La vie en rose

It wasnít possible to pretend that nothing was happening. The problem of all problems has finally been revealed. What stops Italy from growing. Itís the moral ballast.
The wit and intelligence of an Italian philosopher, today in the government, has quite squarely hit the nail on the head. Just think what we could do, where we could arrive, without the moral ballast. Full, absolute freedom to be delinquents without brakes.
No annoying judgements. Do what you want and live in happiness. A sensation of inner peace. Instead of the baptismal blessing, the baptismal pardon. New schools. Of theft, of corruption, of extortion, of legalized mafia, of exchanged votes, of falsehood in the public accounts.
To sum up, in all the subjects that have allowed the great managers to emerge as well as the never-going-away protagonists of politics. Thereís no lack of teachers. The pupils canít wait for the moment when they too can learn to live grandly. At the expense of the Nation.
And today, apart from some inappropriate former magistrate, who wants to play the part of the anchor? If I think of public personalities. To the so-called representatives of the citizens. I canít count up to five.
They are all in the galley or floating. Once the moral ballast has been removed the journalists no longer have to struggle to illustrate the virtues of Tronchetti, Scaroni, Cimoli. Or the political abilities of Casini, Fini or Bonino.
They could tell the truth without feeling shame. And citizens would finally be informed. Morality is against transparency if the ones who rob are at the top.
Without ballast, Italy will be liberated into space. Once transfigured itíll take on a ceppalonic appearance. Radiant. A half way house between a Banana Republic, the Toyland and Organised Crime.
Honest Italians will finally be liberated from the unsupportable weight of morality. They will be able to be delinquents, to dodge taxes, to pardon themselves every day. With tranquil consciences. After 'La vie en rose', 'La vie en Mastellŗ'.

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Unfortunately you don't miss anything. Again, meritocracy is a concept that does not exist in our universities at all.

For instance, doctoral candidacy selection is just dust in the eyes because each professor already have is own nominee which will take is shot simply by waiting in line and being compliant with the professor.

University labs should be the place where students can experience science and research starting to build up their professional career and empiric knowledge from young age.
In USA many young people from college (19, 20 years hold) have the chance to work in lab and acquire competence directly in the field. In this way, they become ready and self confident in working, well before they even finish the school.

The incompetence of our governors is the main problem in our countryÖ. Our educational system is old and slow and the last reform just make things worst.

Now they said they want to improve and modernize the system but looking at the folks we have in our parliament I can only hope things donít get tragic..


Posted by: Lorenzo Federico | January 7, 2007 09:54 PM

Mr. Rossi
Hello there, as for Mrs. Montalcini I agree with you she is not fat and she is old, as far as not keeping quiet I bag to differ.
Although she voiced her money request for Research, and I may add she got it (Under the threat of Not voting the Finanziaria!) the main issues still remain.
What has she done about the state of Italian Universities, what has she done for the state of research in Italy, what is she doing supporting a Government in her Senate seat (Emeritus Seat not elected).
The young brains of Italian Universities and Research Center have been going overseas at an alarming rate since the 80es, and an even more alarming thing should be the salary and status into which they are currently working (Fact salary average Euros 800-1200, status Co-Co-Co).
I am sure this is not news to you and to everyone else for that matter, although my remark was exactly and verbatim ďWhere are theyĒ what have they done for Italy lately?
To ask for 100 Mil in 20 years since she got the Nobel (That by the way she achieved by going to Washington University in Saint Louis and work there, thank you very much!) seams to me not very pro-active stand for such a great mind.
To make the matter worst is not what I have written in my comment, by the fact that from Mr. Draghi to the President of this Republic are describing Italian University as a non meritocratic system, overstaffed with incompetence, under funded, non competitive and considered unsatisfactory by the same Minister Mr. Mussi.
Now did I miss something, while everything is peachy and rosy?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 7, 2007 04:18 PM

Giacomo, Ms Levi-Montalcini is not a fat cat and is not keeping quiet in spite of her age.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 7, 2007 02:28 PM

Hello there, itís my conviction that Italians have evolved way more than the institutions by which they are represented.
And itís becoming ever more blatant by the fact that existing Party Leaders are scurrying around looking for mergers, aggregations, coalitions etc.
Typically the Government in power says everything is under control, the opposition claim disaster and for the last 61 years Italy has coasted hanging on to whatever was available and reasonably safe ((The US financed Italy out of Communism, Europe has financed Italy due to fact itís to close to ignore and itís founding member).
I am asking myself where the Independents pinnacles of Italian Evolution are.
From Newspapers, to Nobel Price Winners, to Researcher, to Statisticians, to Past Political Gurus, to Entrepreneurs, to Captains of Industry, to Bankers to Philosopher, to Great Mathematicians etc etc.
Folks from The Corriere Della Sera, to Mrs. Montalcini, to Mr. Veronesi, to Mr. Benetton and Mr. Colaninno they all have greatly profited from Italian evolution and now that they are renowned, respected and financially very well of they sit nice fat and happy while the Country that gave them the opportunity to be someone is struggling with obsolescence.

Independent Newspapers are a thing of the past, Nobel prize winner sit in parliament for life (Not elected) great Researcher and Doctors (Mr. Veronesi has his own Clinic private of course and making money over fist) Mr. Benetton made billions with Italian properties while Mr. Colaninno has his own Investment/Finance Business and we know where the money came from, Mr. Profumo cinderella of Europe Banking has made it with your money and across the border I may add.
These are the people Italians look up to, and these same people that have input, voice, public exposure, credibility, a say so in Italian matter. Where are they?
They have arrived to the Pinnacle, there is no more incentive for these folks, and they are too fat and happy.
The reference point has to move to the young, hungry and coming that want to prove their worthiness not these mammoth too old to fight.
The future is ahead of Italy not in the past, these fat cats are a drag and by keeping silent are only helping to maintain the Status Quoí, which is nowhere.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 7, 2007 02:17 PM

To Rick.

Fine. Thanks for clarifying.

Perhaps I was a bit hard in my reply, but I am sensitive to a certain style of giving the news that, as you confirm me (and as Beppe pointed out many times), is nowadays adopted by most journalists.


Posted by: G. Lenzini | January 7, 2007 01:01 PM


At the time of writing, the news was just breaking. There was no link to any article yet and the title said what I wrote.

Posted by: Rick Verducci | January 7, 2007 12:21 PM

to Rick:

I don't like sensationalism. So please, do not rise false alarm, and read carefully the source:

Drudge Report reports a Sunday Times' news,,2089-2535310_1,00.html

where, I cite, "Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iranís uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons".

Now, although it is not a nice news indeed, it opens other possibility of interpretation than your strong "Israel is going to strike Iran". At least it makes me think that releasing a secret plan is not perhaps the first step when planning a strike, but it goes very well as an act of intimidation.

Posted by: G. Lenzini | January 7, 2007 05:23 AM

Tonino has a dinamism that is lacking in the rest of the political class in Italy.
Everybody is sleeping (or is mentally impaired).
Whenever MortadellaMan is introducing something new, is fucking up whatever was left semi-intact from the previous idiots.


Wipe off that stupid smile from your face and work together with Tonino!!!

The Nation is watching!!

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 7, 2007 01:55 AM

According to Drudge Report:


Posted by: Rick Verducci | January 7, 2007 12:24 AM

Antonio di Pietro is a national hero!. Too bad that Italian people are too worried about mobile phones and ludicrous television programs to care. Clemente Mastella is a pathetic selfish bastard. The very idea that he is our minister of justice makes me puke. Wake up Italy ! before it's too late.......

Posted by: piero sanna | January 6, 2007 09:26 PM

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