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April 29, 2007

The Beautiful Country


Once upon a time, there was the Beautiful Country. It was beautiful, truly beautiful. I had the good fortune to see it when I was a few years younger.
Now, the monuments, museums, a few castles, a few historic town centres still remain. But the Beautiful Country no longer exists. It’s been covered by a stream of cement.
The tourist arriving in Italy from Mont Blanc, finds a single city extending from Courmayeur to Aosta and beyond. They go from France that is still intact directly to the periphery of Turin.
The industrial sheds that are empty, or half empty, always for rent or for sale are all over. They accompany us like phantoms from the Alps to Sicily. But why on earth did they construct them if they are kept empty? Where do they get the money from? From the European Community? From the Government? They certainly don’t build them for free.
And the advertising that covers every space, every road, every garden? Who has authorised our employees to dirty our cities?
The Ministries of the Environment and of Culture count like the two of spades. But they are the only ones with a sense of the economy of Italy. The rivers are sewers and no one does anything. The towns don’t even have water purifiers and they are talking about incinerators. Perhaps they want to incinerate the shit. There are still a few intact areas. Tiny miracles. One of these is the plain of Canavese. A semi-circular plain that was formed as the glaciers were retreating and it contains villages, woods and castles. A natural park.
But the Italy of incinerators and supermarkets never goes to sleep. It’s kept awake by public financing.
Together with Pallante, adviser to the Minister of the Environment, I have been invited by the Lega Ambiente, and by FAI and other local associations to come to Ivrea
We have tried to do our duty: to inform the citizens about the riches that they still have and that the DX (dioxin) DS administrators want to take away from them for a handful of lentils. And transform the territory into a death factory with an incinerator and into cement with a supermarketentertainmentpark called Mediapolis.
Perhaps there are other zones to be saved. Pallante and I, commitments permitting, are at your disposal.

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Italy on the Moon


Italy has an ecological footprint of 4.2. The footprint compares the inhabitants with the territory that can be used, energy, water, food. The more inhabitants there are for the same resources, the more the footprint seems like a kick up the backside and approaches zero.
The inhabitants with the greatest footprint, like Morocco with 0.9, are trying to get better footprints. The United States are among those who are the biggest consumers of resources. A small State like Maine has the same surface area as the North of Italy and 1,300,000 inhabitants.
The States must therefore have a tiddly footprint. But no, they’ve got 9.6. They consume the footprints of the others…
The solution to the Bossi-Fini is not a new law but new migration flows. Let the countries with the best pedigree take the emigrants and the excess of Italian pensioners. So let those who have a good quantity of resources and a low population density assume their responsibilities. Advice for the boat owners?
Canada 7.6, Sweden 6.1 and Australia 6.6. They can even be satisfied with France 5.6, with almost twice our surface area and a population only slightly higher than ours.
Italy is 35% mountainous and it’s saturated. It’s over-saturated. It needs emigration flows. We should do like the Japanese and keep 30% of the population round the world taking photos.
Laws are of no use against the impenetrability of bodies. The Po Valley no longer exists. It’s the Po Periphery. Rubbish is on the increase? Is there no longer water for all? Is there not sufficient energy? As well as consumption, let’s also reduce the inhabitants.
I want an ecological footprint of 7 and 50 million inhabitants. Not one more. The drop in population numbers is not taboo, nor a calamity. Move the power from those possessing capital to those possessing work. It’s a fortune, let’s not let it escape us.

Living Planet 2006 Report.

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April 27, 2007

To come is the important bit

image: Flesh Eating Beagle

There’s a new economic theory around. It’s about the rules of the race. It’s the economy compared to horse racing. The Confindustria and the main financial newspapers are convinced of that.
They are the new jockeys, of the equestrian circus. What’s this new theory all about? I’ll use a metaphor to explain.
Imagine that you see two thieves stealing, two rapists raping, two thugs shooting. What they are doing is happening right now. Now let’s change the field of vision. Let’s go to the world of economics.
I know you feel a bit disgusted, but imagine that you surprise some financiers who are drawing blood from a company, some State concessionaires who are not making investments, some companies who are not providing essential services.
In both cases, an observer, perhaps the government, would say in a loud voice: “If there are any rules that allow this disgusting stuff, then they must be changed. And not just during the race, but now!
In the former situation, the observer would be robbed, raped or shot. In the latter case, derided.
Treated like an ignoramus who doesn’t realize that in economics, you don’t change the rules of the race while the race is on. In fact for Tronchetti, Benetton and Montezemolo you can only change the rules when the race is over. When the dividends have been cashed in, the enterprises reduced to Chinese boxes, the stock options distributed.
If a law is in error, then you have to take action. I have never seen a law being changed while nothing is happening. It’s against the laws of nature. Even though I understand the friends in the Confindustria, a coitus interruptus, is never a pleasure for anyone. You don’t interrupt a fxxk.

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April 26, 2007

I want you to….

photo: AprilDreams

I want you who goes at 200 an hour on the motorway. You who double parks and the cyclist that’s avoiding you ends up dead under a car. You who with your juggernaut in the city knock down a woman on the pedestrian crossing.
You who, drunk, kill 4 young people with a truck on the wrong side of the road. You who don’t create protected cycle tracks in the city. You who do publicity about speeds that are beyond the allowed limits.
You who allow publicity about speeds that are beyond the allowed limits. You who are in the government, who hope and never lift a finger.
I want you, wherever you are, in Parliament, in the Town Hall, in the living room, to get closer to the screen for a second. And without turning your eyes away, to read this FxxK YOU, written just for you.
Eleonora Allevi, 19 years, Alex Luciani, 16 years, Danilo Traini 17 years and Davide Corradetti, 16 years, died yesterday on a road in Italy.
Did they have less value than Mastrogiacomo or any journalist that ends up as a hostage? Did they have less value than the vacuum-packed party conferences running currently?
Did they have less value than a game of football? And of the whole media circus that goes with it? We can say with absolute certainty: They had less value.
Whoever killed them risks losing their driving licence and 5 years in prison. I believe that the moment of zero tolerance has arrived for assassins behind the wheel. The car can be compared to a weapon. Whoever uses it to kill must do 30 years inside.
Those who should prevent and control: the traffic police, the local police, are hardly ever there. I don’t know why. Lack of staff.
Office work. It doesn’t matter to me. The result is that everyone does what they want on the road. In the fast lane on the motorway if you respect the speed limit you are risking your life. They are coming up behind you flashing at you at 200 an hour. Not just on Saturday night.
Hardly ever young people.
Let’s get respect for the rules by always denouncing those who break them on the roads. Let’s insist, even though it seems useless. Let’s stop the assassins on the road.

Two practical steps:
- don’t buy and don’t let others buy cars that are advertised to go at speeds above the legal speed limits
- insist that your mayors give you segregated cycle paths right through the city. Let the meet-ups, if they want to, help and promote the initiative. I’ll create a special section to gather the information.

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April 25, 2007

The countersigner


Last year STM realized that there were serious irregularities. 30 million Swiss Francs were missing. The Swiss prosecutors investigated. At the end of 2006, Mosconi, STM Treasurer was arrested as well as other people.
Mosconi’s boss was Pasquale Pistorio who countersigned the documents on trust.

I recognise my signature and I presume that Mosconi asked me to countersign the contract …. I, generally, did not check the document. I trusted my colleagues”.
“People helping me asked me to sign the documents and they told me that they had analysed the content.”
It can happen to anyone to have unfaithful colleagues.
If Telecom had Tavaroli, Pistorio can have had Mosconi. And it’s not a fault, just a gap, a crap action, a shit affair to be excused. Let Pistorio make excuses like Tronchetti has and that’s the end of it.
I suggest that Telecom shareholders take a safeguarding action. That they employ a countersigner to countersign Pistorio’s countersignatures. To have more peace of mind.

Pistorio Villarosa (B.Grillo)

This is the song of Pistorio Villarosa
who was the fascinating STM engineer PISTORIO!
You know Pistorio Villarosa
with the fascinating mouth
they thought ha was Spanish or Portuguese,
instead he was adopted by Ticino and was a rough
and modest engineer and did his job
it was a joy
Now however Pistorio Villarosa
reposes all day
every screen Tronchetti
seeing him says I love you and he believes it
and so to save a bit on expenses
he has to work for Telecom and Fiat in Turin!
Olé olé, Pistorio Villarosa
who was the fascinating STM engineer
with his look that disturbs
he is the Oscar of the balance sheets
how many Boards he has conquered is not known
And one great day Pistorio Villarosa
up and left the fascinating STM
fleeing from Canton Ticino
favoured by destiny he became president
And now Pistorio has the arm chair,
Pistorio to his advisers what are you all doing
you get him messed up, how’s that, how’s that Pistorio,
Pistorio and the balance sheets what a pleasure,
something’s up, what to do, what to do
Olé, olé, Pistorio Villarosa
It’s just a memory the fascinating STM
how many times has he countersigned,
so many times he has trusted
and now he’s the presidentinlove.
What a song that Pistorio Villarosa
who was the fascinating STM engineer

Original text of the original song

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April 24, 2007

Without stealing


The weak brother is a recurring figure in the History of Italy. The relatives normally let the more able brother look after him and this one acts as a life-long father. Massimo Moratti is the weak brother of all weak brothers. He’s even managed to force Paolo Berlusconi into the background.
He can be forgiven anything even intercepting Bobone Vieri. To avoid damages, the family has nominated him President of Inter. They have allowed him a lifelong income of a few tens of millions of Euro a year for the players. He’s OK with that.
Every so often his big brother Gianmarco asks him to sign the transfers. People trust him and his good Bugs Bunny appearance. And that’s how it’s been even for the Saras IPO on the Stock Exchange.
The Morattis have pocketed 1,700,000,000 euro. They needed that to strengthen the team. The share was quoted at 6 euro at the time there was the collapse in the energy market. Anyone buying lost 12% in a single day.
JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, the banks responsible for the placement, gained 12 million euro each thanks to the ups and downs.
Summary: someone decides that the price of 6 euro is right. Savers believe, buy, and lose. The Morattis and the banks gain and the prosecutors investigate.
Where was Consob? Cardia shed light. Yesterday’s championship was not won by Inter yesterday.
The brand name hasn’t belonged to them for some time now. They sold it, after a correction on this blog, to Inter Brand srl for 159 million euro.
The prosecutors are investigating a hypothesis of “balance sheet gaps for which no one is under investigation” (Corriere della Sera). I’m sure that it will turn out to be a hypothesis that is without foundation. Massimo wins but without stealing.

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April 23, 2007

The little house in Canada

Villa di Arcore

Politics feeds on itself. On centres, lefts and rights. On new groups, new names. Fassino has talked about a house that is newer and more beautiful. Fassino has cried in Florence as Occhetto has in Bologna.
Berlinguer died in time to not have to cry as well. D’Alema, like Franti in the book Cuore, smiled instead. Berlusconi has been found triumphant.
He made a few brief notes. His participation in the Democratic Party is just 95%. A bit later, when he gets to 100%, he’ll merge it with Forza Italia.
After participating in Fiorello’s TV programme as a political walk-on Bertinotti has taken refuge on mount Athos in a prayer cell.
The Red Flag will triumph over him…

The little house in Canada (translated from B.Grillo)

When you see Fassin alone in the city
perhaps you’ll wonder where he’s wandering to
Alone, without an aim. Alone… but there’s a reason:
He had a little house in Canada (*)
with pardons, conflicts of interests and lots of intrigues there
and all the voters who passed by
said: “What a disaster the little house in Canada”!
But one day, out of spite, D’Alema burned it down
and the poor man was on foot without Unipol
”So what did he do?” you’ll all be asking.
But this is the surprise that the intercepted one will tell you:

He built another tiny little house in Canada (**)
once more with pardons, conflicts of interests and lots of intrigues there
and all the voters who passed by
said: “It’s still disgusting the little house in Canada”!

And loads and loads of houses he rebuilt but, however,
That psycho dwarf with the help of the moustached guy
set fire to all of them
You all know that!

He built another local prison house in Canada (***)
always with pardons, conflicts of interests and lots of intrigues there
and Berlusconi, Letta and Dell’Utri who passed by
said: “How beautiful is Our House in Canada”!

(*) PDS
(**) DS
(***) PD

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Internet Prohibition

photo: FeatheredTar

Ignorance can lead to a state of bliss. This is well appreciated by the Minister of Instruction. Fioroni, in collaboration with Ms Bindi, has presented guide lines to protect student health.
A document aimed at doctors and teachers “to prevent obesity and eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) and to prevent phenomena of dependency (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, doping and Internet)”.
It’s the beginning or a new era: the era of Internet prohibition. Sooner or later it had to happen. The pornoFioroni has understood at his own expense that the Internet is full of traps, erogenous sites and politicians whose sins are revealed.
He wants to make sure that the young people don’t come into contact with the truth. He wants to protect them.
The daily consumption of doped information from the newspapers and the TV makes them live better and makes them believe the stupid stories put out by the regime.
Fioroni leave it be, the future is not stuff for you. Take refuge in the post democratic party. That’s the one that looks at the past.
But is the Internet really in the schools? Or is Fioroni’s call a false alarm? I ask students and teachers to use this post to describe the true situation in which they find themselves.
How many PC are there? Are there any? Are they accessible? What type are they? Is there a connection? What speed?
Give me your comments. I’ll collect them together into a document to be distributed via the blog. The priority for schools is knowledge and its name is Internet.
Those who don’t have it are cut off. Lost in a particratic nirvana. The one created specially for us by our employees.

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April 21, 2007

Chiampa, Chiampa, Chiampa. Lčon, Lčon, Lčon.


Chiamparino was born in 1948 at Muncalč. He was a busy boy. He used the sand in the courtyard of his home to make car parks and tunnels.
A sign of his predestination. In the future he will build the underground car park of Piazza San Carlo and will often spend the weekend in Val di Susa in the TAV building sites with a bucket and spade.
He meets Mastella during a school trip to Ceppaloni, they play at cops and robbers with a pardon and they have their afternoon snack together. At that point he’s convinced that his future lies in politics. At age 25 he’s already leader of the PCI in Moncalieri.
During his life, always busy, he does everything, always paid for by the State: town councilor, secretary of the province, member of the Lower House and also Mayor. The latter position originates in a sad story.
In fact he substitutes Turin’s Mayor who died suddenly. From that moment Chiampa wears a black arm band and has a characteristic funereal presence.
The plebs love him, but would like to see him working for at least once in his life. In the 1994 national elections the manual labourers of Mirafiori send him a message. They give a mass vote to the Forza Italia candidate, Meluzzi, who is standing against him.
Chiamparino understands. He invites Lunardi to his home for dinner and after they have washed the pots he revives the economy of Piedmont and his own electoral fortunes.
Cement, bypasses and incinerators become his ideological reference points, together with the cemeteries where he spends his Friday evenings searching for inspiration and trying to control the exhumations.
Berlusconi notices him because of his battles and decides to help him by proposing Buttiglione as Mayor of Turin. A happy choice. Buttiglione loses abysmally.
Chiampa wins with the number of the beast: 66.6%. He starts to get fit by running in the mountains talking at a distance to the inhabitants of Venaus who would like to keep him informed.
Incinerators fascinate him and he decides to make them into his new crusade. Chiampa Chiampa Chiampa. Lčon Lčon Lčon.
Watch the fantastic video with Chiampa water-valued done by the young people of the Turin meet up.

PS. Today 21/04 at 5:00pm I will participate in a public debate about incinerators and about Mediapolis at la Serra in Ivrea. There’ll be Maurizio Pallante a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment as well as Lega Ambiente, the FAI and other organisations.

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April 20, 2007

From the Stock Exchange with Envy


“Italian capitalism is at an extreme of unpresentability”, explains Bertinotti, “as the Telecom affair shows us.” The Confindustria has responded with talk of “anti-industrial livore”.
The Italian word “livore” is defined by Garzanti 2006 as “a feeling of bitter and deaf envy”. Bertinotti would be envious of Italian capitalism that is nourished by stock options, State concessions, the absence of regulations and the State’s fund for laid-off workers? Pull the other leg. In Italy there is no longer capitalism nor industry. No serious capitalist envies our Stock Exchange. The capitalists that use their own money and not someone else’s. Foreigners stay well away from the Milan Stock Exchange.
The figures for 2005 show that with any Government, foreign investments are always miserable.


The reason is the control of the economic terrain. Just as in some regions of the South, the multinationals don’t invest because of the presence of the mafia, in the Stock Exchange there’s no investment because of the presence of the “salotto buono”. The Takeover Game is controlled by 20 to 30 people. The rest is just telling jokes.
“According to the Federation of European Securities Exchange, foreign investors buy shares anywhere rather than in Italy. “ (Financial Times 28/3/2007).

The Italian Stock Exchange has the lowest percentage of foreign investments in the whole of Europe: 13%. Elsewhere, from Malta to Estonia, the average is 33%. In Italy, there’s the syndicate pact, the Chinese boxes, and the conflict of interests. A Vietnam.
The syndicate pact works like this: two or three shareholders make an agreement and remove all power from the majority. The Chinese boxes works like this: A ragamuffin with patched trousers owning a tiny amount commands everything. The conflict of interests works like this: the same people are shareholder, manager, supplier, member of the Board of Directors and supervising auditor in more than one company quoted on the Stock Exchange.
They are unsettling people because of their multiple personalities and multiple foreign current accounts. Everything OK, everything according to law, and Consob regulations.
Corporate Governance, the rules that should protect the shareholder and the company, where are they? Cardia enlighten us.
Meanwhile the Telecom shareholders meeting decided on stock options for the Board of Directors. The first and most important priority. And Tronchetti, absent from the shareholders meeting for health reasons, was present in the box at San Siro, healed by the spring sun.

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April 19, 2007

Those phantoms

Chernobyl.jpgphoto by: Loutseu

Someone has written that if Grillo is an economist and Strada a negotiator then politicians have disappeared.
That, if they are the ones dealing with Telecom and Afghanistan then there’s no one left in Parliament. Politics have disappeared. It’s a fact. It’s happened like the mid-seasons.
I can’t tell you when, but I definitely know that it’s no longer there. It’s been transformed into a great ball of conferences, newdemocraticparties, oldhousesofliberty, replayingactionsofdeadsocialists. There’s no one left to deal with facts and real things.
The politicians are too intent on their belly buttons. They look at them and with satisfaction they show them to the TV courtesans and they exhibit them to the newspaper-workers-with-permanent-jobs.
It’s a separate world. A world of phantoms with highest salaries and the highest number of convicts in Europe. Is there perhaps some connection?
Telecom is only the tip of the iceberg, the proved evidence of the lack of reference points, of the backside of someone driving this country that’s been abandoned to its own devices like a dog on the motorway. A dog that still has to pay the road toll.
Anyone can say what they want, do what they want. As long as they are part of the “in” crowd.
The occupation of all the communication spaces by a handful of rascals can be defined with a single word: dictatorship.
And let’s not call that soft because it’s not. It has those murdered at work, the “precarious” workers, the lack of light shed on tomorrow. Turn on the light, at least a single bulb.
Politics that ignores the citizens has only two routes to choose from. To be removed or to move the armed forces. The media today are justifying a situation that is obviously anti-democratic. The Register of journalists should be abolished. Let’s start the register of arse lickers. There’s already a many-kilometres-long-queue to join up.

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April 18, 2007

Chernobyl my love

image: National Geographic

The true soviet revolution starts now. Aeroflot wants Alitalia. We’ll have Russian air hostesses, so far so good. But also Tupolev aircraft and here we’ll have to touch our heads before landing.
To exchange the favour, Enel invests in soviet nuclear reactors, older than the Chernobyl one. When innovation comes, it comes.
And in Italy we know, it never comes. But 30% of Enel belongs to the State and Italian citizens, after Chernobyl, voted against nuclear in a referendum.
Let’s use the Greenpeace petition to remind the employee Prodi when he comes back from Japan. I wouldn’t want things to have gone to his head while he was passing by Hiroshima.

Letter from Greenpeace:
”Double protest today by Greenpeace against Enel’s decision to invest 1,800,000,000 Euro for the completion of two nuclear reactors at Mochovce in Slovakia. Today outside the headquarters of the banks in the main cities of Italy, Italian activists distributed ironic likenesses of Enel adverts explaining how instead of investing in innovation there’s investment in a reactor using soviet technology that in fact pre-dates the Chernobyl disaster.
Today’s brochure reads: “The true revolution is to go back to soviet nuclear technology.”
In Europe, Greenpeace has also protested in front of the Italian Embassies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.
The letter sent to the Italian Government emphasizes that Italy that has closed down its own reactors cannot the atomic risk export abroad.
In fact the government is Enel’s reference shareholder with a 30% share. The main criticisms of the project are the low level of safety and also the economics that are open to discussion.
The plan is to construct at Mochovce, 2 soviet reactors (VVER-440/213) that were designed at the end of the 1970s.
The reactors are well below the current safety standards and it’s unlikely that they would get authorization n most of the European States. For example, they don’t have a double outer layer to give protection if there were to be an impact from an aircraft.
Not only that, but for Greenpeace, there’s an issue of legitimacy because the project was authorised in 1986 by the communist government of that time with no environmental impact evaluation nor involvement of public opinion.
Even today, Slovakia’s Ministry of the Environment refuses to conduct an environmental impact assessment…..”
“Next month Enel is due to take the final decision on Mochovce and Greenpeace has started a web-based petition to ask Prodi to drop this project immediately.”

Complete text from Greenpeace.

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April 16, 2007

Beppe Grillo's speech at Telecom Italia shareholders' meeting


Telecom Italia shareholders' meeting 16 April 2007.
Beppe Grillo's speech.

A simple analysis of this year's balance sheets shows that the privatisation of Telecom Italia has stripped the company of thousands of millions of receipts, of tens of thousands of jobs and has transferred into Chinese boxes a large chunk of the profits by means of dividends.
It's easy to do this analysis, you just need a book-keeper. You don't need Consob or the Government or an audit company. Presumed managers with patched up trousers got the company into debt with the help of the banks and the total absence of the Consob and the State so that they could act exclusively in their own interests.
The network is in a shocking condition. At least ten thousand million Euro are needed for initial investments.
Today however, I don't want to talk about numbers, but of something else: about industrial espionage, about the Consob, about the Chinese boxes and the Stock Exchange, the Chicago of the 1920s of Guido Rossi.
Guess who is Al Capone?

Tens of thousands of people have been spied upon. Among these are economic journalists like Massimo Mucchetti because of his analysis of Telecom management, members of the Telecom Board of Directors, company administrators, like Colao of RCS before he was sacked, simple citizens because they sent letters protesting about the malfunctioning of the network sent to Tronchetti and also to a comic, the one talking to you, with a "B.Grillo" dossier.
Milan's Re-examination Tribunal last February wrote: "The Security of Telecom-Pirelli has had at its disposal a resource that easily allowed it to get privileged news in the interests of the group, understood as both a legal entity as well as the group of directors" and it revealed that: "the vastness of the unmerited intrusion into the secrets of the lives of others has been displayed in a really alarming system of acquiring private information to be used against important persons in enterprise, in journalism, in Italian politics, before meetings that top management had programmed with these people."

The people formerly responsible for Telecom security: Tavaroli, Ghioni and other are already in prison. One of their colleagues, Adamo Bove apparently committed suicide and his father, Vincenzo Bove, claims the death was due to the calumny carefully crafted in Telecom.
The top management of Telecom is here. They are Carlo Orazio Buora, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Riccardo Ruggiero. I ask them: "to whom was the Security service accountable? To the doorkeeper at Pirelli? Where were you?"
Let's suppose that the top management knew nothing. Everything is possible. However, after proof of this level of managerial incompetence, the top management should have been kicked out, or they should have resigned, as was customary in the past, and they should not let themselves ever be seen again.
But they are still here. Why are they still here? Perhaps there are some dossiers all over the world about our politicians?

Or perhaps because the genii in the bottle Tronchetti was both the president, and the controlling shareholder of the same company and couldn't sack himself? A person who controls the biggest company in the country with 0.11 per cent of the shares.
So I thought that with 0.12 per cent I could get control of Telecom, sack the Board of Directors and then give back the company to the legitimate shareholders, holding 82% of the shares. I launched a request to see how much interest there is to delegate to me on behalf of the small shareholders.
Consob acted straight away by sending me a series of letters to explain the process to be followed and warning me not to make a mistake.
I have received thousands of letters of support, but the process is so bureaucratic and complex that I haven't managed to represent them in this meeting.
However, I want to reassure the Consob that I will succeed next time whether or not they like it. What is Consob? Where has Consob been in the last few years?
Parmalat, Cirio, Banca Popolare di Lodi and the obvious conflict of interests between companies with the same people on the Board of Directors that buy and sell from themselves as has happened between Telecom Italia and Pirelli Real Estate with the sale of property.

Does Lamberto Cardia, Consob's president really exist? Where are you apart from in the letters that you send to me and to Antonio Di Pietro? Many small shareholders would like to meet you personally to ask you a few questions.
The Italian Stock Exchange is a place where you can invest everything that you can loose. Not a euro more. These days the market is the buzz word. But in Italy, what is the market?
A club of people who live in the Boards of Directors and who decide everything, some of whom are members of 5 or 6 or 7 Boards of Directors. People who have control of big companies with percentages like telephone pre-fixes. Once more I ask Consob why Olimpia exists. It's an empty box of which 80% is owned by Pirelli. Olimpia controls Telecom Italia.

Should it not be encompassed with all its debts back into Pirelli? Dear President Cardia can you explain to me, a simple book-keeper who is a comic, why this has not happened?
Where is the famous public company that the politicians were so full of? The small shareholders do not have a real capacity for representation.
What does the government intend to do about that? And the associations for the defence of the consumer, where are they? Under the oval table?
As Telecom is a service company, let those who have capital and ideas manage it. No Italian entrepreneur has both these qualities.
But the network infrastructure belongs to the State, the fruit of generations of Italians who have paid through taxes and line rental.
Tronchetti wants to get America Movil and AT&T to pay him for the controlling position and in the handover to get 3 Euro for the Olimpia shares when the value of the shares is only 2.3 euro. He gets the cash. The small shareholders can stand and watch.
The State should put down some firm guidelines before this happens and don't talk to me of the sacredness of the market. What market? The fish market is much more respectable than the Stock Exchange with the current regulations.

The network should be separated from the services and made available to everyone. Whoever buys 66% of Olimpia will have 12% of the shares and must have only 12% of the power. Not a fraction more. The Chinese boxes should be abolished or the tax regime should make them no longer fruitful.
I would like to close this speech with an appeal to the dignity of the top management in Telecom: resign. That's the best service that you can do for the company and for the country.

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April 15, 2007

Open letter to Carlos Slim


Forty years have gone by since the death of prince Antonio De Curtis, known as Toto. I have taken one of his famous letters to write to Carlos Slim Helů. The richest man in South America, the second richest man in the world with 53,000,000,000 dollars, the owner of America Movil that wants to buy Olimpia.
The 3 Euro per share that he wants to give Tronchetti seems a folly. On the Stock Exchange the share is quoted at 2.3 Euro. But if through 33% of 18% and the willingness of AT&T he manages to dismember Tim Brasil then he and Tronchetti will have done the business.
Telecom Italia will be without an international presence after having sold everything in the last 5 years. The famous reduction of the perimeter proportional to the opening of the forum of the small shareholders.

Estimado Seńor Carlos Slim,
quiero llamar su atenciňn con esta mia para decirle una palabra... Disculpe si son pocos... ma tres euros por cada acciňn, punto y coma, a nosotros nos impresiona mucho porque en este mismo ańo hubo una gran mortandad de bueyes como usted bien sabe. Punto! Dos puntos! Esta moneda sirve a usted a confortar la pena que tendrŕ el "tronquito"... coma, punto y coma...
porquč tendrŕ que dejar las "stock options" que pagamos nosotros mismos de persona... que son los que escriben esta carta porquč el "tronquito" es "manager" que se aplica... que se tiene que coger un premio de mayorěa... que debe tener una de las orejas en el lugar de siempre, es decir en la Seguridad. Punto, punto y coma. Punto, otro punto y coma! Salutando atentamente los pequeńos accionistas de Telecom Italia. Que somos nosotros..."

Italian text (translated into English):
Dear signor Carlos Slim,
I am coming to you with this letter of mine to say a word to you. Forgive me if there are few … but three euro per share, semi colon, we are a bit short as this year there has been a lot of deaths among the beef cattle… as you well know. Full stop! Colon!” This money is of use to you to be consoled after the sorrow connected with Tronchetti… comma, semi colon… because he will have to leave the stock options that we ourselves are paying for in person.. and we are writing this to you because Tronchetti is a manager who applies himself … who must have a majority premium…who has to keep his ear in the usual place, that is on the Security. Full stop. Semi colon. Full stop and a semi colon! Saluting you indistinctly the small shareholders of Telecom Italia. That we are…”

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April 14, 2007

The evil grin of the unpunished


In Italy, the resident population is divided into two parts. One part is unpunished. The other is normal. To be unpunished is a status symbol. The main motive of the attraction that our country has for the mass of people from outside the European Union. A condition to be envied. Whoever gets there finds themselves at the top of the social scale. It’s worth more than riches. The rich can finish up in prison. The unpunished never. The laws don’t even get near them. The lawyers and the friends of the friends sort everything out.
There are various levels of unpunished, a pyramid structure. At the top there are the gentile classes. Then the politicians. Then their servants. Below that in layers one on top of the other, there are a few million people.
It’s easy to identify the unpunished. They have an evil grin that sets them apart. That particular expression of the unpunished, of people who are indifferent to laws. Whole groups are unpunished.
Financial, political, ethnic, criminal groups. There are clubs of extra-legal unpunished people. If the State by mistake or just casually tries to enforce the law, the unpunished get angry. They scream at the provocation.
If they can, they change the laws. Otherwise they change the features of the police forces. Whole neighbourhoods can go out into the streets to support the unpunished.
A citizen with a clean record who pays taxes and who holds dear the good of the public cannot intervene against impunity.
They would be accused of being racist, extremist and a bit fascist. They have to delegate the police and certain party office workers: our employees in Parliament and in the Government.
Cesare Beccaria maintained that the certainty of punishment is necessary in a State based on the rule of law. We are a State based on the other side of the coin. We have the certainty of impunity. However there is the usual exception. If you annoy the unpunished, then you are punished in accordance with the law. The punishment is implacable for those who denounce the system. RESET!

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The red flags of via Paolo Sarpi


The flag of the People’s Republic of China has been raised in Milan, flying from the balconies. The 5-pointed star on a red background shined out on a warm spring day. It is the victory of the most important Chinatown in Europe against the town police and their wish to give out fines.
The riot police went into action but they were pushed back and 14 finished up in hospital. A few cars got turned over. Even the Chinese got it and 5 have needed to stay in hospital.
It seems that it all started with the zeal of a female town police officer and the reaction of the Chinese community. But a fine cannot be the trigger for a revolt. Diversity, the lack of integration and the tensions that have lasted for years can. Via Paolo Sarpi and the surrounding streets form a ghetto, or more accurately a self-ghetto. It’s like being in Peking, even better. Italian shops disappear, the old residents go away. It’s an enclave.
History teaches us that ghettos are bad for those who live there. They are centres of cultural and ethnic solidarity. But they are isolated, surrounded by a sea of difference.
What struck me were the many Chinese flags and the pride of those unfurling them. And I wondered what meaning they have. Once upon a time, whoever arrived in Milan wanted to be immediately adopted and become a person of Milan. Today it’s the flag from home that’s carried.
Ghettos are dangerous for those that live there, hated by those that surround them. Is integration the objective for those who arrive in our country? Well then, let’s integrate them and let’s prohibit ghettos.
In a zone, there mustn’t be more than a certain percentage of North Africans, Chinese, Philipinnos, together with the Italians. The same thing in the schools. And those that arrive must want to be integrated, to learn our language and to unfurl our flag. Or to go away. Italy has never had religious wars or ethnic wars.
To go and search them out is for timid folk and it’s also a bit idiotic.

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April 12, 2007

Consob, Di Pietro and share action

photo by Razor

I have received a letter from the Minister Antonio Di Pietro who has received a letter from Consob about me and the share action campaign. I didn’t think I was so important. I’ll give a response to the Consob letter in the next few days on the blog.
Make sure you are all at Rozzano on April 16!

Dear Beppe,
As you know I have decided to sign up to your initiative aimed at giving a voice to those people holding small numbers of Telecom shares.
A very important battle in as much as it is emblematic: if it succeeds it could be repeated for every company quoted on the Stock Market and thus introduce into our economy principles of true representation. My support triggered an immediate reaction from the National Commission for companies and the Stock Exchange (Consob) with a letter signed by its president Lamberto Cardia that I am attaching.
The letter tells me to watch out because of the non-lawfulness of your initiative. It could be up to you to respond if you would like to.
Through your blog, I would like to tell the Consob that such precise attention should also be given to the conflict of interests that are normal in the Stock Exchange. Otherwise how is it possible to explain the presence of the same people on the board of Directors of clients and suppliers, in companies that are controlling and controlled?
The mechanism of Chinese boxes, that diabolic mechanism that allows big companies to be controlled by a ridiculously small package of shares and for Olimpia to nominate the majority of the members of the Board of Directors even though it only has 18% of the shares.
Finally, the representation of the people holding small numbers of shares should be facilitated and this is why Italia dei Valori will present a draft law. The current regulations in fact make this impracticable.
Telecom’s shareholders meeting on 16 April, will see perhaps for the first time in Italy, the presence of the people who are shareholders. A display of democracy that I hope will finally bring in the industrial theme, that up until now has been overlooked for the biggest company in the country.
With Telecom there’s part of the future of Italy at stake, but unfortunately there’s only a discussion of Olimpia and its need for cash.
A story that has gone on for months and that is destabilizing the company.
First they tried to sell Tim, then Tim Brasil and in the end they set up an auction for the best offer while showing indifference to the interests of the country.
The infrastructure of the network should be separated from the services. Whoever buys it will have to get a new authorization from the State. The State must examine the preconditions, and in the end it must be possible to count the votes, not weigh them.”
Antonio Di Pietro.

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April 11, 2007

The violent arm of the law


In Italy there’s no dictatorship, but just formally. Follow what I’m saying: there are 350,000 laws. No one really knows how many there are. Their application is often arbitrary. However, no one knows them better than the Public Administration. They are a strong and powerful weapon for managing and controlling.
The violent arm of the law is the registered letter that arrives at your house and tells you of the penalty based on article X of the regional law Y that is connected to the decree Z and on the orders of the town council W. You either comply or you are ruined.
Under a certain sum, the accountant or the lawyer have a single piece of advice: pay up. Above a certain sum you have to pay them and then hope. If then you get doubts like: “Why me and not all the others?”, you don’t have to think the worst. It’s just bad luck.
And the bad luck of the Public Administration is not blind-folded. They always have their eyes wide open. If you pay taxes they check on each tenth of a Euro. If you cause a company to go bust (do you remember Parmalat?) it often avoids getting on its high horse.
It’s clear that with such a vast number of laws, we are all guilty of something. It’s simple maths. So, when faced with an audit or a fine, it’s best to accept guilt and sort out what is needed.
A month ago the blog dealt with the cementification of the Fiera area in Milan and it interviewed the people leading the citizen associations. From that moment things have got worse. In the city that has the most fly-posting, the most graffiti and among the dirtiest in Italy. I can bear witness: I have been by the Navigli near the Darsena and I was ready to vomit.
In this city some flyers were attached to the lamp posts. To announce an open meeting for the inhabitants of the Fiera area about the construction of 900,000 cubic metres of cement that no one wants. A meeting that the Town Hall should have organised ages ago, before taking any decision. The fliers measuring 50x70 cm got a fine of 43,672 euro.
An enormous sum. Now I would like to ask a question to Moratti and to the city cabinet member for the development of the territory, Carlo Masseroli (email). The abusive election flyers, did they get a fine? And who paid the fine? And how much did they pay? Did the violent arm of the law take action on that occasion?

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April 10, 2007

The new monsters


Romero wouldn’t have been able to do better. Italian news is decomposed. It’s the journalism of the new monsters that devour our brains. And it succeeds very well.
It’s the triumph of the disentombed news, postdated De Bortoli, ectoplasm that every so often comes out of the mouth of its editors, does a “chat”, instead of an inquiry with the unhappy Tronchetti in il Sole 24 ore. A daily newspaper that informs precisely but always 24 years late.
Sergio Romano, the mummy of il Corriere whose editorials are excellent pieces of dialectic contortionism, writes that a comic cannot do politics.
In the sense that he cannot express an opinion. It’s not clear why he can reply to the readers’ letters. What follows is the advice of a comic: transfer to Mickey Mouse.
Ectoplasms, Mummies. There’s no lack of wolf men. The ones that get transformed when their master’s moon changes.
And the phantoms, men who were but are no longer. Pushed to the edge by the editors in the night-time slots or in the redactions with millionaire handshakes to say nothing more.
But, still, all are the new monsters, even the great old one of the mountains, Eugenio Scalfari, who talked about Telecom Italia in yesterday’s Repubblica with an article that he should have written 5 years ago.
Or did he not know anything before Carlo De Benedetti was spied upon?
News with worms is not a great spectacle. It smells so much that they have to give it away for free. No one buys it any more. But it’s always us paying for it with our taxes.
It’s time to say “enough” of news assisted by the State, but on the payroll of politicians and financiers.
Whoever wants to present a draft law to abolish the public financing of newspapers, let them make themselves known. The blog is listening.

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April 09, 2007

The Autism Epidemic


One child in 150 suffers from autism. Twenty years ago it was one in 2,000. Scientists say this growth is caused by environmental and food pollution, and by vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
Pediatricians don’t have efficient tools to diagnose autism and the true causes are not attacked.
It’s the beauty capitalism. If tortoises were to adopt it they would be wiped out in 2 or 3 generations. It’s taking us a bit longer.
The Autism Society of America (ASA), the most authoritative association in the world for the prevention and care of autism has written to the Minister Livia Turco.
It asks for two things: Support the draft law proposed by the employee in the Lower House, Teresio Delfino, to recognise the social dimension of autism and to put in place measures to fight it.
Help Dr. Franco Verzella, European President of the organisation Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) in his initiatives.
An autistic child is considered to be a “psychotic”, treated by neuro-psychiatrists with drugs and after 15 years kept in secure accommodation. An approach that creates so many examples of “Rain Man”. DAN! has a method that is completely different, multidisciplinary. That acts on the causes not the effects.
Diets without gluten, milk and its derivatives, sugar, preservatives and colouring agents and treatments for the restoration of intestinal harmony.
Then the use of nutrients with amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidising minerals. Finally the removal of toxic metals present in the child’s organism and the strengthening of the immune system.
Employee Turco give one knock. Help DAN!. And advise your most seriously affected colleagues to use this method. To be tried between one sniff and another.


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April 08, 2007

The Market

photo by Guano

The market is the new ideology of our employees. A company is closing down? It’s the law of the market. A few hundred families are left on the street? It’s the market.
A company that is fundamental for Italy like Telecom is plundered and sold at auction? It’s the market. The motorway company Autostrade increases the tolls, doesn’t do the maintenance work and distributes the dividends? It’s the market. No one can oppose the market. It would be against liberalism, against Boninowhodoestheshopping, against Prodiofclosedgames.
Against the European Community that is always on the side of the market, never on the side of the citizens. The market is the new divinity to be celebrated with Easter. A little saint of the Findomestic or of the psycho dwarf in his wallet. A god without “competitors”.
Though Christ had to be resurrected, the market has never died.
A discussion about water, energy, electricity, building is immediately extinguished with the magic word: market. A superior being that operates with its own rules, that cannot be fathomed, but that are a priori right, not to be discussed. Do you remember the applause given to Tronchetti by Bertinotti and Fassino?
That was the market. And all the fans of Coppola, Ricucci, Gnutti, Fiorani, Tanzi and Fazio of the local house of liberty? That was the market. And the indifference to Geronzi’s bankruptcy conviction? It’s always the market.
And the fact that Buora stayed in Telecom after the spying scandal? It was still the market. But even the intercepts were (are?) a market.
If it’s the market with its Chinese boxes, its miserable capitalism, conflict of interests, its total lack of rules, is deciding our lives. If this is true, and it is, our employees are good for nothing.
We can employ directly the state concessionaires, some assisted industries, some modern vampire holdings. Or perhaps they have already been employed? Just for a bit of speculation, we could have the Parliament quoted on the Stock Exchange.

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April 07, 2007



In honour of MacDonald’s a new neologism has been created: McJob. It’s in the English dictionary. And the definition? “Underpaid job, without stimuli, with few benefits. It needs low competence and is often temporary and offers few or no benefits and opportunities for promotion”

MacDonald’s don’t agree. For them the McJob is a job to hope for. But the globalisation of the hamburger has its price to pay. And if among these there are shit jobs and global deforestation you can’t protest against the dictionary.
If the word McJob is annoying to the butchering multinational, what should we say for the word “precarious work” or MacBiagi? “short term job, needing no competence with intensive exploitation and for which you need to have a degree.” And for “fallen at work”? “Murder of a worker for lack of safety measures not punishable by law”. And what for the Casa della Libertŕ? “Association of lawyers and entrepreneurs created to decriminalize crimes that members are said to have committed” And for financier (as an alternative to Tronchetti)? “An individual who is in good society, well dressed, who aims for personal enrichment through the debts of others, both private individuals and companies”.
It would be necessary to rewrite the Italian Dictionary. To give the words their meaning. Incinerators? “Producer of dioxin with high thermal dispersion with the production of tumours on a large scale”.
Political party? “Association of citizens with the intention of carrying on political activity for one’s own exclusive advantage”.
Decolour? “Eliminate with bleach the independent directors from the list of those in the Board of Directors”
Italian Stock Exchange? “Chicago of the 1920s, wild capitalism of America’s Robber Barons of the early 1900s (neologism introduced by Guido Rossi on 06/04/2007).
Today I was out walking on the hills at Nervi. A lady said to me: “Good day”. I replied: “To you too signora”. It’s great when the words have their meaning.

PS: The book “Modern Slaves” will soon be available. Order it now.

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April 05, 2007

The suk and the zero point


"This market is not a true market but a suk, and whoever invokes it is acting in bad faith."
"My presence in Telecom is negative for Italian capitalism, where the one with zero point and loads of debts does what he wants."
Guido Rossi, president of Telecom Italia.

Well, I didn’t know that Guido Rossi reads the Blog. His words are the same as the ones I’ve been using for years. Words of a comic. To be precise words of a comic from Genoa with a diploma in accountancy.
Telecom is ours. Generations of Italians have paid for it with their taxes and their fixed payments. Let us take it back. Everyone at Rozzano on 16 April! Read the instructions in the icon on the right and spread the word.

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Fidel and the World’s Future

image by rikk_dn

The cost of corn is going up. The reason: corn is used to produce ethanol, the new green petrol. The cost of the fuel will go down, the cost of bread and meat will go up. This is what happens in the rich countries. In poor ones what will increase is the number dying of hunger and the exports of ethanol. Food must be energy for the human not for machines.
Fidel Castro, after 8 months of silence, has put forward certain reflections in the daily paper Granma. He’s talking about George W. Bush’s launch of the ethanol era. In the future no longer will petrol be taken from the mouths of the developing countries, but just bread.

“More than three billion people in the world condemned to premature death from hunger and thirs
That is not an exaggerated figure, but rather a cautious one. I have meditated a lot on that in the wake of President Bush’s meeting with U.S. automobile manufacturers. The sinister idea of converting food into fuel was definitively established as an economic line in U.S. foreign policy last Monday, March 26.
The president urged Congress to ‘move expeditiously’ on legislation the administration recently proposed to require the use of 35 billion gallons of alternative fuels by 2017 and seek higher fuel economy standards for automobiles. Bush met with General Motors Corp. chairman and chief executive Rick Wagoner, Ford Motor Co. chief executive Alan Mulally and DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group chief executive Tom LaSorda.
I believe that reducing and moreover recycling all motors that run on electricity and fuel is an elemental and urgent need for all humanity. The tragedy does not lie in reducing those energy costs but in the idea of converting food into fuel.
It is known very precisely today that one ton of corn can only produce 413 liters of ethanol on average, according to densities. That is equivalent to 109 gallons. The average price of corn in U.S. ports has risen to $167 per ton. Thus, 320 million tons of corn would be required to produce 35 billion gallons of ethanol.
According to FAO figures, the U.S. corn harvest rose to 280.2 million tons in the year 2005. Apply that recipe to the countries of the Third World and you will see that people among the hungry masses of the Earth will no longer eat corn.
Or something worse: lend funding to poor countries to produce corn ethanol based on corn or any other food and not a single tree will be left to defend humanity from climate change.
Other countries in the rich world are planning to use not only corn but also wheat, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and other foods for fuel production. For the Europeans, for example, it would become a business to import all of the world’s soybeans with the aim of reducing the fuel costs for their automobiles and feeding their animals with the chaff from that legume, particularly rich in all types of essential amino acids.
All the countries of the world, rich and poor, without any exception, could save millions and millions of dollars in investment and fuel simply by changing all the incandescent light bulbs for fluorescent ones, an exercise that Cuba has carried out in all homes throughout the country……
I refer in this case to an official news agency, founded in 1945 and generally well-informed about economic and social questions in the world: TELAM. It said, and I quote:
“In just 18 years, close to 2 billion people will be living in countries and regions where water will be a distant memory. Two-thirds of the world’s population could be living in places where that scarcity produces social and economic tensions of such a magnitude that it could lead nations to wars for the precious ‘blue gold.’
“According to statistics from the World Water Council, it is estimated that by 2015, the number of inhabitants affected by this grave situation will rise by 3.5 billion people.”
Fidel Castro.

Complete article.

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April 04, 2007

Tronchetti 0(point)08


Consob loves me. Since I launched the ‘Share action’ initiative they write to me regularly to ask for my advice. I’m not stand-offish and I reply. A dialogue that has been going on for months.
The Genoa-Style Takeover is going ahead. Don’t worry. The formalities to be respected are slowing things down but cannot stop it. About 4,000 people have written to me. At the next shareholders meeting I will not be able to represent them formally but I will be OK by the one after that.
The Telecom Italia shareholders meeting will be at Rozzano on 16 April. Anyone who possesses Telecom shares can take part. I invite everyone to do so. I invite all those who have told me of their interest to participate. Each one with their voice.
Each one of you counts for more than Tronchettizeropointzeroeight. The more there are of us, the more this shareholders meeting will be an important event. A true representation of popular shareholding. I’ll be there.
I hear invocations of the market from the psycho dwarf and his spokesperson in a Fez. People who really know about markets: cattle markets.
The triad tronchettibuoraruggiero has sold what is sellable from Telecom Italia in recent years. It has transformed the profits into dividends, stock options and mega salaries, golden tokens for the members of the Board of Directors always lined up.
Telecom property was sold to Pirelli Real Estate with a tiny weeny conflict of interests? They agreed it. Tim e Telecom were merged? They agreed it. A year later Tim and Telecom were separated? They agreed it. It’s the famous “token” agreement.
The biggest intercept scandal in the history of Italy escaped them. It was carried out by Telecom men, Telecom structures, Telecom money. A group of directors like that in another country would have lost their position months ago.
And they are still there. The director Ferrarini who pontificates and the director Moratti who consoles us with his smile like a good oily. The market. This is the market.
Has the Telecom spying damaged the shares and the company? I say it has. Those who were managing the company must respond and get out of our hair. Tronchetti wants to sell to the Mexicans and escape. The Milan prosecutor gets Tavaroli to say who are the “brains” behind the intercepts. These shady “brains”. But whoever could they be, these “brains”?
Everyone to the Telecom auditorium in Rozzano on 16 April!

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April 03, 2007

Above the Law


Marco Travaglio has written to us to defend the magistrates who do their duty in a country that is by now above the law. Let’s sign the petition.

“Dear Beppe, dear Blog friends,
Once again the magistrates who are doing no more than carrying out their duties, find they are coming up against powerful characters and strong interests to be persecuted by the usual people in politics and the underlying news media.
In Basilicata, a group of citizens has bought a 2 page spread in a local newspaper to express their solidarity with the Potenza prosecutors Woodcock and Montemurro and investigating prosecutor Iannuzzi. The CSM {Council of Magistrates} is proposing to transfer Montemurro even though he has done nothing but his duty.
I invite all the friends of the Blog to show solidarity with these honest and courageous servants of the State by signing the appeal shown below that can be found with further useful information at the following site:
I hope that soon the citizens of Calabria will take action to defend the courageous prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, attacked by the usual people, who is in difficulty with a part of the CSM and actually removed from his most delicate investigation by his line manager, the chief prosecutor (see the article by Gomez and Lillo in the most recent edition of l’Espresso).
These are not battles in favour of this or that magistrate. They are battles for Justice, or for what remains of justice.”
Marco Travaglio

In this fragile moment in the history of Basilicata WE CITIZENS OF LUCA claim the right to justice and truth and we demand that clarity is sought. Thus we express our unreserved esteem and solidarity with those who are committed to the fight against crime in all its forms and extensions and in particular we approve and sustain the work of the Magistrates:

Dr. Alberto IANNUZZI, Dr. Vincenzo MONTEMURRO and Dr. Henry John WOODCOCK

We disdainfully and forcefully oppose every gratuitous attack aimed at delegitimising their activity, whether by words or actions. We Citizens, wishing to continue to contribute to the hope of progress, liberty and democracy for this our land, place our full trust in the actions of the Magistracy and in the commitment of these Magistrates who unconditionally and with fairness follow the ideal of their institutional and moral duty.”

Tiziana Addesa - Gerardo Albano - Roberto Angilletta - Viviana Arcieri - Peppina Arlotto - Emanuele Armentano - Eliana Barbano - Rocco Bentivenga - Vincenzo Bochicchio - Domenico Antonio Buscicchio - Ezio Cafarelli -
Giovanni Cafarelli - Tonia Cafarelli - Vincenzo Antonio Cantisani - Arcangela Capezio - Francesco Carbone - Salvatore Carbone - Maria E. Casillo - Costantino Cassotta - Enza Ciani - Maria Ciani - Lucrezia Cilumbriello - Prospero Civita - Vito Civita - M.Antonietta Collazzo - Mario Coppola - Franco Corbo - Luigi Coronato - Massimo Corvino - Lucia Coviello - Rosa Coviello - Sergio Coviello - Amalia Covino - Gina D'Amico - Franco D'Anzi - Giovanni Dapoto - Ivana De Carlo - Domenica Defina - Roberto De Rosa - Maria Antonietta Di Chiara - Angela Di Maggio - Filomena Di Maggio - Michele Di Noia - Vito Di Noia - Daniela Di Stefano - Antonio Donofrio - Maria Teresa Donnoli - Emanuela Dragonetti - Gianfranco Evangelista - Luigi Evangelista - Maria Pia Famiglietti - Giuseppe Fedota - Rocco Fellone - Vittorio Forte - Antonio Garambone - Bernardo Garriamone - Angelo Genovese - Giovanni Giarraffa - Daniela Gilio - Francesco Giuliano - Michele Grieco - Rosanna Iannuzzi - Asmaa Kourick - Giovanna Lacapra - Valeria Landolfi - Teresa Lavecchia - Eleonora Lemmo - Antonio Magrino - Mariano Margiotta - Giuseppina Massari - Paolo Mastroberti - Donato Matera - Raffaele Materi - Giovanna Matone - Serafina Matteo - Giuseppe Mautone - Nicola Mecca - Gianluigi Mingozzi - Giuseppina Mitolo - Giovanni Molinari - Nadia Monaco - Leonardo Mongelli - Marco Montagna - Rocchina Montano - Andrea Montesano - Giuseppe Morero - Michela Morlino - Marisa Moscato - Olga Muro - Rocco Mussuto - Donatella Pace - Vito Pace - Rocchina Pacella - Giuseppe Pascale - Antonio Marcello Perri - Pasquale Pettorruso - Ascanio Pica - Angela Pilogallo - Domingo Pisani - Natale Antonio Pisani - Raffaele Pisani - Simona Romano - Donato Antonio Potenza - Maria Rosa Potenza - Andrea Ravelli - Anna R.G.Rivelli - Rocco Romanelli - Graziantonio Romano - Michele Romano - Filomena Rosa - Ines Russo - Raffaele Rutilo - Ferdinando Sabia - Antonio Salvia - Floriana Salvia - Leonardo Santoro - Rosanna Santoro - Isabella Sarli - Margherita Sarli - Ugo Savastano - Antonia Scarano - Florinda Scocuzzo - Domenico Antonio Stigliani - Chiara Summo - Giuseppe Summo - Michele Summo - Rosaria Tamburrino - Agnese Telesca - Luigi Telesca - Raffaele Telesca - Umberto Tito - Selene Toma - Maria Tramutola - Lea Tunisi - Gianbattista Vaccaro - Leonardo Vaccaro - Teresa Velotti - Adolfo Vetronile. e tutti gli altri che nelle nostre parole si riconosceranno.

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April 01, 2007

The Torregiani Murder


Murder is just murder. Qualified murders on the right or left, don’t exist.
Since 1979 Alberto Torregiani has been using a wheel chair. He was hit by a bullet during the robbery in a jewellery shop when his adoptive father, Pier Luigi Torregiani, was murdered. In the days that followed, PAC, Proletari Armati per il Comunismo, {Armed Proletariat for Communism}claimed to have murdered “pig Torregiani”.
Cesare Battisti, one of those responsible, was captured. He escaped from prison. He was accused of four murders. In his absence, he was sentenced to stay in prison for life. He took refuge in France and then in Mexico.
Then again in Paris where he became a writer of black novels. He was protected by the Mitterand law on ex-terrorists. His extradition was requested. When it was granted he escaped.
The French saw nothing. He has recently been captured in Copacabana in Brazil. Perhaps he will be extradited to Italy. What a life.
You can see that Battisti wasn’t familiar with the Italian Justice System. If he had stayed, he would have been inside for 4 or 5 years maximum. He would have written a play about his life, for the TV. He would have become a conference participant held in high esteem in public debates, in the Universities, in the Council Chambers of the Local Authorities.
Alberto Torregiani wants justice to be done. And you can understand him. He is paying his proletariat life sentence in a wheel chair. But if Cesare Battisti comes back to Italy he will become a hero. And with the first amnesty he’ll be straight out.

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Letter from the Front

Beauty has always been around us. A Church, a water fall, a square, an historic park, a Roman road, a bridge made of stone, a fresco. “Made in Italy” is an inheritance that comes form our past. Our aesthetic sense has created objects, fashion, furniture and machines  and exported them to the whole world.
Then the mayors arrived.
Attila was an amateur. Wherever he went the grass never grew again.
The mayors go beyond that. Where they go, incinerators and dumps grow. We need to get to the trenches. Protect the territory for our offspring and out of respect for the generations that have gone by. Every day I receive letters from citizens at the front Courage, Italians! Let’s take back our homeland!

Dear Beppe,
I want to tell you about the umpteenth piece of disgusting urban planning, to the detriment of citizens, and to the advantage of certain “local clever clogs” that will lead to the devastation of an admirable green area on the shores of Lake Maggiore. The author of this masterpiece is the local administration of Castelletto sopra Ticino, a DS Cabinet.

Castelletto before

Castelletto after

They have already felled a quarter of the 2000 trees and this Friday, 30 March, they even have the courage to celebrate the festival of the trees!”

Dear Beppe,
I live in Cernobbio ( Lake Como) in a condominium looking out on a green area with a small football pitch, bowls, benches and a play park for children, costing 247,000 euro.
Our lady Mayor has decided that this green area must be destroyed. In its place she wants to construct a temporary (a way of speaking) collection centre for refuse, ranging from plastic to batteries, to oils, other big stuff and so on. That’s all just 20 metres from our windows. Apart from the refuse, just imagine the trucks coming and going to take the big containers away and the to-ing and fro-ing of the cars making use of the area.

Naturally we are showing our opposition, in every (legal) way but there’s nothing to be done. That’s why the letter from Dr Fenaroli doesn’t surprise me”


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