The sewer otter


Near to Serre in the province of Salerno, there are otters and herons and pure air. Itís an ideal place for a mega tip with sewer rats. The inhabitants protest, but they shouldnít. They too get likened to the shit. Who do they think they are?
To resolve the constant problem of the tips there are however two solutions. The first is to leave the refuse where it is in the cities. Between Pm10, dog excrement (and also human) and urban rubbish of every type no one will notice.
In fact who notices the pong of the city? A tip in Piazza del Duomo in Milano or in Piazza Venezia in Roma would not be noticed.
The other solution: China. From that far off and immense country every day massive ships arrive full. They go back empty. They should be filled up with refuse. Pay something to China that will win out.
For us it would cost less than the construction of purifiers and mega tips. With the benefit to the companies, for employment and for foreign commerce.
Letís read Martinoís letter and letís visit the Oasi Faunistica di Persano while we are in time.

ďDear Beppe Grillo,
Iím a young man living in Serre. My community has been living a nightmare for the last two months since Bertolaso, the current boss of the refuse emergency has identified a clay quarry at Serre with dimensions of 60,000 m2 and a height of 25 metres where he has decided to install a regional mega tip, to resolve the refuse emergency. A beautiful idea? I donít think so!
Even a child would be able to identify this as a stupid idea! Why?
Perhaps because this regional mega tip will be in the Oasi Faunistica di Persano (DPGR 4060/1976) where there are many animals in danger of extinction, like the otter, many species of bird like the heron and it is a very important resting place on the migration routes of birds!
The tip will be 400 metres from the River Sele that irrigates all the Sele plain, that is the most productive agricultural region in the whole of Campania. This tip would bring down to its knees the economy of a whole province!
At a few metres from the site, the Puglia water supply draws drinking water for the homes in Puglia. I believe that if a tip is placed near the River Sele the people of Puglia will be drinking rubbish!
This is one thought about the topic: why havenít the politicians lifted a finger for the fifteen years of the refuse emergency? And why is it always the province of Salerno (that is becoming Campaniaís rubbish dump) that has to pay? And why is it always Serre that has to pay with the presence of 3 tips already? The reply from these gentlemen (even including the Lega ambiente and the CGIL) is:
ĒBetter to kill a small village than a big city!Ē
Anyway Beppe, help us! I donít know who to turn to.Ē

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I am an Italian American with family near the Sele river. I am horrified at the idea of mass pollution of such a beautiful area. Please do what you can to prevent such a tragedy. Recycling has to be a way of life.

Posted by: Peggy Chong | February 20, 2007 06:58 AM

That's interesting. Who knew.

Posted by: Nin | February 18, 2007 01:14 AM

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