Chiampa, Chiampa, Chiampa. Lčon, Lčon, Lčon.


Chiamparino was born in 1948 at Muncalč. He was a busy boy. He used the sand in the courtyard of his home to make car parks and tunnels.
A sign of his predestination. In the future he will build the underground car park of Piazza San Carlo and will often spend the weekend in Val di Susa in the TAV building sites with a bucket and spade.
He meets Mastella during a school trip to Ceppaloni, they play at cops and robbers with a pardon and they have their afternoon snack together. At that point he’s convinced that his future lies in politics. At age 25 he’s already leader of the PCI in Moncalieri.
During his life, always busy, he does everything, always paid for by the State: town councilor, secretary of the province, member of the Lower House and also Mayor. The latter position originates in a sad story.
In fact he substitutes Turin’s Mayor who died suddenly. From that moment Chiampa wears a black arm band and has a characteristic funereal presence.
The plebs love him, but would like to see him working for at least once in his life. In the 1994 national elections the manual labourers of Mirafiori send him a message. They give a mass vote to the Forza Italia candidate, Meluzzi, who is standing against him.
Chiamparino understands. He invites Lunardi to his home for dinner and after they have washed the pots he revives the economy of Piedmont and his own electoral fortunes.
Cement, bypasses and incinerators become his ideological reference points, together with the cemeteries where he spends his Friday evenings searching for inspiration and trying to control the exhumations.
Berlusconi notices him because of his battles and decides to help him by proposing Buttiglione as Mayor of Turin. A happy choice. Buttiglione loses abysmally.
Chiampa wins with the number of the beast: 66.6%. He starts to get fit by running in the mountains talking at a distance to the inhabitants of Venaus who would like to keep him informed.
Incinerators fascinate him and he decides to make them into his new crusade. Chiampa Chiampa Chiampa. Lčon Lčon Lčon.
Watch the fantastic video with Chiampa water-valued done by the young people of the Turin meet up.

PS. Today 21/04 at 5:00pm I will participate in a public debate about incinerators and about Mediapolis at la Serra in Ivrea. There’ll be Maurizio Pallante a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment as well as Lega Ambiente, the FAI and other organisations.

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Dave I do not agree with you,the Laogais is the fruit of capitalism going bad,and if all the country in the world would refuse to buy or making merchandise in China with this kind of inhuman condition,things would change,hit the government in the wallet,I personally I have enough of the mass of chip clothing,shoes ect ect that are saturated the market,and last only one season,after that is all turn into rubbish,not counting the price we pay enviromentally,this staff need to be transport from China around the world.ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | April 23, 2007 12:42 AM

it does not matter, we'll run out of oil soon, natural gas first, see gasoline prices climb to the 4 $ mark this summer,
happy motoring,
happy SUVing
happy gas fired fireplaceforlooks

Posted by: GIULIO TERRAFORMA | April 21, 2007 03:35 PM

The Laogai is the fruit of communism.

Market capitalism is finally raising China out of the economic misery which communism brought about. Eventually, it will also raise the country out of the humanitarian misery which communism produced.

If you want to stop the Laogais and the conditions that produce it, buy Chinese products.

Posted by: dave Matthews | April 21, 2007 02:46 PM

Grillo says that Chiamparino has been elected by a two-thirds majority.

That´s democracy at work.

If the citizens are not happy after his mandate, they will just vote him out of office.

Posted by: Luca Bressan | April 21, 2007 01:54 PM

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