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A news item that has gone just about unnoticed. Last month Consob took courage, or perhaps it couldnít help it, and it declared temporary incapacity to take on official positions in companies quoted on the Stock Exchange for Ifilís Andrews Sisters (and Ifil controls Fiat) whose names are: Gianluigi Gabetti, Franzo Grande Stevens and Virgilio Marrone. Gabetti got fined 5 million Euro. In reference to Gabetti, Consob said:
ďintentional character of the violations to be reconnected with the complete falsity of the communications following on from the participation (reconnected also with duties taken on in relation to the Agnelli Group) in the activities relating to the equity swap operationÖĒ The magic of the words that let us understand zero. Equity swap, try and say that slowly to your wife in an intimate moment:
e..q..u.i.t.y..s..w..a..p. Sheíll think of a new erotic game thatís slightly painful. And thatís how youíll forget about your Fiat shares in the cash box. The ones that your trusted Bank advised you to buy. .

According to the Consob, Gabetti has manipulated the market, but letís look at the facts:
- The value of Fiat shares plummeted in Spring 2005
- Exor in Luxemburg (whose major shareholder is Giovanni Agnelli & Co.) buys almost 10% of the whole of Fiat from Merryl Linch at a value of about 5 Euro in an equity swap, thus at an agreed future price
- Ifil buys 82 million ordinary Fiat shares at a price of 6.5 Euro.
- An ordinary shareholder could have bought the shares at that same time at a price of 7.5 to 8 Euro.

The Agnelli family headed up by Gabetti, like Exor, bought Fiat shares at 5 Euro and it sold Fiat shares to Ifil at 6.5. All within the family. It didnít inform the market in a transparent way. It maintained the control of Fiat with 30.06% only thanks to this operation. What a delightful family. But Fiat, wasnít that the company that when it was losing money, laid off workers who were then paid with our money and when it was doing OK kept the money in its own pockets? And when will we have an ďequity suppositoryĒ for the Agnelli family?

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Hey Grillo when will you talk about FIAT currency?
I don't know about you guys but I'm beginning to doubt the genuine intent of Mr Grillo. He knows better than most of us what lies behind the monetary system. He talked about this once in a show (it was 1998). Beppe grillo was strongly influenced by a man called Giacinto Auriti. He exerted great influence on Beppe Grillo as he was the one that introduced him to the very well kept secrets of central banks and their monetary practice. Enrico Rossi knows what I am talking about. Come on Beppe spill the beans! Let's be serious! Grillo wants to write a book with Stiglitz an economist that rarely talks about public debt and its real meaning. What's going on here? Tlaking about bending over, Mr Chiametti I strongly suggest you wacht 'the money masters' video. You can find it on google video. Wacht that and you will wonder no more my friend!

Posted by: piero sanna | March 15, 2007 12:42 PM

Hello there,
I honestly try each and every time to maintain an even keel on the so called Politicians/Industrialist in Italy, although I canít help myself, is too ridicule and too hard to keep a straight face.
The Bank of Italy is trying under Mr. Draghi to reduce the outrageous number of Offices it has (One in every province, 8000 people blatantly unnecessary) but the Bankers Union obviously is fighting to save these low wage jobs.
What about Fiat, the flagship of Italian Entrepreneurs, lost money for ten years and survive thanks to Government subsidies, Social programs and the scrap your old car tax incentives is now making money.
First thing first, Fiat buys back itself from their own Chinese Boxes Corporate Galaxy (Based in Luxemburg or Tax Havens obviously) under the table and at under the Market price.
Well well well, they where caught with their hand in the cookie jar, no problem they (Ifil Agnelliís Bank) take their money outside Italy, and specifically New York buying a Real Estate Management Company for approx. $670 Mil, and as of yesterday IFIL will invest and hopefully become an Edge Fond Investment Company.
All of this is obviously nice and dandy for the Agnellis and Mr. Montezemolo, but for you and Italy? Well the middle fingers are available for you; just choose between the Right or the Left, thank you very much.
And now is Telecom time, the comedy is in full swing although Politicians and Industrialist are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to squeeze more money out of an already $40 Billion loosing operation.
These are just few blunders, of Politicians tinkering with the Economy, and the pinnacle of Industrialist and Banks sucking You dry while waving the Italian flag signing contracts with the world.
China, India and today Russia, while all this Industrial might Invest Your money in the listed Countries, they will increase their profits and returns and you will be left with Social Structure to maintain plus their Salary.
Thank you very much, although standard issued kit include KY Jelly tube and sufficient flexibility to bent over approx 90į is required with a smile as well.
Rest my case
Thanks for your patronage.
Maybe someone knows, where do I apply for a job like the one that Mr. Prodi or Mr. Mastella have?
Highly appreciated the help

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 14, 2007 03:29 PM

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