Spy Time


I have decided to lay charges for libel against those who have built up a dossier about me. To act against the worms who have been spying on me and the Italians in recent years. The papers were laid before the Milan Tribunal on 8 January 2007 following the revelations reported in la Repubblica about the B Grillo dossier.
It’s no longer possible to put up with Telecom Italia, its spies and its brains behind the spies. Gabanelli’s article in Report has shown a level of maintenance worthy of the third world. ADSL arrives where it arrives, if it arrives, when in fact it is an indispensable service. Buora, the previous boss of Tavaroli, (Tronchetti’s man) is still there. Hedoesnothearhedoesnotseehedoesnotspeak. ROSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! GUIDOOOOOOOOOROSSIIIII! Where are you? Have you gone back to being an adviser to Inter? And have you got to know anything about the B. Grillo dossier?
From the headlines in today’s Repubblica: ‘Espionage, among the Telecom documents, the name of Tronchetti Provera pops up.’ ‘Three friends and now the boss.’
From the directions given by the judges we read that the logic motivating the Telecom spies seem to be: “to benefit not the company as such, but those who in a particular moment have controlling ownership.” Tronchetti reacted by threatening legal action. Against whom? Against the judges? The psycho dwarf had more class.
I prefer Riina to Tronchetti. He doesn’t go to the universities and to conferences to explain ethics to young people.
Among those spied on were the journalists, the few who discussed the economy like Massimo Mucchetti of il Corriere della Sera. They spied on the Competition Tsar. They spied on the CEO of RCS/Corriere della Sera Vittorio Colao, who was swiftly shot down by Tronchetti in July 2006.
The snail-pace director of il Corriere, Paolo Miele every so often writes a dribbling article. But he’s careful not to tackle the problem. Finally the editorial committee of il Corriere della Sera expresses worry.
That same Corriere of which Tronchetti is a major shareholder. And they say: “the editorial committee expresses strong disquiet, as it has already done in the past, when faced with details that provide evidence of the fragility that has been a characteristic of the RCS’s information system”. The problem is obviously a technical one.
The government can no longer wash its hands and leave Buora at the top of Telecom.
Unless of course… Unless… There are some dossiers on certain Ministers. Or on the President of the Council.

PS The shareaction initiative is still going on!

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What you wrote here matches my thoughts as well.

Our Country looks more and more like a Third World Country.

Probably our new President will be Baby Doc Duvalier.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 22, 2007 01:56 PM

Well said Antonio!

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 22, 2007 09:39 AM

It pains me to hear all the way in America that Italy is turning into such a corrupt country more and more every day, especially since I was born and raised in Italy for half of my life. Why are the Italians allowing this to happen? After all, it is the Italians that voted politicians into office? Don’t the Italians hold the power to make changes in Parliament? Can’t the Italians impeach each and every one of the members of the Parliament that is rotten? Or did the parliament pass convoluted laws too hard to understand that permit members of parliament to do whatever they want without consequences or repercussions for their actions? Isn’t rising costs, diminishing wages, and high unemployment good enough reason to make a radical change in Italy? Wake up and smell the coffee for Christ sake, or did the private media do such a good job at brain washing YOU Italy?

Posted by: Antonio Di Donato | January 22, 2007 02:42 AM

what a mess!

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 21, 2007 11:19 PM

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