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I want to ruin my liver and talk about the Stock Market. An unsavoury place that everyone is fleeing from. Itís an orgy. Anyone can make a killing except for the small time shareholders. Those people can just stay and watch, find greater safety with ďsell now-buy laterĒ or get peace of mind with Treasury Bonds.
The Stock Market is a great family. Our people on the Boards of Directors know each other like old friends. And they have the gift of ubiquity. They are present in the companies that buy and in the companies that supply. They sell and buy from themselves. A spectacle of conflict of interests. And they can be in the company with shares and in the one they control.
Shareholders in the morning, managers in the evening. At night dreamers, not just dreaming but also cashing in stock options and dividends.
If the Stock Market were to close, only the genteel people would notice.
The one who has a decimal fraction of ownership and loads of Chinese boxes, decides everything. This is the Map of Power. The true one that brings you breakfast in bed from Palazzo Chigi.
Do you want to know the details of every incestuous relationship in the Stock Exchange? Today you can. Click on the zone saying ďPower MapĒ on the right. It contains all the companies, all the Directors on their Boards. Itís the best financial consultant for deciding on making an investment.

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Hello there,
Itís about time someone (Good thing they are American!) give this Furbetti del Quarterino a good run for their money.
These Incompetent Italian Business Men and Industrialist (Good only to steal value from the State to their pockets!) of the likes of Mr. Tronchetti, The Benetton, Mr. DeBenedetti etc. to and show them what someone else in the real Economic sense of the world are capable of doing with a Company like TI.
As usual Italian Politicians are now really concern because foreign Businessman doesnít care about Political meddling and tinkering with the business activity of a Corporation.
Now they will start running around like chickens with no head, ranting and raving that TI has to remain in Italianís Hand otherwise they canít f**k with them.
Hope these politicians get the middle fingers and TI end up in capable business hand and they run it as it should be run for the customers and the stock holders.
Send these Idiotic Politicians a signal, live the market alone and the real Italian Businessman (If there is any?) cough up the money if they want to play otherwise shut up and keep on playing in The Quartierino (Rome and surroundings only).
Letís see who has the money, and Banks should not be allowed (Since is your money not theirs!)

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 2, 2007 02:26 PM

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