We won't let them get us in the backside


The politicians who promote tumours, nano particles, dioxin, and Stock Exchange profits with money from our Enel utility bills, are having another attempt. A little voice has told me that our employees of the Ulivo on Monday 29 January will not vote (together with their mates of AN and Forza Italia) for the Prodi Government amendment that:

- to respect the laws of the European Union (2001/77/CE on renewable energy sources and the regulations that forbid improper help from the State),
- to respect the health of the citizens who would inhale carcinogenic dioxins and nano particles, eliminates financing to incinerators and similar sources (coal, refinery plants using oil waste products) for those plant that are not yet constructed but which have "authorizations" on paper that were conceded before 31 December 2006.

Among the new gas chambers that were authorised by December 2006 there are the Turin incinerator, the Malagrotta (Rome) gasifier, new lines at Brescia and the furnace at Acerra.

The employees make pathetic appeals to the Right, like the Margherita President of the Province of Turin Saitta. The dioxin-DS car parker Chiamparino goes on TV and explains that we either give the money for the incinerators through the Enel utility bills or they will take the money by increasing the rubbish collection tariffs. Not a word about the alternatives to incinerators and the halving of the rubbish tips thanks to integrated systems that reduce waste at source, door to door collections with specific tariffs, composting and "cold" biological treatments.

We need to make our voices heard, dear employers:

- send an email to the Lower House and to the relevant members of the government with the following text:
"That's enough of the swindles against the EU laws about subsidies to incineration and similar sources. No to the special allowances for the inexistent plants of Turin, Rome-Malagrotta new lines at Brescia and the furnace at Acerra."
- sign the online petition at the EU Commission and with the Italian Government (already 26,000 signatures)

Give warning to any potential fire-raisers that I will publish the names (first name and surname) and email addresses of the employees in the Lower and Upper Houses who vote against the amendment if it is not approved.
If there should be sanctions in the future by the European Union for the plants that escape the ruling, I will hold them to be legally responsible for the financial penalties and for any damage to health and to the environment, even to the consideration of bringing an action for culpable homicide.

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Bravo as usual, Beppe... forza!! Keep up the good work, and keep shining the light on the dungheaps of Italian politics... your pal al

Posted by: Albert Bassano | November 12, 2008 02:21 PM

Mamma mia vado in un blog italiano e mi incontro con inglesi.
Ci stanno mangiando la lingua questi inglesi.

Posted by: comprar | February 7, 2007 06:10 PM

@Stefano Perer

I agree with you 100%. I find it so horrible, barbaric and obscene for a state that calls itself the Bel Paese to treat its foundation/roots, yes, YES it is this foundation that has made the "state" il Bel Paese.

I am so shocked to see women, I am neither sexist nor gender biased but I get a sick feeling in the stomach to see women looking into rubbish at the market for a piece of good lettuce leaf or if I see a woman sleeping on the pavement.

many a times I buy 2 kilos of lettuce or a coffee and take to them and I have also seen one or two others doing it.

I asked one woman why she was living on the streets and she told me her family did not want her!

Yes I do hate this culture of "yours" that will do this to your own mother. How can you?
Another time, I was taking a coffee to a man that I thought was old, when he looked up, I was so shocked that I nearly spilled the coffee. His one eye was blind, his face totally scared and had the marks of "battles" he must have had living rough and he looked so weak, how would he cope with living rough, he hardly had the strength to stand up.

These Stefano Perer are ITALIANISSIMA not the "extra-comunitari" that the media vilifies & demonizes.

The worst part is those living rough is on the rise! Yet mayors of cities have resources to hold “whorishwood” cinema festivals” rather than give dignity and honour to the foundations of the state.

I haven’t seen one woman for a long time and no one know what happened or cares about her. The last time I saw her settling on the door step, her legs were in very bad state and I had the awful feeling that it was gangrene.

Posted by: Marcia Visanji | January 30, 2007 10:45 AM

Bravo Beppe!
Vorrei anch’io avere la possibilita’ di dare un contributo di buon senso al mio Paese. Intanto come mio apporto ho acquistato il tuo CD. Spero almeno che una piccola parte di quie denari ti facciano continuare in questa nobile attivita’ di regalarci verita o alcune di queste e donare a tutti coloro che vogliono un pelo di informazione pura.

Ora bando ai ringraziamenti e ti sottopongo un nuovo (se vorrai) filone

Mentre tornavo a casa ieri sera ho visto una anziana prepararsi a dormire sotto una scala all’aperto tra i suoi stracci/trapunta imbottita .Capita ovunque nel mondo e qui sono anche fortunati perche’d’inverno non si scende sotto i dieci gradi (Kong Kong).

Il pensiero mi e’ volato tra gli anziani come mia madre piu’ benestante ma egualmente abbandonata dai figli (piu vicini). Io posso solo telefonarle e vederla una o due volte all’anno. E mi sono chiesto dinuovo che malattia moderna sia quella dell’abbandono? Come si fa a fregarsene di un genitore? Come si fa a diventare genitori e un giorno trovarsi sotto una scala ad aspettare un, piu’ o meno sereno, distacco da questa vita?

E ricordo gli ultimi minuti del tuo show “incantesimi” nei quali pareva che tu non volessi andartene e ricordantoti qualcosa rientravi in discussione chiedendoti ma come abbiamo fatto a sopravvivere noi 50enni senza le cinture di sicurezza? E ti chiedo ma 50 anni fa c’erano genitori abbandonati? Io penso c’era una famiglia che nelle difficolta’ si stringeva intorno e oggi separtati sempre di piu’ anche dalla tecnología ci allontaniamo dai valori sacri.

La poverta’ e’ dovunque e le cause sono molteplici ma non trovi che si una bestemmia lasciare un vecchio/a spegnersi dasolo?

L’abbandono e’ contro natura perche noi lo pratichiamo? Ci sono mamme come la mia che rimaste sole molto presto, ma che non ci hanno abbandonati per un altro uomo che le avrebbe ora dato la compagnia che abbisogna. Quante di loro pagano il prezzo della loro fedelta’ abbandónate persino da chi hanno protetto nutrito e cresciuto. E’ pazzesco. Credo che in qusto HUMUS non possano poi crescere uomini e donne di valori che capiscano cosa tu stai cercando di fa capire loro: che bisogna essere persone per bene davvero come diceva il Giudice Falcone.


Posted by: Stefano Perer | January 30, 2007 05:26 AM

Italy is a Nation where the majority of citizens love to watch and practice Football.

I would like to see this sport applied on the rear end of some of those employees.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 29, 2007 10:21 PM

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