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A letter from Calabria from Rosanna of the “Kill us all” campaign. On 17 February at Reggio Calabria our youngsters will be streaming through the streets, demonstrating against the mafia. Let’s not leave them on their own.

Dear Beppe,
My name is Rosanna, aged 23 and I am the daughter of a judge of the Corte di Cassazione in Calabria who was killed shortly before Falcone and Borsellino. But I’m not writing to talk about myself.
More than a year has passed since the massive demonstrations at Locri provoked by the anger at the killing of the Vice President of the Regional Council, Francesco Fortugno, the crowning glory after scores of unpunished crimes carried out in the Locri area and in the whole of Calabria.
After a year and a half in Calabria, we continue to die, to pay the “mazzetta”, to survive the suffocation by the ‘ndrangheta.
A year and a half later we, the young people, are still here fighting every form of mafia, from that in the street to that in the great buildings, so that we can claim back our land.
Very often you feel immune to the ‘ndrangheta problem until you find yourself having to face up to their bullying. We are aware of this as soon as we start some kind of enterprise, and someone “knocks” on your door asking for a “contribution” to allow you to work, then the “contribution” becomes a quarter, half, three quarters of the earnings of the enterprise and you are obliged to agree a compromise or to close and go away. All this is normal, all foreseeable, even though it is completely absurd. All taking place in silence.
Like when they kill someone close to you and you know who did it but their name becomes too heavy to say, just as it is too risky to ask for justice to be done, because certain names are not pronounceable. And then you swallow bitter pills and you continue your usual life. Or it can happen that one day a young man feels humiliated by his companions because he doesn’t have a designer jumper and will never have one because his family has to jump through hoops to get to the end of the month and so to give himself a hand, so as to feel like “someone” and to be respected, he turns to the current ‘capetto’ {little boss} and in that moment he has mortgaged his life, sold his dignity to become “someone”. What does it matter then if he risks finishing up in prison for selling drugs or for having killed a person? What does it matter if he has thrown his conscience into the gutter?
Because, be clear, in the end, the ones who pay are the poor folk and not the gentlemen. No, those look down from on high in their villas in the north, nice and warm! There are others who pay for them.
In Calabria only the pitiless operators remain. The ones who make it their business to keep the territory under control, as a substitute for the State. The Calabresi. – the people of Calabria. Those to whom we turn to buy our rights, the ones for whom we provide fuel with our ignorance and fear.

And this is the real reasoning behind the demonstration that we young people of the “Kill us all” campaign are organising on 17 February in Reggio Calabria.
We want to put into practise the words of Judge Borsellino: “If the youth deny their consent to the all powerful and mysterious mafia then it will disappear like a nightmare.”
Because if we continue to turn to the “chief thug” to get our rights, if we allow the ‘ndrangheta to continue to interfere in our lives with arrogance and bullying, if we allow ourselves to be taken in by their diabolical smiles, we will never free ourselves from its tentacles.

This is the first self-made demonstration that we are organising at Reggio Calabria, the first that is completely self-financed, even though I’m not hiding the fact that we want to call on all the people of Calabria, the shop keepers, the entrepreneurs, the mothers and the fathers, to help us even with money in organising this demonstration. In fact we want to ask a sort of ‘legalised pizzo’, or a financial contribution with a purchase certificate for them so as to recognise an ‘antimafia share’ from our virtual share package.

The mafias are not only a problem of the South, but they are a cancer in the whole of Italy and as long as we continue to play their game by ignoring them and turning the other way, we can never stamp out this illness. This is why our appeal is not aimed only at the people of Calabria but it is reaching out to wake up ALL honest Italians, because there is always, in every region, something that fits the term ‘mafia-type behaviour’. It is a way of thinking of being different from the others, the claim to be able to buy and sell rights, to take care exclusively of one’s own good even to the detriment of others.
We have started a Blog for the demonstration. There you can find all the useful “work-in-progress” information up until 17 February. The address is:
A big hug (even virtual) from me.”

Rosanna Scopelliti
daughter of Antonino, the judge killed by Cosa Nostra at Campo Calabro (RC) on 9 August 1991.
"“Kill us all now” campaign - young people united against the mafias

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Same here.

Let's not forget that Mafia is in the government.

If this was not true, we wouldn't still have to deal with it.

Let's say it the way it is!!!!!

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | February 5, 2007 05:02 PM

Dear Rosanna,a small stone can start a ripple and then a big wawe,you carry a big burden on your shoulder for such yong age,I do feel for you,like you there are lots of people that are sick and tired of the system,you might have start something very very big,my hearth to you all,ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | February 4, 2007 10:49 PM

I feel close to you

Posted by: giuliana capo | February 4, 2007 07:06 PM

Dear Rosanna, thank you for your courage and for
your very moving letter, reminding all of us that
there are far more serious problems in Italy ( and
in the world in general ) than all the silly things many of us waste their lives chasing every day.

Your intiative is very courageous and very important and I am very grateful to Beppe that he has given you the opportunity to reach out to a far greater number of people, through his web site, than it would have been possible otherwise through our mafia and P2 controlled official medias.

The situation you describe in Calabria is, unfortunately, only the tip of the iceberg. Those
thugs and criminals at local level, are nothing more than the foot soldiers in a very vast criminal army, whose generals are in Rome, many
of which ( shame on us ) "democratically elected"
so that they can pretend to serve us and their country, feeding us a daily diet of lies whilst,
covertly serving very different people and very
different agendas, those of the powerful secret
societies that have covertly manipulated them into positions of power, and of which the mafia and the
P2 are but just 2 examples, but far from the only ones, and which will remove anyone who stands on their way, as you are painfully aware.

My love to you and thank you for the hope of a better future that you are providing.

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | February 4, 2007 01:44 PM

For one thing...It did make me cry....

A desperate voice and at the same time an angry voice....and I prefer the later...!!!

It should move the whole of Italy and all other countries where the Mafia operates...

"Desperation is the raw material of drastic change"
William S. Burroughs

Posted by: paola filinesi | February 4, 2007 10:43 AM

Rosanna, like your dad you are a very courageous person. Your story saddens and infuriates me. How can Italy considers itself a respectable Country when people's lives are constantly exposed to danger and blackmail? Italy: you have become a critical mafia cancer patient with the perpetual blessing of the political class. If I were in Italy I would proudly join in your march. You are the only hope Italy has got. Shame and a curse on the politicians that allow this cancer to fester.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | February 4, 2007 03:05 AM

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