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Trades Unionists are institutional, sometimes conservatives, often reformers. Observers of the world of work. They love the State. They become President of the Lower House, of the Upper House. Even Ministers and Mayors. After the Carabinieri as an institution, they are there. Well then, why has no one asked themselves why Trades Unionists became red brigades?
Perhaps because 1200 people die on the job every year? Dead with style. Better than in the tales by Hannibal Lecter. In recent days a labourer died in a vat of trichloroethylene and another was incinerated by a blaze.
Perhaps because many are employed only after death so that they are above board?
Perhaps because in these TradesUnionistbrigademembers there is a tiny doubt that slavery exists in Italy? And that the rights gained after the war have been annulled by the Biagi Law?
Who knows.
The Trades Unionists know that a banker convicted of bankruptcy in Italy risks nothing. That in Parliament there are 25 convicts sitting comfortably. And that if it were a labourer who had been convicted no one would give them another job. They have arrested 4 people because they were handing out flyers in support of the Red Brigades. After two days they were released. No objections.
But if there were the same severity in relation to the Telecom bosses, the State managers who have transformed the companies into colanders and in relation to the corrupt administrators, how many would they have to arrest?
To ask oneself questions can help to understand why dangerous Brigade members would hide out in the CGIL. Or more simply people who, though mistaken, didnít see other possibilities.
Understand 20 of them to avoid 100,000 of them.

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dear Beppe, fighting for workers' rights is one thing. And I am with you. Shooting people to make your voice heard is another one. I feel far from your comment, even more than when I hear Bobo Craxi talking about his father..

Posted by: Macche dici | February 21, 2007 01:34 PM

Mr Manizza you are not a fascist!
You are just a bit naive.

Posted by: piero sanna | February 21, 2007 12:19 PM


I guess the post of Beppe Grilo from the blog is totally bogus, introduces a lot
of cofusion, we already have enough and we do not need more. The problem of reformimg law system in Italy has nothing to do with Red Brigades.
Let's keep them separated. The question
comes from another side.
One could ask why the italian job market is so sluggish in Italy, labour is so expensive compared to others countries ? But, overlall, why is impossible to fire do-nothing people employed by the State who not even show up at work place ? Why is that ? Who is responsible for that ? I guess the answer comes nice and easy. Unions act politically and for helping workers in the real way. Let's focus on a simple argument to clarify. One of the targets of the arrested people were Prof. Piero Ichino who proposed, in the name of meritocracy, to let the STATE fire people who do not work and act as parasites and hire people with good will to work and give them bouneses if they preform even better than expected. Furthermore Ichino was not convicted for any crime like Previti for example
and he is higly respected expert in his field.
This is was a big outbreak for the people who have worked in an environment where
we are all equal regradless our ability or will.
An environment as the Union where it would tend to level off
toward the low and the mediocre and not to the high and proficient. This, as a matter of fact, is the legacy of the mentality of italian '68 , the "political 18" at university , and all the other bullshit that replaced equalitarism with a sort of mainstream mentality
where WE ARE ALL THE SAME no matter what godd or bad. Yes we are the EQUAL in right but in DUTIES
too when asked in a a civilized society.
People, supposed to be in a position to be UNDERSTOOD according to the post (in my opinion
are impossible to defend in democracy)
then wanted to kill Ichino beacuase he proposed
to introcude meritocracy in an environment where it never exisited. I would have understood if they wanted to target Previti only in the extreme case.
But this is not the case so this conirfms
they are ideological and without any solid
argument to propose. Only no arguments and lack
of ideas if not REVOLUTION.
As Beppe Grillo used to say I guess the whole Union, especially CGIL, should RESET and ask thmeselves where
they got wrong and try to help to build a work system on national scale where people are hired not because of supporting the party or having a membership. Proposing the DANISH Model where
it easy to fire relying on efficient system of relocation of workers using state money for temoporay unemployment. Maybe these peolpe do not even know abut the Danish model proposed by PRofessor Giavazzi of Bocconi Univerisity
to revitalize the italian job market.
It is wll known they are resposnible for the
people employed in the public administration
with no real need for that. Too difficult to admit.
They never complained about the waste of public money and I am sure they never will beacuse they are too tight to political parties, especially in the left parlaiment. A simple example, two former unionints form left and center rule the parlaiment, Marini and Bertinotti, ther you go.
I guees in many cases BG was right to denounce failures in the Italian system in many aspects and that's why I visit this website but in this case
he got totally wrong. This post was an outburst of
populism that deserved to be discredited.
I am afraid, no support whatsoever for this people who attack good people like Ichino as they cowardly did with Marco Biagi and D'Antona
who worked and lost thei lives for improving our country with only hard work and not with home-made bombs and pistols.
I am pretty sure somebody will reply saying, as usual in Italy, I am a FASCIST. This makes a lot sense, otherwise we would not still have the red brigades in 2007.....

Greetings from Boston, MA

Manfredi Manizza

Posted by: Manfredi Manizza | February 20, 2007 10:32 PM

Primo tu non prendi parte neanche alla barzelletta dueeeeeeeee treno dell'amore portami con te quattrovi la gioia cinquinato il fiume seeeeiiiiii

Please write in English !!!!!

Posted by: piero sanna | February 19, 2007 05:05 PM

e che cazzo? No: e' MEDIASETTATO
la prego un po' di rispetto per la lingua

Posted by: giulio terraforte | February 19, 2007 03:26 PM


Posted by: rocco tanica | February 19, 2007 12:23 PM

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