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February 28, 2007

Heavy metals and not

photo of copper0722

Good news. Foods that don’t contain metals do exist. Good stuff that you can eat. For anyone who might have missed preceding episodes, at the supermarket, together with the tortellini and the bread, I’m reminding you that you can also bring home even chrome, titanium and cobalt.
Here I’m supplying you with a list of metalised products:

- Pane Panem: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminium, Lead, Bismuth
- Cornetto Sanson (cialda): Iron, Chromium and Nickel (steel)
- Biscotto Marachella Sanson: Silicon, Iron
- Omogeneizzato Manzo Plasmon: Silicon, Aluminium
- Omogeneizzato Vitello e Prosciutto Plasmon: Iron, Barium Sulphate, Strontium, Iron-Chromium, Titanium
- Cacao in polvere Lindt: Iron, Chromium, Nickel
- Tortellini Fini: Iron, Chromium
- Hamburger McDonald’s: Silver
Read the whole list.

And the list of other products without rubbish that you can eat without fear of the metal detectors at the airport:
- Tiny Twists - classic style - Rold Gold
- Quadrelli al rosmarino - Buitoni
- Armonie, Michetti, Fette biscottate integrali - Mulino Bianco Barilla
- Fette biscottate integrali Buongiorno Natura
- Crackers Premium - Saiwa
- Special K - Kellog's
- Sfogliatine - Faraon
- Croccantelle al sesamo, Pizza Snack gusto mediterraneo - Forno Damiani
- 10 e trenta, Tarallucci - Mulino Bianco Barilla
- Biscotto bucaneve – Doria
Read the whole list.

I expect that the companies that manufacture products without rubbish inside will want to give me a token of recognition for the publicity they are receiving. They can send a few boxes of free food to my home.

PS Only a tiny weeny bit more and then we’ll have the amount needed for the electron microscope. Go on. Contribute now!

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February 27, 2007

Encouraging suicide


Advertising cars should be forbidden – just like advertising of tobacco products. In a tranquil weekend of death a chunk of our best youth has disappeared.
9 young people aged between 17 and 30. Not for a tragedy. Just for a fatality. For the sale of the myth of speed. Pushed out just as heroine is pushed. But in the light of day. With the complicity of the media. In the “Car” Section of the Corriere della Sera today:
“Class R Mercedes…. With innovative concepts that combine refined design, comfortable driving and the possibility to go anywhere… the Amg V-Max version is able to reach a speed, limited by the power of the car, of 275Km per hour.”
And in the article: “Tested by the author” there’s glorification of the “Principessa Mégane, power without inhibitions” that has the “maximum speed of 236 km/h from 0 to 100 km in 6.5 seconds”.
45% of advertising is for mobile phones, 45% for cars with big engine capacity. The remaining 10% is for finance products. You get into debt. Buy a car and a mobile phone. And you have a crash while you are talking on your phone at 200 Km an hour. The repayments are left for the heirs to pay back.
Minister Bianchi thunders about “points on the driving license for youngsters under 18 who drive motorcycles and minicars”. Why doesn’t he put the brakes on tricycles? The youngsters aren’t the issue. The over-18s need to be removed from the market, not the under-18s.
The adult producers of cars and their managers. The editors and those publicizing hallucinating speed.
What’s the speed limit in Italy? 110, 130? OK. If a car goes faster, it should be withdrawn from the market. Anyone giving it publicity is committing the crime of encouraging suicide. And they must go to prison.

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February 26, 2007

Nostradamus’s taxes


A Sunday question. Perhaps someone will reply. Why should companies pay taxes in Italy? An entrepreneur opens a company. He manages to make a profit. He’s so honest that he doesn’t run away, dodge taxes or do corruption. He declares the lot.
The State, to reward him, taxes him immediately double.
In fact if the company has made a profit, the State has the maximum trust that next year it will do the same.
This trust in the ability of the taxpayer is translated into an advance on the taxation.
Almost equal to the value of the current year, a presumed income in advance. The income is hypothetical but the taxes are real.
The money from the presumed income is taken away from the investments in the company. From employment, technology, machinery. And above all it’s presumed. Why do you have to pay on the presumption of future income? They are Nostradamus’s taxes. And for the companies that have recently been created, if they make profits in the first few years, it can be such a heavy burden that they have to close. Thus it’s better to make a loss.
Only a saint or a madman can declare all the profits with this hellish mechanism. The State wants money. More money.
It wants cash. Always more cash. But it takes it from the honest taxpayers. Not from the tax dodgers. Too difficult. It’s better to send a request asking for a payment of 20 Euro in taxes plus penalties (yes it does happen) – than to attack the tax dodgers.
At this point the State could insist on a presumed advance of taxation on every income. On inheritance, for example. In the year following the first, another relative could die. On the lottery winnings. On scratch cards.
If Padoa Schioppa reads this post, I’m sure he’ll do it.

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February 25, 2007

Mafia Tax on Energy


Why do we have to pay the mafia tax to Eni? Eni is a company quoted on the Stock Exchange. The Treasury has 21%, the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has 10%. The remaining 69% is owned by small and big share holders.
Eni is a de facto monopoly. Our energy bill goes to Eni’s coffers.
Eni has declared a profit of 9,200,000,000 Euro in 2006.
A massive profit taken away from families and companies.
Practically, we have paid another Finance Law.
A part of the profit is distributed to the shareholders.
The first shareholder to get some of the mafia tax is the State.
The other shareholders, apart from private citizens, I don’t know who they are.
I can smell the usual pong of the gentile living room.
The one that has probably placed its own men in the Board of Directors.
The one that has perhaps nominated Scaroni (who made an agreement over a conviction and sentence to two years and three months for corruption) as the Chief Executive Officer.
Eni’s mafia tax is the lead in the wings of the development of the country.
Yesterday Scaroni decided to add more lead: Agip has increased the price of petrol and diesel.
The State has reacted with harshness. Bersani declared: “We will see if Agip will decide to give explanations about such an unusual operation.”
The citizen that owns Eni shares can pay the mafia tax on the energy bill by cashing in their dividends. The citizen that doesn’t own Eni shares can pay the mafia tax full stop. If we were all shareholders, the problem would be resolved.

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February 24, 2007

The 12 points of the Law


The crisis needed a turning point. A strong position. Prodi has done what he had to do. He has been inflexible with his allies. He has put down 12 points that are black on white. He sang them clearly. The points are “not negotiable”.
For schools he asked for “A strong commitment for culture, schools, universities, research and innovation.”
For the South: Constant attention and concrete commitment in favour of the South, starting with security.”
For social security, “Reorganisation of the social security with great attention to financial compatibility and giving priority to low pensions and the young. With a commitment to finding a quota of the resources necessary by rationalization of costs by even unifying social security bodies.”
If Moses had carved out the Ten Commandments with the same clarity, the world would be beset by chaos. However the Secretaries of the Parties have accepted.
With such restrictive points they can stay calm. And manage their own business. On one point, Prodi wanted to be even more precise. Really picky. About communication. Actually 2 of the 12 points are about Sircana.
His spokesperson who “…. to give greater coherence to communication takes on the role of spokesperson of the Executive” and “ If there is any contrasting opinion, the President of the Council has the authority to express the position of the government”
From this you can deduce that Sircana has been speaking in a personal role, and if they were contrasting positions, he kept quiet. Thus all the time.
In the 12 points, worthy of fanfanirumoforlanidemita’s DC, Prodi has inserted 2 things that he will definitely do: Afghanistan (1st point) and the Turin-Lyons TAV (4th point). Be gracious, dear employee of the Council: I have left you a folder with gold lettering. It contained the Citizen Primaries. If you can, can you give it back to me.

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February 22, 2007

Nuclear Italy


“What more did they want?” is the question of the indignant highandmighty.
You have to understand him. He’s not got the information. It can happen to all of us at times.
Almost all the time to him.
He doesn’t know that theBerlinWallSovietUnionWarsawPact no longer exist.
He doesn’t know that the American presence in Italy, the US bases, are more numerous than after the war, better than after the war.
He doesn’t know that the US atomic bombs on our territory are more than 90, and are violating the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that Italy has signed up to.
He doesn’t know that the war finished in 1945 and that the presence of the United States on our territory is in contradiction to national sovereignty. He doesn’t know that the 200,000 people of Vicenza don’t want the base.
He doesn’t know that Zapatero, the day after the elections, kept his word with his electors. And he immediately withdrew his troops from Iraq.
The employee doesn’t know that he was put there by his electors and not by georgedoubleUbush.
He doesn’t know that Italy is a nuclear target if there’s a war.

Some citizens have gone to the Tribunal of Pordenone to denounce the Government of the United States for the presence of 50 nuclear weapons at the Aviano base. The hearing of the bodies concerned is to be held on 23 March 2007. Citizens have asked the Colonel of the Base for information about atomic weapons. He told them he would verify on the Internet. You do it too by reading the Kristensen Report about the bombs and the declaration.
Piero Ricca has interviewed the promoters of the denunciation.

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

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Long Live Bush, Lenin and Mao Tse Tung

D’Alema had warned everyone. If the Afghan mission didn’t get through then the government would be finished. The Senate had been waiting months for such an opportunity. The micro-majority has been beaten. D’Alema brings bad luck. Even the Forza DS people are beginning to realize this, the ones bent on doing incinerators, car parks and mega tips.
The follow-Bush policy was not in the Unione’s programme. Nor was VicenzaLebanonKabul. That this government should fall for having wanted to please the greatest ally of the psycho-dwarf, the creator of the unjustifiable war in Iraq, is a leg pull.
Die for Gdańsk and fall for Kabul. Afghanistan is important but in the list of the problems of this country it comes at the thousandth position.
Dear employees, try and ask about it in a bar or at the market. The employee President Napolitano declared immediately after the demonstration of 200,000 people at Vicenza that “Demonstrations in the street are legitimate but it’s leading you astray to think that they are the salt of democracy.” Compliments for the Hungarian timing.
I would have been able to understand if the government had been beaten on the election reform to give back to the citizens the possibility to choose the candidate. Or beaten hands down on the conflict of interests.
Or decimated trying to eliminate the ad personam laws. In all these cases it would have had my admiration.
Not for Kabul. It would have been enough to ask Gino Strada to know why.
Long Live Bush, Lenin and Mao Tse Tung.

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February 21, 2007

The Marquis of Grillo


The TAV is going ahead. Base 2 at Vicenza is going ahead. We’re in the Lebanon. We’re staying in Kabul. The conflict of interests is of no interest. The election law is just fine as it is. The “ad personam” laws are even useful to the Left and they are not eliminated. The pardon has even been of use to the Left and that is why it got voted in.
The government listens. It’s always listening. It’s a good government. It does things that don’t even please its Ministers. Who aren’t pleasing to the Italians. But they are very pleasing to the Americans, to the bankers, to the pretend industrialists, to the pretend journalists, to the local house of liberty.
Prodi Marquis of Grillo doesn’t know what to say. He’s often silent. Sometimes he raises his voice but just with his wife. The message that goes out to the Nation, loud and clear, is always the same: “I’m very sorry, but we are who we are and you are nothing!”
To get elected as a mayor in Italy you have to be a former Trades Unionist or a millionaire. The result doesn’t change. The arrogance of mayors and of local cabinet members as witnessed daily in this blog is without measure.
The Broni-Mortara costs 900,000,000,000 Euro, the companies in the area are against it, as are the residents. But it is going ahead. The people of Milan don’t want the Zona Fiera to be disastrously entombed in tons of cement. But it is going ahead. The people of Serre don’t want a mega tip to destroy a wildlife reserve.
But it is going ahead. The TAV in Val di Susa will cost 13,000,000,000 Euro. It’s of no use. The experts say so. University professors. The Valley is in revolt. But it is going ahead.
My tour has started recently and even before I arrive in a town, the mayor and cabinet members declare that they don’t want to meet me. Even though I haven’t asked to meet them.
The local administrators and politicians should be representing the citizens. There are a few thousand of them compared to 58 million Italians who count for nothing whatever they do. Does this seem normal to you? How long can it last?

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Frozen Grandpa

photo by Corto Maltes

Olmo Sivieri, born in 1914, spent 3 years in a freezer at minus 20 degrees, in Aosta. It seems that once dead, his son Gaetano put him there. It was the grandson that found him as he wanted to drink a cold Pepsi Cola.
The hibernated grandpa allowed the son to take home a monthly pension of 2,500 Euro. For a pension like that it’s worth hibernating a grandpa even alive. The son didn’t feel like throwing away this gift from God, and without wanting to, he has given new life to the Italian economy.
The young people are without work. The old people tend to save. Putting a pensioner on ice revitalizes the economy. The higher the value of the pension, the truer the concept. Just think of the pension that the grandchildren of Padoa Schioppa and Romano Prodi could be raking in.
Freezer companies with the slogan “the air of your home” would be flourishing. Together with the old person, you could keep even minestrone and cod to be defrosted. The substitutes, hired to show themselves around every so often. To trick the pensions authorities. There would be so many more job openings. Everyone would certainly copy the head of the family, the one who imitates the psycho dwarf kept nice and cool in the mausoleum at Arcore. To prevent the defrosting of the Centre Right. The elderly pensioner gives flavour to the broth and pays the pension. Problems of possible decomposition, (always possible) and the disappearance of the fixed income could be sorted out with an insurance policy.
With the Findomestic for example. You give up a fifth of the pension and you entrust the mummy to them. If then a young couple happens to be lucky enough to have 2 parents who are pensioners and need freezing, well each one would have their future assured. A pension like an Indian potentate, well just like a parliamentarian.

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February 19, 2007

CGIL Brigades


Trades Unionists are institutional, sometimes conservatives, often reformers. Observers of the world of work. They love the State. They become President of the Lower House, of the Upper House. Even Ministers and Mayors. After the Carabinieri as an institution, they are there. Well then, why has no one asked themselves why Trades Unionists became red brigades?
Perhaps because 1200 people die on the job every year? Dead with style. Better than in the tales by Hannibal Lecter. In recent days a labourer died in a vat of trichloroethylene and another was incinerated by a blaze.
Perhaps because many are employed only after death so that they are above board?
Perhaps because in these TradesUnionistbrigademembers there is a tiny doubt that slavery exists in Italy? And that the rights gained after the war have been annulled by the Biagi Law?
Who knows.
The Trades Unionists know that a banker convicted of bankruptcy in Italy risks nothing. That in Parliament there are 25 convicts sitting comfortably. And that if it were a labourer who had been convicted no one would give them another job. They have arrested 4 people because they were handing out flyers in support of the Red Brigades. After two days they were released. No objections.
But if there were the same severity in relation to the Telecom bosses, the State managers who have transformed the companies into colanders and in relation to the corrupt administrators, how many would they have to arrest?
To ask oneself questions can help to understand why dangerous Brigade members would hide out in the CGIL. Or more simply people who, though mistaken, didn’t see other possibilities.
Understand 20 of them to avoid 100,000 of them.

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February 18, 2007

It’s Always Korea!


Whatever the game plan, if there are relics on the field, then defeat is certain. And if they play in the wrong roles. The Centre Forward in goal, the captain playing in midfield.. Defeat is transformed into disaster.
The programme is not enough. The electors need to know the team that’s governing. If Prodi had said that Justice Reforms were to be put into place by Mastella, he would have lost the election. The citizen, taken for a ride, would have opted for Castelli, or if subject to vomiting attacks, abstained.
To avoid embarrassing situations it’s enough to give, quite transparently, during the elections, the list of Ministers FIRST to the citizens and then to the President of the Republic. The employers would thus not be the last to know and to be cuckolded.
The problem is not just political but also one of competences. Having the best people in government must not be blasphemy. However, what always happens is that the party faithfuls get there. Gentiloni is there because Rutelli wanted him.
Turco and la Melandri were nominated by D’Alema. There’s such confusion because the team is created by the deputy trainers and not the President of the Council. We look on from the spectator area and see an unpresentable team, with no prominent players. And we lose. We always lose. Last in the European classification.
What are the credentials of Fioroni, Santagata, Pollastrini, Lanzillotta, De Castro, Chiti and Mussi? Relations? Political currents? Electoral college? And we, what do we care? Let them play in the local party back yard. The citizens have the right to choose who makes decisions about their future. No more surprises. No more horrifying surprises. RESET!

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February 17, 2007

The sewer otter


Near to Serre in the province of Salerno, there are otters and herons and pure air. It’s an ideal place for a mega tip with sewer rats. The inhabitants protest, but they shouldn’t. They too get likened to the shit. Who do they think they are?
To resolve the constant problem of the tips there are however two solutions. The first is to leave the refuse where it is in the cities. Between Pm10, dog excrement (and also human) and urban rubbish of every type no one will notice.
In fact who notices the pong of the city? A tip in Piazza del Duomo in Milano or in Piazza Venezia in Roma would not be noticed.
The other solution: China. From that far off and immense country every day massive ships arrive full. They go back empty. They should be filled up with refuse. Pay something to China that will win out.
For us it would cost less than the construction of purifiers and mega tips. With the benefit to the companies, for employment and for foreign commerce.
Let’s read Martino’s letter and let’s visit the Oasi Faunistica di Persano while we are in time.

Dear Beppe Grillo,
I’m a young man living in Serre. My community has been living a nightmare for the last two months since Bertolaso, the current boss of the refuse emergency has identified a clay quarry at Serre with dimensions of 60,000 m2 and a height of 25 metres where he has decided to install a regional mega tip, to resolve the refuse emergency. A beautiful idea? I don’t think so!
Even a child would be able to identify this as a stupid idea! Why?
Perhaps because this regional mega tip will be in the Oasi Faunistica di Persano (DPGR 4060/1976) where there are many animals in danger of extinction, like the otter, many species of bird like the heron and it is a very important resting place on the migration routes of birds!
The tip will be 400 metres from the River Sele that irrigates all the Sele plain, that is the most productive agricultural region in the whole of Campania. This tip would bring down to its knees the economy of a whole province!
At a few metres from the site, the Puglia water supply draws drinking water for the homes in Puglia. I believe that if a tip is placed near the River Sele the people of Puglia will be drinking rubbish!
This is one thought about the topic: why haven’t the politicians lifted a finger for the fifteen years of the refuse emergency? And why is it always the province of Salerno (that is becoming Campania’s rubbish dump) that has to pay? And why is it always Serre that has to pay with the presence of 3 tips already? The reply from these gentlemen (even including the Lega ambiente and the CGIL) is:
”Better to kill a small village than a big city!”
Anyway Beppe, help us! I don’t know who to turn to.”

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February 16, 2007

I’m in debt therefore I am


The debt industry is eating up Italy. The public debt will soon become motivation for national pride, a moral reference. Private debt can’t do less than that.
It has to increase. But the indebtedness capacity of the Italians needs help. If at one time there were loans for 10,000 Euro now you can borrow 1,000/1,5000. It’s now raining throttling ways for everyone. Debts for every type of household. For the weakest.
Parents are invited to get into debt for their children. Once they simply sent them out to work. But today to be a precarious worker costs more than the salary. It’s best to get into debt straight away. The loan sharks are thinking, working things out every day. The objective is the rate of interest (TAEG). Their jackpot is the repossession of the house from whoever doesn’t keep up the repayments.

“Do you need money. It’s in your home” is sublime. Everyone looking for money that doesn’t exist underneath the sofa. To then go on and mortgage the home. Payment is made with debts, not with cash. The gain is in the interest that’s added, the product purchased is only an attraction.
When all the money is completely gone, then you can get the debt into debt. The debt on the debt could open up new horizons, new possibilities, new monetary perdition. There will be the multiple debts, those that are complex and derivatives and from time to time the suicides from jumping a repayment.

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February 14, 2007

Assault on the train


Today I’m writing about the TAV, but in reality I’m referring to something else. To the waste of the State’s money. About the fact that public employees are not reduced to misery when they throw away our money. And if they don’t pay it back, then it must be the parties that they belong to that pay back.
Those that speculate on the big engineering works, on the viaducts, on the doubling of the motorway lanes and the biggest prize of all: the TAV. The one with the fat flowing over. But if it’s flowing over, who is there to lick it up?
Professor Ponti, one of the most important European experts in the sector has been interviewed by Piera Ricca. His observations about the TAV are incredible. Someone must land up in prison or give back the money to the citizens. Perhaps with a 20 year mortgage with bank collateral from the parties. All have one or two or three.
The high velocity costs have trebled in relation to the estimate. It has cost three times as much. No one has done anything. Money that has been filched from our pockets. From research, from pensions, from play schools. It’s a question of tens of thousands of millions of Euro. It’s enough to relieve hunger in Africa. The TAV in Val di Susa is a symbol of this theft. Of this expropriation of our taxes. It costs 13,000,000,000 Euro.
One. Just one is to be given by the European Community. The rest has to come from us. And the extraordinary thing is that it’s of no use! The transport of goods has been in decline for years. The current section, the one that already exists could have three times the traffic on it. Without doing anything. They tell us that we have a public debt that is not governable, that we have to pay taxes, that there’s not the money for social services and then we throw down the lavatory tens of thousands of millions of Euro.
The next Finance Law let the parties and the administrators that have diddled us out of our money, let them pay for it.

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

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Tronchetti and stable-mates go home!


The Italian-style farce has lasted too long. In any ordinary company of the size of Telecom Italia the top brass would have resigned immediately after the intercept scandal. Here, they are still there.
There are two possibilities: either they knew or they didn’t know. But I’m a good person, like MontezemoloMuzioScevola who puts his reputation on the line for Tronchetti.
I want to believe that the Bovisa manager duo TronchettiBuora did not know. In this case, given the immense proof of incapacity demonstrated, they should disappear; never let themselves be seen by the shareholders. But they are unmovable, powered by relationships, of the good salons and stinking.
A national shame. A defeat of politics, of the economy, of common sense. And of the previously invincible Guido Rossi.
I have bought a page in today’s Repubblica (English). I have written the text entitled ‘Tronchetti and stable-mates go home!’ I hope that it will wake up the odd conscience. That someone will understand how low we have fallen. RESEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!

First PS: Anyone wanting to contribute to the costs of the advertisement can make a donation to the following current account:

Account holder: Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276
Reason: tronchetto dell’infelicità.
(The initials and the amounts will be published in the next few days).

Second PS: The Share Action initiative is continuing!

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February 13, 2007

Mobility and taboo


The taboo of mobility. Anyone who doesn't move is against progress, anti-modernist. One who doesn't want to work, to enjoy oneself, to socialize. Mussolini taught us, from "He who stays still is lost" to "The one who doesn't move is no-global".
It's still fascism. Who ever said that a person must get up in the morning and move 50 kilometres to go to work? Or at the end of the week flee from their home in the city and travel hundreds of kilometres?
The taboo is not discussed by anyone. Not in politics. Not in the economy. Not by the people who are drugged by advertising about cars. That always run around in open spaces, empty like deserts, limpid like the sky in spring.
Petrol is the sail of a yacht that is getting bigger, a liquid with no weight, green and blue, beautiful to behold, good to breathe.
Among the top 16 companies in the world there are 5 that are oil companies: Exxon, Shell, BP, Total and Chevron. Together they have a turnover of 1,214,000,000,000 dollars. Thousands of millions that cannot be beaten when creating the taboo of mobility.
Among the top 10 companies, apart from the oil companies, who it must be remembered resell a natural resource and gain mad sums of money, there are almost only banks and insurance companies: Citigroup, Bank of America, America International Group, HSBC, JP Morgan, UBS.
With this lot in command we can be certain about the extinction of the planet. As long as it is they who decide, we have to move around in cars and not on bicycles. Use the planes and not tele-work. Get out of the city instead of living in it.
It's useless talking about reducing emissions, about cars that pollute less. The problem will be resolved only by eliminating mobility every time it isn't necessary. Thus, just about all the time.
To move around must be a choice. Organisations must be distributed, decentred throughout the territory. It's really idiotic to bring millions of people into the city when with the Internet they can work at home, or from an office near home. We need to start to hate cars. They are a fetish, a taboo from last century.

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February 12, 2007

Ministers are hostages


The Minister as a hostage is a noble figure in the Italian political panorama. The sequence is well known. A Minister opposes a stupid idea of the Government or he supports a legitimate request from a citizen. His colleagues ignore him. The Minister gets indignant (not always) and turn to public opinion (not always).
Anyway he declares himself to be a hostage of the Majority. Which without him (or her) would become the Minority.
What we would like to know is who keeps these Ministers as hostages? Who prevents the truth about Abu Omar from coming out.. Who Is blocking the judges with Pulcinella’s State Secret. Who doesn’t want a clean sweep of the incinerators.
Who gifts a week’s ski holiday to the telephone companies by moving the time frame for abolishing the costs of recharging the mobiles? Who wants the pardon even though no citizen in his right mind wanted it. Who thinks that 12/13 thousand million Euros to do a tunnel in Val di Susa is progress and not folly? Who doesn’t want clarity on the Telecom intercepts?
There’s no Dr Who keeping the Ministers as hostages. However there is in existence a transversal party called Forza DS with the external support of the Margherita. The Ministers held hostage should take note and not continue to pay the what’s demanded with the associated loss of credibility.
Either they get to the bottom of things or don’t bother. Let them not keep annoying us with Cip6, with Afghanistan, With Vicenza or with the pardon. That’s stuff that we already know about. Their role is to do something. If they can’t do that, at least they should keep quiet, because they are not even talking about resigning.

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February 11, 2007

Pop corn


The pressure cooker that we call Italy is over-heating. The steam cannot get out. It’s the journalists stopping it. It’s the politicians stopping it. Persons who refer only to themselves and who are deprived of any contact with the real world. The citizens know and start to realize that the law does not protect them. Without the law they have to do it on their own, or just be resigned for as long as it’s possible. They know that the law has class. It’s not for everyone.
In the absence of protection, the Italians get by. They burn down nomad camps. They paralyze the city with spontaneous demonstrations against the military base at Vicenza, against the criminality that is protected by legal regulations. The residents of whole condominiums come down to the street to beat up drug pushers.
Pop corn that explodes here and there. Before doing it all together. And when, on those rare occasions, rights are recognised, it’s just a make believe.
A joke. As for the charges for topping up mobile phones, first they are abolished and then just maybe. Like for the financing for incinerators first abolished and now in your backside. Like the promises to eliminate ad personam laws and conflict of interests in the election programme.
The State has got impunity for itself. It’s Previti in Parliament. It’s Vito and Pomicino in the Antimafia Commission. And mad salaries and bonuses for the parliamentarians. And mayors and local cabinet members that don’t even consult their citizens.
The pop corn right now is a bit stunned, confused, disorientated. Still a few seeds. They take it out on the effects and not on the causes. With those who are poorest. With the lowest in the social order.
When will they understand that it’s useless? That it’s a waste of time. That they are aiming at the wrong target. Then the pressure cooker will explode and many will have to flee between the morning and the night.

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February 10, 2007

Nowhere man


Mastella from Ceppalonia has received an “Advice of Judicial Proceedings”. It was sent by the Naples prosecutors’ office. It states that he is being investigated for fraudulent bankruptcy when Naples Football collapsed in 2004. Mastella was vice president of the Board of Directors.
The “Advice of Judicial Proceedings” is not a guarantee of guilt. And for me the man from Ceppalonia is innocent until he’s proved otherwise. Free Ceppalonia!
The Minister of Justice has my full solidarity for his splendid defence with which he faced up to the journalists. He blew them away with his celebrated eloquence stating that:
- he had never taken an interest in the management of the club
- he had never received any payments
- he had been invited to take part only because he was an “illustrious fan”
It is completely obvious that an illustrious fan cannot be informed of the facts. He is a nowhere man. He knows nothing. He cannot know anything. He is not there to control how the club is going, but to illustrate and at the same time to give it shine.
We need football shiners as well as shoe shiners.
The position of illustrious fan could take on even judicial value: of do-nothing, ask-nothing and know-nothing. In this way he would be protected from actions by the magistracy and could then continue to shine in the VIP box.

Ps: Nowhere man on YouTube

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February 09, 2007

Sustainable fishing


The inhabitants of the sea are disappearing. The nets and our jaws are consuming them one by one. Last November (*) an article in ‘Science’ magazine predicted the collapse of commercial fishing by the year 2048. An event that has already been foreseen in the reduction in the shoals of cod.

Cod catches in millions of tons. Period: 1950-2002. Blue: North East Atlantic. Green: North West Atlantic. Red: Total

Our grandchildren will see many fish just in the aquarium or in historical documents. To resolve the problem we need to get too many countries to agree. Too many interests and even too many scoundrels. And to define a sustainable ecosystem and fishing quotas for each nation. Improbable.
There is an alternative. Starting from our behaviour. From the money we spend and how we spend it.
In 1999 the Monterey Bay Acquarium has started an initiative called Seafoodwatch. The species that are going into extinction are listed in a pocket guide that has already seen 8 million copies distributed.
Among these are the monkfish, the red snapper, the shark, the sturgeon, and the swordfish. The guide also shows alternative choices of species that are not at risk of extinction. Many Californian restaurants have joined the sustainable fishing initiative and are eliminating from their menus the species at risk.
To get the initiative going in Italy I will translate the guide with the permission of the Monterey Bay Acquarium. I will make it available in pdf format and I will insert it on the blog with a list of all the Italian restaurants that are joining the initiative.
(*) Global Loss of Biodiversity Harming Ocean Bounty Science

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February 08, 2007

Italian digital divide


In Italy the digital divide is implacably getting bigger in relation to Europe. It’s increasing just like the stock options of the Telecom Italia managers. In the United States more than 50% of families have Broadband. Broadband, not ADSL: BROADBAND!!!
In Italy there are even areas where mobile phones can’t work.
The President of AIIP {Italian Internet providers} has sent me this letter. Tomorrow the AGCom and the Government have the possibility to change things. Let’s send them a supporting email: Agcom, Gentiloni, Sircana.

Dear Beppe,
as president of the most representative of the Italian Internet Providers, I feel it is necessary and my duty to write you a letter to make known to your affectionate readers the reasons for which Broadband in Italy cannot take off, reasons that we have tackled with many initiatives with other interested associations in the sector, from users to the tiniest operators.
The ills of the Internet are known to us all: the territorial coverage is limited, even absent in numerous areas, while prices are still among the highest in Europe. As though that were not enough, our ATM network is so old and saturated that the point has come when not even Telecom can find a reason for us to invest in it. You see, dear Beppe, there’s much talk of VoIP and of IPTV but many people don’t realize that here at times even the basic conditions for Internet access are missing.
Often user associations and business associations have opposing interests. In this case however their interests are in alignment and joint initiatives between operator associations and user associations are really numerous. They are trying to move the situation forward and avoiding the continuation of what Floris has described in his book ‘’: that the monopoly that went out of the door for telephones is coming back in by the window for Broadband.
To think that there are countries from Korea to Japan that have made Broadband a national priority. And without going too far away, even our neighbour Denmark manages to get the record for having the greatest number of Broadband lines per inhabitant. It’s a winning example that represents an example to be followed and to be put forward again immediately even here in Italy. How? It’s very simple.
In the next few days the Communications Authority (AGCom) and the Government are about to evaluate the opportunity to take urgent measures to use the same price system as in Denmark for the wholesale supply to us operators, better known as ‘Bitstream’. This represents a golden opportunity to make Internet work in Italy.
The Bitstream system is important. In Europe most of the Broadband lines offered by the alternative operators use this method and it has the advantage of not duplicating the network where it already exists, thus freeing up resources to take the Internet where it is not available.
This is why deciding today about selling prices that Telecom will apply to operators for Bitstream supply is a fact that is not simple, that has necessitated dozens of meetings and kilometres of paper, of letters, of rearrangements and continual postponements. Just think that Telecom was committed to put this into action by the end of December 2005.
We have been studying all the European documentation and finally we have come up with a solution: it’s called Denmark. In depth technical studies confirm that the Danish model is the best interconnection model, because it has encouraged the growth of the market and the opening up to competition.
The facts tell us we are right. To create in Italy a technological environment like the one in Denmark, we need to start with the wholesale Bitstream prices.
This is the only way we can hope to lower the prices for the public and to open up the market to the benefits of competition, so that resources can be freed up to invest in the areas that are not yet covered. Beppe, it really needs very little, but it no longer depends on us. It’s AGCom that has to do it. We want Danish pricing now.”
Marco Fiorentino – AIIP President

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February 07, 2007

Signora Maria

Piero Ricca - Occupazione case EN.jpg

Google Video

Maria Cartago is 89 years old. She is a delightful lady who arrived in Milan from Ruvo in Puglia in 1947. Since the death of her husband she’s been living alone in her public housing apartment in Milan. She doesn’t want to go to hospital to have tests on her heart.
She’s frightened that her apartment will be occupied and that she will no longer be able to get back in the home where she has lived for 54 years. Abusive occupancy of the homes in her via Inganni neighbourhood is at 30%. It’s a national phenomenon: from Milan to Cagliari to Rome. Illegality converted into a property system.
After the publication of an article about her, signora Maria has received reassurances from the Town Hall. Someone will guard her home while she is in hospital. Once upon a time it was people in hospital who were guarded. Now it’s the homes of the people in hospital that are guarded. Theft of property inside an apartment is a crime. To steal a whole apartment, walls and contents is however allowed…
A new, job description, apartment guard, can be listed alongside body guard.
Piero Ricca interviewed signora Maria in her own home.

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February 06, 2007

Pay Parks

Dallas Ransom 2004

The construction of car parks where you pay continues without a pause in our cities. You pay to park even at the hospital to visit a sick person. Car parks have speculative designs.
They are useful as earners for those who give the areas in concession, for those who construct, for those who get the cash for parking. They are of no use to reduce the traffic. In fact they increase it. More spaces for cars. More cars.
If the purpose of the car parks is to make money, to change things we need to use the counter measures. We’ll build pay parks instead of car parks. Parks that are cared for and controlled. Without broken benches, needles and drug addicts. Parks for children. For elderly people.
For those who want to read a book lying on the grass. With checks at the entrance. Pay to get what we deserve as a right seems folly. But if it’s the only way to get back the public land, let’s do it. Pay parks in the cities would be bursting at the seams. A tiny entrance fee could be enough. We’d partly avoid the weekend exodus to see an oak or a cow.
A few suggestions for those who would like to exchange metal boxes with trees:
- Tell the town authorities to fence off the pavement where your front gate is with elegant steel bars. Like in Amsterdam. The tiny rectangle of land surrounded by metal in a few months will become a meadow. It can be done.
- Collect the highest number of signatures to reconvert a square transformed into a car park into a public garden. It’s a question of shifting 50 to 60 fxxking cars to give back the space to the citizens. Because it belongs to the citizens.
- Create Acquisition Groupings for the parks to make an offer for the public areas used or to be used for car parking.
Tiny meadows, public gardens, pay parks. It’s possible. Show that it is possible.

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February 05, 2007

Noises from the floor above


Rosa and Olindo, the precursors of a New Italy that is waking up to itself now. They killed four people because of the noise coming from the floor above. They were overcome with madness. Alessandro used his knife twenty times on his neighbour. Because his dogs barked.
Noise can be clattering, like the noise made by the rubbish collection lorry at six in the morning. Disturbing like the hooter of the scoundrel who insists on bringing his car into the city centre and then finds himself in a jam. Yesterday I even saw a Smart blaring away at a lady on a pedestrian crossing because she wasn’t walking fast.
Noise can be nauseating like the high volume advertising on TV. Wallpaper-style like the programmes that have talked about the elderlyboiledcouple in every moment. Or the unsilenceable anti-theft device of an apartment whose owners are away on holiday.
Noise. Pronounce this word slowly: n-o-i-s-e. Turn the radio off. The TV off. Get double glazing. Get the apartment sound-proofed. And listen to words. Your words, your friends’, your children’s. Isn’t it wonderful?
Noise makes us deaf. It is estimated that the hearing capacity of those who live in a city or in a noisy environment is reduced by 30%. Anyone who shouts, turns up the radio in the car, turns up the volume for the advertising spot, should be fined. Severely. I propose decibel sensors available to the urban police and the condominium administrators. On the signs welcoming you to the city or town, as well as the speed limits, there should also be a maximum decibel limit.
Noise is a violation of our privacy. No one gives the right to a crazy guy to shoot 100 decibels at our ear drums. Noise is also in the background, and we no longer pick it up, but it corrodes the mind.
The violation of your home is valid even for noise. If a noise is not authorised to enter our homes it has to stay outside the door. And if it’s so obstinate that it comes back day after day, it could happen that the source of the noise gets suppressed. Basically it’s only a question of privacy.

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Broken windows

'Broken window' describes a type of social behaviour. If one window in a building gets broken, it’s likely that another one will. If there are two broken windows, the probability that a third is added gets greater. If however the window gets mended, the process usually stops.
Italy is the Country of broken windows. Every time a window is damaged, there’s immediately the queue to:
- break an unlimited number of them
- find a justification for the new antisocial behaviour
- and if necessary, make it legal
Legalization of antisocial behaviour, more simply called “crime”, depends on its dimension. The more people who practise the crime, the more likely it is that Parliament will make a law to make it acceptable, or at least not to be punished.
Normally however, this is not necessary. It’s enough to raise the level of tolerance. Or to insert bureaucratic procedures to block any possible chance of remonstrating or denouncing. If some naïve citizen protests, someone explains to them the rules of uncivil accommodation. It helps to call them populists, demagogues or man in the street.
To insist on the application of the law if it is not being respected, in Italy is an antidemocratic exercise, a wee bit fascist.Every day, new ways are explored, new windows are broken. The pioneers, if they manage to get followers, become successful people, untouchables. At times fugitives from justice. It can happen that they even get squares and streets named after them.
And that they are called statesmen.
The Italian is anthropologically fascinated by broken windows except when the broken window is his. But, in this case, after being initially indignant, he resigns himself and goes off to look for a stone.

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February 04, 2007

Kill us all


A letter from Calabria from Rosanna of the “Kill us all” campaign. On 17 February at Reggio Calabria our youngsters will be streaming through the streets, demonstrating against the mafia. Let’s not leave them on their own.

Dear Beppe,
My name is Rosanna, aged 23 and I am the daughter of a judge of the Corte di Cassazione in Calabria who was killed shortly before Falcone and Borsellino. But I’m not writing to talk about myself.
More than a year has passed since the massive demonstrations at Locri provoked by the anger at the killing of the Vice President of the Regional Council, Francesco Fortugno, the crowning glory after scores of unpunished crimes carried out in the Locri area and in the whole of Calabria.
After a year and a half in Calabria, we continue to die, to pay the “mazzetta”, to survive the suffocation by the ‘ndrangheta.
A year and a half later we, the young people, are still here fighting every form of mafia, from that in the street to that in the great buildings, so that we can claim back our land.
Very often you feel immune to the ‘ndrangheta problem until you find yourself having to face up to their bullying. We are aware of this as soon as we start some kind of enterprise, and someone “knocks” on your door asking for a “contribution” to allow you to work, then the “contribution” becomes a quarter, half, three quarters of the earnings of the enterprise and you are obliged to agree a compromise or to close and go away. All this is normal, all foreseeable, even though it is completely absurd. All taking place in silence.
Like when they kill someone close to you and you know who did it but their name becomes too heavy to say, just as it is too risky to ask for justice to be done, because certain names are not pronounceable. And then you swallow bitter pills and you continue your usual life. Or it can happen that one day a young man feels humiliated by his companions because he doesn’t have a designer jumper and will never have one because his family has to jump through hoops to get to the end of the month and so to give himself a hand, so as to feel like “someone” and to be respected, he turns to the current ‘capetto’ {little boss} and in that moment he has mortgaged his life, sold his dignity to become “someone”. What does it matter then if he risks finishing up in prison for selling drugs or for having killed a person? What does it matter if he has thrown his conscience into the gutter?
Because, be clear, in the end, the ones who pay are the poor folk and not the gentlemen. No, those look down from on high in their villas in the north, nice and warm! There are others who pay for them.
In Calabria only the pitiless operators remain. The ones who make it their business to keep the territory under control, as a substitute for the State. The Calabresi. – the people of Calabria. Those to whom we turn to buy our rights, the ones for whom we provide fuel with our ignorance and fear.

And this is the real reasoning behind the demonstration that we young people of the “Kill us all” campaign are organising on 17 February in Reggio Calabria.
We want to put into practise the words of Judge Borsellino: “If the youth deny their consent to the all powerful and mysterious mafia then it will disappear like a nightmare.”
Because if we continue to turn to the “chief thug” to get our rights, if we allow the ‘ndrangheta to continue to interfere in our lives with arrogance and bullying, if we allow ourselves to be taken in by their diabolical smiles, we will never free ourselves from its tentacles.

This is the first self-made demonstration that we are organising at Reggio Calabria, the first that is completely self-financed, even though I’m not hiding the fact that we want to call on all the people of Calabria, the shop keepers, the entrepreneurs, the mothers and the fathers, to help us even with money in organising this demonstration. In fact we want to ask a sort of ‘legalised pizzo’, or a financial contribution with a purchase certificate for them so as to recognise an ‘antimafia share’ from our virtual share package.

The mafias are not only a problem of the South, but they are a cancer in the whole of Italy and as long as we continue to play their game by ignoring them and turning the other way, we can never stamp out this illness. This is why our appeal is not aimed only at the people of Calabria but it is reaching out to wake up ALL honest Italians, because there is always, in every region, something that fits the term ‘mafia-type behaviour’. It is a way of thinking of being different from the others, the claim to be able to buy and sell rights, to take care exclusively of one’s own good even to the detriment of others.
We have started a Blog for the demonstration. There you can find all the useful “work-in-progress” information up until 17 February. The address is:
A big hug (even virtual) from me.”

Rosanna Scopelliti
daughter of Antonino, the judge killed by Cosa Nostra at Campo Calabro (RC) on 9 August 1991.
"“Kill us all now” campaign - young people united against the mafias

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February 02, 2007

A Republic founded on pork pies

Freedom House has done a census of the world's democracies. The dictatorships still have the upper hand. Only 90 out of 193 States are democratic. Italy is classed by the research as being democratic.


This news item has been reported joyously by some italian newspapers. They avoided reporting Freedom House's classification on the freedom of information.

Where Italy is in the 80th position. After Tonga and Botswana. And just before Antigua and Barbuda as well as Burkina Faso. In 2004 it was at the 74th position. We are going down. If you look at the map, in the whole of Western Europe, Italy is the only nation that is "partly free".
In our territory, there is however freedom of information in the Republic of San Marino. From now on, I'll go there to make my announcements.

Italian information belongs to the regime, to the parties. Between Mediaset and the RAI, there's no difference. And the same for the various newspapers that are supported by the State. Let's liberalise the TV frequencies and eliminate public assistence for publishing. They are taxing us to tell us pork pies! RESET!

PS: Pecoraro Scanio has sent me a letter. Today at the Council of Ministers, he will present a decree to abolish the Cip6 financing for non-renewable energy. Sign the online petition for the EU Commission and for the Italian Government that so far has got 48,000 signatures.

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February 01, 2007

Milan-type horrors

Piero Ricca - Milano Citylife EN.jpg
Google Video

900,000 cubic metres of cement. Three skyscrapers up to 23 storeys and 210 metres high, 9,500 car park places. An increased flow of cars estimated to be on a par with a middling-sized town: 20 to 25 thousand cars in an area that is already jammed.
This is the future of a Milan neighbourhood: The Fiera zone. With the Citylife project. The city councillors have not listened to the voices of the thousands of inhabitants of the area.
And when they submitted 3,000 authenticated signatures to explain their reasoning they were not even received by the Cabinet member for the development of the territory Carlo Masseroli (email).
The disaster of the Fiera zone is another step in the removal of natural human rights. In Milan, after the air, now they are taking away even the light of the sun.

Fiera Zone Milan – Before and after

The homes of the Fiera zone will be blacked out by the sky scrapers. So will the tress and the few areas of green. A future of excrement PM10 in the dark.
According to the architect Giuseppe Boatti, interviewed with professor Giorgio Ragazzi by Piero Ricca, the City Council will lose 163 million Euro from this operation. And this is why they have denounced it to the Finance Court for damages to the national heritage. But it is the citizens who will lose 163 million Euro. Their Euro. Not Masseroli or Morattiwifeoftheoily.
Watch the film clip, read the approach to TAR and the reasons for No to the umpteenth ravaging that would damage our lives. We only have one life. Let’s not have them take it away from us.

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