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March 30, 2007

Messages to the world


On the Internet, everyone can have a voice. I am going round Italy with my show Reset! And each evening I ask someone to speak to the audience in the hall and to everyone by means of YouTube.
It is the voice of the citizen that finally has found a route. They are "Messages to the world" that I will publish them on the blog. Let the employees listen. Let them make notes. Let them act
A Friuli person from Carnia explains to us how thecentrerightleft is a single thing. A Hydra with a single head with an enormous mouth and a stomach with a solitary worm incorporated.
In beautiful and intact Carnia they want to get civilization to arrive 85km inside out instead of the mountains. With 30,000 vehicles a day to re-balance the local air that is too pure and rich in oxygen.
The people of Friuli, like those of the Val di Susa, like the inhabitants of Serre, are just annoying collateral to the business of development. In Carnia, they need to connect the village to the Internet, with WiMax. To give more attention to the trains. And to send the administrators to work in the dumps. A bit of 'job rotation' can only do them good.
- the Committee for Other Roads
- the Committee's summary of press reports
- the Committee's blog

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March 29, 2007

Politics and Pasta

“Politics is not a festival lunch”, translation of words by Bertinotti. He knows a thing or two about parliamentary cuisine. The students at the La Sapienza University in Rome contested him. Some satchels, some bad words. He got a bit upset. Also because his cashmere jumper got messed up. But he shouldn’t have. He’s got a god job.
A great career behind him. And above all he managed to walk in and out of the university on his own legs. Not a mean achievement in these times.
Yes, because a few would not be able to get in even with an escort. I’m referring to the parliamentary convicts. To the orphans of Bettino’s booty. To the heirs of the Cassa del Mezzogiorno (Fund for the South of Italy). To the sponsors of the Biagi law.
For all those, to use a Bertinotti-type phrase, that always think about the low cuisine. The bad-smelling sort that after a bit that you’ve been breathing in its odours, they get into your clothes and you can’t even smell them.
You can’t expect the young people to stuff up their noses. Why should they? What have they got left to lose? Work? Social security? The environment?
They are a generation without hope that is beginning to understand that someone has dumped on them the Great Robbery of the Country. And that they haven’t even left them little bits of loose change for  the weekly repayments.
The United States are withdrawing from Iraq and Italy is putting aside thousands of millions to go to Afghanistan. We are always going slightly against the tide.
The structures of the country are in pieces. There’s no money for research, for the companies, for the schools. But to behave like the support of Bush’s tail (not of the Americans…) there’s always the money.
In the name of stable politics. That of the seventy year olds in power. Of the white panthers with dentures.
Politics is not a festival lunch. There are no waiters with white gloves. And here Fausto is right. They only use latex gloves so as not to leave fingerprints.

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March 28, 2007

The roar of the mouse


The multinationals are always trying. But on a small scale, someone is reacting. What’s needed is lots of courage and a few sponsors. That’s what the blog is here for Signor Privato.

"Dear Beppe Grillo,
My first name is Privato. My surname is Fenaroli. I am the Head of the Breast Surgery Department and the Centre for Breast Studies at the United Hospitals of Bergamo. I live at Tavernola Bergamasca on Lake Iseo (on the Bergamo side) where there is a cement factory belonging to Lafarge, the French multinational that is a world leader in cement production. Now they also want to burn special refuse in the Tavernola cement factory. Tavernola is a village with 2,400 people and because of the cement production it has a level of pollution from nitrogen oxide NOx (Source: Arpa) like that of the city of Bergamo (about 100,000 inhabitants). We have formed a Civil Committee for Public Health and I am the leader. We want to stand up against this attempt and we have produced fliers and had meetings. Last October we even invited Stefano Montanari to Tavernola to show us the risks of this type of activity and we made contributions to the fund to buy the electron microscope.
Now as I am the leader of the Committee, I find an action for defamation has been taken against me by Lafarge. According to them, the fliers showing true data (taken from the official INES register) about pollution are offensive and incorrect.
I have discovered that in a similar case, involving a Mayor in the Province of Udine, that you intervened. We, unfortunately, have the Mayor (email the Town Hall) against us and we are tiny compared to Lafarge. But we will not let them frighten us off. Signor Grillo, can you help us? If they make us keep silent, they are imposing silence on a whole community. I know that you will be at Treviglio (near our village) on May 12 and as the Committee for Public Health, we will be present at your show, from which we always learn lots.
I know that we are perhaps asking for the impossible, but we want to be able to place our trust in your feelings to help the weakest and those exposed to the multinationals. I thank you, in the name of those I’m representing and all those who would like to speak but who for many reasons are afraid and need examples who are visible like yourself.”
Privato Fenaroli

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The GDP of Cluster Bombs

A child walks through a meadow and finds a new toy, brilliant yellow, with a tiny parachute. A gift from the sky. A gift from the arms producers. The child touches it and if he doesn’t die, he loses an arm, a leg, his sight. The gift is a ‘cluster bomblet’. A single bomblet contains from 200 to 600 mini explosives that cover an area as big as a football pitch. The bomblets are an historical inheritance from Adolph Hitler. He romantically called them “butterfly bombs”, and he unleashed them on Great Britain. Once Nazi-ism was defeated the bomblets stayed.

The United States used them without restraint in Vietnam. Russia has adopted them in Afghanistan and in Chechnya.According to humanitarian groups, Israel has distributed 4,000,000 bomblets in the Lebanon. 40% of which have not exploded. After the Normandy landing of our soldiers on Lebanon’s beaches I’ve no more news of them. Perhaps they are clearing mines. It’s the beautiful GDP, cluster bomblets are produced, sent out and cleared. The consortium of producing countries usually has the wisdom not to send them out on their own territory. According to Human Rights Watch in Iraq and in Kosovo, the bomblets have killed more civilians than any other weapon. According to there are three types of bomblet State:

The many States that produce them

The few States that use them

The affected countries are always the same ones.

However, there is something that we can do. Ask the Italian Government to approve the draft law 374/97 relating to the banning of anti-personnel mines including cluster bombs. “Even though Italy has signed up to the Convention on anti-personnel weapons, it has not yet ratified protocol V on the unexploded bombs as the ratification legislation is blocked waiting for the opinions of the Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Productive Activities. Of the 10 States that ratified the Convention, only 23 have signed the additional protocol.” From

Put your signature here to ban cluster bombs. 200,000 signatures are needed.

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March 26, 2007

An Appeal from Gino Strada

In Italy even the happy-ending stories finish badly. Itís only a matter of political experience. About transparency and services that Cossiga and DíAlema have always aspired to. The government asks Gino Strada to save Mastrogiacomo. Strada accepts and flies to Kabul from Sudan. He is held in high esteem by the Afghan population He reunites the journalist with his family.
Without his intervention we would have had an extra beheaded person to whom we could dedicate a public square. And now what? Rahmatullah Hanefi, the manager of the Lashkargah hospital, that negotiated with the kidnappers has been imprisoned by the Afghan government.
Ajmal, the interpreter, is in the hands of a group of Taliban. It seems that no one is taking any interest in these two people. Mastrogiacomo freed, Strada derided.
Now the government has other priorities and treats Gino Strada like a woman of easy virtue. Of whom you can ask anything but away from indiscrete observers. Cossiga has said that Emergency is close to Al Qaeda.
A bit like saying that the Christian Democrats of Andreotti, Piccoli and Zaccagnini were adjacent to the Red Brigades during the kidnapping of Moro. Who however did not come back. Then there was the party with the firm hand, today the one of the dexterous ransom.
No one wants to negotiate with the Taliban, or however you want to define them, in the light of day. But you can only negotiate peace with the enemy. Or perhaps there was hope of exterminating them before the negotiations?
Hereís the letter form Gino Strada

ďDear Beppe,
We are in anguish for the safety of Rahmatullah Hanefi, the Afghan director of the Emergency hospital at Lashkargah.
At dawn on Tuesday 20/03 he was taken by the Afghan security services. From that moment none of us has been able to see or talk to him. No charge has been laid against him and there is no document that makes his detention official. For now. Because the ones detaining him have given us to understand that the accusations and the evidence can be invented.
Some Afghanis who work in the place where Rahmatullah Hanefi is detained, have told us that he is in the interrogation room, where they are torturing him with electric cables.
Rahmatullah Hanefi was the key person in the liberation of Daniele Mastrogiacomo, doing everything and nothing more than what the Italian government, through Emergency, asked him to do. For this reason Prodi has more than once promised me that he will do everything possible to have him come back to us. However it seems that everything possible has not been done. Perhaps not even a part.
We forcefully ask for the intervention of the Italian Government to raise its voice and ask for the liberation of Rahmatullah Hanefi. Heís a friend, a precious collaborator, who is now in danger.Ē Gino Strada

PS You can get all the updates on PeaceReporter, profiles of Rahmatullah and Adjmal, photos and the latest news on the affair.

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Power Mapping


I want to ruin my liver and talk about the Stock Market. An unsavoury place that everyone is fleeing from. Itís an orgy. Anyone can make a killing except for the small time shareholders. Those people can just stay and watch, find greater safety with ďsell now-buy laterĒ or get peace of mind with Treasury Bonds.
The Stock Market is a great family. Our people on the Boards of Directors know each other like old friends. And they have the gift of ubiquity. They are present in the companies that buy and in the companies that supply. They sell and buy from themselves. A spectacle of conflict of interests. And they can be in the company with shares and in the one they control.
Shareholders in the morning, managers in the evening. At night dreamers, not just dreaming but also cashing in stock options and dividends.
If the Stock Market were to close, only the genteel people would notice.
The one who has a decimal fraction of ownership and loads of Chinese boxes, decides everything. This is the Map of Power. The true one that brings you breakfast in bed from Palazzo Chigi.
Do you want to know the details of every incestuous relationship in the Stock Exchange? Today you can. Click on the zone saying ďPower MapĒ on the right. It contains all the companies, all the Directors on their Boards. Itís the best financial consultant for deciding on making an investment.

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March 24, 2007

Water is not a commercial product


ďWater is not a commercial productĒ.
Repeat this every morning in front of the mirror. Itíll give you awareness.
Numbers talk and they whisper data to us that we donít want to hear. A thousand million people have no drinking water.
ne million eight hundred thousand children die each year from illnesses caused by polluted water. Where does the water go? A cup of coffee needs 140 litres of water, a pair of jeans needs 11,000 litres, a car 400,000 litres. And only 3% of the water on the planet is drinkable.
In Italy, water is a financial resource and thus it gets privatized. Where before there was a spring, a public fountain, the entrepreneurs have arrived. The water commercialisers. A primary good is transformed into shares, assets, profits.
Water must stay in public hands, our hands. If the public domestic water supply doesnít work, if itís got a hole in it, it should be repaired, even if we have to kick them up the backside. Private people must stay out.
Iím publishing part of the letter received from the President of Greenpeace Italia.

ďThe Directive 60/2000 of the European Union says: ďÖ water is not a commercial product but patrimony that should be protectedĒ.
The lack of culture on water brings about the consumption of 170 litres of bottled water per inhabitant every year, as opposed to a European average of 85 and a world average of 15, equivalent to 5,000,000,000 plastic containers that get transformed into 100,000 tons of urban refuse per year.
Bottled water, subject to control mechanisms that often are not completely secure, costs between 30 and 50 cents to which you have to add the cost of disposing of the containers, whereas 1,000 litres of water from the domestic water supply, more carefully controlled on a chemical-bacteriological level, doesnít cost more than one euro.
The Italians say that at the basis of this paradox there is the conviction that bottled water is safer (51%), ďbetterĒ (35%), less ďhardĒ (14%).
Our country is rich in underground water (between 5,000,000,000 and 12,000,000,000 cubic metres). In spite of this, the water crisis is very near in the whole country, as is the global climate change effect that will see the drying out of the Centre-South and the semi-tropicalisation of the North.
Whatís the origin of this announced scarcity?
- a decade long lack of care and lack of maintenance of the networks with a level of leaks that goes from 30% in Emilia-Romagna and more than 50% of the Domestic water system in Puglia.
- pollution of the rivers by industrial sites, both active and no longer in use, by urban centres going against every regulation, even because of the total lack of environmental controls.
- unsustainable water needs of a primary sector that for decades has been characterized by intensive monocultures and irrigation techniques (for example: spraying) that dissipates more than 30% of the water that is used
- the general lack of equipment that minimizes consumption and gives an equal service, for domestic consumption.
In relation to this, the excellent experiment carried out at Bagnacavallo in Emilia Romagna has shown how just this measure, whose cost is really low (2-3 Euro per inhabitant) is paid back with blank certificates for the reduced energy costs for the water service and it allows family consumption to be reduced by at least 10-12 %.Ē
Walter Ganapini, President of Greenpeace Italia

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March 23, 2007

War Crazy


I want to put in a good word, to say something positive about the Italians: they donít love war. For centuries they have preferred to avoid it or get others to do it. And rightly so. They are not ashamed of that.
The politicians havenít understood this and they donít want to understand it. One is still in 1945 and the last one brought down the government. The dream of the Italian soldier in war is still the same: an adventure with a woman.
The Rape of the Sabine Women is patriotic history. Faccetta Nera (little black face) is the song of the Ethiopians and then of Ethiopia. The Italian looks after the family.
During the retreat from Russia we sang ďMammaÖ.. just for you my song fliesĒ and the Germans didnít make out whether we were having a joke at their expense or not.
The wars of independence were won by the French. The first world war was a massacre of deserters with mass shootings. The second world war we lost, then won, then it was a draw. Even now we donít really know how it ended.
We get to today with the peace mission in the home of the others. With the multinationals of war in other peopleís homes.
The occupied kidnap us willingly. They know that we are there against our will, that we are friendly and that the government will always pull out of the hat a few million euro.
The Eni technicians kidnapped in Nigeria have been a great publicity episode for the terrorists. If they had kept then still a few more days they would have enrolled them in the armed struggle against the multinationals.
We live through the American occupation with indifference. If thereís a war theyíll take the necessary measures. But the wars are ALWAYS for them and NEVER for us. Sooner or later we will pay the consequences.
Italy has won the Oscar for ďMediterraneoĒ, a film in which the integration between Italian soldiers and the occupied Greek population was total, carnal, familial. Our ideal is occupation. Mastrogiacomo has come back to Italy.
He has said that he will never go back to Kabul. Heís done his duty: he has brought a waft of peace. At the peace talks table there will also be the Taliban.
The terrorists have been freed, but perhaps they are patriots. Whatís sure is that they are in their own home and we are in the home of the others.
Long live Italy, Italy that has no fear.

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March 21, 2007

With Optimism towards Catastrophe


In April or May, the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) will publish its Fourth Report on Climate Change commissioned by the United Nations. A few weeks ago an extract: ďClimate Changes Ė Summary for PolicymakersĒ was presented in Paris.
2,500 experts from 130 nations have worked for 6 years to say something that we were witnessing, that we already knew: that our offspring and their offspring will think of us as delinquents.
If the first part of the twentieth century produced great criminals like Hitler and Stalin, their successors have been hundreds of millions. Nations, States, Corporations. Never like in this period will the sins of the fathers be visited on their sons.
The usual ďno globalĒ people, the catastrophists, not even the journalists (who have shattered our balls with Mastrogiacomo and the team game played using money from the State) are saying this. Itís the United Nations. Itís the scientists who are writing.
Thereís discussion of the melting of the glaciers, of the disappearance of the great rivers, of the poisoning of entire cities as though these facts were relating to someone else.
And itís true. They relate to our offspring. The ones that we are taking to see the pediatrician for a cough, but who tomorrow will not even have air. Eleven of the last twelve years have been among the hottest since 1850, when reliable records began. Thirty per cent of the species are at risk of extinction. Tropical forests will be substituted by the Savanna. Between 1,000,000,000 to 3,000,000,000 people could die of hunger or thirst.


When will all this happen? In a few decades. Very soon. If you look at a photo of the North Pole from the satellite, you will see that it is disappearing. Future generations will talk of the Pole as we talk about the fabulous Atlantis. Why is all this happening? Has our species voted for suicide like the lemmings?
The causes. We need to take action on the causes. But if thatís the effect, rather than the causes we should be talking about the blame, of criminals, of politicians serving the economy based on oil and of growth without limits.
Certainly, once we know that we are committing suicide, we must do something. We must do it and impose it on our employees. The priority is the life of future generations. For all the rest, dear employees, we no longer give a fig!

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Disabled People in the Bicycle compartment


Luca has written to me. He is differently able and has been a commuter for years. He is by now resigned to travelling in his wheelchair in the bicycle compartment. However even for Trenitalia things change. They get worse.
To get a train now, Luca has to sign a declaration that relieves them of responsibility. The disabled person must ďbe informed that the train is without an equipped carriage and toilets for disabled peopleĒ and ďwill not hold Trenitalia in the broadest sense to every criminal and civil responsibilityÖĒ
The disabled person signs the escape declaration and Trenitalia is free to not provide a service. Italy is the country of the libertarian freedom. In the sense that itís always the ones that pay. Iím publishing here part of a post that Luca has published on his blog.

ďFor thirteen years I have used the railway service so that I could go to the High School at Castelfranco Veneto (TV) and then to The University in Padua. So that I could start to make use of the train with my mother we had a meeting with the head of the Venice sector, to decide what could be done to allow me to get on the train and to see what safety measures could be put in place to guarantee my safety during the journey.
For a short time during the outward journey, I was accompanied by the train inspector assisting the passengers to see that everything went well. The carriages were not and still today are not equipped to guarantee the safety of people who are differently able.
Most of the engines in use are fuelled by diesel (green engines). With the help of the baggage personnel I managed to get on the train and they positioned me in the space just above the steps so that I had my back to the direction of travel.
To block my wheel chair the only possibility was to use the brakes that every chair of this type has.
Sometimes it happened that because of sudden braking, the wheelchair shot to the other side of the carriage (to my great shock).
Some very kind and willing inspectors (whom I thank from the bottom of my heart) advised me to move to the compartment for carrying bicycles so that they could give assistance if something should happen.
In the bicycle compartment there are two small windows with horizontal bars that I can hold on to and I felt a bit more secure. After that, thanks to the help of a railway engineer I managed to get them to make modifications and to put in some doors instead of the shutters and to add a mechanism to keep the wheel chair fixed and a safety belt.
I only managed to get this in the bicycle compartment. Itís not quite enough!? Iím asking you a simple question: What do you think of all this?
Luca Faccio

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March 20, 2007

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate 2006


Iíve met a great man. A true economist who has saved the life of an incredible number of people. His name is Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate 2006. Thanks to him even beggars have been able to get credit.
And they have paid back the money. A big difference from the financiers of these parts. 85,000 beggars are the estimated number of clients of Muhammad Yunusís Grameen Bank and thanks to him they have the chance to change their lives.
In Italy the opposite happens. You go into a bank with no problem and you come out needing to ask for alms. Yesterday at the University of Bologna they asked me to make a short speech in the Aula Magna. There were bankers. There was Yunus. Watch the film clip.

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3


Speech by Beppe Grillo at the University of Bologna.
Iíve listened to people who are specialists in their own field, talking about things that from my point of view have hardly any sense. I hear economists talking and confusing the economy with finance. I hear talk of microcredit confused with microfinancing with microfinance.
I think Iíve got doubts because the work of this man is the work of a professor who has seen his country disintegrated with debt and who has tried in every way to get people to save which together with work, is the only way to beat debt.
For example, we have heard the ABI representative who said that he feels perplexed and embarrassed: itís a sense of shame.
Here we are talking about microcredit, whereas we have consumer credit. The banks no longer are satisfied with the savings of the people, they are no longer interested in the money but they want the lives of the people. That is not selling things but selling the debt on things.
The concept of transparency for our banks is to not let anyone understand anything of what they are doing, to get people into debt, for example, on a TV set to have it paid for in 6 months, but not earlier than 6 months. But on that day in 6 months time they send out a bill to get the people into a trap and make them pay for the TV double its value with interest rates of 17-18% which is a usurerís interest rate. We are in the hands of usurers.
So there! Thatíll teach you to get me to talk!
Muhammad go away from here! Go away from here Muhammad!

Interview with Muhammad Yunus.
Greetings to everyone! I am happy to be here with Beppe, it really is a great experience. Iíve heard him speak. He has clearly said what I would have said. Heís talking about what is happening, about real problems.
The banks donít ask questions. They continue to do what they have always done. They should have done many things that they havenít done. We have shown that it is possible. We can help every individual with no problem.
Grameen Bank lends money to the poorest. We started off 30 years ago. Without guarantees or recommendations. Without legal instruments. Money is needed to make money. Thatís how we started off. But no one believed that we would have made it. But we succeeded.
Itís a banking system based on trust that works and that is spreading throughout the world. Millions of people have had access to microcredit. It can be done. Credit is a human right and it can change the life of everyone. The banking system must be for everyone.
We lend money to everyone. Even to beggars. So that they can sell something, tiny objects: toys, candies. That way they can earn money and change their life.
More than 85,000 beggars are changing their lives. This is exactly what Beppe has been talking about today. Warm greetings to everyone!

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March 19, 2007

Political Pornography


Pornography has been forbidden on TV. The voyeurs can only see it encrypted. The Communications Authority has forbidden 24 hours on 24 ďpornographic images that involve the description, the illustration or the visual and/or verbal representation of erotic subjects and of acts or activities that relate to the sexual sphere that are offensive to modestyĒ.
The intention is to defend the sense of modesty. Thatís a good thing. But why start from sex? Basically Eros is natural and gives a certain satisfaction.
Agcom should extend its prohibition to subjects that are more harmful. To the great immodest people. To the convict politicians who are honoured guests on Anno Zero like Gianni De Michelis. Think of the child whose father has a fixed income, workman, office worker, at 1,200 Euro a month, watching that programme.
What will they think? What will they grow up to be? Will they straight away join the Socialist party to get their impunity?
The convicts remain in Parliament, in their prison of gold and silver. A TV appearance can destroy years of civic education for our children. If they want to show off, theyíll be doing it on a talk show that can only be seen directly in prisons.
Apart from the convicts our children can enjoy series of murders on the TV News in the early and the late parts of the evening. The description of bloody events is always accurate. For the assassins who are just starting out itís a source of continual inspiration.
Human beings smothered, shot at, burned alive, knifed, tortured to death, hit repeatedly, buried alive. Often during dinner time, between a slice of pineapple and the ice cream. Then thereís the drink after the meal and the comment. Violence is worse than sex. Letís encrypt it together with Andreotti.

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March 18, 2007

Taliban Information


To start off with I want to say a few things about Mastrogiacomo. He must come home. His family has my solidarity. The Government must do all it can.
Having said that I can say that it is disgusting that the Country(?) is mobilizing only if the person kidnapped is a journalist.
And that it doesnít bat an eyelid if 4 workers are assassinated every day for the lack of safety in a work place. If three people at a time are shot in Campania.
When it was known that the driver of Mastrogiacomo had been killed we all let out a sigh of relief as we feared the worst.
But, fortunately, it was just the driver. To allow one of our journalists to be in Afghanistan while thereís a war going on with our army and our weapons. Well, it means going out to look for trouble.
If I were a Taliban, I would kidnap him straight away. Itís a tiny investment with a great media pay-back. If they kidnap ten journalists like Mastrogiacomo the war is finished in a week.
Iíve got a solution for the future. Send other special envoys to Kabul: Mieli for historical reconstruction, De Bortoli for economic analysis, Belpietro to take photos, Rossella for gossip about burkas, Severgnini on his bicycle for every day news about the customs of Italians abroad. They would certainly end up kidnapped, but the Taliban would let them go straight away.
They would understand on their own that no one would pay the ransom. After that an Italian journalist going to Afghanistan would be safe from ever being kidnapped.

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March 17, 2007

Green petrol


The sugar factories are closing down. They have given way to empty supermarkets, unemployment and (guess what?) petrol. Beetroot and petrol live side by side in many countries, like Brazil.
In Italy itís preferable to close down whoever offers alternatives to petrol. Green alternatives, less polluting, less costly. Alcoplus in Ferrara, producing biofuels is to close with the 46 employees to be sent home. The reason?
The series of closures of sugar factories has reduced the stocks of molasses from which the alcohol is produced. The competition has pressed down on the accelerator, reducing the price of the bio fuel that is produced by mixing alcohol of vegetable origin with petrol derivatives.
Thatís how the story of a distillery that produced alcohol finishes. It produced alcohol used in the best known made-in-Italy booming production of eco-fuels and cannot sell its annual production of 39,000,000 litres. Finished?
It doesnít finish. We canít allow it to finish! Companies like Alcoplus represent the present and the future.
For years, the State has financed the oil barons with our money, the ones of the Enel utility bills. One, Garrone of ERG (mp3), has been interviewed. Listen to it. Itís better than going to the Circus.
Let the employee Minister Castro intervene. He is there to protect us and to give life to companies like Alcoplus that should be multiplied, even to relaunch the sugar factories.
One, a hundred, a thousand Alcopluses. Letís send Castro an email reminder.

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March 15, 2007

Europa 7: the TV station that disappeared


In Italy thereís an information cupola. Itís already known, but now itís certain: demonstrated by Francesco Di Stefano of Europa 7. A bipartisan solid cupola Ė of steel. Itís no longer like in the First Republic with three TV channels that commented on the same fact in different ways. And then the citizen took the average.
No, now thereís a monopoly and the citizen is sure of falsehood. From a certain point of view, heís got more guarantees.
Follow me in this incredible story. In 1999 the concession to broadcast throughout the national territory is assigned to Europa 7 and revoked from Rete 4. By law, after SIX months, Europa 7 should then use the frequencies of Rete 4. The CENTRE RIGHT Government did nothing. Fede relaxed.
In 2002 the Constitutional Court established 31.12.2003 as the final date for Europa 7 to start up. Just in time like a conflict of interests the Berlusconi decree of 23.12.2003 extends the time. However the decree had to be signed by Ciampi the President of the Republic. He signed!
Francesco di Stefano, the director of Europa 7 decided to take the matter to the Council of State: who said he was right. Strengthened by this decision he went to the European Court of Justice who said he was right. We come to the CENTRE LEFT government.
After fearsome resistance against the judgement of the European Court of Justice by the European Commission carried out by Frattini the hearing arrives. The representative of the Italian State Advocacy presents himself to defend Rete 4 and the Gasparri law (itís true, you canít believe it but itís true!). Italy is declared to be in the wrong by the European Commission.
Gentiloni, nominated by Rutelli as Minister of Communications does not apply the decision of the ConstitutionalCourtCouncilofStateEuropeanCourtofJustice
In fact he goes beyond that and puts forward a proposed law with long and uncertain time frames that , if approved, would leave things as they are. To understand how, watch the video. Dura lex, sed rete4. RESET!

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

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Transvestite parliament

photo by Elmada

The C factor has hit the Prodi Government. The spokesperson Sircana has been photographed according to authoritative sources in a road full of transvestites. The 'Velina Rossa' agency near to Massimo DíAlema asks him to resign with these words:
ďWe consider the honourable Sircana to be an upright person, but in the face of certain accusations he can do nothing but perform a dutiful act: resign immediately from his role as spokesperson.Ē

Prodi had dedicated two points out of twelve of the new pact between allies to Sircana. He had made him invisible. And he was going for a walk in a road full of transvestites. Just think what would have happened if he had been photographed in intimate circumstances with the parliamentary convicts.
Nothing. In fact. The transvestites transit.. How can you avoid not being photographed? Thereís no road without transvestites and no incinerators without DS.
To Prodi I propose a solution to save the face and the backside of Sircana: Emma Bonino and Rosy Bindi. Sircana should do his duty as the male chauvinist spokesperson. He should get secretly photographed with them in a place apart. His reputation would be saved.
Massimo DíAlema has on numerous occasions been seen in political intimacy with Berlusconi. And heís been photographed without modesty. The independent agency 'Bolina Nera' has written:
ďWe believe the honourable DíAlema to be an upright person, but in the face of certain accusations he can do nothing but perform a dutiful act: stay at his post to guarantee the ex Cirielli and Pecorella laws

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March 14, 2007

The dwarf log


I made a mistake with Tronchetti the log. I overvalued him. I believed that he controlled the biggest Italian company with a 0.8% share. Hardly anything, but still a little bit. But itís not like that.
Tronchetti is less than a log. Heís a dwarf log. Visible only with the special electron microscopes used by directors of newspapers. Who always considered him to be a giant for the publicity that Telecom sent out as information thanks to our landline rental fees.
The dwarf log possesses (WAIT FOR IT!!!) only 0.08% of Telecom. If Iíd have known earlier, Iíd have made him a little offer.
The newspapers headlines say: ďTronchetti offers for sale the company that controls TelecomĒ. Iím up for it!
I want to participate in the auction! How much could it be worth, this controlling packet of 0.08% with which the dwarf log has been able to do what he wanted with Telecom? 10-15,000 euro? Bersani keep calm. Iíll put down this money to avoid any temptation for the foreigners.
In 2006, Pirelli has lost 1,000,000,000 Euro thanks to the dwarf log. Pirelli has had to devaluate its participation in Telecom to 3 Euro a share. But the purchase price was 4,175 Euros.
Shame that the share value is collapsing in the absence of industrial strategies and investments in the Internet over many years. Telecom is worth a bit more than 2 Euro. Will Pirelli have to devaluate again? And hang on to its dwarf president losing 1,000,000,000 Euro a year?
Itís said that calm will return to Telecom with the conclusion of the judicial inquiries into the intercepts that will do a clean sweep. Iím not happy, I would prefer the class of top management and the major indebted shareholders to all be judged and moved away for the lack of results, for the stock options that they have cashed in on top of their mega salaries, for the tens of thousands of workers shoved out into the streets. And finally there is something that I canít swallow. They canít run off with the booty. That, they must give back to the Italians down to the last cent.

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March 13, 2007

I want to be a publisher

Cover of ďModern SlavesĒ

I want to be a publisher. Iím branching out. The new series is to be called and it will have content taken from my shows, from the blog and from people that I hold in high esteem. The themes will be the economy, the environment, the Internet, energy, work and our future.
In the next few months I will publish two books. The first is ďModern Slaves Ė the precarious worker in Fairy LandĒ with writings from myself, as well as Stiglitz and professor Gallegati commenting on the evidence put forward by the Italians working precariously who have written to me.
Itíll be possible to download ďModern SlavesĒ from the blog or to buy online in the paper format. After that thereíll be a book based on the blog called ďAll Beppe Grilloís BattlesĒ. Thatíll be available by the end of April.
In the collection Iíll also propose the translation of books that are not published in Italy, officially for reasons of the audience. Itís a new adventure. Wish me ďbreak a legĒ.

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Fiat Suppositories


A news item that has gone just about unnoticed. Last month Consob took courage, or perhaps it couldnít help it, and it declared temporary incapacity to take on official positions in companies quoted on the Stock Exchange for Ifilís Andrews Sisters (and Ifil controls Fiat) whose names are: Gianluigi Gabetti, Franzo Grande Stevens and Virgilio Marrone. Gabetti got fined 5 million Euro. In reference to Gabetti, Consob said:
ďintentional character of the violations to be reconnected with the complete falsity of the communications following on from the participation (reconnected also with duties taken on in relation to the Agnelli Group) in the activities relating to the equity swap operationÖĒ The magic of the words that let us understand zero. Equity swap, try and say that slowly to your wife in an intimate moment:
e..q..u.i.t.y..s..w..a..p. Sheíll think of a new erotic game thatís slightly painful. And thatís how youíll forget about your Fiat shares in the cash box. The ones that your trusted Bank advised you to buy. .

According to the Consob, Gabetti has manipulated the market, but letís look at the facts:
- The value of Fiat shares plummeted in Spring 2005
- Exor in Luxemburg (whose major shareholder is Giovanni Agnelli & Co.) buys almost 10% of the whole of Fiat from Merryl Linch at a value of about 5 Euro in an equity swap, thus at an agreed future price
- Ifil buys 82 million ordinary Fiat shares at a price of 6.5 Euro.
- An ordinary shareholder could have bought the shares at that same time at a price of 7.5 to 8 Euro.

The Agnelli family headed up by Gabetti, like Exor, bought Fiat shares at 5 Euro and it sold Fiat shares to Ifil at 6.5. All within the family. It didnít inform the market in a transparent way. It maintained the control of Fiat with 30.06% only thanks to this operation. What a delightful family. But Fiat, wasnít that the company that when it was losing money, laid off workers who were then paid with our money and when it was doing OK kept the money in its own pockets? And when will we have an ďequity suppositoryĒ for the Agnelli family?

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March 12, 2007

A separate world


There are people like you me, like you, who exist and live in a separate world. A parallel world where desires are fulfilled. A fairyland reality in which you can retire with a pension after two years and a few months, there are already PACS {PAtto Civile di Solidarietŗ, - a form of civil union} you travel for free, you get a fabulous salary.
A world where the convicts are loved and numerous. In percentages that are higher than in Italyís most infamous neighbourhoods. Where a corruptor of judges can smoke a cigar and relax at our expense.
An ideal place with blue cars and people to carry your briefcase. Whoever has the luck to live there wants to share their happiness with us. And they do this every day with broadcasts: on TV, on radio, in the newspapers. It doesnít matter what they say, just that they can do that. An Ideal place, of a democracy carried out by people elected by the party secretaries.
A Circle of Paradise with convicts, lawyers, journalists, employees of the psycho dwarf, Trades Unionists and party functionaries. It doesnít represent the Italians but the Italian dream.
That aspiration of riches and of power with merit, without intelligence, without honesty that is in our genes. This world is an enchantment, a child of the electoral law and of the media.
Last year I proposed a limit of two elected terms of office, not to put forward convicts as candidates, to allow citizens to vote for a person and not a party. Proposals that get politics near to reality. That allow a change of blood in Parliament. Now I donít believe any longer.
I donít think it is possible to get rid of this class, the only true class in Italy, with referendums and proposed laws. A corporation that refers to itself that does not want to lose any of its privileges. The only possibility is to isolate it. To empty it of significance. To take control of the local reality.
One step at a time. Substituting the parties with movements and civil lists. Over time, that separate world will start to disappear and only the wrapping will be left. The people populating it will appear to us as they really are.
Unfaithful employees and, almost always incapable. RESET!

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The Hand of a Child

photo by Karen forever

The other evening I was going for a walk in an Italian city. Right in the centre there were two children aged about 4 or 5 years old. They were alone and were begging on the pavement. A short distance away I asked a carabiniere to take action. In reply he told me to take the matter to the police and indicated a couple of policemen. I went to them. They reassured me that someone would take action. Half an hour later, the children were still there.
Children should not be asking for alms. But they are doing this in full view of everyone. They could be children who have been kidnapped or sold. What is the point of having forces that police us if they donít protect children? To escort d..k heads to the stadium and our employees to Montecitirio?
I have thought of making my Blog available for the photos of children abandoned in the streets that you take and send me via MMS. My lawyer has advised me against it. He told me that according to Italian law I would end up in prison. But on the other hand, whoever obliges children, perhaps children who have been kidnapped , to beg on the streets and at times even to prostitute themselves doesnít risk a thing in this rubbish country.
Help me. Find an idea to identify these children, so that this disgusting situation can stop.

Iím including an extract from the lawyerís letter:

ĒI am sending a few observations about the questions relating to the possibility of publishing on an Internet site, photos portraying minors who are in an apparent ďstate of difficultyĒ, snapped and sent via MMS by users. There are numerous relevant regulations to consider and all lead to a definite negative opinion about this question.

In particular:

- article 96 of law n. 633 of 22 April 1941 sets out that: ďthe portrait of a person cannot be displayed, reproduced or put on sale without the consent of the personĒ. The following article, article 97, introduces certain exceptions to the principle laid down, allowing that ďitís not necessary to have consent of the person portrayed when the reproduction of the image is justified by the notoriety or by the public office held, for needs of justice or of the police, for scientific, didactic or cultural reasons, or when the reproduction is connected to facts, happenings, ceremonies of public interest or taking place in public. The portrait cannot however be displayed or made available for sale when the display or selling causes damage to the honour, the reputation or the decorum of the person portrayed.Ē

- As regards the publication of images of minors, the regulation is much more restrictive. In fact, it is not possible to publish images of minors in a way that allows them to be recognised, and this is even in a case of facts of public importance. According to article 114, 6į comma, c.p.p ďIt is forbidden to publish particulars and the image of minors who are witnesses, persons who have been offended or damaged by a crime until they have reached the age of majority. Furthermore it is forbidden to publish elements that even indirectly can anyway lead to the identification of minors. The Tribunal for Minors, acting in the exclusive interest of the minor, or the minor who has already reached 16 years, can consent to the publication.Ē

- article 50 of D. lgs. n. 196/2003 (Unified Text on the handling of personal data), makes reference to article 13 of Dpr n. 448/1988, and specifies that ďthe prohibition on the publication or the distribution in any way of news or images that can allow the identification of a minor is to be observed even when the minor is involved in any way in judicial proceedings that are not penal proceedings.

-Article 7 of Attachment A (Deontological Code relating to Journalistic activity) to the Unified Text on the handling of personal data, under the heading ďprotecting minorsĒ says: ďso as to protect their personality, the journalist must not publish the names of minors involved in news items, nor give details that can lead to their identification.
The protection of the personality of a minor, bearing in mind the quality of the news item and its components, extends to facts that are not specifically crimes.
The right to privacy for the minor must always have priority over the right of criticism and to give news. However, if a journalist decides to distribute news or images relating to a minor, for motives of public interest and without moving the limits of the law, he must take on the responsibility to evaluate whether the publication is really in the interest of the minor, according to the principles and the limits set out in the ďCarta di TrevisoĒ.

- The Carta di Treviso just mentioned, was approved and signed up to, in collaboration with Telefono Azzurro {emergency help line for children}, with FNSI, and the Order of Journalists, confirms that the respect for the person who is a minor needs his anonymity to be protected, which implies renouncing the publication of elements that can even indirectly lead to his identification including the photographic image of the minor which without doubt is a fundamental element.
Because of what has been set out above I believe that the initiative is in contrast with the regulations and the prohibitions set out above.
On the consideration of sanctions, the situation is fairly complex.
In fact, there are not specific sanctions associated with the violation of the prohibitions given above. The Privacy Code, however, sets down a relevant prison sentence
(we are talking about a sentence of from 6 to 18 months in prison) for distribution of this data without the consent of the relevant person; certainly, the regulation allows for a subjective element Ė the intention to get a profit for oneself or for others or to cause damage to others Ė which in this case would be difficult to identify but whose existence could however be verified on the basis of considerations that cannot be hypothesized right now.
Thus, based on these assumptions, I suggest that you defer.Ē

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March 10, 2007

A Country of Respect

Scots in Milan from

Respect: a sentiment that leads to the recognition of rights, roles, dignity, decorum in relation to things and people and abstain from causing them offence. (translated into English from Garzanti Dictionary 2006)
Respect in Italy does not exist. Companies donít respect their clients or their workers. Often precarious, at times murdered. Politicians no longer respect anything: for them the citizens are an optional. Virtues are bullying and ignorance. Italy is a free State. Freer than the others. Where you can do anything. Yes absolutely anything. Better than Disneyland and Las Vegas. And you donít even have to pay the entrance fee.
Word has got around the whole world. Thousands of happy Scots from Celtic Glasgow transformed the sagrato of Piazza del Duomo into a latrine of beer and vomit. The police in force assisted with great respect. On the motorways Swiss cars flash by at 200 kilometres an hour, free in the Country of the Ferrari. In the bars, they take not just the cash box but also the cashier on the floor. What more could you want in life? Itís a day dream. No rules, no rights except one. The natural right for the family invoked by the Minister for Pardon and Vatican Justice. Rutelli is working to get things changed. He has thought up a new logo, a total respect symbol. Half way between a lumbago and a Parma ham. Rutelli is now completely drained. You could even say he has touched rock bottom. He held a conference in English and heís got sub-titles.

A speech of enormous political value that will attract thousands of anthropologists and language scholars to the Bel Paese. Attracted by a fundamental question. If Rutelli is a Minister in Italy, what are the Italians like? The Italian people are perhaps the connecting link between the primates and human beings? And is it necessary to show them respect, or is it OK to throw nuts and bananas to them?

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March 09, 2007

A microphone for your nose


A song for Pippo.

ĒIíll give you a microphone
A red microphone to break your nose
A microphone for each of your tears to be consoled
Itís a microphone for your nasal cavity
I will give you a rose
A white rose like Bonolis
A white rose that will be useful for forgetting
Every tiny pain
Iím called Fabio and Iím from Turin
I was born in 1948 and Iíve been living in the RAI since I was a child.
I thought I was talking to the devil
Thatís why they enclosed me in the Vatican for 40 years
Iím writing this letter to you because I donít know how to speak
Forgive the handwriting like that of a first form child
And Iím shocked if I experience an erection
But the fault is in the hand that wonít stop fiddling
Iím like a piano with a key broken
The dissonant harmony of a Forza Italia orchestra
And RAI and Mediaset are very similar
In the bit of light that penetrates the opaque windows
I still shit myself because Iím frightened
For the society of the sane Iíve always been rubbish
Smelling of piss and saw dust
This is a mental illness and there is no cure
Iíll give you a microphone
A red microphone to break your nose
A microphone for your nasal cavity
And a rose that can love you
I will give you a rose
A white rose like Bonolis
A white rose that will be useful for forgetting
Every tiny San Remo
Journalists are question marks without sentences
Thousands of space ships that donít go back to base
They are rag dolls hanging out to dry in the sun
The journalists are apostles of the God that pays them
With the psycho dwarf, Iím making an armchair for me
My pathology is that Iím still alone
Now take a tape measureÖ measure mine
And look at me and him Ö who is the most vain?
In the pavilions we made love in secret with Buttiglione
Carving out a corner just for us
I remember the few seconds when we felt alive
Not like true information stacked up in the archives
Of my memories you will be the last one to get lost in the fog
In spite of everything I still wait for you
And if I close my eyes I can feel your hand nearly touching me
Iíll give you a microphone
A red microphone to break your nose
A microphone for each of your tears to be consoled
Itís a microphone for your nasal cavity
I will give you a rose
A white rose like Bonolis
A white rose that will be useful for forgetting
Every tiny pain
Iím called Fabrizio and I wear heels
Dear information Iíve been waiting for you for thirty years
Itís you whoís mad when you believe
When even Pippo betrays me
Iím leaving you this letter and now I must go
Forgive the handwriting like that of a first form child
And are you shocked if I still experience an erection?
Be once more surprised because Fabrizio knows how to use the microphoneĒ

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March 08, 2007

Armed Robbery of Water


If you can, follow the thread of this story. Iíll reveal the ending straight away: theyíve stolen our water. In 1992 the Galli law started off the privatization of water. 92 companies with mixed capital were set up: public and private. These companies have a single objective: profit. Some are quoted on the Stock Exchange. The more the price of water increases, the greater the value of their shares and the bigger the dividends.
Everyone knows that this centuryís oil is called water. Compared to oil, it has an important quality: itís not needed to move about, but to live. Water is life and every year 30,000 people in the world die for lack of water. What better speculation on human life?
The privatization of water is more than a shame. Itís disgusting. Itís up to you to find the words. Acea that provides water to the people of Rome has increased its profits last year by 30% and most of this was distributed to the shareholders. ďThanks Rome who makes us cry and hugs us againÖĒ
The annual turnover of the water mafia is 5,000,000,000 Euro. This is not capitalism. Itís the economy of abduction that makes profits from the rain. Water cannot be a dividend. It cannot produce profits. It should be removed from the companies with shareholders. In the future there will always be less and less water. Itís a public good. In fact, itís the main public good. The government should do something before the public takes action alone.
Listen to Piero Riccaís interview with Giuseppe Altamore of Famiglia Cristiana and with Riccardo Petrella of the Catholic University of Leuven.

PS. The amount needed for the electron microscope has been achieved. Our target has been hit! Thanks to everyone.

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

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March 06, 2007

Saints, navigators and disabled civilians


A million accidents at work each year. 27.000 disabled people without a hand, a leg, three fingers. 41,000,000,000 Euro of social damage in 2006. A wonder world.
We are becoming a country of navigators, saints and cripples. The question is always the same: who benefits? Itís obviously a matter of money. The less a company invests in safety, the more profit it makes because if it recompenses a maimed person it only pays a couple of lira. If it pays anything.
This kind of entrepreneurship has its positive sides. It can produce mutilated people for export to the richer countries. To ask for alms on the streets and send the cash home to Italy.
In the letter from Marco Bazzoni, workersí representative on safety matters, thereís something that doesnít make sense.
That Inail gains about 2,000,000,000 Euro a year from workersí accidents. I donít want to believe this. I canít believe it. Iím waiting for someone to deny this.

ďApart from the daily slaughter in places of work there are almost a million accidents at work. Of these, 27,000 relate to workers who then become unable to work.
Many of these disabled people receive starvation payments from Inail, and this payment is the only economic support they have as they have lost the ability to work by losing a limb, a hand or because they are paralysed or because they have lost a leg etc.
I want to note that last year Inail had a profit of almost 2,000,000,000 Euro. Would it not be OK to increase the payments made to those who became disabled at work?
When thinking about the accidents, these have a very high social cost, about 41,000,000,000 Euro a year (as much as a heavy Budget).
This is a cost that cannot be supported.
Unfortunately the number of those injured at work is slow to decrease. (For years we have been at this threshold of a million a year.)
Itís necessary that everyone rolls up their sleeves starting with the government and the employers, and going on to the workers and the Trades Unions. I want to conclude my letter with the poem: 'Le morti bianche' {The White Deaths} by Michael Santhers:

ĎThe manual labourer understood that hell is on earth and paradise is the wings that let you fly above the misery.
From the top floor, the tenth floor, he looked at the sky, he was about to touch a cloud with his finger and he plummeted into the void.
They call them white deaths as though they happened without blood.
They are inconvenient deaths that often happen when the media are already occupied with other events.
They are corpses with humdrum lives, they are decimal numbers that make no impact on the balance sheet.
They are dogs who have barked in the everyman world as a job, they are a name in the register that can be cancelled like a footprint in the desert in a good wind, they are the faded memories of the day after.Ē
Marco Bazzoni - Workersí representative on safety matters.

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March 05, 2007

Born in the USA


Who knows why the Red Brigades have appeared in the newspapers. In TV. They have been muttered about, evoked, by the mouths of our snail-like employees. For days at all hours BEFORE the Vicenza demonstration. Identikit. Arms and five-pointed stars. A resurrection that not even Jesus and Lazarus could have done together.
And then, afterwards a peaceful demonstration. Really great. In which it was said loud and clear that the Italians donít want American war bases. War Airports. Nuclear bombs for war. Aircraft that take off to go bombing.
AFTER the Vicenza demonstration. During which nothing happened. No one was injured. There were no incidents. In spite of the climate created by the media. You could have expected a second Genoa G8. After the demonstration, the Red Brigades no longer exist. Iíve looked for them in the newspapers. In the magazines. Even on TG2 in the night. Nothing. Defeated in a week.
After Vicenza, the newspapers gave space to the voices for the confidence vote. On Afghanistan. Itís always a question of the Americans. A vote that in another country would not have been the determinant in a vote of confidence. At the most a bit of tension with the ally. It brought down the government. Who knows why?
Andreottinoglobal has said, only now, that the Vicenza base is useless. ďWhat need is there to double up the base? Whatís the need for even more military structures? To put whom there? To defend us from whom?
Certainly not to defend us from terrorism because you donít fight terrorism from the airports.Ē Who knows why? DíAlema has at last criticized the position of the United States in relation to the Calipari murder. Who knows why?
Now the Americans proclaim to the whole world that the extradition of the agents who abducted Abu Omar in Milan. Violating every Italian law. They wonít even think about it. Who knows why?
Questions that will stay without a reply in an American protectorate.

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Pay extra for fast train and robbery


The tourist leaving Milanís Central Station for the South is a new pioneer. A frontier hero. He doesnít yet know that. But whatís waiting for him is a journey worthy of Gary Cooper and the Prodi government.
Before getting on the train he usually is the subject of theft. There are 6 a day. If he escapes the bag snatchers, once settled in his seat, having squashed the ticks and the flees, thereís nothing he can do against the walking salesmen. Hankies, condoms, razor blades. Followed by the beggars with laments and infants and signs round their necks.
Not even the shadow of railway controllers.
The train finally sets off for the land of the Sun. The night arrives. Passengers retire to their couchettes.
Then the robbers come into action.
They close the Trenitalia personnel in the toilets. And if you have used a toilet on a train you know what that means. They smash the locks on the carriages with sleeping compartments. They wake up the tourist with a couple of blows. They take everything, going from one compartment to the next. And they get a lift in the cars of their colleagues who are going alongside the train.
The tourist arrives cleaned out at Siracusa, at Messina, at Palermo or at Villa San Giovanni. Regenerated from the thrashing received. And for this happening, for this ďextraĒ emotion, he doesnít even have to pay extra.
In 2006 there were 29 robberies on trains. In 2007, there have been 10 in the first two months. A rhythm of 60 a year. The Compagnie des Wagon-Lits has asked Minister Amato to intervene. They say they cannot go on like this.
Amato can make a pact with the robbers. Introduce a robbery supplement to the ticket. You pay 20% extra for organised crime at the start of your journey. And then you sleep soundly. And furthermore, the Polfer {Polizia Ferroviaria = Railway Police} would no longer be needed. In the end everyone is the winner.

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March 03, 2007

The sacrament strike

photo by kencf0618

In Italy thereís a class of people that worry me. They are the interferers. An interferer is someone who minds everyone elseís business without knowing a thing about them.
The interferers are often on the Talk Shows, they make declarations and they worry about the problems of civil society. Problems that they themselves donít have. That donít even come near them. Confindustria, politicians, journalists talk pompously about the Biagi law. In the absence of the people affected. The precarious workers.
Ministers, undersecretaries, Trades Unions express their opinions on those who have died at work. In the absence of the families of the victims.
And the Vatican talks about the Family. A topic that has always been dear to them. Perhaps because the clerics donít have families.
Itís a form of nostalgia. Civiltŗ Cattolica warns about the dangers: ďof a text that from the viewpoint of the common good is worse.Ē And the president of the commission on the Family, Monsignor Anfossi doesnít even want to hear anyone talking about the DICO { DICO = "DIritti e doveri delle persone stabilmente COnviventi"= Rights and duties of stable cohabiting couple}. Because ďitís similar-to-marriage destined for homosexual couples.Ē
Most Italians are in favour of DICO. Exceptions are the altar boy duo Andreotti-Mastella and a few others. Even Casini, in the secrecy of the divorced is in favour.
Our employees donít feel like tackling the problem. Let us do it. Letís declare a sacrament strike. Until the DICO has been approved. Starting with religious marriages. Then weíll follow with baptisms and funerals. Perhaps freezing the relative for a bit.
The damage to the economy and the image of the Vatican would be enormous. Interrupting the cash flow for the sacraments would lead to bankruptcy.
If even this measure didnít work, the government could start to interfere in the Vatican. Propose a referendum to get the priests to marry. As Mother Nature wanted. And by substituting the Swiss Guard (Guardie Svizzere) with the Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza).

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March 02, 2007

The cost of living


The Prodi government is behind with the payments due. Itís not paying for medications for AIDS, TBC and malaria. Humanitarian help with UN support. Apart from anything itís like the previous government. Promises from the Italians.
Without pharmaceuticals you die. Whoever canít pay, dies. The poor nations die. The WTO approves. The pharmaceutical companies, headed up by Glaxo, rake in the money. Rich governments assist.
I donít understand. Research costs. The pharmaceutical companies have to fund the research. They gain as well (how much?). But to observe the death from AIDS of 30 million Africans is a crime against humanity. Full stop. Thereís no discussion.
What the hell is the use of the United Nations and the governments if they donít know how to face up to humanitarian disasters? They do nothing to oppose the companies with the monopoly over the production of pharmaceuticals.
That hold the ownership of the patents for 25 years. A generation. The life of a part of humanity is worth less than a patent. They forbid the self-production of pharmaceuticals, as has happened in South Africa for AIDS.
Itís better to have a good budget and loads of corpses. The death budget.
Piero Ricca interviewed the Euro parliamentarian Vittorio Agnoletto.

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March 01, 2007

China is Near


China and India arrived late at the CO2 banquet, but with big appetites. Up until now it has been the United States and Old Europe who have taken care of poisoning the planet. The Chinese and the Indians are right. Itís intolerable to let the pollution and destruction of the environment be considered a Western copyright. Itís a competition to see who is the strongest.
We can share in the thinking behind the arguments of Gao Guangsheng, Director of Chinaís Climate Change Programme:
ďChina uses carbon, not because it loves it, but because itís the resource that it has available.Ē Gao gets cross with Australia. In fact if China could produce the same amount of CO2 per head. 20 million Australians against one thousand three hundred million Chinese people. That could get to 8,600,000,000 tons of CO2 from the 1,300,000,000 tons currently. Itís obvious. Itís a demographic problem.
Every inhabitant of the planet must have their CO2 quota from birth.
According to the International Energy Agency, China will become the leader in CO2 emissions in 2009. Beating the United States.
If it gets there. 16 of the 20 most polluting cities in the world are Chinese. 400,000 Chinese die every year from smog. A quarter of the Chinese drink polluted water.
We are devouring the world. The West is exporting pollution together with below cost production. Itís often dictating slavery. The more that China and India are producing. The more they export. The more the GDP increases and the prices go down. It is a suicide race.
Governments must change their priorities. Cancel the Ministries of the Environment. They are just an embellishment. They never count for anything. Institute Ministries of Humanity. On which all the others depend. With the power of veto.
A sick economy is accelerating its growth and our destruction. It is bartering the GDP with the planet. The polluting countries, including ours, deserve a new Nuremburg trial. The judge, who is also the executioner, already exists. It is our earth.

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