Pay extra for fast train and robbery


The tourist leaving Milan’s Central Station for the South is a new pioneer. A frontier hero. He doesn’t yet know that. But what’s waiting for him is a journey worthy of Gary Cooper and the Prodi government.
Before getting on the train he usually is the subject of theft. There are 6 a day. If he escapes the bag snatchers, once settled in his seat, having squashed the ticks and the flees, there’s nothing he can do against the walking salesmen. Hankies, condoms, razor blades. Followed by the beggars with laments and infants and signs round their necks.
Not even the shadow of railway controllers.
The train finally sets off for the land of the Sun. The night arrives. Passengers retire to their couchettes.
Then the robbers come into action.
They close the Trenitalia personnel in the toilets. And if you have used a toilet on a train you know what that means. They smash the locks on the carriages with sleeping compartments. They wake up the tourist with a couple of blows. They take everything, going from one compartment to the next. And they get a lift in the cars of their colleagues who are going alongside the train.
The tourist arrives cleaned out at Siracusa, at Messina, at Palermo or at Villa San Giovanni. Regenerated from the thrashing received. And for this happening, for this “extra” emotion, he doesn’t even have to pay extra.
In 2006 there were 29 robberies on trains. In 2007, there have been 10 in the first two months. A rhythm of 60 a year. The Compagnie des Wagon-Lits has asked Minister Amato to intervene. They say they cannot go on like this.
Amato can make a pact with the robbers. Introduce a robbery supplement to the ticket. You pay 20% extra for organised crime at the start of your journey. And then you sleep soundly. And furthermore, the Polfer {Polizia Ferroviaria = Railway Police} would no longer be needed. In the end everyone is the winner.

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If you thinking about taking a "NIGHT TRAIN in ITALY"..... Do yourself a
favor..... DON"T!!!
Let me tell you about our "vacation" in Italy! My husband and I have
been married for 12 years and since he is from Europe, throughout our
marriage, his dream has been to get me to Europe to see how "the other
side lives". Being Italian myself, I was very excited to visit Italy!
We started planning our European vacation back in April and decided to
take a Mediterranean cruise on Celebrity Millennium from Venice to
Barcelona because the itinerary was excellent and also wanted to see
Paris. We got busy booking our cruise and all the travel arrangements
from place to place. My husband was thrilled with the fact that we
would start in Paris and take a sleeper train at night to continue our
journey to catch our ship in Venice. He said it would be wonderful
experience for me and a great way to travel in addition to all our
flying. Our three days in Paris were phenomenal. We boarded our train
#221 Paris-Venezia on Tues. Aug. 28, 2007 for our journey to Italy. We
got in our coach 95 couchette 45-46 and got cozy for the nights ride.
We ask our conductor who collected our passports for two blankets
which he delivered later , locked the door and went to sleep at around
23:00. We awoke around midnight and checked our watch for the time.
Falling back to sleep, we awoke around 5:00 am and discovered my
husbands' watch was missing. We checked around the floor and my
husband said somebody took it and immediately went for our money and
documents in his "fanny pack" only to discover every bit of cash we
had for travel, 1500 Dollars + 500 Euro's was GONE!! We were robbed
while we slept with our door locked and money in the "fanny pack"! My
husband immediately went to the conductor to report it and found him
standing with two "undercover officers" who never show any ID's. They
came back to the couchette and did a "report". After train stopped in
Venice we went to the police station and filed a report. We then went
to get a cash advance off our credit card that was not stolen and the
lady informed us it happen every day. I said there is no way somebody
would come in my room and I would not wake up and she informed me that
thieves use conductor's key's to open your couchette and spray your
room and it knocks you out so you won't hear anything and that how
they rob you.
What a horrible nightmare it is to make plans for months, make all the
arrangements, take time off from work and packing for a wonderful
vacation only to be robbed of all your cash while you sleep before you
even arrived to your cruise ship! For these people to invade our
privacy and break into our couchette and drug you while you sleep to
steal all our money is something we will never get over. We arrived at
our ship and began our journey at sea. Along the way, we met a couple
that travel by train from Paris to Venice two days earlier with four
people in their room and she was robbed off ALL her currency as well.
She had it tucked away in four different envelopes and the thief had
time to go into every envelope and empty them one by one while four
people slept. We got a copy of their police report if you are
interested. This is my first trip to Europe and my first and last ride
on your train was a horrible and frightening experience. After have
returned home, I decided to go on the internet to read about all the
other victims of this horrible ordeal. We feel TRENITALIA is a 100%
responsible for the safety of its travelers and we paid approx. $500
to travel on your train only to be invaded and robbed!!! We do feel
company is 100% responsible for allowing this theft to occur every
day, on a regular basis and feel it OK to accept this behavior from
your own employees. There is no doubt in our minds you are fully aware
of this incredibly horrible crime and allow it to happen on a daily
basis. We also feel your conductors are definitely part of the whole
operation and you as a company are fully responsible for allowing
people to pay for ticket to ride your train only to be robbed on a
daily basis. Why there are no cameras on the sleeper trains to prevent
this? We are planning to go to the television with our story so we can
let the world know about our wonderful TRENITALIA experience. This has
been a devastating event for our trip which completely ruined our
desire to EVER visit Italy again! If this was your goal,
congratulations...You have succeeded! With sincere regret of traveling

Posted by: Serge Robin | September 19, 2007 03:04 AM

Probably her husband looks like Arnold Schwartzenegger.

We have to laugh once in a while otherwise life will only look like a burden.

I also think that sooner or later people will get fed up with all this and react the wrong way.

I was in Italy 2 weeks ago: by talking to people I found out that the majority is not racist, what pisses them off (or, if you want, what they perceive) is the fact that the law is not the same for everybody, and here I'm not talking about people like Previti.
The perception is that when a crime is perpetrated by immigrants or gipsies, those people don't get punished like anybody else and enjoy their so called status by behaving like a kid in the candy store.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 7, 2007 04:32 PM

Prince,I had a good laugh reading your comment!I do think sooner or later people are going to get so fed up, that something is going to happen,then I had a friend of mime with her husband and 4 kids,traveling in Italy by train,and they rave about the great time they had ,and nothing bad happen,how can we explain this?

Posted by: eva kulnura | March 7, 2007 01:28 AM


Not all the passengers are little old ladies.

It would be up to everybody's common sense to not let that happen to somebody like her.

I'm a little bit over 40 but I can still give shit back to whoever tries to give it to me.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 6, 2007 08:42 PM

Giovanni, your approach might work for a twenty- something athletic young man, but unrealistic for a little old lady.....

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | March 6, 2007 06:59 PM

Do you guys remember what Sean Connery said in "The Untouchables"?

"If Al Capone beats up one of yours, you send one of them to the hospital; if he kills one of yours, you kill 2 of them"

If there is no police on the trains, one could try to go to sleep with a baseball bat, wait for the fucker, beat the shit out of him/them (in this case more people are needed) and tie them on the front of the train until it arrives at destination.

You guys got to get tough.

They got the indulto and you can linch them.

See who will win: they are less than you as far as numbers and importance.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 5, 2007 04:37 PM

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