Conflict of Interests is a way of life

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“Here we have to resolve the conflict of interests or we will continue to get screwed” (Beppe Grillo).
We got stuck with Piero Fassino who declared on 5 March 2006 that to resolve the conflict of interests is not a priority because “It doesn’t give work to anyone”.
We got stuck with the psycho dwarf who promised to resolve the problem in a hundred days, even though “only seven per cent of the Italains are interested in the problem.”
Ten years later he got a tailored made parliament to vote for the shameful Frattini law (from the name of the really faithful friend who got a post in the European Commission) that declared that it was not him incompatible but Confalonieri.
Now fresh off the press we have the Franceschini draft (these names always end in “ini”) that the Unione wants us to believe will tackle the problem. Straight away it has to be said. Before the law arrives in the Chambers of Parliament: it’s more ridiculous than the Frattini law:

- it deals only with possible incompatibilities of the members of the government

- it doesn’t foresee the ineligibility of those who control the means of communication

Our employees have their spectacles painted a democratic-party-pink. They pretend not to see that the conflict of interests is the mortal illness of democracy. A problem of economic liberty. The whole System is in conflict of interests: banks, public administration, universities, information, pharmaceutical markets, football, controlling Authorities, co-operatives, parties.
The citizen doesn’t count. Only the sly ones count: they write the laws, they elect themselves to Parliament, they approve false balance sheets, they appoint each other to well paid positions, they are controlled and controllers. Our employees live from a conflict of interests, a gracious way of defining corruption.
A recent book by di Elio Veltri and Francesco Paola (Il Governo dei conflitti, Longanesi Editore) confirms the illness and the consequences of the virus.

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Hello there,
Above and beyond any issue or topics discussed in this blog one fact is for certain, Italian people are way ahead of their Administration.
It’s my belief, that through exposure to other Systems and Administrations, the free flow of information, the net and by evolution of the new generation Italian People are coming to grip with the fact that these Incompetent dinosaurs politicians are the biggest and most relevant restrain Italy has today.
Italians have constantly improved; have become efficient, Global and way more educated and knowledgeable than their Administrator.
The Now the shackle of the Political Establishment, and Incompetent and Inefficient Administration has to go, and it’s clearly reflected in the struggle that Political Parties are seeing throughout their affiliate.
These Idiots do not represent today Italians, and neither the Unions, there are obsolete.
Politicians have to Legislate, and monitor, while the private has implement and improve and drive the efficiency.
Send these Idiots home and see if they balance their checking account, even if I am afraid is so fat that an accountant is taking care of that.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 26, 2007 06:14 PM

Hello there!
This week the Davos meeting has started, and although Business Leaders and Politicians from all over the World (The one that counts in the real world, 2400 people approx.) meet and discuss Economic and Political hot issues.
Whoever counts in this World Economy and Politics is there, while from Italy the three major Banks of Italy are represented, from the Political side we will have only Mr. Padoa Schioppa.
As for the rests, they are irrelevant.
Folks follow the Money, Italy only counts because of your high rate of savings that you keep in the Banks, and to prove it the fact is that 15 of the 30 Company in the MIB30 are Banks.
Thanks to you Banks are thriving while the Government stays very clear and away from De-regulating Banks and Financial Institution.
These Incompetent thieves only know very well how to suck you dry, while laughing all the way with the Banks.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 26, 2007 03:27 PM

Hello there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the nineteenth Century The Republic Italy was founded and now, the twenty-first Century I can still see the same Italy with few embellishment (Mostly aesthetic, nothing radical it would upset the system onto which it’s based).
Since we are talking about Conflict of Interest, and this is the Milestone onto which Italy is based upon, it’s really an Herculean task since You expect to self regulate itself when it comes to guard the hens.
Does it make any sense?
Follow my train of thought here, Parties dictates Senator and Representatives (Therefore have to follow Party’s line and politics) these individuals Legislates Policies and Laws and to close the Loop Parties are finances by the Businesses and sponsorships they donate (Donate to be polite, in the real world is called Lobbying, although nowadays Politically Incorrect).
Where do the end user (Customer, End user, Tax payer, Individual, Voter etc) fits into this loop and states his/her opinion approval disapproval?
Prime Example is Gasoline cost and distribution that combine with the endless taxation on Motor Vehicles generate for the Italian Government approx. between 60-70 Billion Euros (Estimate varies between those two listed numbers, and only the Property Tax on a Vehicle exceed the Property Tax on the Primary Residence!)
The indicated Money goes to an immense number of Agencies all working around Vehicle Business (PRA, ACI, Prefetture, Notary, Car Agencies, Regional Agencies, License Plate, Smog and Revision Agencies etc) all this Agency although completely Incompetent and Not Functional get a piece of the pie, and You know how badly they function if You ever try to get a License to buy a used Car or Motorcycle.
Folks this is a huge business for the Government, and that means lots of Money, although in the end I think the Government is Loosing Money with all this Agencies, because the Money really ends up in whoever actually runs these Private Agencies (Although Government Licensed).
As I mentioned several time, the real De-regulation should be that the Government gets out of any businesses not pertinent to them (Most of the Agencies should be Regional or States and therefore just Monitored by the States) and the Government should just Legislate, while all the Ministry should be run by Independent Manager Approved by the Legislators (Senate and Chamber of Representatives.
When a Minister or Majority vote for a Law and then verify the Implementation, without being responsible to anyone other than the Majority that voted for the Law itself, sounds to me a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Example Education reform voted by Mr. Berlusconi Gov., never implemented, claimed as a success, now invalidated by Mr. Prodi Gov with the result that the loop is closed and everything starts all over again.
While the End User still waiting for a Functional Education System in the 21st Century.
Rest my case these Politicians are Re-active not Pro-active, therefore get yourself a POBox in Ireland (Could be anywhere in Europe though) move your Residence over there and pay Taxes based on your residence (All the big cheeses in the show business or sports Business do it regularly ex. Mr. Valentino Rossi UK, Pavarotti MonteCarlo, Sofia Loren Switzerland same as Shoemaker etc).
Otherwise get your money (Minus 20 Euros to keep the account valid) out of any Bank and keep it under your mattress, at today costs you will save on the average 300-500 Euros per year (Documented in Financial Time, average cost for a Checking Acc. In Italy of 500 Euros, for very poor service).
You take action they will respond to it.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 26, 2007 03:14 PM

Your example is good but the incentive is different...
Conflict of interests could be present even in a family, it’s very difficult to avoid them when fincancial, leadership, power issues are concerned...!!!
A politician before becoming one had other employemnt, he/she should poses such an integrity that would be really rare to find.
The same applies to most fields of modern society.
So, at least in my opinion, since it is impossible to avoid conflict of interests, we should at least try and mitigate them by creating "safety valves"....

Posted by: paola filinesi | January 25, 2007 03:59 PM

To appreciate the importance of strict rules for the so called [conflict of interests], I suggest to access the American Kennel Club website ( and read the pdf document [Field trial rules and standard procedures for pointing breeds].

Even if you never thought that looking at nature through the sensory means of the pointing breed gives the best insight, you will see how accurate was the kennel club in dropping [conflicts of interest]. The result is that field trials in US (distinct classes amateur and prof) are a far more accurate representation of the worth of the pointing breeds than European field trials (better say nothing about field trials in Italy).

That can be extrapolated to all other aspects of the society, and makes the difference.

francesco pietra

Posted by: Francesco Pietra | January 25, 2007 08:16 AM

It's interesting - saying that "conflict of interest doesn't give work to anybody" seems a bit shortsighted.

I would argue that conflict of interest *gives work to everyone*, indeed.

When nobody has the time to enforce ethics, especially in business, it's very easy (and probable) that it slips into a hostage situation. The selfishness that is behind these types of corruptions is really nauseating. So many times, ethics and morality seems like it gets categorized as "for children". The real issue here is "maintenance".

Posted by: Charles Terenzio | January 25, 2007 01:40 AM

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