Above the Law


Marco Travaglio has written to us to defend the magistrates who do their duty in a country that is by now above the law. Let’s sign the petition.

“Dear Beppe, dear Blog friends,
Once again the magistrates who are doing no more than carrying out their duties, find they are coming up against powerful characters and strong interests to be persecuted by the usual people in politics and the underlying news media.
In Basilicata, a group of citizens has bought a 2 page spread in a local newspaper to express their solidarity with the Potenza prosecutors Woodcock and Montemurro and investigating prosecutor Iannuzzi. The CSM {Council of Magistrates} is proposing to transfer Montemurro even though he has done nothing but his duty.
I invite all the friends of the Blog to show solidarity with these honest and courageous servants of the State by signing the appeal shown below that can be found with further useful information at the following site: www.noicittadinilucani.wordpress.com.
I hope that soon the citizens of Calabria will take action to defend the courageous prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, attacked by the usual people, who is in difficulty with a part of the CSM and actually removed from his most delicate investigation by his line manager, the chief prosecutor (see the article by Gomez and Lillo in the most recent edition of l’Espresso).
These are not battles in favour of this or that magistrate. They are battles for Justice, or for what remains of justice.”
Marco Travaglio

In this fragile moment in the history of Basilicata WE CITIZENS OF LUCA claim the right to justice and truth and we demand that clarity is sought. Thus we express our unreserved esteem and solidarity with those who are committed to the fight against crime in all its forms and extensions and in particular we approve and sustain the work of the Magistrates:

Dr. Alberto IANNUZZI, Dr. Vincenzo MONTEMURRO and Dr. Henry John WOODCOCK

We disdainfully and forcefully oppose every gratuitous attack aimed at delegitimising their activity, whether by words or actions. We Citizens, wishing to continue to contribute to the hope of progress, liberty and democracy for this our land, place our full trust in the actions of the Magistracy and in the commitment of these Magistrates who unconditionally and with fairness follow the ideal of their institutional and moral duty.”

Tiziana Addesa - Gerardo Albano - Roberto Angilletta - Viviana Arcieri - Peppina Arlotto - Emanuele Armentano - Eliana Barbano - Rocco Bentivenga - Vincenzo Bochicchio - Domenico Antonio Buscicchio - Ezio Cafarelli -
Giovanni Cafarelli - Tonia Cafarelli - Vincenzo Antonio Cantisani - Arcangela Capezio - Francesco Carbone - Salvatore Carbone - Maria E. Casillo - Costantino Cassotta - Enza Ciani - Maria Ciani - Lucrezia Cilumbriello - Prospero Civita - Vito Civita - M.Antonietta Collazzo - Mario Coppola - Franco Corbo - Luigi Coronato - Massimo Corvino - Lucia Coviello - Rosa Coviello - Sergio Coviello - Amalia Covino - Gina D'Amico - Franco D'Anzi - Giovanni Dapoto - Ivana De Carlo - Domenica Defina - Roberto De Rosa - Maria Antonietta Di Chiara - Angela Di Maggio - Filomena Di Maggio - Michele Di Noia - Vito Di Noia - Daniela Di Stefano - Antonio Donofrio - Maria Teresa Donnoli - Emanuela Dragonetti - Gianfranco Evangelista - Luigi Evangelista - Maria Pia Famiglietti - Giuseppe Fedota - Rocco Fellone - Vittorio Forte - Antonio Garambone - Bernardo Garriamone - Angelo Genovese - Giovanni Giarraffa - Daniela Gilio - Francesco Giuliano - Michele Grieco - Rosanna Iannuzzi - Asmaa Kourick - Giovanna Lacapra - Valeria Landolfi - Teresa Lavecchia - Eleonora Lemmo - Antonio Magrino - Mariano Margiotta - Giuseppina Massari - Paolo Mastroberti - Donato Matera - Raffaele Materi - Giovanna Matone - Serafina Matteo - Giuseppe Mautone - Nicola Mecca - Gianluigi Mingozzi - Giuseppina Mitolo - Giovanni Molinari - Nadia Monaco - Leonardo Mongelli - Marco Montagna - Rocchina Montano - Andrea Montesano - Giuseppe Morero - Michela Morlino - Marisa Moscato - Olga Muro - Rocco Mussuto - Donatella Pace - Vito Pace - Rocchina Pacella - Giuseppe Pascale - Antonio Marcello Perri - Pasquale Pettorruso - Ascanio Pica - Angela Pilogallo - Domingo Pisani - Natale Antonio Pisani - Raffaele Pisani - Simona Romano - Donato Antonio Potenza - Maria Rosa Potenza - Andrea Ravelli - Anna R.G.Rivelli - Rocco Romanelli - Graziantonio Romano - Michele Romano - Filomena Rosa - Ines Russo - Raffaele Rutilo - Ferdinando Sabia - Antonio Salvia - Floriana Salvia - Leonardo Santoro - Rosanna Santoro - Isabella Sarli - Margherita Sarli - Ugo Savastano - Antonia Scarano - Florinda Scocuzzo - Domenico Antonio Stigliani - Chiara Summo - Giuseppe Summo - Michele Summo - Rosaria Tamburrino - Agnese Telesca - Luigi Telesca - Raffaele Telesca - Umberto Tito - Selene Toma - Maria Tramutola - Lea Tunisi - Gianbattista Vaccaro - Leonardo Vaccaro - Teresa Velotti - Adolfo Vetronile. e tutti gli altri che nelle nostre parole si riconosceranno.

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Ervin Prifti

Posted by: Ervin Prifti | April 11, 2007 06:11 PM


Did you sai BANKER or... WANKER!?

I have to say: one of the two would not surprise me much! hahaha

About the guy who supposedly speaks Dutch and Russian. I do not know any Dutch, but what he said in Russian does not sound right.


Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 5, 2007 12:48 PM

padre whatever:

I´m sad to inform you that you are actually throwing ridicule only upon yourself...

The only way to corner Matthews and Prof. Mill is to show a superior logical argument--an objective which your messages so far could hardly hope to achieve.

I´d suggest you try.

Posted by: Siero Panna | April 5, 2007 01:51 AM

padre whatever:

you sure are proving to be a genius!


Posted by: siero panna | April 5, 2007 01:06 AM

Ciao Prof. Mill!

A lot of empty skulls, you say, and ask what I make of it.

My answer: I packed and left! Damn, Italy is like the Titanic. It will sink.

The biggest problem (I think completely unsolvable) is the Italian way of thinking. You can build roads or power stations over a decade or so. You can´t make Italians think in a normal way over such a short period of time.

The country will be crushed by its debt, by its lack of competitiveness much sooner than that.

As for Grillo´s business... I really have no idea. News are also often much hyped and their accurateness should not be taken for granted. I see the blog more an advertising means, a way to promote his popularity, his shows...

Or maybe he gets paid to post a topic in favor (or against) somebody.

Who knows. But... who cares?


Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 4, 2007 09:32 PM


The CULTURAL LEVEL of the Grillini is well on display here, for all to see:

- One is auspicating physical suppression (USlessMAN);

- The other rambles on about his fixation with undersized sexual organs...(various nicknames used);

- Yet others spew insults (Enrico Rossi, Piero Sanna and others);

But, after all, what else should we expect?

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 4, 2007 08:26 PM

Where is Dr. Jack Kevorkian when you need him most to euthanize this Mill abomination?

Posted by: usman | April 4, 2007 06:21 PM



Posted by: MARCO DE BIASI | April 4, 2007 03:37 PM

Soon, it will be discovered that euro coins are poisonous!

Allegedly, that would be a conspiracy by European bankers. The theory would be that poor people, especially homeless and unemployed, handle coins more than paper money. The secret plot to poison them would have the purpose of reducing social costs for unemployment and social security benefits. It is a grand scheme to improve Europe´s economy.

I would call that PURE BANKERS´ EVIL. Money is evil! Boycott the bankers! Boycott the euro!!

Posted by: Siero Panna | April 4, 2007 03:21 PM

Prof. Mill,

The Telecom shares story is pretty funny. :)

Anyway, maybe he made the hundreds of thousands of euros by BUYING Telecom share when all the grillini were selling theirs... hahaha

As for the banners and ads, you´re right: I don´t see much of that stuff here. I think it is even risky for a company to associate with this blog.

The anarchists who would... surely don´t have any money. (Especially if they invest based on Grillo´s advice!!! hahaha)

I don´t know anything about how censorship works here. Event THAT does not seem to make any sense... Look at the insults posted by the grillini: they´re hardly ever cut.

But, to be honest, I do not lose my sleep over censorship here. It is interesting to see such variety of opinions... and I think they should be happy to read something of common sense once in a while, instead of getting so childishly upset. :D


Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 4, 2007 10:19 AM

do you want to see and suck my big & hard tool for free so that you can finally understand what HARDNESS means?

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! prof Mills wants be porno actor. But prof Mills also small penis. Like Dave Matthews. Only smaller. bu no worry. prof mills nice ass. no hair this time. so can be porno actor again. eh happy times! easter be with you.

Posted by: Rocco Siffredi | April 4, 2007 06:02 AM

Me wants to say Dave my friend. Dave good. Grillo bad. Dave good. understand?. Because me know dave long time. Dave makes love long time. But penis short. No worry. Me love Dave the same. Me like Dave ass. hairy. But good for fucking. Me say hello.

Posted by: Me Dave Matthews me good | April 4, 2007 04:18 AM

Vote Dave Matthews. He'll do nothing for you. He knows what the problem is. If you vote him he's going to say it. yea yeah true. no shit. no funny stuff. Send money to Dave Matthews. He wants to marry. Prof Mills has proposed.

If you thought that Prodi and company were good for nothing you aint seen nothing yet. Dave Matthews vote him I say and you'll see the difference.
Dave matthews is God. He knows everything. But he doesn't say. Dave matthews is mighty and powerful but he needs your attention to exist. But I like him. I want to be him. Am I him?

Posted by: Dave Matthews nobel prize fantastic super hero | April 4, 2007 03:18 AM

Change your pusher:

You should say that to people who believe Italy´s problem is seignorage, or to those who believe that the US took down the WTC and the endless flow of such theories... Or to those who argue that society is rotten because of some advertisments! (Yes, there was something to this end too!! haha)

But it is entertaining to read this nonsense.

As for Grillo´s posts... I don´t even bother to read them. I wonder if anybody does.

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 4, 2007 02:49 AM

Ciao Prof Mill, good to see you!

I read the article about Piero Ricca. The behavior described there is pretty lame But not very surprising: it´s the typical Italian way of being "smart". Italy is doomed.

As for this blog, to me it is some sort of National Enquirer--where absurd theories are peddled as truths and believed by some naive and gullible people. There are quite a few of those here.

Anyway, except for the recurring conspiracy theories, the discussion generally offers little of interest. I am not sure Ricca´s career would have benefited much from his collaboration herewith.

Talk to ya later!

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 4, 2007 02:26 AM

Has anybody read books by David Icke?

Posted by: evakulnura | April 4, 2007 01:05 AM


If Beppe censored nonsense, you would have a hard time getting a single message of yours through.

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 4, 2007 12:58 AM

prof.mill,after having a stint at crossgender,(and we all now by now,that you wish to be a girl)you are back at your old self,the last I remeber with andrea there were some promise at stopping this nonsense of yours,well it doesn't seems so,well tell me if you like to be punish like before,the ball is in your corner

Posted by: puff.mill teenywilly | April 3, 2007 02:50 AM

as I already told you yesterday more than 2 fucking months went by since I posted my last message here but it seems that your level of idiocy and COWARDNESS still holds...

Please hold your breath and just for once try to answer this question: why don't you have the heart to sign yourself using your bloody name and surname when you reply to me after taking a dig to you???

And above all:what's happened to your poor level of ENGLISH (to be punishED and not to be punish)???

Fucking IGNORANT and ZEALOT!!!

As you can see I kicked the ball from the corner fucking you hard & deep, as good old times ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!


Tell me the truth man: how was you able to get a JOB in CANADA with your current poor level of written English?

Did you give your bloody asshole to the right person at the right time as if you were a slut?

Take care but Mr ROSSI SNERT please,after licking your wounds, read your posts more carefully before replying me next time as Prof Mill is always here ready to fuck MORONS like you with no mercy...what can I do?? The blow under the belt is my speciality especially when communist morons like you come into play....ah, ah, ah...

Please don't be offended by my cutting remarks:it's not my fault if you talk nonsense writing sheer bollocks you know?

Everybody (except you and Mr Dario de Judicibus, MORON Number 2)has understood that Mr Grillo never reads our messages neither here nor in the Italian version... So what's the point of addressing your posts to Mr Grillo asking him to banished me or other awkard posts such as mine?

That's simply ridiculous, isn't it?

So if you want me to stop calling you MORON or IDIOT you should from now on send posts more sensible and intelligent than those you sent till now:have I made myself enough clear Mr ROSSI SNERT??

If you do that I promise you to downgrade your current rank of IDIOCY by two steps, alright?

Have a good evening or afternoon if you are in Canada now.

With due respect
Prof John Stuart Mill, Communist Morons' fucker

P.S. Of course I'd like to be a (sexy) GIRL...

Nowadays if you are a sexy woman you can reach success and wealth quite soon without studying or even working hard (it's enough for them to give their own PUSSY for that,exactly as YOU did with your bloody ass to get a job in CANADA didn't you??) not to mention other fucking privileges that women are entitled to such as the open-ended ALIMONY obligation paid by their previous (cuckold)and fool HUSBAND in case of DIVORCE and the early age pension (60 years old rather than 65)although they live on average 10 years longer than men...

Had you never noticed it before, Mr SNERT??

Posted by: Prof John Stuart Mill, Mr ENRICO ROSSI SNERT's fucker | April 4, 2007 12:04 AM

Perché il parlamentare italiano deve prendere molto di più di un suo collega europeo?
Perché, oltre ad uno stipendio già notevole, si attribuisce diarie, rimborsi spese per ogni cosa (tragitto casa-stazione o aeroporto, gestione ufficio e segreteria, spese telefoniche, ”occhiali da vista”, carburante, RCA auto, spese postali, spese alimentari, vestiario, indennità di carica, indennità di ufficio, mobilità gratuita per sé e per i propri familiari, tessere gratuite per cinema, stadio, concerto, teatro), tutto ESENTASSE, per un totale che varia dai 20.000,00 (VENTIMILA) ai 27.000,00 (VENTISETTEMILA) euro mensili?
Perché, una volta lasciato l'incarico e tornati alla vita normale, si attribuiscono il diritto ad un VITALIZIO che a noi cittadini costa qualcosa come 12.000.000,00 (dodici milioni) di euro al mese in totale, che non è contemplato per nessun cittadino, e ad una liquidazione pari all'80% dell'importo mensile lordo per ogni anno di mandato?
Si sono dati l'intollerabile privilegio di aver diritto alla pensione dopo 30 MESI DI LEGISLATURA !


Posted by: Fabrizio M. | April 3, 2007 10:34 PM

Piero, like you, I also can't figure out the reasons why selective censorship is applied to this blog. Before you came on board, this Prof. Mill wrote many Kilometers of totally meaningless invectives and insanities. We begged Beppe to stop him, but he never did anything about it.
Now that we are debating financial and political issues that go to the very core of the survival of our democratic values, we find some attempts at censoring, not the demented Prof. Mill., but us.
Many good posters have already left this blog in disgust and if Beppe keeps it up, pretty soon Prof. Mill will be the only one left to give him his very profound insight.
Prof. Aurity was ideologically sympathetic to the far right and probably this is the reason that Beppe can’t appreciate him. He’s not looking at him for the excellent economist that he was and this is one more example of how we are being artificially divided amongst irrelevant political parties by the very few at the top that really count (and I don’t mean the guy that Travaglio is obsessed about).

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | April 3, 2007 07:17 PM

Dear Beppe Grillo, I gladly sign your petition, but please, remember that in Italian Justice there are TWO problems: good judges that do their duty and that for such a reason are penalized, and bad judges that abuse of their power, and for that reason are rewarded.

In Rome, the First section of Tribunal is continuing to apply the OLD LAW for divorces, that is, exclusive fostering to one partent only, when the new low of March 2006 explicitely requires shared parenting (or coparenting) unless it could be dangerous for children.

There are judges who violates the law, and nobody do anything about. Please, help us, because when the judge i sthe criminal, to which justice we have to ask for help?

Posted by: Dario de Judicibus | April 3, 2007 05:41 PM

Anybody seen the new proposal for the election law? Still no chance for the population to directly choose the person to be elected? Hey, are you sure that's Italy and not Chile??
A curiosity: is Pinochet a name from northern Italy or southern Italy? :)

Posted by: Harri Klein | April 3, 2007 05:10 PM

Let me get this one right. This blog allows pathetic psychopaths like Prof Mills to post his filth while censoring sources of free and independent information that are vital to understand why the world is such a fu**ed up place. If Grillo really gave a damn about this blog and the people that really contribute to it, precious and insightful posters such as Mr Rossi should be valued and defended. Let's cut the crap here! It is quite clear that we are being monitored and since we started talking and sharing information about money and banks we have been subject to censorship.

Grillo and Travaglio used to be my heroes. I have now come to terms with the fact that they miserably fail to talk about what really is driving this nation and the whole of Europe to the brink of a second great depression.

They do this despite knowing perfectly well who is to blame and why. Now, a year ago I would have cherished a book that talks about the dismal state in which the Italian justice system reverses in. At the moment I would prefer to read how was it possible to find G,i,a,c,i,n,t,o A,u,r,i,t,i guilty of monetary heresy. I want to know why nobody talks about this. We are so bloody fixated with the idea that Berlusconi is the real cancer of this country.

Once again our attention has been moved from the real problem. Don't get me wrong I despise the dwarf as much as Travaglio does. The point is that Silvio is an innocent lamb when compared to the central banks and their monetary practice. I feel betrayed. I feel outraged. Here we have an extremely popular comedian that keeps Telling us : the world has many problems..... look there's this one , that one, and then there's another one. Rarely do we get the glimpse of a proposal to solve the problems that have been brought to our attention. Correct me if I'm wrong but this way you are just promoting and incrementing chaos and confusion. Grillo had the honour to know personally Professor A.u.r.i.t.i.
He based an entire tour on his revolutionary theories, reaping great financial rewards. He never paid him a cent. He never contributed financially to the daunting struggle that this old and adorable man had to face. The day G.i.a.c.i.n.t.o A.u.r.i.t.i died, Grillo made a post about Dwarfs. No mention of the Professor.
No one will ever write a book about this I guess......

Posted by: P Sanna | April 3, 2007 02:18 PM

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