The dwarf log


I made a mistake with Tronchetti the log. I overvalued him. I believed that he controlled the biggest Italian company with a 0.8% share. Hardly anything, but still a little bit. But itís not like that.
Tronchetti is less than a log. Heís a dwarf log. Visible only with the special electron microscopes used by directors of newspapers. Who always considered him to be a giant for the publicity that Telecom sent out as information thanks to our landline rental fees.
The dwarf log possesses (WAIT FOR IT!!!) only 0.08% of Telecom. If Iíd have known earlier, Iíd have made him a little offer.
The newspapers headlines say: ďTronchetti offers for sale the company that controls TelecomĒ. Iím up for it!
I want to participate in the auction! How much could it be worth, this controlling packet of 0.08% with which the dwarf log has been able to do what he wanted with Telecom? 10-15,000 euro? Bersani keep calm. Iíll put down this money to avoid any temptation for the foreigners.
In 2006, Pirelli has lost 1,000,000,000 Euro thanks to the dwarf log. Pirelli has had to devaluate its participation in Telecom to 3 Euro a share. But the purchase price was 4,175 Euros.
Shame that the share value is collapsing in the absence of industrial strategies and investments in the Internet over many years. Telecom is worth a bit more than 2 Euro. Will Pirelli have to devaluate again? And hang on to its dwarf president losing 1,000,000,000 Euro a year?
Itís said that calm will return to Telecom with the conclusion of the judicial inquiries into the intercepts that will do a clean sweep. Iím not happy, I would prefer the class of top management and the major indebted shareholders to all be judged and moved away for the lack of results, for the stock options that they have cashed in on top of their mega salaries, for the tens of thousands of workers shoved out into the streets. And finally there is something that I canít swallow. They canít run off with the booty. That, they must give back to the Italians down to the last cent.

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Point taken Mr Chiametti. I understand your frustration. My family still lives in Italy and managed to create a bit of wealth despite all the shit that goes on. I understand what you are saying as most of your post ooze with bitter disillusion about the Italian'system'. All I am tryng to say is that as long as Central Banks will be the ones to decide the direction of national and global economy, what a politician does will be irrelevant. We must find a way to inform the masses of how these big financial conglomerates can control our society. They self proclaim to be governative institiutions but they are privately owned and run with the sole aim of profit maximazation.
People must be informed and made to think about the fact that money today is worth nothing. Banks control everything through the practice of senorage. They have the exsclusive right to issue/print/mint our money. We need to realize that Public Debt doesn't exist. It's a mere creation that can only exist in a world where even money is fictitious. This is why it's important that at least intelligent people like you Giacomo wacht educational videos like "the money masters". I realize you have already a good grasp of the nature of modern monetarism but I can assure you that this video will exhaustively explain step by step the biggest swindle on earth. I don't want to sound patronizing. I'm no expert myself. It's just that I feel the 'duty' to make this information circulate as much as possible as I feel that it may hold the key for the only possible 'revolution'.
Thank you and good night.

Posted by: piero sanna | March 17, 2007 03:22 AM

Hello there,
Mr. Sanna I realize and I am painfully aware (For my relatives still in Italy) that the things I mention are the results of Incompetent action (Therefore already happened and archived).
Having sat that, my intentions are to snap people out of the blatant apathy they are in.
More these Incompetent Politicians are allowed to manage Italy more damage they will cause, instead what I see and read is the fact that Italians still believe these Idiots are the solution.
Educate yourself, donít believe what they tell you, but must important send them home and donít give them another job in the Public Sector.
Make them responsible for their actions, not the other way around, now you are responsible for their Incompetence.
Meanwhile they f**ck around with porno stars, gold digger bubble head pin-ups , transvestite and anything in between instead of doing their job in your interest.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 16, 2007 03:30 PM

Still missing the point Mr chiametti. What you say it's all true. What is missing from your argument is a logical explanation of how the public debt is created. As long as people will think that this debt is created because of money badly spent by politicians nobody will come up with an appropiate solution. I know I keep moaning about the banking system but there's a reason for that. I believe that when confronted with a problem you should always try to identify the root. there is no point in concentrating on the consequences.
Thank you

Posted by: piero sanna | March 16, 2007 02:48 PM

Hello there,
Is anybody wondering why Italy is in dire financial shape of today?
Mr. Berlusconi was spreading money left and right, de-penalize Accounting Froude, financed TV top-box (You have to repay back now) started Mega Project for infrastructure (Without finances) GDP for the five year resulted to a zero (0%) growth.
Mr. Prodi now, Fiscal planning 34.7 Billions (By increasing taxes), Tax collection increased by 37.7 Bil., refinanced Train & Infrastructure at the tune of 8 Bil, VAT penalty (Unlawful IVA on Companies) at the tune of 15 Bil, total of Government holes plugging (Their f**k-ups) 30 Bil.
While these Idiots were juggling your money away amongst themselves, the Public Deficit (Appropriate called Public, ďYouĒ even though you have no input on how they spend it) went up by 0.40% (Approx. 67 Billions).
Now ask yourself, everybody that counts is happy because they got their money, from Politicians to Government workers, RAI, Train, Alitalia, Finmeccanica (Investing in Russia, US etc) Fiat, Infrastructure like TAV (All taken care of, at the tune of billions.
Are you happy?
Do you know how much each and every one of you owes to the Tresury?
Is not rocket science, is the Public Deficit divided by the Population.
Therefore approx. 1.570 Trillions divided 59 Million = 26.600,00 Euros (All included from newborn to the oldest living Italian).
Are you happy now, did they do their job?
Your opinion counts, just ask where to send it and in which form they want it, cash, check or money transfer!
Thanks for the outstanding performance.
Anyone of you could have done it better, and for less money I may add.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 16, 2007 02:01 PM

E' molto semplice Silvia. All'inizio della pagina sul lato destro dovresti trovare una bandierina italiana. Sta' immediadamente prima della scritta Grillo news. Cliccaci sopra e ti trasferira' automaticamente alla versione italiana del blog che e' molto piu' affollata e confusionaria di quella inglese. Good luck my dear!

Posted by: piero sanna | March 15, 2007 02:55 PM


Posted by: ELVIA PERETTI | March 15, 2007 12:51 PM

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