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Mastella from Ceppalonia has received an “Advice of Judicial Proceedings”. It was sent by the Naples prosecutors’ office. It states that he is being investigated for fraudulent bankruptcy when Naples Football collapsed in 2004. Mastella was vice president of the Board of Directors.
The “Advice of Judicial Proceedings” is not a guarantee of guilt. And for me the man from Ceppalonia is innocent until he’s proved otherwise. Free Ceppalonia!
The Minister of Justice has my full solidarity for his splendid defence with which he faced up to the journalists. He blew them away with his celebrated eloquence stating that:
- he had never taken an interest in the management of the club
- he had never received any payments
- he had been invited to take part only because he was an “illustrious fan”
It is completely obvious that an illustrious fan cannot be informed of the facts. He is a nowhere man. He knows nothing. He cannot know anything. He is not there to control how the club is going, but to illustrate and at the same time to give it shine.
We need football shiners as well as shoe shiners.
The position of illustrious fan could take on even judicial value: of do-nothing, ask-nothing and know-nothing. In this way he would be protected from actions by the magistracy and could then continue to shine in the VIP box.

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This week in reaction to DICO the Pope spoke. He called on law makers and the judiciary to follow a policy of continued exclusion from access to legal rights and protections those partnerships who choose not to, or are not permitted to enter civil marriage.

The Italian Minister of Justice Mastella was first to act totally in accordance to the Popes direction. Mastella refused to stay the entire length of the Cabinet meeting, which seems odd if not negligent given the important role the Italian justice system would have if DICO is implemented. Mastella has since forcefully voiced the fact that neither he nor his Udeur Senators will support DICO. DICO is a measure aimed to make good an election manifesto promise by the Unione. A promise that saw Mastella and his Senators elected into parliament as part of the coalition.

The original blog article raises issues of whether Mastella attends the meetings he should given the roles he takes on. It seems not! The question that is becoming clear is whether Mastella is a man of honesty, and integrity. If we were to use his above behaviour as a measure of his integrity and honesty then the conclusion would be that he has neither. This promise to recognise individual rights of de facto couples was always part of the coalitions election manifesto, and Mastella went a long with it to get elected. A man of honesty and integrity would not have done so particularly knowing that his personal beliefs could never support such legislation in any form. What is even more alarming is the fact that as Minister of Justice, he can not move beyond his personal beliefs, even to the point of participating fully in a Cabinet debate about marginalisation and discrimination within Italian society. The question needs to be asked is this man up to the responsibilites of the Justice Minister job ? Clearly the EU Parliament rightly viewed the characteristics Mastella is displaying unsuitable to a Justice Minister role when they prudently rejected Buttiglione as EU Justice Commissioner.

How can Italians living in de facto relationships, and in particular the much discriminated Italian same sex couples be assured any sense of fair and justice treatment under the Italian Justice system if this is the behaviour of the Minister of Justice ?

If the DICO measure fails, particularly after the Popes very clear direction to Italian law makers and the judiciary then Italy can no longer claim to be a functioning democracy. In such a case it would be clear that the Italian Justice Minister of is answering to the direction of the Vatican rather than to the Italian people who elected him and to who promises were made.

In such a case EU member’s states must surely start a process to examine Italy’s legitimacy of continued membership given their clear democratic requirements.

Posted by: Mike Johnson | February 11, 2007 06:16 PM

I would express a question that linked directly the Italian Minister of Justice Mastella. The next year , immediatly after elections and taked powers,the minister Mastella has decided to transfer the school of Magistracy to Benevento , his birth town, from Catanzaro in the total unknown of citizens of this town . All this before that He aked the opinion of citizens of Catanzaro or Telled Clearly his intetions because He has used his power and imposed his decision . The citizens of Catanzaro has detected and they has showed the dissatisfied with public manifestation and charge at the competent autorithy.
The Minister has explain his decision telling : Benevento has been choosed because it is easier reaching and more central in the Italian southern ( also for Sicilians ?) than Catanzaro .
Catanzaro is far 1 hour from Crotone Airport , 30 minuts from Lamezia Airport , It is Crossed by road S.s 106 and from national motorway A3 also 30 minuts far ,besides it has two rail ways the ionian one and national rail way with stop at Lamezia and continuation as far as it.ISN'T REACHING ?!Benevento isn't central in the southern Italy ,It has choosed also because this town is the birth of origin of Minister.
Moreover the Town of Catanzaro boasts the Faculty of Law that Benevento hasn't. The school of Magistracy for the Catanzaro is a symbol of legality in a land that people try to combact the "mafia".
Mario da Catanzaro.

Posted by: Mario Colosimo | February 11, 2007 12:20 AM

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