Saints, navigators and disabled civilians


A million accidents at work each year. 27.000 disabled people without a hand, a leg, three fingers. 41,000,000,000 Euro of social damage in 2006. A wonder world.
We are becoming a country of navigators, saints and cripples. The question is always the same: who benefits? It’s obviously a matter of money. The less a company invests in safety, the more profit it makes because if it recompenses a maimed person it only pays a couple of lira. If it pays anything.
This kind of entrepreneurship has its positive sides. It can produce mutilated people for export to the richer countries. To ask for alms on the streets and send the cash home to Italy.
In the letter from Marco Bazzoni, workers’ representative on safety matters, there’s something that doesn’t make sense.
That Inail gains about 2,000,000,000 Euro a year from workers’ accidents. I don’t want to believe this. I can’t believe it. I’m waiting for someone to deny this.

“Apart from the daily slaughter in places of work there are almost a million accidents at work. Of these, 27,000 relate to workers who then become unable to work.
Many of these disabled people receive starvation payments from Inail, and this payment is the only economic support they have as they have lost the ability to work by losing a limb, a hand or because they are paralysed or because they have lost a leg etc.
I want to note that last year Inail had a profit of almost 2,000,000,000 Euro. Would it not be OK to increase the payments made to those who became disabled at work?
When thinking about the accidents, these have a very high social cost, about 41,000,000,000 Euro a year (as much as a heavy Budget).
This is a cost that cannot be supported.
Unfortunately the number of those injured at work is slow to decrease. (For years we have been at this threshold of a million a year.)
It’s necessary that everyone rolls up their sleeves starting with the government and the employers, and going on to the workers and the Trades Unions. I want to conclude my letter with the poem: 'Le morti bianche' {The White Deaths} by Michael Santhers:

The manual labourer understood that hell is on earth and paradise is the wings that let you fly above the misery.
From the top floor, the tenth floor, he looked at the sky, he was about to touch a cloud with his finger and he plummeted into the void.
They call them white deaths as though they happened without blood.
They are inconvenient deaths that often happen when the media are already occupied with other events.
They are corpses with humdrum lives, they are decimal numbers that make no impact on the balance sheet.
They are dogs who have barked in the everyman world as a job, they are a name in the register that can be cancelled like a footprint in the desert in a good wind, they are the faded memories of the day after.”
Marco Bazzoni - Workers’ representative on safety matters.

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Io disabile dalla nascita sono costretto a vivere con una pensione + accompagnamento per un totale complessivo di Euro 700,00 mensili. Ma come si fa a campare considerando che ho moglie e figlia.
Lo stato deve porre un rimedio ed aumentare le pensioni di invalidità. I veri cittadini disabili sono veramente costretti a vivere in uno stato di povertà.
Cordiali saluti

Posted by: Marco Pellacani | March 7, 2007 10:30 AM

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