The sacrament strike

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In Italy there’s a class of people that worry me. They are the interferers. An interferer is someone who minds everyone else’s business without knowing a thing about them.
The interferers are often on the Talk Shows, they make declarations and they worry about the problems of civil society. Problems that they themselves don’t have. That don’t even come near them. Confindustria, politicians, journalists talk pompously about the Biagi law. In the absence of the people affected. The precarious workers.
Ministers, undersecretaries, Trades Unions express their opinions on those who have died at work. In the absence of the families of the victims.
And the Vatican talks about the Family. A topic that has always been dear to them. Perhaps because the clerics don’t have families.
It’s a form of nostalgia. Civiltà Cattolica warns about the dangers: “of a text that from the viewpoint of the common good is worse.” And the president of the commission on the Family, Monsignor Anfossi doesn’t even want to hear anyone talking about the DICO { DICO = "DIritti e doveri delle persone stabilmente COnviventi"= Rights and duties of stable cohabiting couple}. Because “it’s similar-to-marriage destined for homosexual couples.”
Most Italians are in favour of DICO. Exceptions are the altar boy duo Andreotti-Mastella and a few others. Even Casini, in the secrecy of the divorced is in favour.
Our employees don’t feel like tackling the problem. Let us do it. Let’s declare a sacrament strike. Until the DICO has been approved. Starting with religious marriages. Then we’ll follow with baptisms and funerals. Perhaps freezing the relative for a bit.
The damage to the economy and the image of the Vatican would be enormous. Interrupting the cash flow for the sacraments would lead to bankruptcy.
If even this measure didn’t work, the government could start to interfere in the Vatican. Propose a referendum to get the priests to marry. As Mother Nature wanted. And by substituting the Swiss Guard (Guardie Svizzere) with the Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza).

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Marriage is defined by man himself, as is religion. Religion, which has been passed down through generations and generations, is for power and control, and the frightened. Think about it. The "book" has been edited and edited many many times until it was finally found satisfactory. These words demanded power. Very much of this kind of history is hidden, I tell you.
Religion puts fear into people that will agree to be brainwashed. This is why religion is so tied to politics,,,,,because they both want power.
Gay and lesbian marriages are far more acceptable in my opinion, than marriages that are full of abuses. I see nothing wrong with it, after all, don't gays and lesbians have the same rights as anyone else? I think they should have all the same rights as anyone else. They pay taxes like everyone else. Sexuality is a personal choice, who are you to tell me that I am supposed to be happy with a man? How do you know,,,why condemn me to a life of unhappiness, because I should not be with a woman? Is that right there not considered a sin,,,,making one live in unhappiness? Dictating to me how to live?
There are far more things more important to worry about than one's personal preferences to appease society. Look at global warming,,,pollution,,,just for examples. I agree with Grillo. The Vatican needs to stay out of our bedrooms,,,,hehehe.

Posted by: Angela Gail | March 9, 2007 09:26 PM

Stefano Columbo says "By the way the Dico or Pacs or gay marriage are a joke. Once marriage is defined by fashion and not by nature who will establish limits?"

Stefano are these well worn arguments the best that you can come up with? Since when has society advancements in human rights been “a fashion” ?

Was the abolishment of slavery a fashion ? Perhaps for the slave owners who saw themselves as superior beings?

Was the granting of women the vote a fashion? Perhaps for the patriarchal men who didn’t want to give away their privileges?

When these events occurred arguments like yours were peddled with the same frenzied monotony. Tired fear based arguments attempting to justify the denial of equal rights and respect to groups of human beings. Arguments that today would seem ridiculous such as if you abolish slavery then people of colour would want to marry white people and how unnatural is that? Or take women out of their place in the kitchen and the next thing they will want is to be politicians, even political leaders. Where will it all end, where will be teh limits ? Perhaps you sadly still believe such arguments ?

As for the rest of your arguments nobody in Italy is arguing to change the adoption law so you are clearly being hysterical. Also it seems that you selfishly want to make sure you get your pension and stuff anybody else that doesn’t fit your narrow and bigoted interpretation of what is natural ! Shame on you for your selfishness.

To think Mussolini was rounding up gay Italians and sending them off to islands to be excluded from society. I sense from your post you may not have had too much of a problem with such an idea - at least they wouldn't be getting their hands on your pension?

It is because of ideologies like yours that DICO is so important.

Posted by: Maria Rossi | March 6, 2007 09:07 AM

It is evident that Grillo doesn't understand jackshit of how the Church works, he is imagining some cash flow from parishes to the Vatican that is plain ridiculous.
By the way the Dico or Pacs or gay marriage are a joke.
Once marriage is defined by fashion and not by nature who will establish limits?
Why not three people instead of two?
Whole cultures already have poligamy, don't they?
Why not extended benefits and adoption for any type of common life, if it's just a question of freedom and desire?
A whole convent of nuns, or a well coached basketball team could rightfully define themselves married by the same standards, and have right to retirement and adoption. Why not?

Posted by: Stefano Colombo | March 5, 2007 11:45 PM

"The truth is that there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? If you look about, you witness cruelty, injustice and despotism. But what do you do about it? What can you do?"

Dear Grillo, have you seen V for Vendetta, great movie, isn't it? You could embody the Italian Vendetta. You are already seens as the Italian Vendetta. Time for you to choose your 5th of november. A day everybody will always remember.

Posted by: Mr Valerio Vinci | March 5, 2007 11:11 AM

If you think that those people are interferers, what's about those who not simply interfere by words but by acts. I refer to the strong lobbies that act in Italy and seriously affect the content of laws. One of the strongest is the lobby of lawyers. For years the associations of separated parents fought a n invisible war against that lobby to preserve their children from a real massacre. We was able to push a law to respect the principle of coparenting, or shared parenting (in Italian 'bigenitorialità'), but the judges do not apply that. And no journalist is telling the true story. Nobody speaks of that. Just silence. And our children continue to suffer. How long that should continue before we decide that the only way to win this battle is by fighting a REAL WAR? Do not take us at that point. This is a warning.

Posted by: Dario de Judicibus | March 5, 2007 09:46 AM

Its obvious that the seniors, Ratzinger and Ruini are the campiest celibate duo in town ?

The clergy have a higher percentage of gay men than in the regular population with estimates of around 30% (1) It must be a concern whether many of these gay clerics are not in fact sad poorly adjusted products of their life long exposure to the doctrine of homosexual hatred ? We have seen around the world how the most outspoken are often poorly adjusted self hating homosexual men e.g., the American Fundamentalist Preacher Ted Haggard. These men incite hatred towards others seemingly to detract from their poor adjustment to their sexuality.

These clerics, Cardinals amongst them (2), who have chosen for themselves a life of celibacy also seem to want all gay and lesbian people to follow their celibacy choice - Catholic or not. They also want to force the Italian State to make it as hard as possible for Italian gay and lesbian couples to be supported to stay together. Sadly, the Vatican has some successes as Italy polls at one of the most bigoted countries in Europe (3).

The clerics and their followers have every right to their personal beliefs and to live by them, but they don't have the right to advocate discrimination towards happy well adjusted Italian gay and lesbian couples. Particularly not using the ruse of whipping up fear in the lie of protecting the Italian family! In fact the reverse is truer as Italian families with gay children are hurt by the doctrine of religious bigotry and the Italian States continued discrimination.

It is good that many fair minded Italians religious and non religious alike are standing up and saying enough is enough.


Posted by: Mike Johnson | March 4, 2007 08:28 PM

Hello there,
I am painfully aware that it takes generations to change the mentality of people in general and hopefully slightly less for Managers and Politicians.
Italy though is the typical exception, even with these loose references the Mentality is not changing fast in half, with the obvious result that the gap with the rest of the Globe is widening.
This fact is clearly displayed for everyone individual willing to ascertain it (It takes an open mind to admit it) especially in the field of Communications, Energy, Politics, Economy, Health and Social Security.
In Communications newspapers all over the world are opening up to the net and blogs, while in Italy (Already net very free and owned by Parties) newspapers are locked up by so called “Patti” between owner, politicians, and industrialist (Thus nailing their coffins very shut).
In the Energy, while even the big boys like Exxon and Shell invest heavily in research, alternatives energy and Italy’s Champions like Eni and Enel (With their coffins full of your cash and managed by your dearly voted Politicians) are shopping for more of the same good old cash cow Companies like Endesa while Eni buys lots of Gas from Russia for the next thirty years while allowing Russia in the Italian market as a supplier.
As for Politics, all the European country are consciously limiting the number of Political Parties, Italy seams to go the other way, every day a new party based on the ego of the Politician of the day.
In the Economy, merger and acquisitions are happening at an incredible rate all over the world, with the obvious goal of synergy between company and savings for the costumers, not in Italy when Banks merge, Management doubles, with the obvious results of no savings for the Customer although Management and Owners are very happy.
Health is going in the same direction, even California (The Fifth economic power-house globally) under Schwarzenegger is considering Universal Coverage for their constituents, while Italy where the citizen already pay for the system are charged with tickets (Additional every time they go to hospitals) patients die every day due to incompetence, lack of service, negligence etc. Most of these mishaps are due to Mismanagement, Incompetence, fraud and plain lack of accountability and corruption.
Now did I miss something?
Although usually I like to give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar, and therefore evolution takes time, for Italy that time has passed by and the results are not coming to fruition, these Idiots in charge of Managing Italy, from Politicians to Bankers, to Managers and Industrialist the clock has ticketed, the charge is finished and here are the results.
Very unsatisfactorily I may add, where is the evolution gone (Where is Joe DiMaggio gone in the Simon-Garfunkel).
The Incompetence is rampant, meritocracy has to take hold otherwise Italy’s destiny is already past and gone, evolution has failed mostly to nepotism, disinterests and lack of responsibility and accountability.
Be aware of what they don’t tell you, because what they tell you is already obvious.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 4, 2007 03:24 PM

I am already on a TV licence strike, a telefonino fixed-charge strike, a football strike (wouldn't pay to see a footie match on TV even if you tortured me), a digital TV strike, a car strike (I walk to work choked by the poisonous fumes of "anti-war in Iraq" colleagues who still drive to the centre of town.) And now a sacrament strike!
But I have been already doing that for fifty years. I never got confirmed, married, never confessed NOTHING. As a lesbian who has been living with her partner for 25 years I must say that I am not really relying on the likes of Clemency Mastella,, Cicciobello Rutelli, and the Catholic daisy (Margherita) people to provide us with our bill equal rights!
However keep up the good work Beppe....are there any more strikes I can go on?

Posted by: Maureen Lister | March 3, 2007 08:56 PM

I think it will be hard for people to keep the relative's corpse in the fridge for enough time till the DICO Act introduction, but it's very easy to do with the other sacraments. I'm totally fed up (NE HO LE PALLE PIENE SE LO POSSO DIRE NELLA MIA LINGUA) with that outrageous raise of power of the Roman Church, supported by this lazy, hypocrit and unbelievabe Italy. I hate my country.

Posted by: mikyross | March 3, 2007 02:24 PM

The masters of hypocrisy in the Vatican deserves your good tongue lashing, but nothing will change the minds of the genuflecting hordes of the faithful.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | March 3, 2007 01:23 PM

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