War Crazy


I want to put in a good word, to say something positive about the Italians: they don’t love war. For centuries they have preferred to avoid it or get others to do it. And rightly so. They are not ashamed of that.
The politicians haven’t understood this and they don’t want to understand it. One is still in 1945 and the last one brought down the government. The dream of the Italian soldier in war is still the same: an adventure with a woman.
The Rape of the Sabine Women is patriotic history. Faccetta Nera (little black face) is the song of the Ethiopians and then of Ethiopia. The Italian looks after the family.
During the retreat from Russia we sang “Mamma….. just for you my song flies” and the Germans didn’t make out whether we were having a joke at their expense or not.
The wars of independence were won by the French. The first world war was a massacre of deserters with mass shootings. The second world war we lost, then won, then it was a draw. Even now we don’t really know how it ended.
We get to today with the peace mission in the home of the others. With the multinationals of war in other people’s homes.
The occupied kidnap us willingly. They know that we are there against our will, that we are friendly and that the government will always pull out of the hat a few million euro.
The Eni technicians kidnapped in Nigeria have been a great publicity episode for the terrorists. If they had kept then still a few more days they would have enrolled them in the armed struggle against the multinationals.
We live through the American occupation with indifference. If there’s a war they’ll take the necessary measures. But the wars are ALWAYS for them and NEVER for us. Sooner or later we will pay the consequences.
Italy has won the Oscar for “Mediterraneo”, a film in which the integration between Italian soldiers and the occupied Greek population was total, carnal, familial. Our ideal is occupation. Mastrogiacomo has come back to Italy.
He has said that he will never go back to Kabul. He’s done his duty: he has brought a waft of peace. At the peace talks table there will also be the Taliban.
The terrorists have been freed, but perhaps they are patriots. What’s sure is that they are in their own home and we are in the home of the others.
Long live Italy, Italy that has no fear.

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Another italian-australian, italian living in italy or australian living in italy, I am glad to meet so many of you.

Guido, I live in Lismore NSW. I have been in Australia since 2001. What about you?
So what do you think about the non-interest rate rise and the david hicks case. Seems the howard government is doing all it can trying to save their faces.


Posted by: Andrea.Bonotto | April 5, 2007 08:42 AM

Italy is a funny country, Italian are even funnier! Apart from that it is stated in our constitution that we don't accept war and we will not partecipate in any war! This is why we call our war "Peace Missions". Our soldiers are not invading Afghanistan, Iraq. We are a Peace Force. (Pretty funny eh!).

Like Australia our contribution to war is minimal and insignificant. And like Australia we think we are doing some kind of greater good. HA Ha. Australians are funny too... so funny that they just let the Americans build a super base so they can control the total world communications. And test their WMD down under.

Do I care if my fellow Australian or Italian soldiers die in Iraq or Afghanistan? No because is their job, they serve their masters in their plan. They support the imperialistic goals of their countries. They kill innocent people, they deserve to die.

I am more concern with the estimated 500.000 Iraqis that have possibly lost their life because of this war. I am more concern of the hundreds of thousand that died during the embargo. As I am concern with people that die in the work force. People that slave and die in sweatshops. People that die because of the air and water pollution. People that rot in a jail without a fair trail (see Katrina and Guantanamo).People like the majority of us that leave to pay our mortgages.I am more concern about my kids and their future.

All this soldiers are doing is protecting the interest of fews. So few can make money and increase their control and establish the new world order.

I tell you a funny story. +/- fifteen years ago a construction company from Vicenza, wanted to get back to nature, get their hands dirty and bought a big piece of land in Sicily. How wonderful. It was full of fruit trees, citrus trees and life was abundant. The company was really happy. Then one day fifteen years later the same company won the possibility of building a new big American base in the Vicenza airport.

Politician swear they didn't know about it the US request to build new bases. The company had no idea either.

So the luck goes that at the same time this construction company owns the same land where the American Base in Sicily is to be built and guess who is building it. They had no idea, the fucking bastards.

My problem was who are the masters behind all this. Who puts the world into bush, howard, berlusconi, prodi's mouths. You don't believe this people actually have a brain to fucking talk from themselves do you?. Well I always thought was corporate money power. And yes industrials lobbies are the most powerful. But who control them.

Well! Who finance them of course. And who finance them. The Banks. Who control Governments? who finance them, who finance them? The Banks.

But then I thought well this doesn't make sense because at the end Banks are controlled by a government own centralized bank. THERE IT IS!

THAT's the missing piece. Federal Banks are privately own. So Federal Banks have shareholders. And the Federal Bank act in the interest of shareholders. But who owns the shares? I can give you some names, Ruthschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, Bush, Binladen etc.

This is so funny! Knowing that there is still people worldwide that thinks that their are free, that their government will listen to them. That their vote would count. HE HE.
Stop it. You make me laugh so much.
Dummmm Da da da dummmmb!

Posted by: Andrea Bonotto | April 5, 2007 04:45 AM


Italy and Italians have a bad reputation everywhere--and not just for its military. (What military, anyway!?)

The bad reputation, however, is altogether well deserved.

Posted by: Guido Duelire | March 26, 2007 01:27 PM

Living in an a part of the Anglosphere (Australia) Italy and Italians do not have a good reputation when it comes to war and being warriors.

Here are some jokes to give you an idea:

Q: Did you hear about the new Italian tank? A: It has one forward gear and ten reverse ones.

Q: What does the Italian battle flag look like? A: A white cross on a white background.

Q: Why does the new Italian Navy use glass bottomed boats? A: So they can steer clear of the old Italian Navy.

Q: Did you hear about the sale of Italian rifles? A: Never been used, only dropped once.

There seems to be a trait in the Anglosphere that see a very polarised 'right/wrong' dichotomy when it comes to war. The pattern in the Vietnam and now this Iraq war was that once they started you could not criticise them because you would then be seen as a traitor to the 'boys fighting there'. And of course with the mighty power of the USA it would be just a walk in the park.

It is when these boys come back in body bags than people then realise who the real traitors were. The politicians who sent them there in the first place. But by then there are hundreds of family who live in tragegy.

So Italy is not a warrier nation? We should celebrate this and avoid getting involved in the puerile thinking of the Anglosphere.

I often wondered why Italians have never been keen on war. Maybe because we were not a real nations until 1861 and we haven't yet developed a sense of strong nationhood. Or maybe because our culture is embued with Catholicism who unlike protestantism does not facilitate this 'right/wrong - black/white polarised thinking.

However I do think that Italy has been quite a good partner in UN sponsored peace-keeping missions. That's suits our temperament better.

Posted by: Guido Tresoldi | March 26, 2007 03:35 AM

No way!!! I was born there and that's "MY" land.

Posted by: Rudy Zafarana | March 23, 2007 07:23 PM


Posted by: Raffaella Quadriferale | March 24, 2007 06:06 PM

Must see video. We are toast!

Posted by: Usman | March 24, 2007 12:43 PM

I know what you are going to think. You are going to think that you've had enough of me telling you to watch documentaries on Banks.
I am sorry! But I really have to recommend a great movie/documentary. Please watch:
freedom to fascism.com
It's a very well made documentary made by the award winning director Aaron Russo. It talks about the unfairness of taxes and their total illicit nature.
Amazing video. Truly enlightening. If you liked 'the money masters' you are going to find this explosive.
This is not a wild conspiracy theory video. Everything you see in this documentary is supported by facts and undeniable truths.
If there are American citizens in this blog please do not accept the new ID cards that will be introduced in 2008. Please don't do it. I beg you.
The video will exhaustively explain why.
Freedom to fascism.com

Posted by: Piero Sanna | March 24, 2007 12:09 AM

I remember a movie in which Alberto Sordi was playing the part of an Italian Captain who, at one point, jumped out of the trenches jelling "All' attacco!!!!!!" in pursuit of the enemy.
Two of his soldiers didn't follow, but commented: "Che bella voce!!!".
Long live the Italian Soldier's individualistic and skeptical spirit!

Posted by: Usman | March 23, 2007 07:40 PM

Hi all,

What i feel right now about my country it's possible to resume in one word: "upset".

It's unbelievable that a democratic nation is taking part in two of the most recently wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and we can't forget the Balkans' war.

Even now they're still discussing about the base in Vicenza. This is too much!

We're going to other country, trying to bring peace, but at least we (US & Co.) have a different ambition.

I guess it has come the time to say STOP, that's enough!!

I'm from Sicily, close to some bases of the US. One of those is even in my village. It's inside a really nice grove and you can't even go close to it, because there're a lot of sign that say: WARNING MILITARY AREA.

No way!!! I was born there and that's "MY" land. I don't want them there just because it's close to the Mediterranean sea.

If you drive to the Gela-Catania road, you'll see a big village. Inside that you'll find out just US people working in Sigonella. They've got baseball field, basket field. Well, US made sure that they would feel like home!

Anyway, i think it has come the time to stop our son, brother, cousin or even friend to go in war. And most of all for what??? MONEY...

Posted by: Rudy Zafarana | March 23, 2007 07:23 PM

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