The GDP of Cluster Bombs

A child walks through a meadow and finds a new toy, brilliant yellow, with a tiny parachute. A gift from the sky. A gift from the arms producers. The child touches it and if he doesn’t die, he loses an arm, a leg, his sight. The gift is a ‘cluster bomblet’. A single bomblet contains from 200 to 600 mini explosives that cover an area as big as a football pitch. The bomblets are an historical inheritance from Adolph Hitler. He romantically called them “butterfly bombs”, and he unleashed them on Great Britain. Once Nazi-ism was defeated the bomblets stayed.

The United States used them without restraint in Vietnam. Russia has adopted them in Afghanistan and in Chechnya.According to humanitarian groups, Israel has distributed 4,000,000 bomblets in the Lebanon. 40% of which have not exploded. After the Normandy landing of our soldiers on Lebanon’s beaches I’ve no more news of them. Perhaps they are clearing mines. It’s the beautiful GDP, cluster bomblets are produced, sent out and cleared. The consortium of producing countries usually has the wisdom not to send them out on their own territory. According to Human Rights Watch in Iraq and in Kosovo, the bomblets have killed more civilians than any other weapon. According to there are three types of bomblet State:

The many States that produce them

The few States that use them

The affected countries are always the same ones.

However, there is something that we can do. Ask the Italian Government to approve the draft law 374/97 relating to the banning of anti-personnel mines including cluster bombs. “Even though Italy has signed up to the Convention on anti-personnel weapons, it has not yet ratified protocol V on the unexploded bombs as the ratification legislation is blocked waiting for the opinions of the Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Productive Activities. Of the 10 States that ratified the Convention, only 23 have signed the additional protocol.” From

Put your signature here to ban cluster bombs. 200,000 signatures are needed.

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The Universal declaration of Human rights is a declaration of the Human rights everyone in this world is entitled to. It has been fairly successful in upholding peace during crucial times in the history and disasters.

Posted by: human rights | December 21, 2007 06:54 PM

Excellent post!

We have another petition to the US Senate against cluster bombs and we urgently need more signatures. We are hoping to get several hundred more and deliver this petition next week. It is available at:

(Note: we have more signatures than those displayed on this page, since other organizations are also collecting.)

Posted by: Patrick McElwee | March 30, 2007 06:50 PM

Very good Eva! I doubt that this information will circulate as much as global warming. Despite the fact that both phenomenon are real the practice of seinorage is directly linked to human activity. Apparently global warming has very little to do with it. I hope Paola will post again in this blog. A big hug! Piero

Posted by: Piero Sanna | March 30, 2007 12:11 PM

Piero,yes I wacthed the all thing,it just comfirmed something I knew at deep level,but what is worring is the average person do not have any idea,and I do agree with the Prince,when people will know the truh,it will happen like now about global warming,when the ripple effect will start it will be hard to stop, and God safe the bankers,and their banks! by the way what happen to Paola? she used to work in a bank,I love hear her comment, love to all ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | March 30, 2007 03:38 AM

Po! PO! PO! PO! PO! PO! PO! PO! PO! PO! PO! PO!
Forza azzurri!!!!!! 2-0 for us.

Posted by: Piero Sanna | March 28, 2007 11:36 PM

Hey Eva did you manage to see the video?
Hope you did.

I almost forgot : FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!
ITALY 3 Scotland 0 ihihihhiihhihi
I know I know I should hate football. I can't help it. It's stronger than me. The fact that i'm good at it doesn't help......... how modest of me uh?

Posted by: Piero Sanna | March 28, 2007 07:42 PM

The green parrots you are talking about were and are still produced by the Agnelli family. The Barilla family instead is partly owned by Wurt. They make tanks and ammunition. I'm not sure that every Italian that drives his/her fiat or eat his /her daily portion of spaghetti would like to know this.

Posted by: Piero Sanna | March 28, 2007 07:34 PM

Instead of wasting their time with the DICO, Joey Ratz and Co. should take care of first things first.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 28, 2007 06:20 PM

A guy I know, who fought in Europe in WWII and saw lots of atrocities, always comments that "People are no damn good!" Well, they sure aren't. Gino Strada in "Papagalli verdi" vents his anger at the designers and manufacturers of these tiny bombs disguised in a plastic wrapper to look like a green parrot that will attract children to play with it. These manufacturers are the worst aspect of man's cruelty to man.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | March 28, 2007 02:40 PM

Technically, this is supposed to be the english version of Beppe's blog. Apart from that, I fully agree on what's been said earlier.


Posted by: Luigi B | March 28, 2007 12:34 PM

Bravo Beppe!
tante fabbriche (Veglia Borletti) Otomelara, vendono morte!. Vent'anni fa andavano in discoteca con le cinesine di shanghai i nostri rappresentanti della morte raccolti assieme dal Gruppo IRI e dal MELARACLUB !!!!l'ambasciatore Marras eccosivia. Li guardavo, c'era chi vendeva radio ma c'era anche quello che vendeva missili o canne per mitragliatrici. Insomma altro che la gloriosa ditta di fucili da caccia (anche quelli per'altro...) della Val Trompia! c'erano tutti con sorrisi smaglianti che facevano le fusa alle ragazzine ai giovani..
mamma mia!

Posted by: zagorfly | March 28, 2007 11:43 AM

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