The Market

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The market is the new ideology of our employees. A company is closing down? It’s the law of the market. A few hundred families are left on the street? It’s the market.
A company that is fundamental for Italy like Telecom is plundered and sold at auction? It’s the market. The motorway company Autostrade increases the tolls, doesn’t do the maintenance work and distributes the dividends? It’s the market. No one can oppose the market. It would be against liberalism, against Boninowhodoestheshopping, against Prodiofclosedgames.
Against the European Community that is always on the side of the market, never on the side of the citizens. The market is the new divinity to be celebrated with Easter. A little saint of the Findomestic or of the psycho dwarf in his wallet. A god without “competitors”.
Though Christ had to be resurrected, the market has never died.
A discussion about water, energy, electricity, building is immediately extinguished with the magic word: market. A superior being that operates with its own rules, that cannot be fathomed, but that are a priori right, not to be discussed. Do you remember the applause given to Tronchetti by Bertinotti and Fassino?
That was the market. And all the fans of Coppola, Ricucci, Gnutti, Fiorani, Tanzi and Fazio of the local house of liberty? That was the market. And the indifference to Geronzi’s bankruptcy conviction? It’s always the market.
And the fact that Buora stayed in Telecom after the spying scandal? It was still the market. But even the intercepts were (are?) a market.
If it’s the market with its Chinese boxes, its miserable capitalism, conflict of interests, its total lack of rules, is deciding our lives. If this is true, and it is, our employees are good for nothing.
We can employ directly the state concessionaires, some assisted industries, some modern vampire holdings. Or perhaps they have already been employed? Just for a bit of speculation, we could have the Parliament quoted on the Stock Exchange.

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Joe, you´re too kind, really :)

to "hit the sack" means going to bed :) It´s colloquial and, you´re right, it´s US English.

Thanks for the info about hacking ad computer stuff. It´s true, I should know more about it--especially to reduce the risks.

But, to be honest, all that tech stuff, which also keeps changing, is not so exciting to me. I prefer to read books on business, finance... or stuff like that :)

What do you think of my strategy: use a computer for Internet access and one for everything else... ?

So, even if hacked... no big deal!

Btw, how was your day in Florence?


Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 9, 2007 08:36 PM

Joe, it´s:

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 9, 2007 04:26 PM


About this computer stuff I may well be naive. I am aware of the fact that my knowledge of the subject is limited.

In fact, what astonishes me the most here is that some people can hold such stern opinions on subjects which they have very limited or superficial knowledge of. Such as about economics, business and finance.

Well, that´s just a digression and the point is that I do not have an explanation for the events you mention.

As for the blog archive: I haven´t tried to look for old topics (I barely read current posts!! haha), but I thought there was a link that lead to old posts inside the blog--maybe in pdf format. I´ll look and will let you know if I see it.

Google may be another source... try "per tutti e per nessuno"... haha I don´t think many people use this. (In fact, I think most people wonder what the hell he means by that!! haha)

There should also be another source of old web pages, like a search engine that stores old stuff. I think it was called or something of the sort. Google could help too.

Or... why don´t you just ask Max Stirner directly? :D It´s unlikely he will tell you his name. But it will not cost you anything to try... haha

If he had a website of his own (like the psychologist), you could look up info on the owner of the registered website on

Anyway, I think you shall enjoy your day in Florence with the chick and forget about the bloggers... :D

Have fun!

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 9, 2007 04:17 PM


Thanks, you´re too kind. I also appreciate your sense of humor :D and your competence in economics.

Instead of posting hostile messages, most would benefit from engaging in an objective debate.

As for BON JOVI´s worry, I would say that those who disappeared from the blog did so because they went on vacation for Easter. Not because we´re chatting. They will be back.

And they will be able to post their messages, as always. It is not even physically possible to prevent a covnersation here--as anyone is free to ignore the messages he is not interested in replying to. Fear not.


Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 9, 2007 01:13 PM

prof.mill you need anger management,calm dowm I am here to help you,for Telecom,as you know,and I guess you are Italian,and from what I remember about Italy,things are pretty caotic,like always,like try to go the post office,nobody in line,is everybody for themself,now if you have been in England or any other Commonwealth countrys,thinks work differently,train are in time,people queue at the post office,in short things work as they should,but most of all corrupts ministers caught with the hands on the loot,get punish,now how you can make a comparison between the two baffle me,I just guess you never left your mommy shadow nor Italy,but not to worry about you are not the only mommy's boy I treated, prof let me ask you something,what are you going to do with your life,beside harassing people in this blog?and last the Dalai Lama said "If you can help,at least do not harm" wise words,you know why?because you accumulate bad karma,and from your account it seems you got plenty allready,but not to worry,you can always cut back bad karma doing good deeds,how about starting been nice here in this blog,and start to apoligies to everybody,but mostly to mr. Enrico Rossi,this could be a good start,"straiving to serve" is my motto,what your's

Posted by: BON BON JOVI Mill new age therapist | April 9, 2007 10:14 AM

ah ah ah aha ha. Prof Mills now boss of the blog. Me dying of laughter. please do what prof Mills say. understood? no funny stuff. no jokes. Say he is best. Say he is beautiful. Say he is not wanker. Say he has big penis. or ego. Otherwise prof mills makes curse and you get small penis like Dave.

Enrico Rossi most intelligent person in the world. He no answer pathetic prof Mills. Genius!. Grillo saying lot of bullshit about market. why not talk about business cycle? why not talk about banks?
Why not talk about segnorage?
I know. yeah yeah. I know. Grillo afraid of Prof Mills.

Prof Mills Easter very sad. After moviefilm (great success) he go back home. he look Raffaella Biferale picture for 14 hours. no joke. no funny stuff. rest of the day he spends wanking and writing post in Beppe Grillo food .no water. no worry.

Me propose to bloggers to write only stupid post. like me. no point to talk serious with Dave and prof Mills.

Enrico Rossi Genius. He no write no more here. Piero Sanna Genius he no write no more here. Eva Kulnura Genius she no write no more here. Join the club!!!!

The end

Posted by: Prof Mills abbassati i pantaloni che Dave ti deve parlare. | April 9, 2007 07:01 AM

To Mr BON BON JOVI Mill alias Mr ROSSI SNERT (Sex Needy Enrico Rossi Troll)with love...

but it seems your hanger and your big ego ,doesn't let anyone have their say without you put somebody down,or mane calling,how can we have a democratic exchange of opinions like that?and all this hacking bussnises,man you attract what you fear,relax man,doesn't have to be "you against the world",the world can be a good place to live,if you think in the right way,watch your thinking and how you use your imagination,that's create your reality,love

Posted by: BON BON JOVI Mill new age therapist | April 9, 2007 02:56 AM

mane calling???
hacking bussnises???
watch your thinking???
that's create your reality???

DAVE, please can you help me to understand what this illiterate guy has just written in his ludicrous message?

Mr ROSSI SNERT, what's happened to your poor (written)ENGLISH knowledge??

Are you sure to live in CANADA? That's absolutely astonishing!!

Why do you feel the need to send posts here almost daily if you are an Italian WANKER and above all don't have any idea what the (written)English language is?

As for your above-mentioned grievance of not being able (both you and everyone else) to exchange any opinion with me,in my view this can be due not because of my big EGO (which one???) but because of your immense IGNORANCE that doesn't allow none of you,except Mr DAVE MATTHES and Mr GIACOMO CHIAMETTI, to share opinions with me and reply to my tricky questions with solid and sensible arguments...

"Grillini's" MORONS like you are good just at hailing the COMMUNISM, INSULTING me and DAVE,dodging our awkard questions and change nick every three seconds...

Try,if you can, to answer the following question rather than keep on talking nonsense: why is Mr DAVE MATTHES able unlike you to share opinions with me without insulting me? Is it because he has an EGO as big as mine??

In my previous post I had asked Ms Biferale (SMACK!!!)and whoever else of you is against the MARKET ECONOMY why British Telecom privatization had been successful in UK,unlike TELECOM ITALIA, but as usual nobody has been able to give me a f.u.c.k.i.n.g answer to my question,shifting the subject to other ridiculous issues such as my alleged big EGO...

Have a good night Mr ROSSI SNERT but please don't be obsessed of my big EGO...

Prof John Stuart Mill, Ms Biferale's would-be mental patient & (sex)slave

Posted by: Prof John Stuart Mill, Ms Biferale's would-be mental patient & (sex)slave | April 9, 2007 03:58 AM

There is an excellent book about this ideology of the Supreme god the Market, by Thomas Frank:
One Market under god:

The result is, of course, as Krugman has shown, a very unequal society, where only the upper 0.01% of the population gains.

Posted by: Juan Espinoza | April 9, 2007 12:13 AM


Unhappy about the MARKET ALL´ITALIANA?

Maybe the problem is the market system in general.
Maybe the problem is the Italian way.

Given the fact that countries with little market freedom generally fare worse than those with a free market, maybe the market itself is not the problem.

My take is that the problem is the "Italian" part. That typical way of distorting everything and ending up with something that does not work and costs a lot more than something that works.

Yes, in my opinion, the problem with the market "all´italiana" is not the market. But "all´italiana".

Posted by: Dave Matthews | April 8, 2007 06:27 PM

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