The Erba slaughter is a symptom. A signal. How many signals arrive every day from the body of this sick nation? Two deaths in Rome for fire. People from outside of the European Union squashed like mice in disgusting apartments. Carabinieri beaten up at Livorno while they remove cars parked in forbidden places. To make space for the passage of the fire officers to put out the fire. Eyes stolen from corpses in hospital.
Each morning it's a battle. The mail box brings poverty into our homes. The bulging utility bills for public services. Heavy fines for late payments, even by a single day.
Poisonous taxes like Ici, a tax on saving up for your own house. Payments on debts for the car, the dentist, the school. Children who disappear. Hand held tightly by their parents at each step. And the cruel destruction of the environment. Traffic without order. Dust from cars and from the incinerators that gets inside you. Without anyone lifting a finger. With DS dioxin on the left and oilies on the right.
Home, sixty square metres, becomes a refuge. The new cell for slaves. For those who can afford it. And from a screen the incapables materialize. The ones that make declarations. Every day. Having incapacity in power generates monsters. Olindo and Rosa are symptoms. But it's just the beginning. Others will come.
The group photo in the courtyard at Caserta is a view of the decadence of the nation. Have you seen it? The ones in the photo are deciding our future. With those photos.
They don't even know how to get a knot in their ties. Two days of summit conference like a soufflé. To put up 100,000,000,000 Euro for the South. People in the South don't want that money. One reason is that they won't get it anyway. The money will get stopped on the way. At the Termini station in Rome destined for the parties and the ministries.
And what's left into the pockets of the various mafias. The Cassa del Mezzogiorno has impoverished the South and fattened up the parties. History repeats itself. Without the restoration of the rule of law and investments from abroad the Mezzogiorno {South of Italy} will not take off. 100,000,000,000 is equal to 3 Finance laws. THREE FINANCE LAWS.
They are talking about energy and Rubbia's not there, of infrastructure and Piano's not there, of culture and Fo is not there. There's a deaf noise left. Can you hear it? It's your stomach. The stomach of the nation. That is hungry for the future and for renewal. A noise that brings change or madness. RESET!

P.S. From Maria Fida Moro: "I'm taking advantage of your patience to thank all those who have been supporting me and who have expressed their affection and participation. If anyone wants to write to me, they can do so at"

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hello ;)

Posted by: igor | January 19, 2007 07:08 PM

Stefania, you have a cool name.

Given the coincidence, I thought you'd just "borrowed" it. (Like I did--from King of Queens. :D )

The real estate market in Italy has soared in recent years and my impression is that in many areas the current prices are untenable. This may be a good time to sell.


Posted by: Doug Heffernan | January 16, 2007 11:46 PM

Doug, Stefania Nobile is my real name. That's what I go for at the Italian anagrafe. It's been like that since the day I was born. I'm not making it up. Unfortunately, someone else carries the same name - someone very unpleasant, I may add.
I can guarantee I'm not related with such people. Nothing to do with them.
I respect other persons.

Posted by: Stefania Nobile | January 16, 2007 06:25 AM

Come on guys cheer up! you are making me sad!!!
I would like to bring your attention to something that was written by a very wise man not so long ago. Every now and then I read it, especially when everything around me seems so damn meaningless and spoiled. It reminds me that intelligent people will always find something beautiful to live for or look forward to.... hope you like it.

L’inferno dei viventi non e’ qualcosa che sara'. Se ce n'e' uno e’ gia qui. L’inferno che abitiamo tutti i giorni, che formiamo stando insieme. Due modi ci sono per non soffrirne. Il primo riesce semplice a molti, accettare l’inferno e diventarne parte fino al punto di non vederlo piu’. Il secondo esige attenzione ed apprendimento continui. Cercare e saper riconoscere chi e cosa in mezzo a quell’inferno non e’ inferno e farlo durare e dargli spazio.

Italo Calvino (le citta' invisibili)

Posted by: piero sanna | January 16, 2007 02:54 AM

"The eyes are the window to the soul"
There are some really scary pictures around."
I couldn't agree more. Look at the eyes of many world leaders present and past. You can easily see reflections of hell in them!

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 16, 2007 01:18 AM

Stefania Nobile:

It is kind of funny you say that about the eyes and the sould and then sign with the same name as Vanna Marchi's daughter...

Anyway, I agree with your concern about Italy and about having as few ties with it as possible.

By the way, got any seaweeds left? ;)

Posted by: Doug Heffernan | January 16, 2007 12:24 AM


My dad was used to say the same thing.

Looking the people in their eyes tells you more than a river of words.

I was almost forgetting to ask:

Why all Italy was united with poor Tommy and nobody did the same thing with the little Youssef?
Was Youssef a "B" type kid?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 15, 2007 09:56 PM

"The eyes are the window to the soul"
There are some really scary pictures around.

Posted by: Stefania Nobile | January 15, 2007 09:34 PM

Looks to me Italy has pushed the "autodestruct' button. I agree completely with Enrico and Giovanni. It is the same for me. I rather stay put far away then continue to deal with such B.S.
It is beyond comprehension how and why we got so far.
I still have a house in Italy and a bank account. I'm FORCED to deal with an Italian bank because of the mortgage. I'm thinking to cut the bridges ASAP because I'm scared of the current situation. I know I will get screwed - we'll all get screwed - it's a matter of time :(

Posted by: Stefania Nobile | January 15, 2007 09:31 PM

You need lots of life savers to rescue the passengers of this sinking boat, but I doubt there could be any available. Most of these problems go back a long time. They are still here and many more have been added. I feel sad and without ideas for you. I'm also staying put far away.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 15, 2007 08:52 PM


A couple of months ago I wrote in one of my posts something similar to what you are saying here (I don't remember in which occasion but I remember the meaning of it).

I was talking about some sort of fuse or valve that will blow up at a certain time.

I think that the moment is very near.

That's why I don't want to go back to Italy. I don't want to aggravate myself by spending my energies chasing down all this B.S.

If one day I will want to make a difference I will do it whenever there will be people really tired of this situation, which will want to make the difference.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 15, 2007 04:56 PM

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