The PM10 administrators

The mayors, councilors, presidents of the Region and Province are killing us. They are doing it by doing nothing. We are dying. And they are thinking of car parks. In Milan where Pm10 has substituted oxygen and the violation of the limits imposed by the European Community are the daily bread of Morattiwifeofoilmagnate.
In Milan there are 50,000 cars parked each day in "no parking" places. They are put anywhere, in the cycle paths, on the ramps for wheelchair users, double parked. In the city up to 800,000,000 cars come in every day.
The city reckons there is damage "for pedestrians and for vegetation". Councilor Croci indicates the solution: "The main objective, as in other cities, is to transfer the cars underground."
Exactly where he is sending the people of Milan: in a coffin under the ground. These administrators should be denounced. It has already happened in Florence as explained by Vincenzo Brancatisano in the Gazzetta di Modena reporting on the really serious situation in Modena.

"The president of the Region of Tuscany Martini, and the mayors of Florence and other towns, with their Cabinet members for the environment, are considered not to have taken action as they should have done against atmospheric pollution and thus have not defended public health as they should have done.
This is what the Public prosecutor of Florence maintains after closing the investigation on atmospheric pollution in the area round Florence that began in 2005. The prosecutor Prodono, maintains that Martini e Artusa have failed in their duty to perform certain public actions.
These two, together with the mayors and the Cabinet members are accused of "dangerous disposal of things". The administrators have received notification of the conclusion of preliminary investigations and in 15 days the prosecutor will decide who will be brought to trial.


"Modena, regional capital city of fine dust. so fine that it's not felt and it's not seen. Actually it hasn't been seen. Up until now, in fact, we had to be happy with numbers and percentages and this allowed everyone to pretend nothing was happening.
But now we can show the terrifying image of the filters of the companies empowered to monitor the fine dust, the pm10, at the control points that are in the city and the suburbs.
We have gained possession of the filter of the control point in a central area of Modena and it's enough just to look at it to make it unnecessary to make announcements and to order blocks on the traffic. It's a little circular disk made of very white material that after use just in one part has become the colour of a dark mouse tending towards black.
The consistency of the sinister substance deposited on the filter makes you think of a dark carpet. The ritual 12 hours of exposure to the open air have been enough to make it like this. The control station has an aspirator that simulates human respiration, with the same force, and that makes us think that each of us inputs into our organism in half a day, through the mouth and nose, passing down the trachea and the bronchi a correspondent quantity of killer particulate."

The blog is available to civic campaign groups for advice, petitions, denunciations. Write. The air is one of our rights.

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PM10s are bad enough, but the smaller sized nano particles PM2.5s am PM1a are even more deadly.

Take your average street and traffic. One might think the only source of street particulate matter might be diesel lorries or buses belching out particulates. Well they do and thing is a problem, especially PM2.5 levels. But these particles also come from brake disc and drum asbestos and clutch plates, and the worn particles left over from tires wearing on the road. When a large lorry passes one is exposed to a huge density of particulates in the street.

Posted by: Rob Whittle | June 25, 2007 12:16 PM

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Posted by: Pallavi Singh | February 21, 2007 09:29 AM

This is something we should all be aware of because it is only a matter of time before it becomes a very serious issue.
I hope those who are in the related field should wake up and do their job.
We should get united against all who are causing these serious problems becuse they only care about their interest,MONEY!!!!!

Posted by: Abe Tsegaye | January 24, 2007 06:25 PM

I had the chance to leave and I left mostly for this reason after having the second child.
There is no way , they don't care .The fashion stuff has to be delivered on time in the cheapest way in the center of the city .They clean up all the black greasy dust from the windows of the shops...and then start the ,restaurants, newstand,taxi drivers ,flowers shops ...they earn from this show .Who cares about a stroller ? Huge posters are everywhere ,they pay well to expose them so you can repaint the building (the black building) .No way that you miss the stunning images ,that are a visual pollution , but well ...they have paid .
Jumping to something else The State of the Union speech yesterday was an experience.It is so far from our culture.....

Posted by: giuliana capo | January 24, 2007 04:00 PM

why should they care? most of them dont live in the cities they administrate any way. they live out in the leafy suburbs and dont really give a toss about those who they are supposed to be representing.
milan is ruled by the car. why dont they put in SAFE cycle paths? in milan there are hardly any. those that are there have cars parked on them and they never get a ticket. its disgusting. every 4 days a cyclist or a pedestrian is killed or injured on the roads of milan!!!!!!!!!

milan aspires to be a great European city!!?? dream on.

maybe because if more people cycled to work, school or whatever then pirelli and fiat would lose a few cents and we cant have that happen can we?

shocking, pathetic and a situation that wont be changing for a long time. makes me want to leave italy.

Posted by: pat kerr | January 24, 2007 09:43 AM

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