Transvestite parliament

photo by Elmada

The C factor has hit the Prodi Government. The spokesperson Sircana has been photographed according to authoritative sources in a road full of transvestites. The 'Velina Rossa' agency near to Massimo D’Alema asks him to resign with these words:
“We consider the honourable Sircana to be an upright person, but in the face of certain accusations he can do nothing but perform a dutiful act: resign immediately from his role as spokesperson.”

Prodi had dedicated two points out of twelve of the new pact between allies to Sircana. He had made him invisible. And he was going for a walk in a road full of transvestites. Just think what would have happened if he had been photographed in intimate circumstances with the parliamentary convicts.
Nothing. In fact. The transvestites transit.. How can you avoid not being photographed? There’s no road without transvestites and no incinerators without DS.
To Prodi I propose a solution to save the face and the backside of Sircana: Emma Bonino and Rosy Bindi. Sircana should do his duty as the male chauvinist spokesperson. He should get secretly photographed with them in a place apart. His reputation would be saved.
Massimo D’Alema has on numerous occasions been seen in political intimacy with Berlusconi. And he’s been photographed without modesty. The independent agency 'Bolina Nera' has written:
“We believe the honourable D’Alema to be an upright person, but in the face of certain accusations he can do nothing but perform a dutiful act: stay at his post to guarantee the ex Cirielli and Pecorella laws.”

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If Sircana´s wife and son cannot be sure he tells THEM the truth, how can we?

Posted by: Dave Matthews | March 18, 2007 03:43 PM

Another one to add on my list!
I feel so ashamed, I have never voted before, but I thought maybe I should this time, the stake is too hight, I can't see Berlusconi ruining our country anymore. As an Italian voting for the Oceania representative, I had two choices vote Ulivo or vote la casa delle liberta'. Shame on me to even think of voting. Never again.
I hope next election, there will be a campaign to get at least 80% of people to refuse to go to vote. Get them out in the streets and demand respect. Without our vote they are nothing.

Posted by: Andrea Bonotto | March 15, 2007 10:28 PM

Sircana should stay the real criminal should instead go.

Posted by: Calissi D | March 15, 2007 05:32 PM

Well Beppe I think you have a bit of a cheek referring to the Giornale as "authorativie sources".

Posted by: Maureen Lister | March 15, 2007 05:15 PM

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