A letter from Gore Vidal


Gore Vidal has recently come to Italy and has sent me a letter for the Blog.

"Dear Beppe,
Humanity – and the whole world with it – is at a decision point. We have to start acting now because if we don't change direction there's a good chance that there will be no world to look after in ten or fifteen years. And we will be dead or dying. And the saddest thing is that this would not happen because of an inevitable destiny but for a simple lack of political will.
There's a need for a primitive impulse of a survival spirit of which there is no trace today. In 1957 I wrote a play called 'Visit to a Small Planet', and everyone was blown away. At that time the planet was considered to be a source of eternal riches and anything but tiny. Obviously today we know that it's not like that.
Recently I've had a conversation with Gorbachov, who asked me "Do you know which is the most important liquid on earth?" "Vodka?" I replied. "Petrol?" No – water". He said. And it's true. Even water is a limited resource. But humanity has always persisted in its illusions of eternity…
Humanity – and the West in particular – must radically change its life style if it doesn't want to eliminate itself. And a change of direction must come first of all from the United States, the leading consumers and polluters in the world. The problem is to convince our government or rather the shadow government that controls it, that responds only to a delirious capitalism.
That, in simple words, consists of creating products that we don't need and finding the way to sell them to us, without caring about the consequences. What's more, capitalism cannot survive except in the absence of laws.
It obeys no law except the fictitious ones that the system itself has created, like "supply and demand" And this is why we can expect no change from on high except with the weight of pressure from the people.
It is paradoxical that many governments, like that of the United States, feel legitimized to get mixed up in our liberty to reproduce but don't waste a word on the electricity that we consume. This is why the change must start from below.
This year we are starting to supply our house in California solely with solar energy. But I don't see how the average citizen can do that. It's still very costly at least in the United States. This is why the actions of an individual – though very important – must aim at institutional change. And today our cause is supported by a series of powerful and innovative tools like the Internet…
And we have to go yet further in reorganizing our lives. And this is the difficult part: to renounce what gives us pleasure has never been part of our nature.
Think of the millions of smokers in the world. I have recently lost a close friend who continued to smoke until the day of his death, even though he knew that smoking was killing him…
People – even Americans – are starting to wake up. There's a growing revolutionary feeling in the air. Governments are starting to wake up: for example I am looking with admiration at what Hugo Chavez is doing.
It's an inspiration for the whole world, unlike the United States that is not an inspiration for anyone apart from potential dictators. Even our politicians know very well what is happening in the world but they are paid to stay silent. This does not mean that one day they won't rise up against their masters.
But I'm warning you: the process of change will also be a violent one. The elite - the corporations – will not easily give up their privileges. However, you start your revolution and I will be happy to be your Trotsky."

Gore Vidal

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Hello everybody in the world !
Because we totally agree, we put this item on the independent website about food, health and environnemt www.fonteine.com. Holland.ps: send us important news in all languages, we put them if valuale with your name and the link under it. Thanks !Let's make the message clear together.

Posted by: D van Herk | February 4, 2007 06:28 PM

Paola you are perfectly right,ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 27, 2007 09:45 AM

In my opinion this is one of the best letters I have read lately,written in plane english, that clearly states the real problems that our planet faces at the moment!!!

Pessimistic or not it is the truth (and mind you I am a smoker...) !!!

Changes must begin by governments and governments should be convised by us..!!!

I believe this particular sentece says it all:

"To renounce what gives us pleasure has never been part of our nature."...

and this is where we should all begin...!!!

Posted by: paola filinesi | January 27, 2007 09:39 AM

Enrico,I have been in holiday and not access to computers,I agree with you for the lack of comments,and with Gore Vidal comment,here in Australia we are on the 7 year of drought,we are at level 3 of water restriction,and is affecting everything,price are going up,the federal government are going to spent 10 billion dollars to restore the Murray Darling river which is the biggest in Australia and irrigate all the crops,there is talking on recycling water (grey water),so far the city of Tamworth have choose not drink it,there are talk and agendas for the imlements of new energy (solar ,geothermic,wind )like him I do feel there is a change in the air,the average Australian is aware of global warming,they want change from geoverments,what is going to be hard is to make change and at the same time please the shareholders,that what I think is the message of Gore Vidal,ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 27, 2007 06:28 AM

SO sad for no comment...

I think that he is a little big pessimist and alarmist

Posted by: Enrico Riccardi | January 26, 2007 07:26 PM

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