Tronchetti and stable-mates go home!


The Italian-style farce has lasted too long. In any ordinary company of the size of Telecom Italia the top brass would have resigned immediately after the intercept scandal. Here, they are still there.
There are two possibilities: either they knew or they didn’t know. But I’m a good person, like MontezemoloMuzioScevola who puts his reputation on the line for Tronchetti.
I want to believe that the Bovisa manager duo TronchettiBuora did not know. In this case, given the immense proof of incapacity demonstrated, they should disappear; never let themselves be seen by the shareholders. But they are unmovable, powered by relationships, of the good salons and stinking.
A national shame. A defeat of politics, of the economy, of common sense. And of the previously invincible Guido Rossi.
I have bought a page in today’s Repubblica (English). I have written the text entitled ‘Tronchetti and stable-mates go home!’ I hope that it will wake up the odd conscience. That someone will understand how low we have fallen. RESEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!

First PS: Anyone wanting to contribute to the costs of the advertisement can make a donation to the following current account:

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(The initials and the amounts will be published in the next few days).

Second PS: The Share Action initiative is continuing!

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Will these corporate and insitutional end one day?

Every time there is a sale to close and a contract to stipulate, there is always a risk for that task to blow up any minute on our faces.

Looks like accountants are in charge of the world.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | February 15, 2007 07:53 PM

Institutional bullying: is similar to corporate bullying and arises when bullying becomes entrenched and accepted as part of the culture. People are moved, long-existing contracts are replaced with new short-term contracts on less favourable terms with the accompanying threat of "agree to this or else", workloads are increased, work schedules are changed, roles are changed, career progression paths are blocked or terminated, etc - and all of this is without consultation.

Posted by: fante | February 15, 2007 06:55 PM

Will it ever come to an end? Will these responsible learn when is time to humbly walk away with their heads down? What really strikes here is the `jackassed-face` of Tronch&Co. Latins used to say, Errare humanum est, Perseverare Diabolicum. I´d add, Permanecer Tronquettum. (transl. Mistaking is human, Continuing mistaking is diabolic. Staying in the same place as nothing had happended is Tronchettish...)


Posted by: Luigi B | February 14, 2007 04:25 PM

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