we are precarious but with debts.
In the month of November 2006, loans for a value of 431,000,000,000 Euro were arranged. That's 10% more than in November 2005. The porky-pie that we are behind in relation to other countries. That we have to get ourselves more into debt to keep up. It's a the work of vile ruffians. Il Mondo has published an indebtedness table:

And a series of interviews about our debts. Personalities looking for a psychiatrist.

"A country like Italy today, where there is greater level of guarantee, for earnings, for health, for services, has less need of savings." Giuseppe Zadra, Director General of the Italian Banking Association.

"Once upon a time, repayments had a moral weight, they shouldn't be done, but now getting a loan has become normal for lay people. And this is an element in the modernization of Italy." Giampaolo Fabris, sociologist and university lecturer at San Raffaele in Milan.

"Consumer credit started off as an alternative to the "IOU" in the 1960's, then it was considered psychologically as getting into debt. In recent years it has become a payment tool… and there is strong demand to bring it in even for expenses like furniture removal, funerals and general medical expenses." Massimiliano Becheroni, Director General of Prestitempo.

"If in a recession phase, credit goes up, that means that a part of the Italians have managed to smooth out the fluctuations of their own income. And this is an indicator of the health of the markets." Tullio Jappelli, Economics lecturer at the University Federico II in Naples, editor of

I invite those who have had negative experiences with consumer credit to write them down as a comment to this post. The most important evidence of insolvency, bankruptcy, usury will be collected into a book: : "I cravattati" { The tie wearers, Italian for The loan sharked}.

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January 15, 2007



The Erba slaughter is a symptom. A signal. How many signals arrive every day from the body of this sick nation? Two deaths in Rome for fire. People from outside of the European Union squashed like mice in disgusting apartments. Carabinieri beaten up at Livorno while they remove cars parked in forbidden places. To make space for the passage of the fire officers to put out the fire. Eyes stolen from corpses in hospital.
Each morning it's a battle. The mail box brings poverty into our homes. The bulging utility bills for public services. Heavy fines for late payments, even by a single day.
Poisonous taxes like Ici, a tax on saving up for your own house. Payments on debts for the car, the dentist, the school. Children who disappear. Hand held tightly by their parents at each step. And the cruel destruction of the environment. Traffic without order. Dust from cars and from the incinerators that gets inside you. Without anyone lifting a finger. With DS dioxin on the left and oilies on the right.
Home, sixty square metres, becomes a refuge. The new cell for slaves. For those who can afford it. And from a screen the incapables materialize. The ones that make declarations. Every day. Having incapacity in power generates monsters. Olindo and Rosa are symptoms. But it's just the beginning. Others will come.
The group photo in the courtyard at Caserta is a view of the decadence of the nation. Have you seen it? The ones in the photo are deciding our future. With those photos.
They don't even know how to get a knot in their ties. Two days of summit conference like a soufflé. To put up 100,000,000,000 Euro for the South. People in the South don't want that money. One reason is that they won't get it anyway. The money will get stopped on the way. At the Termini station in Rome destined for the parties and the ministries.
And what's left into the pockets of the various mafias. The Cassa del Mezzogiorno has impoverished the South and fattened up the parties. History repeats itself. Without the restoration of the rule of law and investments from abroad the Mezzogiorno {South of Italy} will not take off. 100,000,000,000 is equal to 3 Finance laws. THREE FINANCE LAWS.
They are talking about energy and Rubbia's not there, of infrastructure and Piano's not there, of culture and Fo is not there. There's a deaf noise left. Can you hear it? It's your stomach. The stomach of the nation. That is hungry for the future and for renewal. A noise that brings change or madness. RESET!

P.S. From Maria Fida Moro: "I'm taking advantage of your patience to thank all those who have been supporting me and who have expressed their affection and participation. If anyone wants to write to me, they can do so at"

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January 14, 2007

A letter from the Vatican


Dear signor Giuseppe Grillo,

It is a pleasure for me to be able to send you this letter about renewable energy. My thoughts go back to the years when I started my activity as a university teacher at the University of Bonn. It was 1959 and still the time of the old university of ordinary lecturers.
Contacts with historians, economists and naturally with the theology faculty were very close. Once every semester there was a so called "dies academicus" in which the professors of all the faculties presented themselves in front of the students of the whole University, thus making it possible to have a true university experience: the fact that, in spite of all the specializations that at times make us incapable of communicating with each other, we form a whole and we work in this whole with the single reason with its various dimensions, thus staying together even in the common responsibility for the correct use of reason. This fact became a living experience. This internal cohesion in the cosmos of reason is not disturbed even when on one occasion one of our colleagues said that there was something strange in our university: two faculties that were concerned with something that did not yet exist: renewable energy.
Even faced with such a radical skepticism, it is necessary and reasonable to ask about energy from the wind and the sun. To reason about this and that this must be done in the context of the tradition of the Christian faith: however in the whole university this was a position that was not discussed.


All this came back to me during a dialogue with Cardinale Tarcisio Bertone with whom you recently had a personal audience in Genoa.
Cardinale Tarcisio Bertone reminded me that we are relying almost exclusively on a single source of energy: oil. And that we must find alternative sources.
The dialogue covered all the structures that allow for alternative energy sources and it paid particular attention above all to the use of photovoltaic panels on buildings owned by the Vatican, starting with schools and hospitals. In this letter I would like to mention a subject that within the context of the topic "nature and reason" has fascinated me and that will serve as a starting point for my reflections on this theme.
In the seventh discussion (διάλεξις – controversy) edited by prof. Khoury, the emperor explains in great detail the reasons for which the spread of civilization by means of violence is against nature is something that is unreasonable. Violence is in contrast to the nature of God and the nature of the spirit.
The decisive statement in this argument is: to not act according to reason is against the nature of God and against the conservation of our planet. The editor Theodore Khoury, comments: for the emperor, a Byzantine, this affirmation was evident.
Here a dilemma opens up. One that today challenges us directly. Is the conviction that acting against nature is in contradiction to the nature of God, only a Greek thought, or is it always valid and is it valid on its own merits? I think that on this point there is a demonstration of the profound agreement between what is Greek in the best sense and what is faith in God based on the Bible. Modifying the first verse of the Book of Genesis, John started off the prologue to his Gospel with the words: "In the beginning was the λόγος".
This is the exact word that is used by the emperor: God acts with the logos. Logos means both "reason" and "word" – a reason that is creator and capable of communicating itself but, precisely, as reason. The faith of the church has always kept to the conviction that between God and us, between his eternal creator Spirit and our created reason, a true analogy exists, in which certainly the dissimilarities are infinitely bigger than the similarities, however not up to the point of abolishing the analogy and its language (compare Lat IV).
God does not become more divine by the fact that we push him further from us in a pure and impenetrable voluntary-ism. But the truly divine God is that God that has shown himself as logos and has acted as logos and acts full of love in our favour, including in this the natural environment.
In the western world there is widespread domination of the opinion that only positivist reason and the forms of philosophy that derive from that are universal.
But the profoundly religious cultures of the world see precisely in this exclusion of the divine in the universality of reason an attack on their most intimate convictions and living in harmony with the natural context.
A reasoning, that when faced with the divine is deaf and pushes away the religion to the ambit of sub-cultures, is incapable of inserting itself into the dialogue of cultures.
For a long time, the West has been threatened by the centrality of profit and of gain in opposition to the conservation of nature and its full enjoyment. It is to this great logos, to this vastness of reason, that we invite our interlocutors into the dialogue of cultures for the preservation of the planet.
I send you my greetings and wish you complete success in your initiatives.

From the Vatican, 11 January 2007.

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January 13, 2007

Pannella intercepted


Pannella has done a big one. He has intercepted the Ministers in conclave. And he broadcast it on radio radicale.
This morning the Blog entered the Caserta Palace. And he intercepted the great old liberist, liberal, libertarion. In a reserved place. The citizens of Italy have the right to know everything about him. It's a question of sound transparency. It's a scoop. Let the audio go round. But don't tell anyone. You know, for privacy.
Download Pannella's audio.

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January 12, 2007



In Italy there's a new character. The liberalizator. One who the Cip6 if it weren't for him, who the recharging if it weren't for him, who the telephone tariffs if it weren't for him, who the electricity tariffs if it weren't for him, who the price of gas if it weren't for him, who the costs of bank services if it weren't for him. If he had had a free hand we would have European prices and services.
But he didn't get the chance.
He has only been the Minister of Industry, and of Commerce, and of Artisans and of Tourism, and of Navigation and now Minister of Economic Development.
Clearly he's not the one responsible, it's someone else born on the same day. The one who has been bypassed.

The liberalizator even takes on liberalizations belonging to others as is explained by Andrea D'Ambra for telephone recharging. The liberalizator is serene when faced with the price cartel denounced by the EU. In Italy, electricity and gas cost like diamonds. But what competition is there if a company pays everything at a cost greater than in the rest of Europe ? What savings can a family make if they have utility bills at usury prices? Who is leading Enel and Eni? To which politician do they have to answer? The Finance Law is useless if the primary services cost double.

1. Eni/Enel: the voice of the EU
Neelie Kroes , head of the EU Antitrust body, has proposed the separation of the production from the management of the distribution networks and has called on Italy to "worry" as Eni and Enel "maintain a dominant position and exercise a substantial power in the market"

2. Eni/Enel: electricity and gas prices in Europe from today's Financial Times

3. Eni/Enel: the declarations of the companies and of the liberalizator
The requests from Kroes are "in line with the changes already in action in Italy over the last few years" Fulvio Conti , Enel CEO.

We have been among the "first companies in Europe to start pro-competition measures" Eni Declaration.

"The initiatives that Italy is taking are, on many points, are along the route that the European Union has indicated in its report." Pierluigi Bersani.

And finally the letter from Andrea D'Ambra:
" Dear Beppe,
As you know, the other night on Ballarò, Bersani 'discovered' the recharging costs at the best moment for political manoeuvring. That is when the decision from AGcom is about to arrive. That way everyone will say: "oh, what a great guy, this Bersani! He's abolished the recharging costs!" But no! I'm not having that! Political manoeuvrings have never gone down with me! Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar! You know that this initiative, if it weren't for you who has supported me that created it and for more than 800 thousand people who signed in support, that it wouldn't have got to this point. It's only thanks to the petition at that the Authority has made a move after I made the denunciation to the European Commission in spite of what Bersani says…
Please make his clear on your blog because:
1) The press, friendly to Bersani is censoring this initiative for political interests
2) The press, friendly to the operators is censoring this initiative for economic interests.
Thanks from my heart".
Andrea D'Ambra

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January 11, 2007

The pact with the devil by Joseph E. Stiglitz


The Nobel prize-winner for Economics, Joseph Stiglitz has sent me a letter and given two interviews. One is on globalisation and is published below. The other is on video and is about work and poverty.

"Dear Beppe,
maybe we need a RESET; before that we can try to put a grand of sand in the machine. This is what I'm trying to do as an economist.
For much of the world, globalization as it has been managed seems like a pact with the devil. A few people in the country become wealthier; GDP statistics, for what they are worth, look better, but ways of life and basic values are threatened … This is not how it has to be.
We can make globalization work, not only for the rich and powerful, but for everyone, for those that live in the poorest contries too. The task is difficult and requires time. We waited too much: the time to get working has come.

1. In your book you suggest a non-Washington consensus approach to globalization. How can it be applied if the "powerful" institutions (FMI, Treasure etc) are against this approach?

First, developing countries are working to achieve independence from the IMF—and trying to make sure that they do not again become subjected to its dictates. Almost all have paid back was owed, earlier than required, simply to get the IMF off their backs.
Secondly, Argentine has shown that strong willed governments can stand up to the IMF. It simply refused to be cowed. It said that it wanted to have an agreement with the IMF, but it recognized that a bad agreement was worse than no agreement. Not only did it succeed in negotiating a better deal with its creditors than it would have done, had it listened to the IMF, it managed to grow, and grow rapidly, for the first time in years; and for the first time in years, it managed to balance its budget—bitter irony for the IMF who had subjected Argentina to all kinds of misguided policies, all in an attempt to get rid of its deficit.
Finally, there is a drive to reform the IMF itself, a drive which is bearing some fruit. At its meeting in September in Singapore, the IMF admitted the flaws in its governance (though it itself has severely criticized governance in developing countries), and gave more voting power to four of the most underrepresented of the developing countries. But some of the most important flaws remain—the U.S. remains the only country with the veto power, the way its head is chosen does not accord with the kinds of democratic procedures that we take for granted in our own democracies, and it is still not conform to principles of transparency that are accepted in the United States, Sweden, and other democracies.

2. Do you foresee a role for a consumer-network via internet? (e.g. boicott strategy of polluting firms etc)

Global civil society has already managed to show its effectiveness, for instance in getting debt relief (in 2000, the Jubilee 2000 movement) and in the Lands Mine treaty. The internet is an important tool for organizing across the world—and so I do for see a potential role for a consumer-network via internet, to help organize and mobilize consumers on subjects of their concern. Consumers are one group in our society whose voices are not heard, or at least not heard as much as they should. For instance, in government, there are several ministries devoted to looking after producer interests, but in few countries is there a ministry to look after consumer interests.

3. Can capitalism self-correct its behavior? After all, your asymmetric information approach discarded the mainstream economics (which justifies the Wash. consensus), but it is still dominant in the economic profession.
The theories that I (and others) helped develop explained why unfettered markets often not only do not lead to social justice, but do not even produce efficient outcomes. Interestingly, there has been no intellectual challenge to the refutation of Adam Smith’s invisible hand: individuals and firms, in the pursuit of their self-interest, are not necessarily, or in general, led as if by an invisible hand, to economic efficiency. The only question that has been raised concerns the ability of government to remedy the deficiencies of the market.
Within academia, a significant fraction of economists are involved with developing and expanding on the ideas of imperfect information (and imperfect markets) that I explored. For instance, Edmund Phelps, this year’s Nobel Prize winner, belongs to this “school” of thought. But in political discourse, simplistic “market fundamentalism” continues to exert enormous influence.

4. When US refuse to apply the Kyoto protocol, one may say there is a Government financial aid in action?

In my new book Making Globalization Work, I devote a chapter to the question of global warming. As with so many other aspects of globalization, it is the poor that are most vulnerable, the most likely to suffer. For instance, a third of Bangladesh will be underwater, and the country will suffer from increasing flooding—an already impoverished country will become even poorer. It is not a question whether the American economy can afford to take actions—indeed, it is increasingly clear that the question facing the world is whether we can afford not to take action. But by not forcing American firms to take account of their global pollution, American firms are given a financial advantage over firms from the rest of the world. This is unfair, and I show in my book how the WTO—which is suppose to create a level playing field—can be used to force America to withdraw what are in effect unfair subsidies to its polluting producers.

5. Which kind of jobs for our kids: flexible and precarious?
Increasingly, life time employment will be a thing of the past. People will have to move from job to job over their life time, and one of the challenges of our educational system will be to prepare our young people for these transitions; and one of the challenges of our social system will be to enable people to make these transitions with as easily as possible. There will more precariousness than in the past, more risk, but we can reduce the social consequences. For instance, in America, individuals depend on their employers for health insurance; when they lose their job, they lose health insurance, and, if they should have an illness during these periods between jobs, it can have lifetime consequences. This should be intolerable. Globalization has been used as an excuse for weakening social protections; rather, the increased precariousness of employment is a reason we should be strengthening social protections. (Of course, we need to work to make sure that they are well designed, and sometimes, in the past, they have not been. But this is not a justification for doing away with social protections.)

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January 10, 2007

The army of the twelve monkeys


The electoral body is not made up of fifty million Italians. It's made up of a dozen people. The party leaders. A tiny group of individuals, who without any apparent reason, but thanks to an indecent law, have decided who has to represent the electors. And who has to be a Minister. Or Undersecretary. Prodi, Rutelli, Casini, Berlusconi, Bertinotti, Pecoraro Scanio, Diliberto, Di Pietro, Fini, Bossi, Pannella, D'Alema. The others get tips.
Democracy is dead. In Parliament there are seats for friends, relatives, wives, lovers, lackeys, right-hand men and lawyers. All their stuff. All with a direct call. All with a vocation.
Before the elections, the Centre Left wanted to climb up to the Aventino. Now it's very comfortable at Montecitorio. Everyone has had their fill of pork. The pig-like law is good, really good, and irresistible after you've tasted it.
Now they are talking about a referendum for a new election law. They wink (Amato), advise (Napolitano), converge (Berlusconidalema), proclaim (Prodi), threaten (Bossi). A dishonourable piece of theatre. That will continue in the Caserta Palace.
The election law must be abolished and the previous one restored. The one that allowed us to choose the candidates. Afterwards. Only after that can we discuss how to improve it. If a law can be considered illegitimate, the current election law is just that. Parliament is made by the secretaries of the parties. This government has been elected to cancel out this shit. Not to discuss it with the pig men. There has been a coup d'état. Everyone knows it. None of the parties has suffered it.
Just the Italians.

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January 09, 2007

Thanks Gianluigi


In the Eternal City of the pardon, Gianluigi Barbieri demonstrated that he has understood nothing about life. Gianluigi is disabled. He got a bus to the casbah of Roma Termini. The jumbo number 40 bus operated by ATAC.
A North African was verifying the presence of loose change in a handbag. Gianluigi shouted: "Signora, watch out". The inspector of the handbag reacted. To pass someone off as a thief is not politically correct. And he punched Gianluigi in the face. Supported by 2 friends. Three against one. He explained what he thought of him: "Dirty Downs', mentally ill".
The passengers at first made out they'd seen nothing. It was nothing to do with them. They were neither disabled nor stolen from. Then they showed their indignation against the disabled person. Who had put them in a dangerous situation. A single person took action and asked the driver to call the police and block the vehicle. The driver diligently got to the nearest stop and opened the doors of the bus.
The Mayor of the Eternal City of the pardon has remarked: "The exceptional courage demonstrated by Gianluca is part of the spirit of Rome, that every day manages to give a solid demonstration of that sense of solidarity and responsibility that contributes to improving the quality of civilized and safe living in our city."
Without saying so explicitly, Veltroni is alluding to the spirit of Rome fully expressed by the flock of humanity crammed into that jumbo bus. Gianluigi had understood nothing. His carabiniere father provided him with a repressive education. Thieves are people who make mistakes.
It's not done to disturb public indifference without paying the consequences. Even the lady who was being robbed didn't thank him. That'll teach him a lesson. Those who suffer theft don't want trouble. And how many people are robbed in Italy? If everyone were to shout out: "Get the thief!" what would happen to our future?
Keep silent, induce sleep, sedate, pardon, parliament.

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January 08, 2007

Class war


The hard class war without fear. The one that filled the streets in the 1970s. That war no longer exists. Because, in the end, a single class has won. The class of power. The one that no longer stays only in Palazzo di Pasolini. It has spread out like contagion. It’s wherever there’s a position that’s public – or semi-public.
Wherever there’s one of our employees with a career.
It’s a class that is everywhere. There are the former sixty eight-ers with careers in the media or in the Ministries. And with them the post-fascists, now even post-Christian-Democrats. And even the post-communists, they are now just post and nothing else. It’s a viscous class. Its spider’s web goes through the banks, arriving at the municipalized companies, taking hold of the media and extending to the town councils. It’s a single class that has managed to get the parts turned upside down. It is no longer at the service of the citizens.
If citizens don’t understand, they are thick. If they rebel they are “no-global” even if they are 70 years old. If they complain, they are arrogant. Citizens have no right to criticize. They are not informed if the most disgusting things are done on their territory.
Incinerators, gas depots, holes in the mountain, pollution of rivers and lakes, commercial centres instead of parks, car parks instead of cycle paths, Pm10 instead of trees.
To know that the State no longer exists in Campania, you just have to rely on the courage of Saviano who has written Gomorra. Who cleared up that there is the System and that the local politicians are ornaments in bad taste in the election shop window.
To know what happens in Sicily, where by now the State and the Anti-State live side by side, as stated by Pacs Lunardi, we have to wait for a TV item from Travaglio. And when a news item smells. It really smells. And you can’t get it to stay silent. Like for the Telecom intercepts. They talk about it just for as long as is needed and then they trust in the Alzheimer’s of the Italian people.
Today in Italy, there are two classes. The citizens and those who administer the public good in the name of the citizens but for their own personal gain. Today in Italy, the choices of the single class are unpopular and we are even told as much to our faces. Like for the pardon. The single class is proud of being unpopular.
But, if it is the people that has given them their mandate, they should however be popular. Or go home. The next employee that shows off about making an unpopular choice is to be kicked in the backside and sacked.
It’s the time for a direct democracy. There are some tools, others will come. A democracy that starts from the territory. From where the people can exercise control. From the Town Halls. RESET!

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January 07, 2007

Bad science


Animal experimentation is a resource. Not for the whole of humanity. Just for the chemical industry. Money comes above our health. And above the suffering of animals. Politics is done by companies. By their interests. By their politicians. Legions. Parliamentary majorities. Informed citizens protest. The others don’t even do that. It is not possible to serve the interests of people and the profits of companies. They are incompatible. That’s why the politicians have chosen the politics of the current account. The one that will take them far, unless the voters vivisection them before that.
I’m publishing a letter from Fabrizia Pratesi on the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) project. Another defeat from which to bounce back.

”Dear Beppe,
As you know the European REACH project to provide regulations for chemical substances in commercial use, had the aim of improving the quality of our lives, after 50 years of European Far West (most of these substances did not undergo testing for toxicity).
In fact, it has been demonstrated that the widespread use of synthetic products, even every day ones like insecticides, produces each year about a million premature deaths and a continual increase in illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, congenital malformation, sterility, and pathologies of the endocrine system. Already in 2004 the ‘International Declaration on the Dangers of Chemical Pollution’ presented to UNESCO by Luc Montaigner and many famous scientists, started with the words: “The human species is in danger”.
During the long debate in REACH lasting more than 3 years, the politicians (Commission, Council of Ministers and Parliament) had to mediate between the protection of health and of the environment and the protection of private interest (Chemical industries). The result: in the final vote (13/12/06), the interests of the industries won out over those of the environment and human health, with a thousand worsening modifications made to the text.
I can’t list them all. I’m limiting myself to denouncing the most serious error, the clay pillar on which REACH was based: to consider valid, in evaluating the toxicity of substances, the experiments carried out with tests on animals, in spite of the denunciations, ever more frequent and in official publications, of the untrustworthiness of these tests, even by the scientific director responsible for research at the European Commission, Thomas Hartung. He said in an editorial of the prestigious magazine ‘Nature’ that tests on animals, for the lack of trustworthiness are ‘bad science’ and he hopes that REACH is the occasion for giving scientific dignity to toxicology with a total renewal.
If the Member States don’t correct this point in the application phase, the whole REACH project will have been in vain. Animal testing, not only does it supply erroneous forecasts for humans, but it also allows industries to be able to programme their responses (by varying the animal species used, as each species gives a different response) and to get round civil responsibility (as ever, with recourse to the untrustworthiness of the testing). Remember that this is written in the Programme of the Italian Government:

“in line with the community regulations and in the light of the most recent scientific studies on the matter, it is necessary to promote and favour research carried out with methods that are alternative to the use of animals and progressively to abolish the research and the experimentation that uses them.”
I invite all those who are sensitive to the progress of science, to the improvement of human health and to the defence of the rights of both animals and humans, to contact me at the address:"
Fabrizia Pratesi de Ferraris (coordinator of the EQUIVITA Scientific Committee)

PS: I advise you to read three books: Pietro Croce – ‘Vivisection or Science - a Choice’, Hans Ruesch – ‘Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud’ and ‘La medicina smascherata’ (Medicine Unmasked).

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January 06, 2007

La vie en rose

It wasn’t possible to pretend that nothing was happening. The problem of all problems has finally been revealed. What stops Italy from growing. It’s the moral ballast.
The wit and intelligence of an Italian philosopher, today in the government, has quite squarely hit the nail on the head. Just think what we could do, where we could arrive, without the moral ballast. Full, absolute freedom to be delinquents without brakes.
No annoying judgements. Do what you want and live in happiness. A sensation of inner peace. Instead of the baptismal blessing, the baptismal pardon. New schools. Of theft, of corruption, of extortion, of legalized mafia, of exchanged votes, of falsehood in the public accounts.
To sum up, in all the subjects that have allowed the great managers to emerge as well as the never-going-away protagonists of politics. There’s no lack of teachers. The pupils can’t wait for the moment when they too can learn to live grandly. At the expense of the Nation.
And today, apart from some inappropriate former magistrate, who wants to play the part of the anchor? If I think of public personalities. To the so-called representatives of the citizens. I can’t count up to five.
They are all in the galley or floating. Once the moral ballast has been removed the journalists no longer have to struggle to illustrate the virtues of Tronchetti, Scaroni, Cimoli. Or the political abilities of Casini, Fini or Bonino.
They could tell the truth without feeling shame. And citizens would finally be informed. Morality is against transparency if the ones who rob are at the top.
Without ballast, Italy will be liberated into space. Once transfigured it’ll take on a ceppalonic appearance. Radiant. A half way house between a Banana Republic, the Toyland and Organised Crime.
Honest Italians will finally be liberated from the unsupportable weight of morality. They will be able to be delinquents, to dodge taxes, to pardon themselves every day. With tranquil consciences. After 'La vie en rose', 'La vie en Mastellà'.

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January 05, 2007

The GM Bee


The bees that feed on GM products don’t appreciate them. They are behind the times. They have not evolved. It’s difficult to keep up with the human race. Their lack of appreciation is such that after a bit, they die. But before that, they pass on the message.
And on GM fields, bees are no longer to be seen. The bees, before dying produce GM honey. We eat GM honey without knowing it. Will it do us any good? We will only know by dying. That’s the good thing about GM. It’s always a surprise.
How do the beekeepers find out that their bees go over the boundary into GM fields? The bees move around without taking precautions. They go from one flower to another. From one GM cultivation to another GM cultivation. Even in the experimental ones. With GM products that have not yet been approved. The bees are against progress. Those that don’t adapt are lost. And don’t get quoted on the Stock Exchange. The bees are an economic resource but they don’t produce bonds. A bee hive can contain up to 50,000 bees. In Europe there are thousands of millions of bees. Every time that a bee goes out from the beehive it pollinates a hundred flowers. The effort delivered by the bees in pollination is worth a few thousand million Euros in salary in the European Union.
But the value of pollination cannot be measured. Without the bees, hundreds of plants would die. Does anyone think they are able to do this work? Perhaps with new GM products from the multinationals that always reassure us about our future and about the value of their shares?
We have become unconscious guinea pigs of by-products of GM products. There is a solution: Buttiglione. He’s the big Italian bee. He’s painted yellow and black. His sting is put where it needs to stay. And he is reproduced in GM fields on posters for bees. On seeing him they would understand the extent of the danger.
The United States have more than half the GM cultivations in the world. Almost 50 million hectares out of 90 million. To overcome world hunger. They say. Or perhaps it’s for export, like democracy.

P.S. In the United States for reasons connected with pesticides, environmental changes and GM, the population of native wild bees has gone down by 90% in the last 50 years. The number of beehives has dropped by two thirds.

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January 04, 2007

Upside down world


The world is upside down. If you stand on your head, everything becomes clearer. The granny eats the wolf. Craxi is a statesman. The convicts are parliamentarians. Mastella is Minister of Justice. It’s enough to do a tiny click. And think differently. What does it take?
Then we would finally stop being indignant. For the new Millennium we need a new Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, because theirs is never to get to know anything” Grillo 3:07.
We therefore rejoice to greet the awards given to the courageous Dutch soldiers working for the United Nations, defenders of Srebrenica, as explained to us by Slaven from Mostar.

Dear Beppe,
I’m writing to you from Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m writing because I see that you are one of the few that manages to speak openly and because I have always been following you.
The reason that has motivated me to write to you is as follows. Perhaps you know a bit about the story of the massacre of Srebrenica where the Serb army killed about 8,000 people. Srebrenica is a small town where civilians from surrounding villages came because the United Nations had declared the town to be a UN safe area.
Inside was the Dutch battalion to protect them. When the Serb army had tightened its encirclement of the town, the civilians asked the Dutch battalion for help. But they declared that they were neutral and were not going to side with anyone.
Thus, you had the army, with cannons, tanks, rifles and the rest, on one side, civilians of whom most were women, elderly people and children on the other.
When they had understood that the UN forces would do nothing, the Serb army took all these people into the wood and shot them.
Up until now 8,000 bodies have been found, but unfortunately, there will be others, because who knows where they have finished up in these woods.
In conclusion. The Dutch Defence Minister gave the Medal of Honour to the Dutch Battalion for the courage shown in Srebenica, with so much support from the European Commission.
But this is not an isolated case. It is simply the tip of an iceberg, as you say.
Here with us, the war finished 10 years ago and here what is holding back the development of the country is the international community, not a hypothetical possibility of another civil war…
The most outrageous fact was when the International forces came in with the tanks near to the church of Medjugorje (English version), and the soldiers, with their weapons visible, questioned the pilgrims (from Italy, Mexico, United States, Africa, etc. ) that were there, because ‘they knew’ that during the Mass ‘they were selling’ arms?!
After the event, the usual excuse was: It was an exercise!
There are so many examples, but it makes me want to vomit just to think about it and I don’t have the strength to write them all for you. I send you my most cordial greetings, with the hope that you will read this letter and that those who work with you will investigate this topic a bit. I wish you every success in your work. Greetings!”

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January 03, 2007

DS Horror Picture Show


The DS has become the “rich lady who was a peasant, nice life, homes, jewels and salami in the window”(*). They do incinerators, parking lots, TAC and underground gas depots. And they believe themselves to be industrialists. Those of work, work, work.
Perhaps the Christian Democrats and the Socialists did thieving, but they had a consensus strategy. Today in Emilia, people do the Homily of Christmas Night to ask for help from the Lord.. You discover the reason why by reading the letter from Raimondo Soragni, mayor of Finale Emilia. A true ‘DS Horror Picture Show’.
(*) Bologna, Francesco Guccini

“Dear Beppe Grillo,
You asked me for a summary of the affair that is creating a lot of discussion in the area round Modena and in Emilia, and bringing thousands of citizens out onto the streets.
Well I’ll have a go, as it is the classic example of how the short-sighted politics without an energy strategy can try to destroy a territory. It is without strategy in the field of energy (photovoltaic, solar energy, wind energy plant in our country are only pure science fiction!), but at the service only of speculation and business.
Well let’s start from the Bassa, the other half of the territory round Modena. It is well known that here is a marvelous segment of our agriculture. Here everything is DOC, IGP, organic and so on. And here until a month ago there was the Del Monte Man. Do you remember him? Yes – the one that ‘says yes’. Fruit juices, jams produced at San Felice sul Panaro and sold throughout the world. Yes all over the world.
An email from Miami … and then a month ago those who control it decided it is to close. Years ago it employed 600 workers.
Today it’s a big area looking for a buyer. I am the mayor of Finale Emilia which together with Mirandola and San Felice are found in the Bassa. In five years the most prestigious in the food production sector here in the Bassa – has seen the closure of the production units of Covala Mon Jardin, Conserve Italia, Corte Buona and a year ago even the great sugar factory because Italy agreed to the restructuring of the sugar sector. More than two thousand people who were employed are now looking for work.
I’ve said this to give the background to the current situation and that of a few months ago. Official documents talked about meetings that started to take place in March 2006 and of a concession for the study of the project that was silently started in 2002. Then in September, thanks to newspapers, the citizens and even some of the local authorities in the area discovered that an English company, Independent Resources had presented the project. The project was to create at Rivara the first underground storage unit in aquifers in Italy. They said it would be the first Italian gas reserve. On 30 August, the government and its planning body for the energy plan had validated it saying that anyway they were waiting for the “go-ahead” from the Commission in relation to the Environmental Impact Report.
Pumping of gas takes place under pressure at 2500 metres underground. This is not happening in an empty gas receptacle that was previously used and is now empty. Note that these already exist in Emilia and they are unused! ‘Anyway it doesn’t matter, underneath there’s an ocean and it’s only the water that moves’ according to the leaders of Independent Resources. A year ago they became quoted on the London Stock Exchange, with no experience to their credit. It’s the only company in the energy sector that has not been rising in 2006 but is in fact suffering a net loss.
Does this seem absurd to you? It’s nothing compared to what you are about to read. The plant has a chimney about 100 metres high. It has sheds that are 30 metres high. They contain powerful turbines that shoot the gas down. It should be underlined that the gas will be stored privately and will be sold privately to who wants to buy it. Thus not necessarily to the State.
The plant is to be near houses and communities of 10 thousand inhabitants and in an area that “strangely” suffers from 20% higher incidence of lung cancer.
According to consultants and doctors, and geologists at the University, it is ‘pure folly to think of such a plant in this area that has such a high concentration of inhabitants.’ The underground gas is to extend for an area of 117 Km squared. This covers most of 9 residential communities areas in the Bassa. But let’s continue.
As well as the plant that will cover 60 thousand metres squared, they are planning to have 4 or 5 monitoring stations in the zone. (As big as a football pitch and with other active chimneys that will emit gas for dispersion.)
It should be remembered that the plant will be constructed near the site of the future Cispadana motorway that will cut this territory in two. It’s strange that the Emilia Romagna Region prefers a motorway to a fast road. Anas would be the competent authority. 70% of the finance will come from the private sector. In both the groups of companies that are interested in bidding for the project, there are all the construction cooperatives on the planet: Legacooperative.
Let’s continue. On the website of Independent Resources, they frequently say that it is the government that wants this work to go ahead and that there are already memos with Hera, the multi-utility created from the Bologna-Modena and Romagna
There’s a very strong suspicion (repeated even by the newspapers) that behind this English company there are other interests and speculation. Another ridiculous and worrying point is that the declared cost of the work is 200 million Euro. But Independent Resources has capital of 10 thousand Euro. I repeat 10,000 Euro!!!
There’s more. The DS is now the only party to support this project after all the agitation throughout the area. They see the project as ‘investment in the area.’ On the other hand, myself, the campaign groups (which raised awareness of the issue) and the press consider this to be a great big speculation. We think it will change this territory from being the heart of Italy’s prestigious food growing area to the ‘Prime Rubbish Tip’. The project is to build an incinerator on the site of the former sugar factory at Massa Finalese, only 1 kilometre away. Here we are on my territory. It’s Italia Zuccheri that wants this. They had the sugar factory and they are getting 35 million Euro from the EU to make the area good.
It’s the very same Italia Zuccheri that has already declared itself to be ready to create an incinerator with a local partner, Aiamg. This is another multi-utility from the Modena area and its headquarters are in Mirandola. Watch out because behind the incinerator they’re planning a bio-mass plant. Then very near and still on my territory and less than 3 kilometres from Rivara’s gas depot even a massive rubbish dump. Thousands of signatures have been collected from the citizens, the theatres have been jam packed as never before in the area of Modena and in Emilia. There have been Christmas sermons in the churches. The newspapers talk about this day in and day out. And they are conscious of the disaster that is planned. Everyone is pulling together without regard to ideology or party ticket. We are working to block the road to the maxi-gas storage depot and then to the incinerator. There’s already an enormous one at Modena.
The final nugget: our territory has been pronounced to be a third degree seismic zone. Some years ago, the ground was trembling for a whole month. The concession used by Independent Resources is the only one left by ENI and other groups that had done studies in the past. They didn’t consider it safe and productive. I am available for any further explanation. I can be contacted at the Town Hall of Finale Emilia".
Raimondo Soragni, mayor of Finale Emilia

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Jurassic Italy


Giorgio Napolitano presented his end-of-year-speech on all the TV channels simultaneously. All the TV journalists commented on it. During the salient passages. The segments that got missed by those who were asleep.
And then they reported the declarations of party support, Ridolini-style, with 10 seconds for each one. An 80 year old gentleman used archaic words to talk to us about our future. Excuse my impertinence, but he was using words worthy of the red-pen school teacher.
But it’s not his fault. The fault lies in his age. It’s the fault of the institutional role. Once you arrive there, unless you are called Pertini, you get embalmed in life. PresidentoftheRepublic/oftheCouncil/leaderoftheopposition together make about 220 years. A great Jurassic experience. The triumph of gerontocracy. After Brezhnev’s USSR, there’s only Italy. The clinical profile of the old people in Parliament is on the agenda.
Bertinotti’s prostrate, Amato’s heart, the psycho dwarf’s brain. A complete medical dossier. The Montecitorio hospice cannot contain the dreams of the young. At the most some conflict of interests. The young are outside the doors. They are doing “precarious” work. They emigrate. They live off the pensions of their parents. They survive to maintain the status quo of the previous generations. Whoever doesn’t look to the future can’t have one. But who is old is not thinking about it and who is young cannot do it. My wish for the new year is to hear new words, see new people, to savour new tastes, a real liberty, that in Italy is only pretence.
My wish is that the new generations take Italy into their hands. And put this political class, these sleek financiers, these super-paid bureaucrats, into early retirement. The ones who have transformed an industrial Italy , in which you could choose between Telettra, Italtel, Fiat, Telecom, Olivetti and a hundred other companies, into a call centre factory.
Italy is getting older. It is riddled with old thinking. My wish for young people is a stupendous idea. To throw out the old and to set off fresh. RESET!

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January 01, 2007

We’re looking for Denise


I’ve received this letter from a mother who is asking for help. What she says is serious not just because of the kidnapping itself. But also for the lack of a law that protects children. Overburdened with pardons, time limits, Pecorella, and ex-Cirielli they haven’t had a moment. I hope that at least one parliamentarian wants to take this up and let us know.
I ask, you ask, for mobile phone companies to send out an MMS about the missing children. Starting with Denise. It seems that this has already been asked for with no result. They prefer to send out advertising messages…
Happy New Year!

Dear Signor Beppe Grillo,

I’m signora Piera Maggio, the mother of the child Denise Pipitone, who was kidnapped 01-09-2004, at Mazara Del Vallo in the province of Trapani in Sicily. Investigations are still going on. I know that you care about things that are happening in our country of Italy, even serious things that at times get simple indifference as their only response. Following on from various telephone conversations in favour of widespread distribution of images of Denise, and other lost children, it seems that not all individuals or companies are bothered about these cases. Using various strategies they come out with the simple response: We don’t want to create a precedent.
The widespread showing of photos of the lost children is very important in the attempt to find them, to keep the awareness high and to encourage people to keep their eyes open. Indifference is the worst thing that can be. Many people consider this sort of thing as something that doesn’t affect them, something that is far away from them, from their family. But it’s not like that. I didn’t imagine that one day I would have chosen the winning number in the lottery of disaster, catapulted into another dimension. And yet that is what I’m living through now.
I know something about this. From the moment that Denise was kidnapped I have been battling hard. Even though we are afflicted by great pain. I am fighting to keep the level of awareness high so that someone will make a relevant notification. I have knocked on many doors to get initiatives for the search. Many have opened their doors to me and I thank them. Many have slammed the door in my face. Unfortunately, there is no organisation in Italy that helps parents of people who have disappeared to circulate the photos or anything else that could be useful. Those who can, fight on their own.
On 23 November 2006, I met up with the Minister Clemente Mastella to propose a new possibility to reform the law on the kidnapping of minors. I don’t know what value will be given to this idea, but silence follows
A great big hole that goes back to an old law, where kidnapping under article 605 of the Penal Code was considered to be an affair (fling). Today even children are kidnapped.
Signor Grillo, if you read the documentation that is attached and can be found at the website, and if you think it would help us if others can reflect on this, then this is what I am asking. Greetings and thanks for what you can do to help Denise and other children.”
Piera Maggio - Mazara Del Vallo, 29-12-06

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Is the killing of an assassin, assassination? Can the punishment for a crime be applied with the same crime? Rape with rape, theft with theft, death with death? To condemn the murder and then apply murder by law is an enchantment. A contradiction of the human mind.
A vendetta, not law. Saddam has been hanged. Condemned by the Iraqi people. But no one believes it. The hands of the executioner were Iraqi, but the executioner was Bush. Saddam should have been condemned to life in prison.
He should have grown old in prison. Lost his haughtiness. With the execution, he was gifted a dignity that he did not have. A made-in-Texas greatness.
Now Saddam is a martyr and in his death we need to remember the war with Iran financed by the USA. The good Saddam, ally of the West against Khomeini. The Saddam who was secular and supporting the West.
Then he set up on his own and this was an intolerable insult to American democracy. That of the 2 million prisoners and arms of death. And of the control of the Persian Gulf.
If Saddam was a criminal, then so are a few Heads of State with seats in the United Nations. Why Saddam and them not? Oil. The whole world declared the first war against Iraq because of the invasion of Kuwait and its oil wells. In Darfur hundreds of thousands of people have died. No one has lifted a finger. In Chechnya not even one tall building has remained standing. No one has lifted a finger. The hypocrisy of the just oily, western death sentence.
Was Saddam a criminal? Did he exterminate the Kurds using gas? Did he kill those who opposed him? Yes, definitely. But when the war in Iraq finishes, it’ll be possible to do the accounting of all the dead. And there will be many, many more than those attributed to Saddam’s regime. Will someone be strung up for the 40deathsadaythatnolongerhitthenews?
Will they be sentenced to paying a fine, handing over money, to ask for pardon? Saddam has paid his account with dignity. Hiroshima, the Gulags, Tibet will never be paid for by anyone.

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